tagGay MaleMy Real First Time

My Real First Time


The Following is a totally true story of a gay experience that happened a few months ago that has changed my life completely.

A little about me: I am 6'2 in height my cock is cut and is about 7 inches, I do have an average amount of body hair, I have had a lot of sexual experiences with females in the past but had often wondered what it would be like to do it with a guy.

Here is my experience:

I went out to a movie with a good lady friend from work, she was having a relationship problem and asked me to go with her, I was hoping to get lucky but unfortunately she was to cut up about her problems with her ex.

After the movie she wanted to go home and offered me a lift but being early I felt like a drink and said my goodbyes and went in to a bar with the intention of catching a bus home later in the evening.

After quite a few beers I went to the bus stop and waited for a bus after a some time nothing had come so I decided to hitch hike, after a while a car stopped and a white guy who looked about 50 asked me where I was going I told him and he said he was going in my direction and I could get a lift. As we were driving Joe (his name) said that he wanted to stop of at his place as he wanted to get something, I said fine.

Joe invited me in and offered me a drink which I accepted as I had built up a thirst, he brought me some vodka and we sat down next to each other in the lounge on the couch drinking and talking, he has traveled a lot and was a very nice and intelligent sounding guy, I felt very comfortable in his company.

He asked me if I minded if he could put a video on, I said it was fine not knowing what to expect, as the alcohol was not helping.

It happened to be a gay movie and I must admit the sight of guys sucking cocks and fucking did turn me on, Joe kept talking about the cocks on the movie, quite suddenly he put his hand on my leg and left it there, I was a bit nervous as I did not know how to respond, my cock was rock hard and very uncomfortable in my jeans.

Suddenly his hand moved after a few minutes he moved his hand and started to undo the button on my jeans pulled the zip down and pulled my hard cock out and started to wank me off, I just sat there but very quickly started enjoying it, he moved my hand in between his legs to rest where his cock was and told me to take it out of his pants and also wank him off like he was doing to me.

I unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock free it was semi rigid and spongy, I started to wank him off and as his cock got bigger I realised it was a lot bigger than my 7 inched with a huge head like a mushroom. There we sat wanking each other off, Joe suddenly lent forward and put my cock in his mouth and started to give me a blowjob, it was great and I stared moaning while wanking him off at the same time.

Just before I could cum Joe asked me to try to suck his cock, I was a bit uncomfortable but did not want to upset him so I got off the couch we were sitting on and knelt down on the floor in front of him and moved his cock into my mouth. The first thing I noticed how spongy a cock is and also how big Joe's cock head was as I nearly chocked but after a few minutes got used to it and started enjoying it and by the moans so was Joe.

After a long time Joe joined me on the floor and somehow we removed all our clothing and ended up in a 69 position, Joe was on the bottom while I was on top, after a while I felt like I was going to cum I told Joe and he only increased his attack on my cock with his mouth. I suddenly had the biggest orgasm ever, I seemed to cum forever, Joe consumed everything. We were absolutely covered in perspiration and I collapsed on top of Joe still in the 69 position absolutely spend Joe just kept sucking my cock, after a while I felt something cold at the entrance of my anus, Joe was putting some lubricant around my anal entrance, he suddenly inserted a finger into my anus while sucking my cock, it felt a little painful but made my cock get rock hard again in seconds, he started to suck my cock and finger fuck my anus, I don't think I had ever been as horny before in my life, I just carried on sucking Joe's cock which I was really starting to master the art of sucking and was getting it nearly to the back of my throat without chocking.

Joe got me to get off him after a while and told me he wanted to fuck me, I was nervous and told him that I did not think that I could get his large cock into my anus, he said it would not be a problem, I was so horny I would have done anything so I did agree to try.

We put three big cushions from the couch on the floor and Joe told me to lie face down with the cushions under my stomach, Joe then got some KY and put lots in and around my anus, he inserted a finger and started to fuck me with a finger after a while he added a second finger and then a third, I must admit it was tight but felt fantastic.

Joe suddenly stopped and I heard him behind me opening a packet, I turned around and he had a condom in his hand and was putting it onto his stiff cock with that large mushroom head, I must admit I was very nervous as I never thought a cock that size would possibly fit into my anus.

Joe put lots of KY on the condom and moved behind me, he told me to take long slow deep breaths and to relax, I felt something pressing against my anus but kept on breathing deeply, the pressure increased at my anal opening and started to really get very painful, this went on for a while and just when I thought I was going to get ripped apart and pass out from the discomfort I felt something give and then there was a plopping sound and I felt Joe's cock head break through into my anus. The pain was unbelievable Joe told me to relax and that it would not last for to long after a long time the pain started to subside and Joe pushed his cock in further, I felt like I was going to burst.

This went on for a long time eventually Joe's balls were right up against my ass, I had never felt so full in my life, Joe then started to slowly move his cock back and forth slowly fucking me at a slow but steady rhythm, the feeling was great I was loving it, the feeling of being impaled like this was the ultimate for me. Joe fucked me for ages I had no pain whatsoever, after a long time he started to increase his pace and suddenly pulled his cock right out of me also pulling the condom off and quickly he moved in front of me and inserted his cock in my mouth and orgasmed in my mouth, I loved the taste and sucked is cock until he collapsed on the floor next to me.

We lay in that state for a long time, later we started 69ing again and went to Joe's bedroom where I got fucked again and again for most of the night.

This story is totally true, I see Joe a few days a week and we really go absolutely wild together the sex is fantastic, I simply love cock now and love getting fucked.

I may write again of what we have been doing lately if I get a response to this true story, I would like to hear from other guys with real first time experiences.

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