tagIncest/TabooMy Renaissance Ch. 11

My Renaissance Ch. 11


[Author's note: As with all stories in this series, it's a true story. The names in this case, with only a couple of exceptions, have not been changed to protect the innocent and not-so. Thankfully, as far as I know, my family doesn't read Literotica. Enjoy.]

Chapter 11: Happy Thanksgiving with my cousin and her two friends.

I spent Thanksgiving visiting family. Brian, my house-mate, went to do the same with his family.

Brian had a lot further drive going up to Chicago with Rachel though. I just had to drive southeast of town by about 40 miles to the town of Newman, IL - population all of 630 or so.

Holiday visits down there were always fun. My mom and my uncle would be there, along with most of the rest of mom's side of the family. We come together along with some family friends to catch up on things then feast on turkey and all the trimmings. Food is followed by the traditional afternoon poker game out in the garage for the guys and the female topics inside for the ladies.

The poker games there weren't Texas Hold 'em, but games like my uncle's favorites, Black Mariah or High Chicago, both variations of seven-card stud. Quarters were our "chips".

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I lost my ass in these games - as much as fifty bucks before I'd quit playing. Finally, by the time I turned thirty, I could hold my own and come out ahead by a few bucks. The last three or four years I was taking home as much as $400 in cash and quarters. Now that's a great way to end a fun Thanksgiving visiting the relatives!

As usual, my cousin Nicole was there. She was a thin, 5' 7" total hottie blonde with nice tits, great legs and an ass that was approaching a semi-circle. Black guys chased her to no end now that she lived in Champaign-Urbana and I know she had dated at least a couple and probably fucked a couple more. She also had an old high school flame that still wanted to marry her, but he was a farmer and Nicole had no intentions of marrying a farmer and living out in the country. Nicole, now 22, had moved to the "big city" and loved the life of dance clubs, bars and rowdy boys.

Nicole graduated cosmetology school after high school and had earned her hair stylist's license. Soon after, she landed a job at one of the trendy hair salons on campus. I have no doubt that her looks played a role. Nothing brings guys to a salon more than a hot girl working on their hair and girls probably trust a good looking stylist with great hair to make them look nice as well.

The great thing I like about Nicole is she almost always has cute female friends she hangs with. They are usually too young for me, but they are fun to look at and flirt with.

This year, Nicole's friends weren't as fine as past years, but they were cute. Lisa was a sexy, 23-year-old girl who looked like she might be part Puerto Rican with her dark complexion. She wore a snug black shirt and some blue jeans without back pockets that were very form fitting and accentuated her ample, round ass. The guys all noticed her.

She was a slender 5'3" or so, with a cute, flirtatious smile that came readily. Her complexion was a little rocky with some acne covered up with some heavy make-up. She also wore braces, which made her, in my opinion, look much younger than her real age.

She too was a cosmetology grad - one of Nicole's fellow students actually. Not surprisingly, her hair and makeup were nicely done.

Nicole's other friend was named Jessie. She too was a beauty school grad and had great hair and makeup, but she was chubby girl, probably weighing 230 pounds on a 5' 5" frame. She had decent proportional curves including big boobs, and a friendly personality. I'm not a chubby chaser so I wasn't terribly attracted to her, but I'm sure plenty of guys out there would find her plenty attractive and desirable.

Nicole introduced me to both girls and I was a gentleman. Even though I really wasn't in flirting mode, I was still very nice when they were introduced to me. Out of habit, I complimented them on a couple things about their appearance and said it was a pleasure to meet such pretty young ladies.

I noticed at least four college-age and older single guys sniffing around the girls, looking for a possible hook-up, but the girls looked as though they would rather watch golf on TV than endure amorous advances from their prospective suitors.

Not so with me, I noticed as Nicole and her friends made it a point to sit at the same big table with me and my mom, uncle and favorite cousins.

"Coincidence?" I mused to myself.

"Not likely," I answered myself.

I pulled Nicole aside into my uncle's office while her friends were elsewhere getting courted by a couple of new pussy hounds that had just arrived.

"So who are your friends? They seem friendly, for lack of a better word."

Nicole laughed.

"They weren't doing anything for Thanksgiving as their families aren't around here so they asked if they could come down here with me," she said.

"I sense there's more."

She laughed. "They saw your picture from last year and I told them you were recently divorced. They asked if you would be here this year so I called your mom and she said you were coming today. So, they are here and they think you're really, really cute. By the way, you look great since you've been working out." She touched my shoulder.

"Oh, brother. Nicole, what am I going to do with you? Thanks for the compliment though."

"Your mom said you weren't seeing anyone. Jessie and Lisa are both single. They are nice girls, too, if you're interested."

"Thanks for thinking of me Nicole. I think I might be a little old for boyfriend material for them, don't you think?"

"I think they like older guys."

"I give up." I put my arm around her shoulder and we walked back out to the garage from my uncle's office.

We went back out to the poker table where they were getting started. The Lisa and Jessie were there, sitting behind the empty chair I had staked out as mine earlier. They visited with me while I tried to play cards, but I lost my butt through several hands, in part because I wasn't concentrating on the game.

I excused myself from the girls, and turned to concentrate on the game.

The girls went into the house to hang with Nicole.

I won the next game, a modest pot from a 5-card draw hand. From there, I endured some good-natured teasing from some of the older fellas there that I should be chasing tail, and not taking their money. I just laughed and told them the secret to getting tail is to leave them wanting more.

Things continued to turn around as I won three more of the next seven games after that, including both halves of the Black Mariah game. I was probably up about two hundred bucks or more, and the teasing grew in intensity. The girls came out to check on me and the guys were telling them to take me with them or at least sit down behind me a talk to me.

Lisa and Jessie were a little confused until one of the guys told them I was losing when they were distracting me with their good looks earlier and since they left, I had been winning. At that point, the girls understood what the old guys were saying and the flirting went overt. They kissed and tickled me and other guys at the table were happy as far as their wallets were concerned.

I played for another half-hour before throwing in the towel. I had mixed fortunes, but nevertheless left about a hundred bucks ahead overall. More importantly, I think all had a great time.

I visited with the rest of the family in the house for another hour or so after bailing out of the card game. The family inside asked me why I wasn't still playing cards and I jokingly told them I was showing the old guys out there in the garage a little mercy. That brought a chorus of groans and chuckles from those wives and girlfriends present.

I was getting ready to head on home about the time my aunt and uncle were putting the stuff out for folks to feast again for dinner. I made myself a plate to go for the following day and said my good-byes, giving them hugs and thanking them for the hospitality.

The girls caught me on the way out and Nicole asked if they could see my new place. I told them to bring some swimwear and to call me for directions when they were ready to come over. They were all smiles.

I got home around 6:00 and by 6:15, the doorbell rang. It was the girls. "Well, come on in ladies."

"Your mom gave me your address when I called yesterday," Nicole said. "It was easy to find."

Nicole gave me a hug and I kissed the backs of the hands of Lisa and Jessie and thanked them for coming over.

I gave them the tour and they were impressed. They liked the house and how it was decorated, and my bedroom as well. I thought it telling that Jessie and Lisa tried the bed. They encouraged Nicole to try it as well.

"Girls, it's a bed!" I protested.

"It's not just any bed," Lisa said and the girls giggled.

Jessie quietly commented to Lisa and Nicole that there were no notches on my bedposts yet and all three girls giggled some more.

They loved the Florida room with the Jacuzzi. It was pretty nice out there, I have to admit. There was a nice outdoor sofa and some comfy chairs, a thirty-some inch flat-panel near the tub, outdoor carpeting and the works, plus a nice view out back.

We got to the basement. When they saw the stripper pole, they were drawn like moths to a flame.

"Oh my god!" Nicole gasped as she first saw it, pointing towards it to her friends.

"What?" I asked innocently.

"Oh, wow." Lisa smiled. "How cool is that!"

Lisa made a beeline to it and demonstrated some saucy moves on the pole. I turned on some music and she looked as though she had potential. Nicole joined her and they did some half-sexy, half-clumsy stuff together. My cousin needed some pole practice. Jessie meandered over and joined the fun.

"Can I get you ladies a drink. Bar's open." The noticed the well-stocked bar and they were in awe yet again.

I made a bunch of drinks as we talked for almost an hour, about half of that time was over the bar. The girls were drinking like it was a party. In that time Nicole and Lisa were working on finishing their third and Jessie was on number four. If I had three drinks in an hour, I'd be getting queasy.

They all went to powder their noses while I made more drinks. When they returned, Nicole brought up the hot tub, saying they had their suits and were ready to get into the Jacuzzi. I told them that they could change either downstairs in the basement or out in the Florida room. I carried fresh drinks up to the hot tub on my way to my bedroom.

I went to my bedroom and put on some trunks and when I returned, the girls were waiting for me. Nicole and Lisa wore some sinfully cute bikinis. Jessie was confidently showing her body in a sexy one-piece suit, and her breasts had to have been D- cup or larger.

Nicole's boobs in that bikini surprised me as well. She was a good C-cup, pretty impressive for the nerdy little girl with glasses that was skinny as a rail and until she was about sixteen or seventeen. She had certainly grown in all the right places into that great size 5ish body she had today.

"Helloooo Joe," Lisa said, licking her lips and running her fingers up outer thighs and over her enticing hips. The booze was lowering inhibitions. Nicole and Jessie weren't exactly shy about showing off either.

I watched their asses as they got in ahead of me. We sat in the tub for a while and Lisa and Jessie moved to the seats on either side of me and Nicole sat next to Lisa. It was good, relaxing fun.

I must say, I was imagining all three without their swimwear. Once in a while they would sit up and I could admire their boobs above the waterline. They noticed, as the longer we were in the tub, the more time they spent sitting up so the water was right at or below their bustlines.

There was also some playful touching as well and that grew as time progressed.

They wanted more booze after about a half-hour in the tub. I got out and after drying off, I leaned up against the tub and let them know I wasn't going to let them drive after drinking so much. I offered to drive them home and drop them off, or they could spend the night, but they weren't driving.

They looked at one another and smiled. They all turned to me and said, almost in stereo, "We'll stay!"

I just smiled and shook my head. They almost seemed giddy at this point.

"How about we order some pizza then. I'm hungry."

I made the drinks and ordered a pizza.

When I returned, I told the girls that the pizza would be here in forty-five minutes or so and they might want to get out and take a quick shower to get the chlorine out of their hair. Lisa was the first to stand up and she proudly showed off her sexy body. I held my hand out like a gentleman and helped her out and down the steps, feasting my eyes on her wet, shimmering body.

Nicole was next. She looked great and her nipples were so frigging hard they poked through the thick material of her bikini top. She gave me a little kiss on the cheek. "Thanks cuz."

Jessie was next. Her big boobs were almost mesmerizing, and I got a good look down her suit when she bent over in the process of getting out. She thanked me for being so sweet and stole a kiss herself.

I went upstairs as they were drying off and was about half-way through my own shower, washing the shampoo out of my hair, when Jessie startled me by asked if she could join me.

I told her she was welcome to come in.

She got in wearing nothing but a huge, warm smile on her face. "Two's company in a shower. Three downstairs was impossible," she said.

"Wow!" she added, staring down at my groin.

"Hi there, Jessie. How are you and those big boobies of yours?" I tried to be cool, but couldn't help but admire her very large breasts.

"Thanks, and they are well" Jessie said, pushing them up to where they would be if they were smaller and perky. They looked damn good like that, by the way. "Can I get under the water?"

"Absolutely," I said. I momentarily put my hands on her hips as she passed by me and she did the same to me. It was a larger than normal tub. My growing penis bumped into her as we passed and her big boobs brushed my chest.

She got all wet and was washing her face when she asked me if I could wash her back. I did and when I finished with her back, she shook her butt. "My tush too!"

Her ass was a lot bigger than I prefer, but it was cute enough, I suppose.

I washed her ass and her ass crack. I felt her little butthole down there and my cock perked right up to attention. I made sure her crack was nice and clean and then made sure my hands were too.

She turned around when I had finished.

Did I mention her boobs were big? If you were a big, natural boob guy, this girl was for you. Her areolas were quite large, almost as big as my palm. I tried not to stare, but it was like watching a bad car wreck in progress, you just couldn't take your eyes away. It made no difference that were a little saggy either.

She was just starting to shampoo her hair. "Would you do my front side too?" she said, her eyes closed and her body completely exposed and available to me.

"What the fuck," I thought to myself. "It's not everyday I get to play with huge boobies."

"Sure. I'm beginning to think I'm in the middle of a dream here."

She just laughed.

I lathered her up quite well starting at her shoulders and working my way down. My cock was turgid, but I think that was the idea.

"Oh yes. You are such a sweetheart," she said as I was washing her boobs. "Do you like them?"

"They are impressive, Jessie. Yeah, I like them."

She put one of her legs up on the side of the tub as I was washing her tummy so I could get between her legs to lather her pussy.

I washed between her legs and between her lips. She still had her eyes closed and moaned as I washed her coochie. She moaned much louder as my middle finger slipped into her vagina and I rubbed my palm against her clit. Just for grins I leaned over a bit and flicked her nipple with my tongue. It was rock hard.

"Oooh! That feels good!" She squirmed around as I was fluttering on her clit.

She had apparently got the soap washed out of her hair. "Oh my gosh! You've got such a nice cock!"

She reached out and grabbed it and stroked it. It was at full salute, all seven plus inches.

"Thanks," I said.

I couldn't believe I was in the shower with a chubby girl I barely knew and wasn't particularly attracted to and I had just washed her ass. Even harder to believe was that she had my hard cock in one hand and my scrotum in the other. She gave them a good grope.

"My turn," she said, taking the bar of soap from me. She rolled it in her hands and told me to turn around. I did as I was told and she began washing me.

"Oh, you've got such a nice ass too!" she cooed as she washed my ass. She washed my crack thoroughly and put her finger in my asshole.

"Hey now!" I yelped. She just giggled. She continued to wiggle her finger gently and in a weird way, it felt kind of good. She went back to washing after a bit. When she was done from behind, she had me turn.

She then washed my front, beginning with my chest and working her way down. She did my legs and feet as well before returning to my cock and balls. She then rinsed my cock off and knelt down and began giving me a decent blowjob.

"Mmm. That feels good, Jessie, but the pizza guy's gonna be here shortly. We should get out of here and get ready for him."

"We're not in that big of a rush, Joe," she said, standing up. "I think you're ready for me!"

She put one leg on the ledge of the tub and guided my rigid cock between her legs. I felt it slip deeply into her tight vagina and it felt damn delightful. It was thrilling as well. She gasped and moaned.

"Whoa there, Jessie."

"Shh! It's okay, I'm on the pill." She held me inside her and squirmed those hips. I stroked back and forth a few times slowly.

"Oh, this feels good," I said out loud, not even thinking.

A few more strokes turned into a long moan from me as I put my arms around her and pulled her close as my cock was inside her. She moaned too.

I began to fuck her and she was grinding those hips and moaning hot and heavy. I sensed she was getting close. It felt so pleasurable that I continued.

I could feel her pussy grip me as she tensed up with an orgasm. She held me tight, her boobs pressed tightly against my chest and she drug her fingernails across my back.

After it was over, she loosened her grip. "Oh baby!" She kissed me deeply.

Finally, I had to stop. "You feel damn good, Jessie, but no, we can't bareback it."

"Why not? We're already doing it and it feels good! Go ahead and get yours, Joe."

"No, I'm sorry Jessie."

"C'mon Joe. You'll feel better. Just let yourself come for he."

"No, Jessie."

I pulled out and left us both wanting a lot more. I washed off my cock and got out of the shower and began drying off.

She followed me out. I think she thought I was going to be carried away with passion and fuck her! She wasn't far off.

We got dried off and I took a leak just to be on the safe side. She cheerfully held my cock while I tried to piss. It's not easy with a semi-erect cock, but Jess was loving it.

Jessie finished drying off and followed me into my bedroom. I tried to get dressed but she kept playing with my cock.

"God, I want to finish what we started in there," she purred, caressing my chest and shoulder with her hands and putting her bare boobs against my bicep.

"Take me, Joe."

"Jess, calm down. We'll finish it later. For now though, why don't you get dressed." I slapped her on the ass.


"Really. I promise."

I leaned over and gave her a kiss and her tongue eagerly met mine as she pressed herself into my body. I pulled away and told her to go get dressed.

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