tagErotic CouplingsMy Ride with Mila

My Ride with Mila


A few days ago, my wife and I went to visit a couple of friends on the other side of the State. They've been our friends for years, since my wife and I started dating pretty much. Their names are Mila and Nick, and they're a fun couple all in all. Nick is 49, older, but still fun to hang around and very active. Mila is 28, eccentric, cute, and in general funny and kind. They have two little girls who we sometimes babysit, but they were both gone for the weekend visiting their grandparents, which gave the four of us time to hang out.

We drove over to Mila and Nick's place on a Saturday morning, and were greeted with hugs and hellos as soon as we walked in the door. Mila was wearing a long, loose skirt, some boots, and a sweater and blouse top. She had just gotten back from tutoring a guy that she's teaching Spanish to, and she hadn't had time to change. Nick was more casually dressed, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. The four of us sat around for a while, chatting about work and the news, nothing earth shattering or anything. Probably around 1:00 or 1:30, we decided to go out for some lunch.

Nick volunteered to drive, because he wanted to take us to this local place that they had found a couple of weeks ago. So, we went over to their little sedan, and Nick commented, "Oh. Hang on just a minute, we need to take the girls' car seats out."

"That's okay, Nick," my wife said. "If you want, we can just drive so you don't have to."

Mila interjected next, "No. That's fine. We can drive. We'll leave the seats in as long as someone doesn't mind sitting on someone else's lap." She smiled, and we all laughed a little. We'd taken lots of trips together, so it wasn't anything new to have to squeeze in or sit on someone else's lap for a while. So, I volunteered to sit in the back between the car seats, figuring Kim, my wife, would join me. Instead, I was surprised when Mila spoke up instead. "I'll ride in the back with Eric. You don't mind, do you?"

I looked at her, and shrugged. "I'm guessing you probably don't want me sitting on your lap, huh?"

"Ha ha," she mocked. "Like I really want to be squished by you? Get in, silly." She slapped me gently on the shoulder, and I opened the door to wedge myself in.

Nick and Kim got in the front, and after I'd successfully wedged in between the two car seats, Mila climbed in and closed the car door. Things were awkward, and she put her hand on my leg for balance as she maneuvered inside. I was a bit embarrassed, because as she did that, I felt a bit of a stir between my legs, and caught a glimpse of her bare legs above her boots, as she was hiking up her skirt to move around.

"Hang on, just a sec," I said. I wiggled a little to adjust and accommodate my pants, loosening them up a bit to provide some more room, and what I hoped would be a discreet place for my now rigid cock.

As soon as I sat back down, Mila lowered herself onto my lap, and I felt her butt press down right on the spot where my dick pressed against the fabric of my pants. She didn't seem to notice, and instead looked back at me and asked if I was okay. I nodded, and she got a little more comfortable, wiggling a little on my lap and adjusting her skirt. All that wiggling only served to make my cock throb more, and I gritted my teeth silently trying to keep from letting it press into her butt, which was now firmly resting on my lap.

Nick started the car, and we backed out of the driveway. Nick and Kim were talking up front, and Mila was looking out the window, leaning forward and to the side a little bit. As we turned onto the road, Mila spread her legs, and wrapped them a little around mine, squeezing them for grip as the car shook a little. As soon as the car was put into gear and moving forward, though, I noticed she didn't release my legs, and I looked up to see the side of her face as she was watching out the window.

I had definitely noticed Mila before. Back when my wife and I were dating, I often fantasized about some of her friends, including Mila. Mila was half-white, half-Hispanic, and she definitely had the Latina look. She was small, petite, with short cut brown hair and brown almond eyes. You wouldn't know she was a mom, even, except for the way she dressed sometimes, more conservatively now than before, and the fact that her breasts had gotten a little heavier after having two kids. Other than that, she was in great shape, and her body was definitely what I was noticing now.

I felt the press of her small butt against my lap, and closed my eyes for a moment to focus on the feel of her legs pressed against my thighs. I thought of the boots she was wearing, and felt as my dick stirred and pressed up into her sharply. I opened my eyes and tried to adjust a little, but she just looked back at me and smiled.

Honestly, I can't tell you now how long the drive took, or even what people talked about as we were driving there. I didn't say much, nor did Mila. What I do remember, though, is that soon after that first little jab of my dick against her small little ass, she pushed back, and I felt her start to rub her butt against my crotch.

I felt my breathing quicken, and chewed my lip a little, wondering what the heck was going on. Mila had placed her hands on the car seats next to us, and was using them to help her grind herself against me. She was doing a good job of keeping up appearances, interjecting into the conversation here and there, but I could feel the urgency and deliberation with which she pressed herself into me.

Her legs squeezed me harder, and she tossed her head several times to get the hair out of her face. I thought I could hear her breathing a little more, but I definitely felt her tight her ass as if she was trying to grab my dick between her cheeks.

Suddenly the car started to slow down, and I instinctively wrapped my arms around Mila's waist to keep her from flying forward. She responded by placing her hand on my arms, nuzzling a little bit closer to me. "Thanks," she said quietly, smiling back at me. I looked up at her, and she bit her lip and winked at me so only I could see. Then she leaned a little farther forward, with my arms still wrapped around her waist.

Her finger was tracing along the skin of my wrist and forearm, and I quietly began to rub her stomach through the fabric of her shirt. Now there was no doubt that we were both thinking the same things, and she resumed her grinding against my crotch. She talked less now, and her thrusts were harder, and I could feel her working to adjust and rub her crotch against my legs too.

My own dick was throbbing and aching, and I could feel a wet spot in my boxers from the precum that was surely leaking out inside. It was like a cold wet spot, and it excited me even more to know how much we were both turned on. Even as I felt that, I could have sworn that I smelled the faint scent of pussy on the air, and I felt Mila's legs tremble a little bit as she let out a long sigh.

"You okay, sweetie?" asked Nick, looking back in the mirror.

"Yeah," Mila smiled. "Just tired, I guess. Are we almost there? I forget."

"Yep," replied Nick. "Probably just another three or four minutes."

"Great," she smiled.

Suddenly Mila picked up her pace, and I knew she was trying to make us both cum. It was awkward, but by lifting my crotch up into her, it felt good, and my dick started to tremble and throb, edging closer to orgasm. Mila was impaling herself on the mound of cock in my lap, and I watched as she adjusted her skirt so the back of it was hiked up, enough for her to expose the fabric of her panties and grind them against my legs.

And just like that, the car stopped.

"Shit," Mila muttered.

"What's wrong?" Kim asked.

"I hit my head," Mila lied. I could tell she was angry because we didn't have more time.

"You okay?" Nick asked.

"Yeah. Fine." Mila grumbled.

"Well, we're here," Nick said.

Mila reached next to her and took out her cell phone, as if no one had heard it going off. "Okay, go ahead inside without me. I just need to take this call real quick. Eric, are you okay sitting out here for a minute?"

"Mmm hmm," I replied.

"Okay, great." Mila pretended to answer her phone. "Hold on a second," she covered the mouthpiece with her hand. "Could you go ahead and order me a water?"

Nick nodded. "Anything for you Eric?"

"Umm... a Coke?"


Nick and Kim got out of the car and headed inside to the restaurant. Mila and I watched, her pretending to be on the phone, until they were both well inside.

"Hurry," she said quickly, standing up awkwardly to hike up her skirt more. "Open up your pants."

"What? Are you kidding me?" I balked.

"No. I want to finish what we started. Pull out your dick." She was definitely serious, and I watched as she wriggled her panties down, taking them off and setting them in the car seat on our right. She stood there, and I could see her bare pussy mound, her naked legs, and her brown leather boots as he waited for me to comply.

Quickly I did as she asked and opened up my pants and boxers, freeing my hot, hard cock. The head of it was wet, but the rest of it was dry from the material of my pants so I reached down to wet it with some spit on my hand. "Should we use a condom?" I asked suddenly.

"No," Mila encouraged. "I'm still on the pill. We'll be fine. Just cum inside me."

I groaned at that, and let my dick free as she reached between her legs, taking it in her hand and lowering herself onto it.

We both moaned loudly, and she wasted no time in starting to impale herself on my dick. "Grab my breasts," she urged. I did, sliding my hands up under her sweater and blouse, pulling down the cups of her bra to feel her nipples and her ample mounds.

"Oh God, Mila."

"Unn," was all she replied. And that's the last thing we said for a while. She began fucking me furiously, and I panted and bucked inside her. The car was rocking, and I half worried that someone else might see what was going on. But before I could hesitate, Mila stopped moving, and I felt her body shudder and her pussy tighten on my bare cock as she came.

"Oh God," she moaned, and she dug her nails into my legs. As she tried to ride out her orgasm, I took control, grabbing her sides and continuing to force her along my shaft. She grunted, and I fucked her harder and harder, moaning and licking my dry lips.

Finally, in a few last, heavy strokes, and as I felt her pussy contract along my dick again, I grunted fiercely and spurted my cum inside her. She kept moving on me, milking my cock, and I felt several shots ooze out of the head of my dick, and felt as some of it was squeezed out of her pussy, wetting my boxers and the hair of my crotch.

After a few moments, we both stopped, sitting there panting. "God," Mila managed.

"Jesus," I replied.

"That was good," Mila finally said.

"Best sex I've had in a long time."

"The only sex I've had in a long time," Mila replied.

"Really?" I asked skeptically.

"Yeah," she sighed. "Nick hardly touches me since Sarah was born. He says he's not ready to have any more kids, so he doesn't even want to fool around. I think he's having an affair."

"Are you serious?"

"I don't know. And I don't care. I got what I needed just now." She sighed, and pulled herself off of me, letting my soaked, semi-hard dick slap against my pants. She turned slowly, adjusting herself to lean forward and kiss me full on the lips.

I kissed her back, and felt my skin tingle, and heard my heart beating in my ears.

Mila pulled slowly away, and pulled her skirt back down. She quietly opened the car door, grabbing her panties from the car seat as she got out. "I've got to go inside and put these back on. You better hurry up and zip up. They'll start to wonder if you don't come inside."

I nodded, tucking my wet dick back into my trousers, immediately thankful that I had worn dark jeans so that the wet spot of our cum wasn't noticeable. With some effort, and with my arms and legs a bit shaky, I climbed out from the car and closed the door. Mila quietly took my hand, and we interlocked fingers as we walked the few feet from the car to the restaurant door. Just as we got to it, it opened, and some other customers came out.

Mila squeezed my hand and then dropped it free, taking the door from the couple as they came out. "Thanks," she said, and I found myself turned on by how cute her voice sounded, by the look of her soft brown eyes.

She held the door open for me, and as we walked in together, she spoke, "We can't tell them about this. And if you can keep a secret, maybe we can do this again sometime."

"Sure," I whispered, and together we opened the interior door and walked inside.

So that's how it happened. And I can't stop fantasizing about it since then. Here's hoping that I have more to write about for you all in the future. Thanks!

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