My Saturday Night


Dear Readers: Another true story, the weekend following "My Friday Night." Hope you like it...


After my shower, I dig through my bag for my stockings, glad to see that the garter straps are attached and none have gone missing. I toss them on the bed with my bustier, pick out a pair of black lace panties, and get dressed.

Two years ago, I never would have given stockings a second thought. Tonight, I enjoy the feeling of pulling a thigh-high over my foot and up my calf, careful to keep the seam at the back as I smile to myself. I like the way that my legs look in stockings. I can't wait for him to see, and kiss them.

And I can't wait to see his legs encased in nylons as well...

Once the lingerie is in place, I pull on a pair of jeans and decide that I'm not going to bother with a shirt. I toss a tank top into my bag for the morning, pull on my denim jacket, slip on a pair of shoes and head out.

As I drive to the hotel, I have a silly thought: It's a shame that I don't need to stop at the store for anything. I'd love to walk past people in the aisles and speak to the cashier, knowing that all I've got on beneath my jacket is a sexy bustier. I remember one other night that I was with Nick, teasing him as usual, when I brought him panting and gasping to the edge of orgasm, and then said, "I think you need to cool down. I'm going to get us something to eat, and you should relax and rest up for when I get back." I left my fishnets on even though I had worn flip flops, so anyone who happened to look down at my feet would wonder what I was hiding beneath my pants and shirt. And I liked that possibility.

As I pull into the lot, I see Nick getting out of his car by the hotel office and roll my window down.

"You know how I called to make sure they put us in a room with a TV with hook-ups for the DVD player? Well they didn't get it right."

I smile and shake my head, and park the car. Last time, they put us in a room with an old ass television that we couldn't plug the DVD player into, and the little manager lady ended up leading us around to check different rooms until we finally found one with a TV from this century so that we could watch our sexy movies. This was not a classy place... and I'm sure she was thinking, "I don't get paid enough for this shit. Why do you care so much about the friggin TV? I know you're just here to fuck."

While I wait for him to text me with a different room number, I re-watch a youtube video that I had found a couple of weeks before when I was looking at rope tutorials.

I'm not sure what made me think that rope would be fun, because it wasn't anything that I had ever given much thought to, and Nick had never suggested it. But one afternoon before we got together, I did a search for rope bondage and came across an awesome series of videos. I was so excited to try, and had some time before we were to meet, so I went to Home Depot. I bought 100 feet of soft 1/4 inch nylon rope, cut it into four lengths, and sealed the cut ends with a lighter.

I taught myself a simple arm shackle tie that only requires one running end of rope, and successfully bound my left wrist to my left thigh, with a short length of rope between, giving just enough freedom to be extremely frustrating. Later that evening, I bound Nick's wrists to his thighs with one of the lengths of rope and he loved every second of it. I loved it, too: the way that he trusted me enough to lay still for me to tie him, when he was dressed in women's lingerie; the look of the rope twining around his limbs, so fucking sexy; his desperation as I toyed with him and he fought against the restraints, trying to touch me. I even loved the ridges left in his skin after I unbound him, pausing to kiss the indentations on his wrists after I removed the rope.

I decide that tonight I will try something called The Claw: you form a knot at the center of the rope which you loop around the ring, middle, and index fingers and use to pull the hand up to the shoulder, then wrap the rope around the bicep and forearm, starting near the wrist and working toward the elbow, so that the hands, wrists, and arms are restricted. On the video, the finished product looked beautiful, and frustrating for the wearer.

I get a text: 117.

When I get down there, he walks out of the room and comes over to my car. "They gave me two room keys. Come for a walk with me and we'll see which one is better." Better: a relative term, amusing in this situation. It's kind of like deciding what would hold water better: a collander or a fishnet.

Naturally, room 108 has a TV that we can't plug the DVD player into. So we go back to 117, which is the fancier room anyway. It has a couch - offering a comfortable place to sit and look at the bathroom door. And by comfortable, I mean, "feels like it's going to collapse beneath you."

I hook up the DVD player, he grabs the remote control, and it isn't working. We can't change the input without the remote. Nick throws a tantrum and calls the front.

"Hang on, calm down, I have an idea," I say, realizing that the LED isn't lighting on the remote. Of course, the battery compartment cover is screwed into the back because the clientele of fucking Howard Johnson's would steal fucking AA's out of a remote control. Right.

I get my tiny screwdriver out of my eyeglasses case and work on getting the stripped screw out of the back of this piece of shit, telling Nick to hang up the phone. "I'm like fucking Macguyver, just give me a minute. Do any of your toys have AA's?"

We try working batteries from one of the vibrators, and it appears this stupid remote control is completely dead. All of this trouble just to watch what is perhaps the world's worst movie ever in the history of Everything.

And so, Nick ends up taking the television from the fucking LOBBY of this crappy hotel so that we can watch The Room. I can say with near absolute certainty that no one has ever gone through so much trouble to watch this shitty film. I sit on (sink into) the couch tying the "double coin knot" in two pieces of rope, getting ready for later. He changes into his slip, panties, garter belt, and stockings. He locks his cock in the chastity device.

We get on the bed, and he passes me the collar. I smile and fasten it around his neck, and we start watching the movie. The unrealistic dialogue and awkward acting cannot hold a candle to the absurdity of the sex scenes. This film is so painful to watch, and yet you get drawn in and cannot look away, like a rubber-necker passing an accident on the turnpike.

Suddenly, the television screen winks out, and I burst out laughing.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" he says.

"This movie is so bad, God turned it off. I guess you'll just have to lick my pussy." Don't need to tell this man twice. He moves to the foot of the bed.

"Kiss my legs." It is so arousing to watch him worship my legs, feeling his lips and hands on my ankles, calves, thighs, and at times tantalizingly close to my pussy.

I love the way he licks me. When he slides his fingers inside of me and uses his tongue on my clit, I can feel an orgasm building, but I don't quite get there... I'm tricky like that. His mouth feels incredible and I get lost in the pleasure. I'll cum later.

Earlier in the week, I made him wear stockings, a garter belt, and panties to the office beneath his clothes. When I have him wear his sissy clothes to work, I ask him to send me pictures from the public restroom. It turned us both on when he texted me photos during the day, and that night on the phone he was so worked up that it didn't take much dirty talk to make him cum, once he had my permission.

The next night, he told me a story in that deep, sexy voice of his while I played with myself, but I had to get off of the phone suddenly. A little while later, I called him back because I wanted to cum so badly, and I was shocked when he boldly said, "No." He is a switch, after all, and I'll admit I'm a bit of a switch myself, but we have been so heavily into femdom that he surprised me. Even more shocking - I found myself pleading with him!

"Think of how great Saturday will be if neither of us has an orgasm until we're together, and we tease the shit out of each other for the next two days."

"This isn't fair! You came last night and I haven't cum since I saw you last Friday! Let me finish and then the game will start after I cum!"

"You're going to thank me. Every domme should have to go through this so she understands what she does to her sub. This is a great idea. This is going to be fucking awesome. We'll drive each other crazy with text messages and pictures and links. Unless you think you can't do it."

When he challenged me, the bitch inside of me who digs in her heels when someone says she can't do something came forward. I clenched my teeth. "Fine. You want to play? I'm going to drive you fucking insane."

And then this motherfucker starts telling me how he's going to lick my pussy... suck on my clit... finger me... knowing full well that his voice is like kryptonite for my self-control. But I'm too angry to give in, I'm not letting him win!

Even though he tells me how sweet my pussy tastes.

I can fight dirty, too, you know.

Thursday morning, he texted me: "Oh, I am a sexual fucking genius." And then... "It's on."

"I'm going to write about this."

"You should write about your vaginal juices all over my face."

"You should write about me owning your cock."

"Side note: we are just going to get more and more perverted... aren't we?"

"Is that a question that even needs asking?"

"Oh, this is going to be fun."

"As fun as your cock rubbing up against my stockings. As fun as tying your sissy ass up and fucking you like a whore." I put on a pair of stockings and sent him some pictures. He knows his voice drives me crazy, and tried to use that against me the night before. I know that he has a serious lingerie fetish. "As fun as your lips kissing every inch of my thigh high stockings."

He responded, "I fucking love stocking clad legs."

"I fucking know. And I fucking love YOUR stocking clad legs."

"You're going to cum in 3 minutes when I get my hands on you."

"First you are going to take my leash and shove my face between your legs."

I send this note with a pic: "Is this where you want your face? You want to pull these panties aside and taste my pussy?"

We continued to tease each other throughout the day. On the phone that night, he asked, "Do you want me to talk dirty to you and make you cum tonight?"

Can you believe this prick? "I'm not falling for your trick, you fucking asshole," I told him quietly. He burst out laughing. I told him to wear something sexy to work the next day. He ended up wearing panties and a half-slip (the kind that is just a skirt) beneath his jeans - it was casual Friday. I was so impressed that he wore a slip under his pants! I knew that it would have him thinking about sex - thinking about me - the entire day. It was a fun game.

And I know how he gets, I know how badly he wants to lick my pussy tonight, and I know how much he will enjoy every torturous moment of the hours that will pass between now and his orgasm.

I have him lie back so that I can begin. I love to kiss him everywhere and run my hands across his body, over his skin, over his silky lingerie... I am careful to avoid his cock, though I want so badly to taste him, and feel the soft skin beneath my tongue.

"You want to cum so badly, don't you, Nick?" I taunt. "All the teasing this week... You want me to touch your cock, don't you?"

"Yes," he murmurs.

"Well I'm not going to touch it yet. Turn over." I retrieve the rope from where I left it on the couch, and pull the loops of the knot over the three middle fingers of his left hand. I wrap his arm and tie it off, and it looks exactly like it did in the video - I can't believe how easy this rope stuff is, and so fucking hot! I wrap his right arm and sit back to admire my work. I can't help the laughter that bubbles up as my eyes drink in the sight of this man, collared, dressed up like a slut, and in rope bondage. I am so happy to have found him.

Leaning forward, I kiss his arm between the lengths of rope that bind him, trying to express to him how much I appreciate the way he gives himself over to me, and how aroused I am seeing him this vulnerable.

I dig my camera out of my bag, return to the bed, and straddle his hips. "I'm going to take some pictures of your arms, okay? No face shots, I promise." I put my hand on his back, near his collar, his face turned away from the arm I am photographing, and snap a picture. I show him so that he can see that I did not get his face. "See how sexy you look?" I ask.

Pulling his panties down and caressing his ass, I ask, "Do you want me to fuck you tonight?"


"Tell me."

"I want you to fuck me tonight."

"Do you want me to put your shoes on?"

"Yes, Goddess."

I have not used my strap-on with him before - actually, I have used my mouth, fingers, and a dildo on men, though have not had the chance to use my harness yet. Nick and I have talked about it, of course, and he told me that he likes to be totally feminized when he gets fucked - stockings, heels, a dress, the whole thing.

A man in women's shoes had never been something that particularly turned me on, but as I look at his stockings and 4 inch heels, a smile spreads across my face. Grabbing the camera, I lay next to him and reach out to hold up his leg. I push the button on the camera that allows me to review the photographs: my fishnet-covered thigh is next to his knee, my hand at his ankle, the heel of the shoe pointing up, a silly black flower at the toe. His pale ass is framed by a lace panel of the garter belt and the black strip of fabric that is his panties, rolled down below his cheeks.

I have him roll onto his back.

I have heard many people, men and women alike, say that the female form is beautiful, but a nude male cannot compare. I disagree. I could stare at a man's back for countless minutes, drinking in the lines of his upper arms, his neck, his shoulderblades, the taper of his torso. You all already know that I love a man's ass... And I have always loved hands, but perhaps my favorite body part is the hip. Maybe this sounds odd. But perhaps if you saw this picture you would understand.

At the top of the frame is the black fabric of his slip, pulled up above his waist, and the line of his hip and thigh angles to the lower right corner of the frame, where the strip of his pulled-down panties stretch across his upper thigh and beneath his balls. Near the base of his cock, the little black bow on the garter belt is visible above the leather straps of the chastity device. Follow the black edge of the fabric from the bow to his hip, and right there, the smooth skin just above the lace: that is my favorite place to bite.

"Do you like that I'm taking pictures of you?"

His eyes are closed. He shakes his head.

"But your cock is so hard, and dripping. I think that you do like it."

I snap a picture of his other hip, where the tip of his engorged cock is jutting out, hovering over the garter belt, a spot of precum glistening at the slit, and another drip hanging from the tip, about to fall.

I imagine how stunning these photographs will look in black and white. "This is art," I murmur, kissing him.

After I lick the salty viscous fluid from the head of his cock, I straddle his leg, my thigh pressing against his groin.

One thing that I love about this man is the way that he will go from being a quiet, docile submissive to a state of passionate frenzy, as though a switch has been flipped. As I lay above him, he strains to raise himself off the mattress, but with his arms bound in The Claw he cannot do more than arch his neck. He tries desperately to kiss me, his hands and fingers tense with the desire and inability to grab me, and I keep my face just out of reach of his lips, letting my nose and lips occasionally brush against his.

"I need to let you cool down." I lay next to him.

"Please, can I lick your pussy?"

I smile and ignore his question. He rolls himself onto his side and nuzzles his face between my breasts. His mouth finds my left nipple, and I put my fingers in his hair, holding him close. From all the nipple play earlier, they are extra sensitive now, and as he sucks on me the sensations are so strong, I feel waves of the pleasure that comes when I'm approaching an orgasm. I don't want him to stop.

His bound left arm is resting against me, and I lift his elbow to study the outline of his bicep, the way that his hand and fingers look wrapped in rope. I want to take more pictures, but his mouth feels so amazing...

My hand moves to my pussy, fingers sliding inside, so wet, strumming my clit, wishing I could have his mouth at my breast and between my thighs at the same time.

I can get so close, but usually need a vibrator to put me over the edge... I realize that I'm probably going to need a toy to cum, and tell him to take a break. I slide my fingers between his lips so that he can taste me. When he lays on his back, I see him flexing his fingers.

"Are you going numb? Would you like me to untie you?"

"Yeah," he answers, a little sheepishly.

"Why didn't you say something?" I ask, working at the knots.

"I didn't want to ruin what we had going. It was so - ohhh," he groans in relief as his arm is able to relax and bend, and it sounds like he's having an orgasm.

"I know, it was hot, wasn't it? But I don't want you to be uncomfortable." I rub his arms and hand.

"But that's part of the turn on..."

We take a little break and finish watching that shitty movie. Then, it's time to finish what we started.

He kisses my legs again, and then licks my pussy. He starts to fuck me with one of those vibrating dildos that has a clit stimulator, and then lays on top of me, pressing the toy against my clit as he uses his mouth on my neck and tits.

I have been teased at work when I go in with marks on my neck like some silly teenager, because I like having my neck bitten and sucked on, and it's easy to get carried away. I can cum so hard this way, grinding against the vibrator between my clit and his thigh, or his caged cock, and that mouth on my skin - oh, that mouth. He drives me crazy, and when I finally reach that crest, the orgasm goes on and on.

When he is kneeling at the foot of the bed, waiting for me to tell him what's next, I sit up and kiss him. He murmurs something that I can't understand, so I ask him to repeat himself.

"The pink device is clean and ready for you." He's referring to the vibrating strap on cock that has a clit stimulator.

"You want to be fucked, huh?"

"Yes," he murmurs.

"We should put your heels back on so I can fuck you." I realize that he still has them on, and laugh. "I thought you took these off."

"Can I put on the dress?" He has this absurd black and white french maid costume that he wore sometimes in his last relationship. He put it on for me once, kind of as a joke, and I made him fuck me while wearing it because I knew he'd be turned on by the humiliation. I was on elbows and knees on the bed while he fucked me from behind, and I told him that I could feel his dress touching me while he fucked me, and feel his stockings against the backs of my legs. He came, and then we laughed at the craziness of what we had just done. My pussy gets wet thinking back on it...

I zip him into the dress, and go into the bathroom so I can see what I'm doing when I get into my harness, since we had the lights off in the room. I leave the little panel in place on the harness that goes behind the dildo where it sits against my pussy, because my clit has had enough stimulation for one night but I know he'll like the vibrations. When I go back out into the room, I look at him in the dim light, laying on the bed in the fetal position, eyes closed, collar and leash, dress, stockings. Heels.

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