tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMy Savior: Buffy & Spike Ch. 02

My Savior: Buffy & Spike Ch. 02


***Well as usual it must be noted that this is a work of pure fiction. Expressed herein are my own personal opinions about the relationship of Spike and Buffy and I am sure that Joss Whedon nor the UPN/WB Network do not share them. So please take this story as it is, pure fiction, having nothing to do with the creators/producers,,, blah blah blah and blah thank you Enjoy (*****

Buffy had a great week. Patrolling was going great, the demons seemed to all be on vacation actually, either that or there was a huge sale at Vampire's Secret. Spike wasn't around all that much either now that she thought about it. He must be on vacation as well. Oh well, work has been super busy so that's fine.

On the other hand she can't stop thinking about him. She thinks of him often actually, in the shower touching herself and making her nipples hurt from rubbing them so much wishing it were his hands instead. In the kitchen when a breeze comes through the window and whispers at her neck, she wishes it were his soft, blood red lips, the only sign of real life that's visible about him, suckling her neck instead. When she wakes in the morning with the sun shining in she wishes he were lying there next to her so that they could greet the day with a rare kiss.

I miss him when he's not near, Buffy thought and she concluded the thought with a why?

"Why do I feel this way about him now?"

I was so certain that I needed to end it last week when we met at our "spot" and then he swept me off my feet again.

He met me and made everything seem right, made me feel like we were the only 2 people in the world, normal people, not vamp nor slayer. He made me feel real, and I have so much to thank him for, but at the same time knowing that I can't continue this, for the sake of my family, my friends, and the commitment I have to the earth, to rid it of his kind. If only he had a soul.

"Whatcha thinking about Buff?" Willow seemed to always peep up at the strangest times and places. She peeks her head around the corner as I sit on the couch stretched out in the soft flannel pajama bottoms that I found in the back of my closet.

" Hey aren't those flannel bottoms Angels?"

"What, no they aren't? Are they? They can't be, he never left items of clothing here...did he?"

Willow plops down into the comfy couch.

"I'm not sure, but they sure look familiar, maybe they are Tara's, where did you find them....I'm sure that she has a pair like that and maybe she threw them in there so that she could get rid of them, because, hey because they might have been an ex boyfriends....."

"Willow you're rambling again, what's going on?You got something on your mind?"

"Is Tara home yet?" Willow stammers, shifting in her seat trying to change the subject.

"I haven't seen her all day today and I can't wait to see her....so have you? ....Seen her that is?"

"NO I've NOT seen her...now talk. Spit it out."

"Spike came to see me today, at the magic shop."

Buffy quickly shifted in her seat, the arousal at just hearing his name was unbelievable, it's like an unquenchable fire, making me wet just knowing that he might of mentioned me to Willow.

"He did."

"Yes. He did. He seems a bit concerned."

"Oh really, what about?"

"He didn't really say, but he doesn't know that I know about you two, oh and don't worry he didn't mention anything but he did mention that he wanted to see if I could help him with a spell."

"A spell? What kind of spell?"

Willow sat straight up in her chair; this might be hard for Buffy to hear so she thought she'd just come out with it.

"A spell to rid himself of.....feelings. Human emotion. He said that he shouldn't be capable of feeling this way since he has no soul, and he couldn't understand it, but he was quite certain that he wanted the "feelings" to go away."

"Hmmmm....Interesting, did he mention what sort of "feelings" he was having?"

"Well I did notice that he seemed really upset, but he tried to play it off you know? Sort of tried to play it off like he was having some tormenting feelings of madness about a demon or something he said, but see I knew the truth, you know? Like I know that you like him and that he loves you."

"He loves me? What? Did he tell you that?"

"Uh....well....uh no he didn't. I just thought that maybe he did. He seemed really upset. I saw the look in his eyes. He has to be feeling love, it's the only reason he would want to get rid of it. When a vamp loves it means he's starting to turn from evil, into good. And that would be NO good for Spike; I mean his image depends on his ability to be evil. At a moment's notice even....you know Spike is the most evil vamp around."

"But I saw it on his face today Buffy, he wants to be rid of his love for you. Uh.....Buffy, have you thought about how you feel for him?"

Willow sat waiting for the answer that Buffy herself couldn't answer. Is what I feel for Spike, love? Do I as a slayer even know what love is? I think I loved Angel, but then I don't really know if I did or not. I know that I feel something for Spike, and I know that I want to be near him all the time but I don't think that that is love. Whatever it is, I need to talk it out with Spike or this is just going to drive me crazy. Obsessive crazy, since it's all I can think about, he's all I can think about.

"Willow, I'll see you later, I have to go out."

"But wait, Buffy you didn't answer my question..." the door slams shut before she can even finish the sentence.

Buffy figures if she's going to see Spike she might as well do a bit of patrolling anyways, no matter how silly she looks in these PJ bottoms.

She has to get to the bottom of her "feelings" for Spike before this goes to far. Along her walk she starts to think about the last time she and Spike were together. They were patrolling and a vamp tapped her on the shoulder, she turned around and the vamp knocked her out cold. The next thing she remembered was Spike on top of her, attempting to wake her up, calling her love and rubbing her cheeks.

"Love, wake up, oh please wake up...come on Love, I can't do this alone." He made her feel so cared for, and he's a vamp. Says a lot about the people in her life.

Shortly after midnight she grew tired of patrolling and ended up at the front door of Spike's crypt. Instead of knocking she gently opened the door and walked inside. The candles were lit and Spike was sleeping on top of the rock pillar that he called a bed.

He was naked with only a red satin sheet covering his lower torso. He was so damn sexy that she couldn't stand herself, so she sat down in a chair facing him and as he slept she slowly crept her right hand down into her pants, pushing her little g-string aside she felt the soft landing strip of hair and immediately she began to sink her fingers into the hot stickiness that contained the fire within.

She started moaning a bit and she noticed Spike stirring, only a little. She went back to pleasuring herself and when she was really into it, she cocked her head back and rolled her eyes into the back of her head, she returned to the sitting position to notice Spike staring at her. He caught her off guard and she froze. He was leaning on his side with a huge smirk on his face.

"Miss me love? Making midnight booty calls now are we?"

"Spike you caught me off guard. I came to talk to you about something serious, and then I got here and you were sleeping so soundly and just looking at you made me so wet. You are so damn sexy that I couldn't help myself."

"Are you enjoying that? Can I come and play?"

Instantly Buffy stood up, she made sure that he understood that she came to talk to him about their un-professed "feelings".

"Spike first I'd like to let you know that I think we need to talk...."

"Talk, shmalk, talking is for boring people, and love, you and I both know that we are anything BUT boring...."

Spike sits up on the pillar and Buffy notices his ab's glistening in the moonlight, the tiny treasure trail leading to his nether regions begging to be licked. This was most definitely going to be a difficult conversation to have with him as long as he looked this good.

Arousal overcame her again as she neared closer to him to sit on the edge of the pillar, when she arrived he immediately draped his arms around her neck, pushing her hair aside so he could smell her sweetness.

He could smell her a mile away; he wasn't sure why she never knew this. He knew she was in the room before she even stepped inside; he was a vampire after all.

She leaned into him as he bit down on her neck just enough to pierce the flesh a little, this move lit a fire inside of her as her nipples instantly became erect and she couldn't wait for him to rip her cami off and suck them both hard.

His hands moved down her neck to the strap of the cami, he bit into it, tearing it away as easily with one single movement, it fell onto either side of her exposing her left breast.

"Oh Spike please, we really need to talk....this....is making.......it more.....difficult, you know." She panted and her breathing became more rhythmic.

His hands on her breast made her feel so warm inside that she instantly could of cum right then, but she knew it would only get better, it always did with Spike, he was the best lover she had ever had.

He slid closer to her body as he picked her soft breast up and placed it into his mouth, so wet and smooth and warm in there, it was like going home again, he always made her feel this way. He sucked her breast so hard that she thought she might cum right then.

"Spike that feels....too....good...but we....aren't ....."

"Un huh, what are you saying Love? We ...need.....to....what?"

"Suck me harder Spike, suck my sweet little tit so hard that I'm sore from it....bite me....please....I want you to...."

He hated when she asked him this, there was a fine line he had to draw with her. He couldn't bite her too hard or he would crave her blood, her taste, her seed, and he could NEVER take Buffy there, to that place. But he wanted to do what she wanted so he gave in and bit her only enough to pierce the flesh, blood free.

She moaned with pleasure at the pierce and grabbed his head pulling it up to kiss it ever so soft. Their tongues moved in synchronized motion as they always did, taking each other in.

His cock was swelling with enormity and he could hardly control it under the sheet, he was naked underneath and he knew she could feel its stiffness next to her thigh.

"Buffy, what are these?" He pointed to the PJ bottoms, he'd never seen her wear anything like this before, it sort of turned him on.

" Hee hee they are men's PJ bottoms, I think they are Tara's, Willow thinks that they are...oh who cares let me take them off...."

"NO don't, we can work around them....or through them or in them...." Smirk.

"Spike this might be a good time to...."

"To what? Talk? It seems like lately every time we get together you'd rather talk, what gives Love?"

Right then he turned her body around to face him. As they sat face-to-face she noticed the softness in his eyes that Willow spoke of. But how is this possible for a vampire to love? He has no soul, but it truly looks as if he does love me and who am I to refuse love, after all he could be my savior.

Both hands lifted the cami off over her head, loosening the tight little bun in her hair, her blonde curls cascaded over her breasts in the moonlight and he could no longer resist, he had to kiss her, and kiss her hard or he might spit out the very words he wanted to never utter. That spell better work he thought as he lifted his mouth onto hers.

He pulled her closer to him and he could feel her perky sweet breasts on his skin, it made his cock swell bigger, she smelled so good, like cotton candy and fruit. He reached back to grab her ass through the flannel and she scooted in closer to him, kissing him passionately.

Then Buffy did something he wasn't expecting.

"It's my turn this time Spike, I'm in control tonight...."

Buffy jumped off the pillar and grabbed the only bit of remnant curtain left in the crypt and proceeded to tie Spikes hands together, laying him down on the pillar flat, lengthwise she notices his huge erection underneath the satin sheet.

"That looks good....really, really good, is that a little bit of candy for me to suck on?"

Oh God YES it is PLEASE suck on that candy Buffy, Spike thought, just then he noticed her slowly pulling down the sheet, exposing his cock in the moonlight. He was more aroused then the last time he was with her, if that's at all possible. She slowly climbed up on the pillar and spread his legs, sitting on her knees between them, she picked up her breasts and cupped his cock in between them both, sliding it in and out and licking the tip as it gets exposed, she could hear his slight moaning and thought... that's a good start.

"Fuck my tits Spike, fuck them hard, make them sore, make them want more....harder, harder this feels like I'm watching you fuck some sweet little vamp....ahhhhh keep fucking them...."

Spike's cock was so big now that she thought he might spew right there on her taut little breasts, and she didn't want that happening....not just yet.

So she grabbed his cock and shoved it in her mouth, slowly leaving it there without making a move, just letting it sit inside her sweet, warm mouth, she could feel it pulsating away inside, like having the heart of someone inside of you.

She never felt this kind of intimacy with Angel; she never felt this kind of intimacy with anyone before. His breathing slowed to a soft pace as she began to move his cock in and out of her glossy lipped mouth. His cock was so awesome; it was the prettiest she'd ever seen, completely symmetrical and sweetly formed. She loved sucking it and making him feel like a man. She heard him moan a little more so she sucked a bit harder, tracing her soft tongue around the tip of his cock, slicking it up, making it super wet for what was to come.

Then she jumped off the pillar and began to touch her breasts, caressing them as they swayed in the moonlight. It felt good to feel this free, this comfortable around someone.

When she got to his head she kissed him hard upside down, she always felt great, but tonight she tasted even sweeter Spike thought.

Then she laid both of her taut little nipples on each of his eyes, and he almost came right there, they felt so good and she gently helped him suck each of them a little, making them super wet she slid them down the side of his cheeks and bent down to kiss him again. She then turned to the left and ran her finger down his muscular arm, and then her tongue, tricking him and his cock to stand even more at attention.

When she was just under the window she leaned up against the wall and he turned his head sideways to look at her, she then licked her finger and ran it down to her nipple and then continued downward to her wet little pussy, she then slid her PJ bottoms off exposing her little pink g-string. She stuck her finger down inside her panties and began to finger fuck herself, moaning and calling his name.

"Spike come on baby finger fuck me, Spike you make me so wet, you turn me on more then anyone ever has before..."

Then she flipped around exposing her tight little ass with the pink g-string down her soft sweet ass. He wanted so badly to slip his cock right there inside her ass if only she would come closer to him, she was teasing him behind his control and he closed his eyes and almost shot his load. But he had to wait, he had to wait until he was inside of her, she was worth it.

"Spike I'm going to climb up on you and I want you to fuck me hard ok?"

"Ok love, come on then, let's fuck...."

Buffy climbed up onto the pillar and spread Spike's legs open so that she could sit backwards facing on top of him. She slid her pink g-string to the side and lowered her wet pussy onto his huge cock, and he could see her beautiful back and ass and she then began to work herself into a frenzy because her pussy was so wet. She began to ride him up and down and it felt so good it was hard for him to control his spewing. She looked back at him and saw the pleasure he was feeling was real, it was real intimacy.

She rode him harder and then faster moving up and down him and she could feel his erection getting bigger, harder and harder until it was rock solid. She climbed off of him, turned around and told him that she wanted his arms around her, his hands touching her, so she untied him and he sat up.

He sat up and his erection was so hard it hurt, and he knew that he was hers.

"Fuck me in the ass Spike....please!!!!"

So he kissed her hard and flipped her over, she was on all fours and he was on his knees and he gently slid his pussy juiced up cock into her sweet hole. He thrust her hard and then harder as she moaned and screamed, and rode him harder with every wave.

"OH God Spike I fucking love it when you fuck my ass, I fucking love your cock inside my tight little ass....keep fucking me, fuck my ass hole baby, fuck me harder....harder....harder come on......"

He pumped her and pumped her harder and harder as she fingered her clit, her sweet little rosebud was so ripe she thought she'd cum right there....and then she knew it, he was so hard that he hurt, and that's when it was always orgasmic.

She stopped him then and turned around and got on her knees, taking his huge cock into her mouth, right then he spewed the biggest load of his life, right into her warm mouth and he watched it drip down onto her breasts as she fingered her clit and came at the same time, her body shuttered and her eyes rolled back into her head.....

The cum was all over her breasts and she wanted it there, she wanted to be buried with his cum all over her, she wanted to bathe in it, she loved the taste of it, all sweet and hot. She loved it when he fucked her like she was his; his slut, his lover, and his whore.

She fell onto his naked body and knew that this was never going to end. These "feelings" whatever they may be were mutual, and she knew it.

"I guess we can talk the next time you come over huh Love?" I mean I think this is much better than talking but it seems like you really have something you want to discuss..."

He kissed her cheek softly as she fluttered softly to sleep....

"Sure Spike....next time."

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