My Second Piece of Ass Ch. 17


Having had two of the sweet syrupy drinks and being in a packed room with blaring music I was getting a headache. Huley and Jerry looked about as helpless as Petri. I headed for the front door, supporting Petri and motioning for the others to follow.

Outside the air was fresh and cool. Our hosts, Hugh and Carrie were no longer welcoming guests. I propped Petri against the house and looked around. Others were staggering around the front yard, some had glasses of the punch in their hands, and some were emptying their stomachs. Huley and Jerry had not followed us outside.

“Stay here,” I said to Petri. She reached for me and fell to the ground.

Back inside Huley and Jerry were holding one another up, pretending to dance. Neither of them wanted to leave the party.

“Come outside and get some air,” I coaxed. Having been outside myself the house felt even warmer than it had before. I wanted to get them in the fresh air to sober up.

“We don’t want to,” Huley argued. She was holding onto Jerry who was trying to move to the music but was failing with each step.

“Come on, we’ve got to go. That punch has made Petri sick. You’ll feel better when you get outside.

“We’re not ready yet, are we Jerry?” Huley said, slumping against Jerry who looked dazed.

“Okay, dance with me,” I ordered. She obeyed smiling.

We danced our way to the front door, me supporting Huley and with Jerry hanging on my back. It was when the cool air hit her that Huley understood we were leaving the party. Her protests were muffled by the blare of the music. She kicked my shins a couple of times as I guided them to where I had left Petri a few minutes before. She was not there.

Except for the light from a passing car the yard was dark. I lowered Huley and Jerry to the ground and went looking for Petri. Calling her name I heard a faint answer coming from the corner of the yard where she was being sick. All I could think of was Ollie and the look he had given me when he told me that I would be responsible for his daughters’ actions.

I held her head and rubbed her back. I could feel the spray of her vomit hit my slacks and I could certainly smell it. She cried and said she was sorry. One down, two more to go, I thought.

Luckily, we were several blocks away from the party house when I saw two police cars heading in the direction of the party. It was a few minutes past eleven. I had less than two hours to get the three teenagers cleaned up and home before curfew.

I carried the two girls into the motel room but Jerry was too heavy. By supporting him and telling him which foot to move we made it inside the room. Huley and Petri were passed out on the bed. Jerry fell between them and went back to sleep.

Deciding I would let them sleep for an hour I stripped my slacks off and ran the spray from the shower on the legs where splatter from the Pettersen girls’ stomachs had landed.

Hanging them up to dry my slacks still smelled but the room reeked. Had it not been for thinking about the set of Ollie’s jaw and how I had failed my responsibility the scene would have been comical. Huley and Petri with Jerry between them were all snoring, oblivious of the stench in the room and how they looked.

One by one I removed their shoes and their pants. The stains were mainly around the knees where splatter had bounced from the ground. Huley had dressed for the occasion. She was wearing black lace panties. Petri was more conservative, having worn white cotton underwear.

By midnight I had all of our pants hanging in the bathroom, knowing there was no chance of getting them dry before one A.M. We would have to drive home with wet pants and face the consequences.

Now to get them awake and on their feet. The three of them were wedged together on the bed, snoring blissfully. Their bare legs and feet hung over the side of the bed.

Since there was no place in the area to pick up coffee I walked to the coke machine and bought four cokes. On the way back to the room I held the bubbles in my mouth before swallowing, feeling them explode in my stomach.

Thinking that Jerry would be the easiest to wake because he had walked from the car with my help I started with him. But he was not ready to wake up. When he lashed out at me I decided to give him a few more minutes.

Huley was next. But when I pulled on her bare legs she kicked me. Rather than jerking her out of bed and to her feet I moved on to Petri.

Seeing that there was space between her and the end of the bed I crawled up next to her with the intention of whispering into her ear.

Her breath stunk but mine probably did too. I put my arm around her to support myself. She responded by snuggling close.

When I awoke Petri’s arm was wrapped around me as mine was around her.

“Petri, wake up, it’s time to go,” I said, shaking her lightly, thinking that if I could get her up we could wake the others.

Her response was to pull herself closer and smack her lips.

“Petri, wake up, help me wake the others,” I whispered in her ear, rubbing her back and moving my hand down to her panty covered butt. She purred and drew herself even closer to me.

The movement of Jerry’s arm caught my attention as it flailed wildly. Catching his hand in midair I felt the band of his wristwatch hit my thumb.

Driving towards the Pettersen home I watched Huley remove the combs from her hair, listened to Petri complain about her pants being wet and Jerry slurp down one of the cokes. According to his watch it was 10 minutes past 3.

{To be continued. My thanks for the help, comments and especially for the voting.}

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