tagGroup SexMy Sex Life Ch. 17

My Sex Life Ch. 17


Chapter 17: Football Fun And Frolics

On Friday, Katie and I were invited round to Richard's and Jenny's (the couple for whom I occasionally 'baby-sit') for an afternoon of fun and frolics with them and two of Richie's mates, Kenny and Mike. As it turned out, Jenny, Katie and I had to 'wait' on the guys, pandering to their needs as they watched the football (that's soccer for the benefit of my North American readers), dressed only in high-heels and those funny little waitress hats (ie, we were dressed like that, the guys were in their replica Scotland football tops and jeans/slacks, etc.).

Anyway, the format of the afternoon was quite simple, we served the guys beer and nibbles, provided them with whatever other 'services' they required. For the most part, that involved the three of us taking it in turns to kneel in front of the guys and suck them off. I have to say, I found it quite exciting to have my mouth in such hot demand (even if it did begin to ache a bit after a while).

Having first murdered 'Flower of Scotland' (if you've ever heard me sing, you'll understand), Jenny, Katie and I served the guys their drinks and got down to work. For starters, I took Mike while Katie settled down in front of Richie and Jenny entertained Kenny.

I have to say, Mike has a very nice (if that's the right word) cock, a little over seven inches in length and quite thick. I wasted no time taking it in my mouth and giving it a bloody good suck. From the corner of my eye, I could see that Jenny and Katie were taking their duties just as seriously.

As I worked my lips up and down Mike's shaft, he grabbed my head and began to pull it towards him, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth and occasionally making me cough and splutter. His balls were smooth and I stroked and caressed them as he fucked my mouth.

After a few minutes, we were instructed to change places and we dutifully obeyed. Having just sampled what Mike had to offer and having enjoyed the attentions of Richie's cock on a number of previous occasions, I decided to sample Kenny's. I must admit, I got a bit of a surprise when I discovered what I'd let myself in for. Kenny's cock is probably of about average length but it is quite simply the thickest cock I have ever encountered (and I've encountered quite a few). I had to stretch my lips wide to take him into my mouth and, even though it isn't particularly long, I could only take the head and about an inch of the shaft into my mouth. Sucking him quite literally made my eyes water.

As I sucked and slurped, Kenny delighted in telling me that I was every bit as good a cock-sucker as Jenny but that he couldn't wait to fuck Katie's mouth as he was sure she'd be the best of the lot of us. Now, I'm not jealous of Katie but Kenny's remarks only served to spur me on, determined to make sure that if Katie was going to 'beat' me, she was going to have to be on top form.

As it tuned out, Kenny was going to have to wait before he sampled the delights of my best friend's mouth because, after having already been attended to by Jenny, he needed no more than a couple of minutes of attention from me before he was pumping his load on to my tongue.

Instead of being allowed to swallow it straight down, I had to share a sloppy cum-kiss with both Katie and Jenny. As we passed the ever diminishing load of cum between us, we fingered each others' pussies, taking it in turns to clean each others' juices off our fingers.

That set the pattern for both of the other guys, first when Katie blew off Richie and again, a few minutes later, when Mike erupted into Jenny's mouth. The whole thing was highly erotic and I was very close to cumming as Jenny's and Katie's fingers and mouths explored my body.

Once we'd cleaned the guys up, Jenny and I turned our attention on Katie. As the guys watched on, recovering their strength, Jenny and I kissed and licked every inch of Katie's skin.

With me on her left and Jenny on her right, Katie squirmed and moaned as we licked and kissed her large, soft breasts, taking it in turns to finger her pussy as we feasted on her tits

"I really want to taste her," Jenny said to me, smiling.

"Be my guest," I replied and gave her a quick kiss before she moved into position between Katie's legs.

"Ohhhhh, mmmmmmmmm," Katie moaned as Jenny began exploring her pussy with her tongue.

"Do you like it?" I asked Katie.

"Mmmmmmm, yes!" she replied before pulling me towards her and kissing me passionately.

Jenny and I took it in turns to eat Katie's pussy, driving her wild. Katie had her eyes screwed tightly shut, never quite sure which one of us was doing what. As Jenny and I pleasured her, we'd occasionally dip our fingers into each others' pussies, teasing each other as we drove Katie relentlessly towards her orgasm.

"Fuck! Oh yes! Oh fuck!" Katie swore softly as she came. Her long hair fanned out around her head as she tossed it from side to side.

Eventually, Katie could take no more and Jenny and I pulled away, letting her recover.

Almost at once, Jenny's lips were on mine and before I knew it she was kissing her way down my body, working her way towards my pussy.

As Jenny began to eat me out, the guys decided it was time to join in again. Richie took up position behind his wife and began to fuck her as her tongue lapped between my moist folds. The force of her husband's thrusts pushed Jenny's mouth more firmly against my pussy.

As I writhed and moaned on the floor, I saw Katie was getting spit-roasted by the other two guys. Mike had his cock in her mouth and Kenny was fucking her roughly from behind. I felt a brief stab of envy as I watched him ramming his thick cock into my friend's pussy, wishing that it was me that was being stretched and filled by it. At the same time, however, I didn't want Jenny to stop eating my pussy and contented myself with the knowledge that my turn would come.

I later discovered that while Jenny is quite happy to suck other guys' cocks and is happy to let her husband fuck the girls they play with, Richard is the only man that gets to fuck her.

When I came, Jenny and I swapped places and Richard fucked me as I feasted on her. The scent of her well fucked pussy was intoxicating as I greedily lapped up her juices. Richie's cock filled my pussy as he drove into me from behind.

Shortly after Jenny came, Richie announced that he was ready to cum too. He pulled out of me and, as he discarded the condom he'd been wearing while he fucked me, Jenny and I took up position, kneeling in front of him, our cheeks pressed together and our mouths open, expectantly.

"Fuck girls! Here it cums!" Richie roared. His cock erupted, spewing thick ropes of cum over Jenny's and my faces.

Katie was on her back on the floor, a contented smile on her face as Kenny and Mike wanked off over her. "Cum on me guys," I heard her say, "Cum all over my face and tits!" They proceeded to do just that; Mike unloading all over her cheeks, followed closely by Kenny, who shot his load all over her tits.

Jenny and I cleaned Richie up with our mouths then turned our attention on each other. Once our faces were clean I decided to 'assist' Mike while Jenny saw to Kenny before licking their cum from Katie's body.

After that, they guys decided that we girls were allowed to have a drink; only a small one however and only after we'd refilled their glasses. Neither Richie or Katie smoke but both Mike and I do and, by now, I was dying for a cigarette so, rather than making us get dressed and go outside to indulge our addiction, they graciously let us use the spare room (so long as we kept the door shut and the window open). As it turned out, Mike gave my pussy a fantastic, if rather quick tongue lashing that had me quivering and out of breath before we returned to join the others.

"You took your time," Katie said, giving me a knowing look when we returned to the main room. I said nothing but gave her a slow, lingering kiss that drew some appreciative comments from the male onlookers.

During the half-time interval, the three of us girls were required to provide the entertainment, eating each others' pussies, kissing, fondling, using toys on each other that had us all cumming over and over again. It was a lot of fun but it left me in desperate need of some more cock.

The second half continued in much the same vein as the first. At some point I'd lost my hat but I still had my heels. At some point Richie came all over Katie's tits and Jenny and I had to lick them clean. Mike then did the same to me and once I had been 'tidied up', Kenny unloaded all over Jenny.

The highlight of the whole evening for me, came shortly after that.

Kenny was lying on his back and I had that wonderfully thick cock of his rammed up inside my pussy. As I rode his cock, Katie and Jenny began playing with my tits, each taking one and sucking, licking and caressing it. My pussy felt deliciously full as I impaled myself on Kenny's cock and the girls' tongues on my tits kept me almost continually on the boil.

Suddenly, I felt a fingertip press against my arsehole. I squirmed, gripping Kenny's cock with my cunt as Mike worked one well lubed finger and then another into my rear hole. I have been DP'ed before so I knew what to expect. I was hugely turned on and couldn't wait for what was about to happen next.

"Fuck my arse, Mike!" I demanded. "Fuck my arse while Kenny fucks my pussy!"

I held myself still on Kenny's cock and, slowly, Mike moved into position, pressing his knob against my tight rear hole and slowly working his cock into my back passage.

I came, hard, barely able to contain myself as I savoured having both holes stuffed full of cock. I began to moan, loudly. Suddenly, Richie was in front of me, offering me his cock. This was something I'd never done before; taking three cocks at once. I was in heaven as I took Richie's cock into my mouth, sucking it as Kenny and Mike fucked my pussy and arse while Katie and Jenny sucked and caressed my tits.

My body was on fire. I've never felt so full or as deliciously slutty and whoreish as I did at that moment. Never have I experienced such a sense of total body stimulation. It hurt, I'll admit that, but the pain just added to my arousal.

In the end, it was all too much for me. I'd come so hard that I couldn't take any more. Somehow the guys sensed this and slowly disengaged themselves from me. Suddenly I felt very stretched and empty but at the same time ecstatic and thoroughly well fucked.

The guys hadn't come so, as I lay there, quivering and breathing hard, trying to regain control of my body, I watched on as Kenny, Mike and Richie convinced Katie to replace me (not that she needed much convincing) and took up their respective places at each of her openings.

The look on Katie's face was something to behold as she took all three cocks at once. When I'd recovered enough strength to move, I took my place beside her, sucking one of her tits as Jenny sucked the other.

Katie's climax left her every bit as drained as mine had me and, still, somehow the guys hadn't yet unloaded.

Katie and I snuggled together , kissing and caressing as we watched Richie take his wife from behind. As her husband fucked her, she sucked Kenny until he came and then did the same to Mike. Finally, with a smile of contentment on her face and some cum on her chin, she rode Richie until he came, filling her pussy with his cum.

Katie was still too exhausted to move but I had recovered a little so, when Richie pulled out, I took it upon myself to clean both him and then Jenny with my mouth, giving Jenny another small but powerful climax in the process.

The game ended at some point during all this but the fun went on. Even after we'd got cleaned up and dressed to have the after-match barbeque we just kept on sucking and licking and fucking. Katie and I got fucked by each of the guys at least once (in one hole or another) and, while Jenny only fucked Richard, she did spend at least some of time sucking Mike's and Kenny's cocks.

On top of all that, Jenny, Katie and I had a lot of fun with each other, either 1-on-1 or all three of us together.

All in all, it was a pretty wild afternoon and evening. It's fair to say that Katie and I were a bit tender as we walked slowly and decidedly gingerlyback to mine afterwards. We were both totally knackered when we got back to mine but that didn't stop us from rounding the evening off with our own version of a 'nightcap'.

I didn't wake up until about 11am the next morning and I would probably have slept even longer if it hadn't been for Katie's tongue on my clit. That's one absolutely amazing way to start your day and, after I'd had a couple of orgasms, I returned the compliment.

I'm still a bit tired and definitely a little tender in places but, all in all, I'd say it was worth it.

Funnily enough, it was only when I finally got around to reading the news on Saturday evening that I discovered that Scotland had ended up losing the match 3-1.

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