tagErotic CouplingsMy Sexual Awakening Ch. 1

My Sexual Awakening Ch. 1


I had been married for 7 years to my childhood sweetheart, aged 27, and over the worst of our financial struggles, in our own first home. Life was good in the main and my husband Des in a well paying job which meant that I could now work only part time. Our sex life, whilst very satisfactory, was becoming a little unchallenging and I guess ordinary. I took up reading and sunbathing beside our small pool in the back yard in the summer and reflected on the past weeks activity.

While cleaning up my husband's hobby room I had noticed a box of magazines tucked away in a corner of a cupboard, so I figured that when I finished my current novel, I would read these as I hadn't seen them around before.

The next day was a terrific calm sunny day with the temperature well above normal, so on with my bikini and out to the pool with the magazines I went. The first two on top were of no interest as they were car show and motor cycle mags. However the next was a tattoo illustrated and piercing mag so I lay down to read. As I progressed through the contents the pages most crinkled from reading were the ones that dealt with female genital rings and bars and even locks through the clitoris and labia. The text dealt with the advantages of some of these in terms of orgasms and sexual excitement, and all of the women pictured were clean-shaven down below. Some even had jewellery, which emphasised their sex in a very erotic way. The rest of the magazines were of a similar theme and I realized that my husband was turned on to exhibitionism and pierced genitals.

I must admit that I was quite turned on myself. I looked around and the only window I could see had it's curtains drawn and I knew the older couple that lived there was away on holiday, so off came the bikini and I dived into the pool and felt the cool water against my naked skin. I was more excited than ever before. I got out of the pool and picked up my bikini and went to the bathroom. playing with myself and resolving to shave myself smooth. I often go without panties in the summer when I am in the house but never totally nude before, and I did love the feeling of freedom from clothes as I put my bikini away in the bedroom. I felt really daring as I carefully shaved myself smooth. I looked in the full-length mirror when I finished and loved the results. The body was still firm and my 36c boobs weren't sagging and the nipples were still very erect as was my clitoris at this point. I decided to go back outside as I was and continue to read through the rest of the magazines whilst getting rid of the tan lines which I decided spoilt the look of my body.

The next few magazines dealt with exhibitionism in various forms and I found myself rubbing my now very exposed clit as I continued to read. I poured a big helping of oil on my body and was feeling sexier than ever before. Between the sexy theme of my reading material and the sun and water on my smooth body it wasn't long before I had a terrific orgasm right out on my deck. By now I decided not to ever wear panties again and resolved to spice up my sex life with my husband by getting a piercing on my clit hood as the magazine had indicated the potential to orgasm just by walking around. I would make discrete inquiries of the piercing parlours in our area of the country. Boy was he in for a surprise!

The rest of the afternoon I continued to read all the information on the subject to prepare myself for the coming event, which I was now sure would change my life. Sex was, after seven years becoming infrequent and we had indulged only last night. I decided to put my beloved to the test to see whether my new approach to life would activate his libido as it had mine.

I prepared a cold salad and ham for dinner, then put on my make-up and selected one of my shorter shift dresses and awaited his homecoming. In the late afternoon the breeze was circulating through the house and although I am used to being panty-less in the house, the effects on my newly shaved pussy were very stimulating, probably due to wearing a much shorter dress than is usual when I am in this state. As I still had an hour before Des was due, I went back into the bathroom and rubbed depilatory creme over the fresh shaving and left it on for the next 20 minutes as per the instructions. I didn't want a stubble over the following days. After washing the creme off I perfumed the area and put my älmost" dress back on just as I heard a car turn into our drive. Quick check in the full-length mirror and I was ready for the usual warm greeting at the door. {Hoping a little warmer today}

Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to not only Des, but a very attractive young couple as well.

He was around 25 with short-cropped blonde hair and an amazing tan and such a captivating smile. She was around nineteen with a figure to die for and wearing a very small bikini top with a knee length tailored skirt carrying a box of K.F.C. Introductions followed and it was revealed that Ken and Cathy were new to town. He having been transferred from a branch of my husband's firm around 200 km from our City. The apartment they were renting was in a mess as they had no time to unpack so Des had invited them to dinner with us and a swim in our pool, to freshen them up after a hot and turbulent day of re-locating.

I'll just go and get changed I stammered as I backed up leaning forward to protect my modesty. Trust Des, "No Sweetheart you look just great the way you are, Ivé always loved that little dress on you, You really look great", as he advanced to give me a hug. "Lets just eat while the takeaways are still hot and we can chat and have a few cold beers later out by the pool"

I could feel myself blushing and trying desperately to think of another excuse to get to the bedroom to make myself "decent" but to no avail. The next 20 minutes or so were the most embarrassing yet strangely exhilarating time I could ever remember. I was kicking myself for selecting the shortest dress that I owned, and only normally wore with the thickest, most bombproof panties I had. Yet remembering the literature I had read only this afternoon, my situation was the most exciting thing I had ever done to now. I hoped that I was not visibly trembling as I spoke to our new friends and praying, as never before that my dress would not reveal my latest experiment in hair dressing. I could not believe the conflicts my inner-self were experiencing. The men chatted on, oblivious to my situation, so I tried to "loosen up' and go with the flow.

Then, unbelievably the talk turned to hobbies and what clubs and outdoor activities there were in our city. Ken and Cathy it turns out, met one and other at a Nudist club and had both belonged since early childhood, to the largest club in the province, which was located toward our city from the town where they had lived, approximately half way. This was the reason, Ken explained, for accepting the transfer to be Des's assistant manager.

Ken said he had always been interested, but because I was a little conservative, had never taken the next step to finding out where to get further information. God! I thought, if only you knew. But it made me feel a little easier in my mind. Then I spoke, ' our pool area is very private with Mr and Mrs Owens on holiday, would you like a swim before you go home?"

Cathy opened her purse and withdrew the tiniest thong bikini bottoms I had ever seen and asked if she could use our bathroom to put them on, as she was not wearing anything at present, but the top. I could have kissed her right there and then as I said "snap" neither am I. The look on Des's face was a perfect mixture of shock and disbelief coupled with a very excited look in his eyes. Suddenly he realised the reason I had been so keen to change clothes when they had all arrived and why I had been walking so slowly and making sure that I followed behind our guests as we made our way into the dining area.

"Why don't you go out to the pool area, while I bring out some cold drinks" I said to Des and our guests? You may swim nude if you wish or Des will show you the changing room if you are not comfortable with the privacy out there. I'll bring some towels when I come out."

I was feeling a strange mixture of nerves and excitement as I watched them talking and laughing as they went outside. I could see the pool area from the kitchen window, so I could see whether to change clothes or to brazen it out by remaining in my present attire. I put the dishes into the sink just in time to see Cathy remove her top and unzip her skirt beside the pool. The men were already in the pool. As Cathy's skirt dropped over her hips I could see that she was indeed pantyless and I could see no pubic hair at all as she dived in beside her husband. I decided to stay as I was and join them right away. Carrying the beers out to the table by the pool I felt strangely liberated by not worrying if the breeze lifted my little shift dress. I put the beers and glasses down neatly on the table then turned to the pool and in one movement disrobed and joined them. I will never forget the look on Des's face as he noticed my lack of pubic hair around my genitals. He had not looked at me that way since early in our marriage and I could sense a feeling of pride and admiration as he said "well, you are full of surprises today sweetie." The next hour was among the most pleasant hours I have spent in a long time, as we swam and sat in the setting sun drying off and sipping our beers. I got to know Cathy and was sure we would remain friends for the longest time. She didn't know anybody else around our city so we resolved to visit one and other as soon as they were organised and unpacked.

As our guests left, and we said our goodbye's my husband turned to me with a look of pure admiration plainly visible on his face as he locked the front door and drew the curtains in the living room and said "lets have a closer look at you now the others have left. I was worried my excitement would show before they were out of here" as he swooped me up into his arms.

The next three hours or so we spent like newly-weds if you know what I mean. He seemed larger than usual and the sensations that I felt were heightened by my lack of pubic hair and my own state of extreme desires. It was like starting our sex life all over again. I gave myself to him completely and unconditionally that night as we tried different positions and even anal penetration. He simply couldn't get enough of me. I was in heaven for most of the night, especially when he gave me the best oral sex that he knew how, between erections. I lost count of the orgasms that night. We talked more openly than we ever had before, as I told him how I had decided to permanently remove my bush and never wear panties again so I would always be ready to go, as it were, whenever he got the urge.

I smiled as he asked me what had made me so horny earlier on that day and I told him that I had been reading his magazines and thought I would surprise him, but didn't expect the sensations of being clean-shaven or his surprise guests. I decided not to tell him about my other resolution to get a hood piercing as well but leave that for another day.

We promised each other that we would always be open to new experiences from now on and I would try to please him no matter how kinky the request, and I hoped he would reciprocate, as I may have a few fantasies of my own.


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