tagIncest/TabooMy Sexy Aunt

My Sexy Aunt

byred dragon©

From the age of about 14 I remember that I have always had a huge fascination with my aunt. Now that I am 20, I have got the life I always wanted, a sexy girlfriend and a good job. But all that was until my aunt split up with my uncle after 26 years of marriage. She was upset and had been for weeks, so I decided to spend the weekend at her house for the weekend to keep her company and to try and cheer here up.

While driving there I was thinking about her. The way her firm breasts used to jiggle when she laughed, and the way her round ass would sway from side to side in her tight jeans. The drive to her house takes about 2-3 hours, but the time just flew by with my thoughts about her.

My aunt is 48, 5ft 6", 135lbs, firm 34C breasts, and a smooth round ass and had curves in all the right places. She used to work out quite a lot, this lead to her having a toned body, and she had golden brown skin from her love of sunbathing. All in all she had a body that a 25-year-old would be proud of, and she knew it. She would wear short tight shorts and tight vest tops, which would show off her hot body.

As I drove down the street to her house the memories, of all the family parties and holidays that we had there, came flooding back to me. The best memory that I had of this house was the first time I had ever masturbated. It was during a barbecue during a hot summer 5 years ago when I was 15. All the family was outside enjoying the heat, the food and the drink, I however had gone inside to use the toilet. Once I had locked the door and used the toilet, I was about to go back to the party when I noticed the laundry hamper was full. So I started to search through it and I found some of my Aunty's dirty clothing, and then the best sight I had ever seen until that point, a pair of her panties. Picking them up out of the hamper, I could feel my young dick getting harder. Once in my hand and out of the hamper, I could see some traces of pee stains, seeing these drove me wild. As I inhaled the smell of my Aunts pee stained panties that had rubbed her pussy many times, made me harder. After I had finished masturbating and had cleaned up, I left the bathroom and on the way downstairs back to the party I passed my Aunt on the stairs. All I could do was smile at her and think of the fun I had just experienced.

As I had finished reliving this childhood memory I was pulling into the driveway. I knocked on the door and awaited her answer.

"Dave darling, what are you doing here?" she asked quizzically.

"Hi Aunt Helen. Well, I had nothing planned this weekend so I thought I'd spend it here with you."

"Don't just stand there then, come on in."

I followed her into the house, put my bags down in the hallway, and we went into the kitchen. As we sat there we drank some coffee and talked about the parties and holidays of the past.

After I had settled in and we had some food. My Aunt was on her way to the shops to buy some wine and beer for us to drink later that night. As she was walking out of the door she dropped her keys and as she bent down to pick them up, I noticed her beautiful ass in the confines of her tight denim shorts.

When she had gone and was out of view, I thought it was about time that I took a tour of the house just to get used to where everything was. First stop was my Aunts bedroom where I had a quick look through her drawers. Then I hit jackpot when I found her pantie drawer. As I searched through the panties I saw all sorts, thongs, lacy, bikini panties and more. As I searched deeper into the drawer I felt something hard, to my surprise it was a 10" vibrator. With the images of her sliding this monster toy inside her hot, wet pussy, my dick began to react. With my raging hard on, I moved into the bathroom and there was the hamper. I franticly rummaged through the hamper. I found what I was looking for, her dirty panties. As I started to stroke my hard on I took a large sniff of them and I could smell her sexy but sweaty pussy. As I was nearing a heavenly orgasm, just then I started to pump my hard on with her panties wrapped around my dick. Then I emptied my load onto the soft cotton crotch of the panties.

About a half hour later, in walked Aunt Helen with her hands full of bags loaded with food and drink. So I relieved her of the bags and we set about doing our own thing, form me it was taking a walk around the neighborhood, and for her it was to sunbathe.

About 2 hours later, after I had got in from my walk, there was Aunt Helen in the kitchen preparing a sandwich for us both.

"Where have you been? I was getting worried." She said.

"Oh, sorry about that but I got talking to Jake. Man, I haven't seen him for years. So we went to the bar and had a talk. I should have phoned you to tell you."

"No, that's okay. Everything as you remember it?"


Just then I noticed what my Aunt was wearing, a tight vest that revealed her toned stomach, and she also had a short skirt on. When I noticed the skirt, at that time she dropped a knife on the floor and bent over to pick it up. This is when I noticed how short her skirt was. As she bent down I saw the cheeks of her ass and some of her panties. At that point I started to feel my dick come to life.

Later that night, after I had managed to get away with hiding my growing erection earlier that day. We had already had a few drinks and were both starting to feel the effect of the drink. As we sat there we talked about how my job was, she asked me about my girlfriend, and we also set about putting the world to right as you do when you've had a few drinks.

After about an hour of talking she excused herself so she could go to the toilet. After what 15 minutes she still hadn't returned from the bathroom, so I went to see if she was alright. I was surprised when I pushed open the door to her bedroom.

"Aunt Helen. Are you oka…" I didn't get to finish the sentence due to what I walked in on.

There in front of me was my own Aunt, the person who I had had fantasies about from the age of 15, sitting on her bed with her legs spread, panties pulled to one side and two fingers exploring her pussy.

"Dave, I wondered how long it would take you to come up."

"What are you doing? You're my Aunt. I shouldn't be seeing you do this."

"But I thought you wanted to see me do this?"

"What would give you that idea?"

"Well, when you were out earlier, I was sorting the washing out and I found a pair of my panties with some er….. cum in them" she said hastily.

"Ah, about that I um…. Er…." I tried to talk as I felt myself blushing.

As I struggled to talk, she got up off the bed and walked towards me. Putting her arms around my neck she then started to kiss me. At first I tried to resist her, but then I realised this had been a fantasy of mine. So I tentatively kissed her. With that I felt the familiar response of my groin. As did Aunt Helen, as she trailed one hand down my chest and onto the growing bulge in my trousers. Then she began to rub me through my trousers.

With that she drew away from me.

"Mmmm, Iv'e wondered for a long time how that would be. And since I found your cum in my panties, I thought it was about time to find out. You know I haven't been with anyone since I split up with that bastard of a husband that I had. And in some ways it was because I was hoping that there was a chance of this happening"

"But Aunt Helen, we can't do this."

"For the weekend, I'm not your Aunt if it helps?"

"Well yeh it would. But we can't do it"

With that she started to kiss me, and I just couldn't stop her, mainly because I didn't want to stop her. I pushed her away from me.

"As long as nobody finds out" I ordered.

"It's our little secret."

With that Aunt Helen stepped back and slowly she wriggled out of her short skirt. As she slid the skirt over her soft thighs, slowly revealing the pale blue lacy thong that she was wearing. She stepped out of her skirt.

"Leave you panties on. Cos I want to take them off you."

"No problem baby."

Slowly she took her vest off, and one by one she took a tit out off the cups of her bra. Then she unhooked it and let it drop to the floor. I pushed her onto the bed and the sight of her in just her panties drove me to new heights of hardness. I turned around and opened the drawer which held her panties and the vibrator that I'd found.

"How did you know about that?"

"The same way you knew about your panties, I was just searching for something."

I moved over to her. Kneeling on the floor in front of Aunt Helen. I slowly moved up her legs to her panties where I noticed a little wet spot on her panties. As I reached the waistband of the panties, she raised her hips off the bed so that I could slide them off easily. Slowly I slid them down her smooth tanned thighs with my teeth, as I was pulling them down her legs I could see her neatly trimmed pussy glisten with her own juices.

With her panties off, I slowly trailed a finger on and around the lips of her pussy gently probing them. Gentle moans were starting to escape from her mouth. I turned on the vibrator and trailed that around her mouth, where Aunt Helen started to suck on it. Now this was the hottest sight I'd ever seen my Aunt, naked on her bed sucking a vibrator that had been in her own pussy.

The vibrator still turned on, I trailed it down her neck, onto her breasts, circling each nipple, making each one hard. The vibrator went swiftly over her pussy lips and down her to ass where I pressed the vibrator slightly into her ring. With gentle moans exiting her mouth I knew she liked it there. As I plunged the vibrator into her now very wet pussy, I inserted a finger into her ass and then a second finger.

She started to writhe as an orgasm took over her body. After she had recovered from this, she ripped my clothes off and pushed me onto her bed. While lying there with my hard on pointing straight up, I felt a hand on my dick as she started to stroke me. As she jerked me off she proceeded to suck on my balls, the best thing I have ever experienced.

Then she got on the bed and slowly lowered herself onto my raging hard on, and started to ride me as if her life depended on it. As she started to ride me harder and faster I shot my load into her hot snatch. As she got off my now shrinking hard on, I could see my cum dribbling out of her pussy.

As she lay beside me I went to go down on her, but she held me back and said,

"There will be plenty of time for that later, and there'll be a few surprises for you"

Then she softly kissed me and left the room to take a shower, as I lay there holding her wet panties to my nose and just trying to think of what surprises were in store.

Please send me any comments you have, as I am just starting out. Hopefully there will be more stories to come.

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