My Sexy Family Ch. 04


"Oh, Son," she breathed. "You have such a nice big cock." She watched her own hand expertly stroke up and down the length of it over and over.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief that I had finally gotten that far with Mom. I had both of my parents over a barrel. We had all done things we shouldn't. We had all crossed that line one way or another. The pleasure from Mom's hand on my dick felt like victory.

"Joe, this is so wrong," Mom whispered as she continued to stroke my cock with her right hand. She reached down and cupped my balls with her left.

"It's just us. I won't tell anyone," I replied, the pleasure swimming in my head. "Do you feel how hard I am for you, Mom?" I asked, wanting to make sure she knew how much I wanted her touch.

"Yes, Son, I feel that," she admitted as she stroked my prick better than anyone ever had. "It's so hard and hot." She really knew what she was doing, twisting it just so, stroking it just far enough in each direction, and brushing the head with her fingers only so much. Her hand was dry and I was very impressed. "Stand up," she instructed. "We'll need to get it wet first."

Reluctantly releasing her tits, I got to my feet as quickly as I could. Standing in front of my seated mother, my robe open and falling to either side of her, I looked down at the short black hair atop her head as she examined my cock. I was in heaven as she continued to stroke me. I glanced around to be sure everyone else in the house was still asleep. All was quiet and dark but for the rush of the air that the air conditioner pushed through the ducts and the light in the kitchen.

Mom glanced around, just as I had done, and then leaned forward toward me. She stroked her hand down to the base of my shaft and held it still. When her lips were a mere inch from the head of my dick, I heard her whisper, "I can't believe I'm doing this."

I could hardly believe it either. It was a dream come to life. Lately it seemed that all of my dreams were coming to life; first Allyson, then Karen, and now Mom. I was so turned on that if I had not been getting so much sex over the prior few weeks I might have come right in her face at that moment. As it was, my cock was getting so hard that I knew I'd be able to last for a little while.

Mom pursed her lips and pressed forward. Her lips parted as she drove the head of my cock into her face. Then she pressed forward farther, gliding her lips down my shaft until she struck the base. She had to lay her hand flat against my groin to free the bottom two or three inches of my dick and give it to her mouth.

"Oh shit," I groaned in pleasure. No woman had ever taken me so deep into her mouth with such ease. The way her lips glided down my shaft as she did it sent such pleasure through me that I lost all sense of time and space. All I could feel was my mother's expert mouth and hands on my cock and balls.

Mom pulled back until the neck of my prick was at her lips, the head still inside. I felt the swirling of her tongue just before she pressed forward again, driving her lips all the way to the base. Back and forth she worked my dick over and over.

"Holy fucking shit!" I gasped. "Mom, that feels amazing!" I told her. I had never felt anything like it before. She was blowing me better than any porn video I could remember ever having seen. She blew me better than Lily, Allyson, Karen, or any girl that had ever sucked my cock.

Mom pulled back off my dick, rolled her eyes up to look at me, and whispered, "Keep your voice down, Sweetheart." She stroked me using both hands for a moment, one at the base and the other at the head and neck. She twisted her hands as she stroked my wet prick with her hands. She whispered to me, "You like the way Mommy sucks your cock?"

I nodded. "I've never felt anything like it," I confessed, keeping my voice low. I knew from experience how dangerous it was to do anything like this in the main living areas of the trailer, but I wasn't about to ask her to stop. It felt amazing.

She smiled at me. "Sweetheart, that's because you've only been playing with girls. Let me show you what a real woman can do." With that she released my dick and pressed her mouth forward around my engorged prick again. She didn't gag or hesitate when her lips reached the base; no, she stroked her lips all the way down and all the way back up with smooth motions.

I groaned in pleasure as I watched her head, covered in short black hair, bob back and forth against my groin over and over again. It was so surreal to see my long hard cock disappearing into my own mother's face again and again. It was so taboo and so wicked I moaned, "Oh, Mom, yes, suck my cock!"

Her left hand, which had been holding my shaft, released it and travelled up my chest, caressing me as her mouth continued to suck my dick. She bobbed on my cock faster and faster, stroking it with her lips. She pulled off and looked up at me as she licked the underside. Then she licked my balls for a moment before returning to stroking my long shaft in and out of her face. Her right hand was on her tits for a moment and then down between her thighs.

I gasped at the onslaught, struggling to keep my feet, but also lost in a haze of amazing sensations. Just when I got used to her lips on my shaft, they were on my balls and her fist was on my shaft, then her tongue was on the underside of my cock and her palm was cupping my balls. Her skill was amazing. I declared, "This is so fucking hot, Mom!" I loved calling her Mom at that moment. It felt totally wicked.

She rolled her eyes up at me as she pulled back, stroking my prick in her fist, and asked again, "You like the way Mommy sucks your cock?"

I nodded, my mouth agape as I stared down at her, not really believing what was happening to me. I said, "Yes, Mommy." I had not called her Mommy in years, but the flash of lust in her eyes told me that's what she wanted to hear. She was getting off on how wrong it was.

She smiled and sat up a little straighter. She put one hand on my ass and pulled me a step closer to her. Then, with both hands, she wrapped her big soft tits around my long hard cock, wet with her saliva. It completely disappeared from view, lost in the embrace of her big breasts. "Is this what you want?" she murmured, almost to herself.

I was in heaven. Her tits were soft and warm against the sides of my cock, her breastbone hard along the underside. I held very still, letting her guide my experience. She was so much more experienced than I was that I never thought to try and take control. I sighed with pleasure.

Mom moved her body up and down, stroking my cock with her breasts as she pressed them together around me. The saliva on my cock coated her cleavage, letting my big dick slide up and down easily through the valley.

"Oh my god," I groaned with pleasure. I had never fucked tits as big as Mom's. I was completely engulfed by them, their warmth almost as hot as a pussy and their softness, like nothing else. Though her tits were a little too firm beneath, the skin was so soft against my dick that it was already driving me higher and higher.

As she worked her tits up and down my shaft, Mom softly asked me, "You like having your cock buried in your mommy's big soft titties? Feels good, doesn't it?"

I nodded as I whispered, "Yes Mommy." It felt like heaven, the soft wet skin caressing my dick. Of course, what really turned me on the most was that it was my own mother, stroking my hard prick with her big tits.

Looking up at me with a lust I found so new but so thrilling, she said, "Joe, your cock looks so good between my big tits!"

As she drove me closer to orgasm I couldn't help but push back against her, softly at first but then more insistent, driving my cock up into her big soft breasts. I put my hands on her bare shoulders for support as I fucked her tits.

She smiled up at me and said, "Yeah, fuck them back!" She held her tits tightly together for me, letting me fuck up into the soft valley as much as I wanted. She was turned on, lost in the moment, as she said, almost in surprise, "You like that, don't you? Fuck Mommy's tits! Yeah, fuck them like that!"

"Oh, God," I groaned with pleasure as I stroked my hips back and forth against her chest, the head of my cock just barely appearing out the top of her tightly squeezed cleavage on each stroke, her tits so big that they were able to hide my entire cock, rubbing every part of me.

She was panting with desire as she told me, "I'll squeeze them tight for you, Sweetheart. Yeah!" She moaned with pleasure as she urged, "Right there, Son! Yeah, fuck 'em!"

"Oh shit!" I groaned as I watched the big pale globes surge and jiggle on each stroke as I plowed my prick between my Mom's tits. I was in paradise. I knew I wanted to fuck her but I also knew I was getting close to coming. I also knew that, with it being early in the morning, I would be able to recover pretty well if she gave me that chance. However, in that moment, I really wanted to come.

"Feels good, doesn't it, Son?" she cooed. "You're cock feels so hard! Yeah, give it to me!"

I couldn't speak as my orgasm flowed through me. I jammed my cock between her tits one last time, the head just peeking out of the valley, before my prick erupted. Jet after jet of jism blasted up from my cock, striking Mom in the chin and neck. The cum ran in rivulets down across her chest to the tops of her tits, the last few squirts, coating her chest above and, finally, within the valley.

"Shh," Mom whispered. "Keep it down, Joe!"

I had been groaning with pleasure as I came and hadn't realized how loud I had gotten. When my senses returned I realized that my cock was still hard; Mom's fist now stroking it, milking the last remnants of my cum onto her chest. Her other hand had fallen to between her own thighs.

"Wow, Joe, that's a lot of cum," she told me, inspecting the amount of cum covering her chest.

I stepped back, leaned forward, and reached down between her thighs. I felt bold. I knew she was turned on and I didn't want our encounter to end that way. I was ready for more.

She pushed her chair away from me, her eyes wide. She whispered softly, "No, Joe. We can't. We can't do this." She looked around, thinking for a moment. Then she stood up and said, "We can't do this here. Come on."

I was pleasantly surprised. I had thought she was putting a stop to it but she was concerned about us doing this in the kitchen. I didn't care where she took me as long as it meant a chance to fuck her.

Just as she stood up, Dad stepped from the bedroom and asked loudly, "What the fuck is going on out here?"

Mom pulled her robe tightly around her as she turned to face Dad. "Oh god, James!" she gasped.

I pulled my robe shut, my cock tenting the material obscenely. I turned my body away from him so he couldn't see it, but I kept my eyes on him to see what he did. I knew this was it; the shit had really hit the fan.

He looked at her incredulously and asked, "Sharon Peeler, did I seriously just catch you blowing our son?"

Mom's breathing was heavy and her eyes wide as she declared, "James, I can explain!"

Dad cocked his head to the side and said with growing volume, "Explain how Joe just happened to come all over your tits? Yeah, I'll bet."

Despite the situation she found herself in, Mom demanded, "Keep your voice down, the girls are sleeping."

Dad looked at her for a long moment and sighed. He said softly, "Fine." Then he though a second more, set his jaw, and quietly commanded, "Get your ass in the bedroom!"

I had never seen dad so commanding of her, nor Mom so submissive, as when she bowed her head and obediently strode into the bedroom.

For my part, as Dad watched her go, I slowly eased toward the hallway. I hoped he didn't turn around and this was the end of it for me.

Dad looked back at me as soon as Mom crossed the threshold into the bedroom and asked, "Where the fuck do you think you're going? I'm not done with you. Get your ass in there too!"

There was really no choice for me. He was my dad. I had to go. So, like a prisoner to the gallows, I obediently walked past my dad and into my parents' bedroom.

I had been in that room a few time before but it looked especially ominous in that moment, the dark brown carpet and dark brown sheets combining with the single bedside table lamp as the only illumination to make the room so dark that it reminded me of a cave where someone might find themselves trapped, unable to get past the great bear blocking the only means of egress.

As Dad followed me in and pulled the door nearly closed behind him, Mom walked to her side of the bed, the right side, and turned on her pink lamp, more than doubling the illumination and making it feel a bit less like a cave. She said, "James, look, it's not what it looks like."

I veered to the left, not wanting to get between my parents. I stayed at the foot of the bed, but more toward Dad's side. I hoped that put me out of the line of fire. Either way, there was no choice now but to face the music.

Dad stepped toward Mom and said, "Oh, really? It's not?" Then, suddenly, he pulled her robe completely open and said, "Well, it looks like you just blew Joe until he came all over your fucking tits!"

Despite the situation, Mom looked really fucking hot. My cum still covered her chest and her breasts glinted wetly in the lamplight. Though Dad was right up in her face and held her robe open she replied, "See, that's not exactly true. I blew him a little at first, but then I actually used my tits on him to make him come." As she said that she cupped her big tits in her hands as if to demonstrate. "See he-"

Dad interrupted her, pushing her robe off over her shoulder and down her arms as he asked, "And were you about to take him somewhere to eat your pussy?"

"Yes, but-"

"And then were you going to fuck him?"

"Yes, but-"

"Then it's exactly what it looks like, isn't it?" He stepped back from Mom and turned toward me before she could attempt to reply. He said, gesturing toward me, "And you, my own son. I trusted you, Joe! How could you?"

During their exchange I had some time to think about what I was going to say to something like that, since everything seemed to be going in slow motion. There were two choices, contrite or defiant. The former left me at Dad's mercy, but the latter, with the ammo I had, left me the best odds of turning the situation around. So, taking a deep breath, I replied, "Well, I figured if it was okay for you and Allyson, it was okay for me and Mom."

Dad froze. His eyes narrowed at me but he didn't say anything.

Without giving him much of an opportunity to react, Mom asked, "Allyson? James, what have you done?"

Dad turned on her and indignantly declared, "Don't change the subject!"

Her eyes grew wide and she said, "You did do something! What was it?" Though standing before her husband naked and covered in my cum, she leaned toward him aggressively and said, "You know I'll find out eventually!"

He looked at her for a moment and I could almost see the wheels turning. A bit of the anger went out of his voice as he confessed, "Okay, fine. On the drive home Friday night we parked on Ball Road for a bit and I may have, well, fucked her a little."

I gasped. I hadn't known that Allyson had gone that far with Dad. We hadn't really had a chance to talk yet that weekend.

Mom was indignant, her breasts rising and falling sexily on her chest as her breathing sped up. Pointing her finger at him, she asked, "You fucked Allyson? Our little girl? Oh my god! And you have the balls to be pissed at me?"

Dad would only be swayed a moment in his anger as he countered, "Well, shit, how do you expect me to react when I walk in and find Joe's cum all over you?"

Mom shrugged, rubbed her chest, and suggested, "Maybe not so holier-than-thou?"

Dad thought about that for a moment but as he looked at Mom, naked before him, her hands moving slowly and sexily over her skin to rub the remnants of my cum into her skin, I could almost see his anger returning with full force, though it was mixed with something else I didn't quite recognize. He said in a sarcastic tone, "You know what, you're exactly right! What was I thinking? You two go on ahead!"

"What?" Mom asked in confusion.

He nodded vigorously and said, "Yeah, in fact, I want you to lie down on the bed." When Mom didn't move he grabbed her shoulders in his hands and pushed her to his left as he said, "Come on, lay down. I want to see it."

Mom was taken off guard at the sudden shove and she did fall onto her right side on the bed, her feet hanging off. She looked at him, completely surprised but, I could tell, a little aroused as she declared, "James, you can't be serious!"

I was stunned that Dad would push Mom around like that. I didn't know what to do. Things were happening so quickly and I felt frozen where I stood.

Dad reached down and lifted Mom's legs off the floor and threw them toward to foot of the bed, turning her in the process and placing her on her back, as he asked, "Oh can't I?"

"James!" she exclaimed in shock. She tried to push herself up, but he held her down with a hand on her chest.

"What? I want to see it! Lay the fuck down!" Then, glancing at me, he said, "Come on Joe!"

"Dad?" I asked dumbly. I knew what he wanted me to do but I was totally stunned at the turn of events. Admittedly, seeing Dad holding Mom down was a very hot sight, especially since she was completely nude and from my vantage I caught flashes of her pussy as her legs flailed.

Dad commanded, "Lay down between your mother's thighs! I want to watch you eat her pussy."

"Seriously?" I asked, still completely dumbfounded and wondering if he was just being sarcastic and trying to make a point. Of course, at the same time, despite my age, he was still my Dad and I always wanted to obey him, no matter the request.

He replied, his voice suddenly a lot calmer than it had been, "Yeah, I did ask you to take care of her, after all. So, let's see how good a job you can do. Come on, don't be shy now. Get your ass up here!"

At that last command, I almost completely involuntarily climbed up onto the bed. The situation was so strange but there was something else at play in my mind. I really did want to eat her pussy and I knew that if I got up and ran out of the room there was zero chance that would ever happen. So, even though Dad was watching, and even directing, the end result was that I was going to get to eat her pussy.

"Oh God," Mom groaned, but she wasn't struggling very hard. In fact, most of her struggle involved lifting her hips off the bed, which I found incredibly sexy. I could plainly see that her pussy was completely devoid of hair, the slit, despite the situation, or maybe because of it, was flowered open and glistening with her excitement in the lamplight.

I lay down between her thighs. The musky scent of her fuck-juices filled my nose as I moved in. I was keenly aware of Dad's closeness as well, so I tried to move very slowly so as to be able to react to anything he might do and not go any farther than he wanted me to go.

Dad said, "There you go. Now, show me how well you can take care of your mother!" He backed away a bit but still had one hand on Mom's chest, holding her down.

As Mom felt my breath against her sensitive mound she calmed down her thrashing about. She spread her legs and sighed, "It's okay, Sweetheart. Come taste Mommy's pussy."

I was surprised at how quickly she had gone from defiant to compliant to willing, but I wasn't complaining. I dropped my face to her crotch and licked gently up and down her slit. Her musky smell and taste was strong but it was one I had grown accustomed to, so it wasn't too uncomfortably strong for me.

"Oh yeah, taste Mommy's pussy," she repeated, lost in a fantasy of her own. Not that I wasn't her son, but it seemed that she was really getting off on calling herself Mommy, and that she had been thinking about something like this for a while.

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