tagIncest/TabooMy Sexy Summer Camp Pt. 01

My Sexy Summer Camp Pt. 01


Part 1: Lap Tag

Author here. This story is a sequel to the story "My Step-Sisters are Nudists?!" The first story had quite a bit of characterization, and therefore I recommend reading it before this one, although it isn't necessary. It can be found on my member page. It's a bit long, but I hope you enjoy it. I got quite a bit of demand for such a story, so here it is.

This is going to be serial, though, not episodic. The stories will be shorter and less focused on an over-arching story. I had a lot of scenes I wanted to write, but had fewer ideas for plots, so you get this. Think more like the James Bond series, less like the Star Wars series. The series is connected more by common characters than a common plotline. Since it is serial, it means there's lots of room for suggestions and recommendations from readers, so if there's something you'd like to see happen, mention it in the comments and maybe it'll happen. Feel free to send me personal messages, as well, if you have private questions for me or comments on the story. I'd even be up for a commission if you're really interested. Enjoy the story!

-Liquid Matthew


"Welcome to Hananiah Summer Camp, everyone! I'm Joshua, the site director here. I hope you all have a great time for the next six weeks," announced Joshua Whitmarsh, my new boss. I was sitting in a small auditorium, flanked on either side by step-family.

To my left was Baoqing, my older step-sister. Her dark honey eyes watched the site director intently, as she held a pencil poised above the page, eager to take notes. Her mouth was impassive, as usual, but I could tell from the sparkle in her eyes that she was excited. Her midnight black hair rested against her scarlet shirt that cruelly hid her perfectly petite breasts from my view. A tight pair of dark blue jeans clung to her thighs and ass. A cream-colored collar, decorated with a black iron cross, wrapped around her elegant neck.

I had dated Baoqing for a while after we had first met, but once our parents got married, it became a bit awkward to explain why a brother and sister were dating. We ended things on friendly terms, though, and were still extremely close. Baoqing often added benefits to our friendship, as well, a situation I was more than happy to be a part of. Sometimes she needed to relieve some stress, and I would walk into my room to find her on my bed, waiting for me hungrily, eager to use me to bring herself to orgasm. It was so hot to be used that way, like a sex toy. To be honest, I think we were better off as friends (with the occasional benefit) than as a couple, anyway. Baoqing was intelligent, lovely, erudite, and had one hell of a talented tongue, but she didn't have much of the emotional warmth I was looking for. I needed someone loving.

To my right was Eva, my younger step-sister. A pair of short denim shorts just barely covered her ample behind. Her black and electric blue hair was in a wild, messy ponytail that made her look like she had just finished a drumming concert, or a passionate round of lovemaking. The first was more likely, though. She was a gifted drummer, but a better cocktease. I was certain she would be an excellent lover if she would only satisfy a guy, but I think she enjoyed making guys squirm instead. I fantasized about the day I'd be able to fuck her and make her mine...

Eva was doodling with a bored look on her face. As I watched her draw, she put the finishing touches on a very detailed drawing of a hard cock, and I started to fidget in my own chair. I smiled to myself as I observed Eva's drawing of my cock on her paper. Step-sister or not, I couldn't stay soft knowing a girl was fantasizing about an erection, and I felt myself stiffening within my boxers. I placed my notebook onto my lap, hoping to hide the growing bulge within my boxers before either Baoqing or Eva noticed.

On the other side of the room was Yunwen, my step-mother. Her dark, narrower eyes were focused on a book she had open on the table, reading rather than listening, her massive breasts resting gently on the table, almost overflowing out of her low-cut dress, a springy outfit, with a yellow background and covered in floral patterns. She was an extremely attractive woman. Her beauty and youthfulness and charm disguised her age, and to me, she always felt like a peer, rather than a parent.

But it was a bit strange to see my sisters and mother so fully-dressed. You see, my step-family is nudist. I first met them a year ago, last summer. Since then, my father and I had become nudists as well, and so it was a rare day that I saw my family wearing much more than smiles. Now that they were clothed once more, the urge to see them naked and free once again was already growing within me. The fact that their bodies were hidden made me want to tear off their clothes, reveal them, expose them.

The Hananiah Summer Camp was a sort of educational-recreational summer camp. Yunwen, my step-mother, had been hired for the summer as an instructor for an art class, and when they had contacted her, they had needed a few more RAs for the kids, so she asked the Baoqing, Eva, and I whether we wanted to work, and we agreed. Money's money, and there weren't a lot of people willing to pay us for hanging out at a nudist resort all summer. We had arrived earlier today and gotten settled in before a weekend of meetings and training before the children arrived. I was already bored and regretting that I hadn't brought my new book with me to read.

The meeting slowly trickled by as administrator after administrator stood up to welcome us and deliver monotonous and repetitive information. By the end, even Baoqing had stopped paying attention, and she began to write poetry in the margins of her notes. Finally, blessedly, it was time for dinner, time to escape the purgatory of meetings for the day.

After a satisfying dinner, the staff got together on the grassy courtyard outside our dorms for an ice-breaker. Emily called us together. She was Irish through-and-through. She was only here for the summer, so her accent was strong, giving her voice a charming brogue that was delightful to listen to; a calming, comforting, caring accent. Her celadon eyes were almost as eye-catching as her large but firm chest, sticking proudly out, showing off her plentiful cleavage in her emerald green tank top. Her exposed bosom was milky white. Her hair was a rusty red and curly, reaching down past her shoulders. Her cheeks were a healthy pink, her body was zaftig, full, plump, but far from fat. Her face had a patch of freckles on either side of her button nose. I had noticed her in the dining hall and had spent more time staring down her tank top than looking at my meal.

"Alright everyone!" Emily called in her musical voice, "We're going to play a game called Lap Tag to get to know each other. First, I need everyone to take out their cell phones and everything, take off their shoes, and get into two circles: one inside the other. Pair up with someone else." She paused while we removed our things and slowly shuffled into positions. As soon as I sat down, Baoqing paired up with me, while Yunwen glanced at us with a knowing smile before finding her own partner. Once we were properly arranged, Emily sat down by herself and continued her directions.

"Now, there are the two circles, and one person alone. The single person calls two names from the inner circle, and those two have to try to crawl to the single person. No getting on both feet! Their outer partners have to stop them from reaching me. You can grab them or wrestle them or tickle them if you like. Just don't hurt anyone on purpose. Oh, and make sure you take off your shoes to avoid any accidents. Does everyone get the game?" she asked. We all nodded or voiced agreement. It seemed simple enough, I thought, and as I looked over Baoqing's shoulder down at her delightfully, deliciously flat chest, I realized this could be a fun game if I arranged an accident or two... Emily hadn't mentioned anywhere being off-limits to grabs, after all.

We began by saying all our names, and Emily called Yunwen and Thomas for the first two names. Both of them struggled against their captors, Yunwen showing a ferocity I rarely saw in her, but Thomas managed to escape first and crawled his way towards Emily. Thomas sat down behind Emily as she rested happily between his legs, ready to be called at any minute.

As I waited for the next round, my hands hovering over Baoqing's thighs, she started wiggling her full bottom against my crotch. "Bao!" I whispered harshly, "What are you doing?"

She turned her head towards me and answered with an amused smile, "Distracting you, little brother." She reached one hand behind her and gripped my hardening dick through my shorts' thin fabric. "Is it working? I am quite competitive, and I intend to win this game. I apologize for any inconvenience," she said with far too much cheer for a sincere apology. Her hand softly and slowly stroked my cock through the fabric of my shorts, the only thing keeping my hard-on from plunging into the step-sister in my lap. It certainly was working, but not quite well enough. When Baoqing's name was called, I wrapped my arms around her before she could escape my grip. My hands ended up luckily and firmly planted on her proud, perky breasts as she struggled and squirmed against me. Her toned ass rubbed and grinded against me, a teasing torture, while I felt her nipples harden against my palms. The pliable softness of her breasts filled my hands. I squeezed her tightly, and noticed something.

"You're not wearing a bra?" I whispered, just barely keeping my grip on her.

"No," she explained. "I am unused to clothes anyway, why would I wear more than I need to? I have no panties on, either. Besides, you have much experience with my breasts. You should be aware that they are not large enough to require much support." She looked down at her chest, still covered by my strong hands, holding her tightly against my body as she struggled and squirmed futilely against me. "Besides, I believe you are providing more than enough support currently. A bra is quite superfluous."

I hissed in frustration, feeling my rising erection digging against her. Fortunately, I heard a round of applause and when looked up, one of the other players, Richard, had reached victory. I gently released Baoqing, who sat behind me as we waited for the next names to be called.

A few rounds later, my name was called and I easily escaped from Baoqing and made my way behind Emily. Her bouncy red hair rested gently on her back. Once I sat down and got into position, she gently pushed herself back against me and my still-rigid dick. We gasped in unison and I worried what she would think.

"Matthew, you didn't take out your cell phone?" she asked with a hint of concern.

"Uh..." I paused, unsure of what to say. If I said it were my cell phone, she'd ask me to take it out, and that wouldn't work. "It's, uh, not my cell phone," I said, hoping she would drop the subject.

"Oh," she said. I sighed mentally in relief. Maybe she wouldn't ask anyth- "What is it?" she asked, wiggling her butt against me, testing to see what was pressing so firmly, so eagerly against her. "It must be something hard. You should take it out."

I bit my lip. Well, I guess I had to bite the bullet. "I can't," I explained. "It's, uh, my...you know...my...dick." Great, now she was going to think I was a pervert...

"Oh wow. I'm glad you're enjoying the game," she said with a giggle, her musical accent giving her voice a sympathetic edge. She looked over her shoulder at me and continued with a grin. "I guess you shouldn't take it out then, huh? The boys might get jealous. That's a big one." Her eyes traveled down to my crotch, still throbbing against her. "How big is it? Does it get hard often? What were you thinking about?" she asked with urgent curiosity.

I blushed and averted my eyes. "Well," I stopped and thought. I guess I did get hard often. Even now, after a year at the nudist resort, I would still rise to the occasion whenever we met a new cute girl, and my step-sisters could get me hard at will, and often did. They enjoyed teasing me far too much... "Ya, I get hard often. And the last girl I was with was being kind of flirty, and so...you know. And it's about six and a half inches, I guess. I haven't really measured it in a while," I confessed.

"Do you want me to measure it for you?" she offered. "We can grab the ruler later if you want. You should take care of that after the game, though. It's bad to stay hard for too long without any relief," Emily advised. A pause. "Do you, well, 'take care' of things?"

I could feel my cheeks burning as I prayed for someone to call Emily's name so she would have to try to escape from me. "Ya, I mean, most guys do, from time to ti-"

"How often?"

"Depends, really, on, you know, how I've been feeling and...other stuff..." Please please please pleasepleaseplease call her...

"Emily and Yunwen!" called out a player. Emily immediately tried to crawl away, and I, distracted by our conversation, could only get a grip on the hem of her tank top. She twisted out of my grip and made her way towards her goal, easily beating Yunwen. Emily stood up in victory, and I could only stare, fixated.

When I had pulled on her tank top, the straps had fallen off her shoulder. Around her stomach was her green tank top, but her large, perky breasts were now totally exposed, two milky spheres, each tipped with a hard, pink nipple that perfectly matched Emily's lips. As she pumped her fists joyously into the air, her breasts bounced and jiggled. I watched dumbly at her free, proud chest, exposed to the sky. My eyes were glued to them. My lips parted unconsciously as I imagined sucking her breasts, taking them into my mouth, holding her nipples between my lips and suckling from her.

Her expression went from victory to confusion as she noticed our collective stare. She looked down at her chest, and with only an air of nonchalance, without any urgency, she pulled her tank top back up. "Whoopsies! I guess Matthew felt the game needed a bit more spice," she joked, and the crowd laughed with her while I blushed and Baoqing smirked at me. Eva, with wide eyes and a dropped jaw, was enjoying the view a little too much, though, and I wondered whether my step-sister had a secret surprise to share.

Since Emily had escaped my grasp, it was now my turn to pick people. I looked around the inner circle: Baoqing, Yunwen, Ian, Richard, Eva, and Sarah. Ian was paired with Thomas, and they seemed an even match, while Yunwen would probably have trouble escaping, too. I was hoping to get a tired counterpart so I could relax a bit. "Yunwen and Ian!" I called out, and the two pairs began to wrestle and struggle. Thomas had locked his legs around Ian's lap, and I was certain he wouldn't get anywhere quickly. Yunwen, however, had managed to roll out of her captor's grip, and my step-mother crawled towards me, her cleavage proudly on display through her low neckline. She easily reached me first and took her position up behind me. I smiled. I knew I could get away from my step-mother without a problem.

After three more rounds, I was called by Radhika and I made my way towards her. Yunwen got a grip first on my arms, and then when I pulled away, she grabbed onto my shorts. In a brief moment of horror, I realized that they were being pulled off me, too late to stop it. And like Baoqing, I had gotten so used to wearing nothing that wearing boxers seemed unnecessary. As I stood up, I felt a draft against my now exposed cock, still hard from earlier teasings and daydreams.

Exposed. I was totally, utterly exposed in front of everyone.

My cheeks were aflame. My heart pounded. I was paralyzed. My arms wouldn't move. My breath went in. Out. In. Out. Sweat began to bead on my forehead. My stomach tightened. My teeth tingled like I had bitten a live wire.

Finally my brain connected with my body and I hurriedly pulled up my shorts. I strode with leaden feet back to Yunwen, my coworkers' laughter stinging in my ears, my cheeks fire engine red, I was sure. How strange, that at the nude beach, I was so cavalier about being naked but once it became something taboo, all that old embarrassment came rushing back.

Baoqing and Yunwen looked pitying, understanding my embarrassment. Eva looked happy, though, grinning widely, enjoying my torture. Emily's hand was covering her mouth, her skin and chest flushed, her eyes wide in excitement. Despite it all, I had to admit, I was turned on. Being exposed had done nothing for my hard-on, for my arousal. If anything, it had only made it worse. I could feel it throbbing within my shorts. I looked down. A massive bulge was poking straight out of my shorts for all to see. And...and I wanted them to see. I was both glad and sad that it was over. I wondered whether there were a way to arrange a second accident, a way to exhibit myself again...

I sat down behind Yunwen. Luckily, she kept an inch between us, probably aware of my raging hard-on. I was still breathing heavily from a combination of embarrassment, arousal, and exhaustion when I heard Eva shout out her mother's name. I frantically wrapped my arms around her waist, pinning her arms against her sides. She struggled, squirming against me, until she had turned completely around in my arms and we were now face-to-face. I was on my back, she lay on top of me. Her heavy breasts rested against me. My hard cock was now pressed firmly between her thighs. My eyes were centimeters from her. My lips were even closer. I felt her breath on my face.

Yunwen immediately began her struggle anew, however, and I had to try hard to contain her. Unfortunately for me, that meant her breasts and crotch were being rubbed and grinded against me as all I could do was try to hold her tight, which did nothing to relieve the pressure building inside me. My eyes widened in fear as I realized how close I was coming to cumming.

Oh no no no, I thought. But Bao's stroking, Emily's toplessness, the exhibitionism, and now Yunwen rubbing against my cock, her breasts almost falling out of her shirt into my eagerly awaiting face, it was getting too much. The pleasure built, my hips bucked involuntarily as my body craved the orgasm I dreaded. I felt myself pass the point of no return. Oh god. My cock spasmed against my step-mother. Pulse after pulse, my cock shot out jets of cum into my thin shorts. I could feel the hot stickiness covering my thighs. As I looked into Yunwen's face, horrified, I could tell she was feeling my ejaculation against her. Her dark eyes, almost black, were wide-open. Her full lips were slightly parted. She was looking between us, at my cock, and had ceased her struggle entirely. She lay completely still on top of me while my orgasm slowly finished, my seed spent, my cock finally wilting.

Oh god. We sat there in silence for a second that spanned centuries, staring into each other's eyes. I felt my warm semen soaking through my fabric and into her dress. I was mortified. I had never cum in my pants before. And now? My step-mother had made me cum prematurely, in public, in front of everyone. What was I going to do?

"Matthew!" Yunwen whispered to me. "Don't worry, honey, just follow my lead." I tried to mumble out an apology, but my throat was dry. Yunwen was on top of things, though. "Ow!" she yelled. "I think I've sprained my ankle...Matthew, can you help me indoors to rest?" she asked.

I nodded hurriedly. "Ya, um, sure. Anything." She got off me and pulled me up, keeping my moist crotch hidden against her as we stood up together. I felt my cum begin to slowly drip down my leg. I hoped this would be a quick walk... She positioned herself in front of me, hiding my stain, and put my right arm under hers for some support as she faked a limp into the nearby dorm. As soon as we were inside, she stopped the charade.

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