tagIncest/TabooMy Sick Aunt

My Sick Aunt


"Mom, why are we here?" We had just finished a four hour car ride to my aunt's house in silence and I wanted answers.

"Jake, I know you think you some big shot now that you are in college but your family needs you. Right now your aunt needs you. Your aunt is very sick and she needs your help."

Mom opened the door. "Susan is that you." My Aunt yelled from upstairs.

"Yes, we are here Sara."

"I'm not a doctor....." I tried to keep talking but my mom put her hand in front of my mouth.

"I have to go. Trust me you will be fine. Go upstairs to your aunt and be helpful. Bye, I'll call you in a few days."

Mom, kissed my cheek and before I knew it her car was backing down the driveway and she was gone.

"Jake, come upstairs. Let me see you."

How sick could my aunt be? She was just two years older than my mom.

"Jake, I'm in my bedroom."

I entered my aunt's bedroom. She was lying in bed with a white sheet pulled up to her chest. She didn't look that sick. I was expecting to see IV bottles and oxygen masks.

"Come here let me see you."

She smiled and reached out to hug me. I gave her an extra gentle hug.

"Jake, I'm so glad you are here. Did your mother tell you why I need you?"

"She said you are sick and need my help."

"Yes, here sit down on the bed. I would love to tap dance around the issue but there is no point or time. I'm sick, very sick. If you could help me get better you would right?"

"Of course Aunt Sara." My face didn't show it but she was beginning to freak me out. What does she need a kidney?

"Good, because my disease is rare and the cure is a bit odd." She looked away and I could see the she was struggling to say what she wanted.

"I need cum, Jason. I know this sounds crazy but it might be the only thing that will help me get better."

Now I am confused. "You need to orgasm." I shifted and pulled back a little.

"No, I can do that by myself, I need a man's cum. My doctors say it contains the antibodies I need to get better. You know I've never been married, I haven't had a boyfriend in years...." Her voice trailed off.

"What about a sperm bank?"

"You always were the logical one. Apparently, that won't work it has to be fresh. Straight from the faucet you might say. Look, I don't know how I can be more direct with you. I need to drink your cum. I need you to cum in my mouth. I know it sounds crazy but I assure you. If I don't get someone to do it soon..." her voice trailed off and she looked sad and scared. I sat in silence a little shocked.

"You think I'm sexy don't you."

She is sexy. Curly brown hair large breast and bright brown eyes.

She took her hand and placed it on my leg and smiled at me. "Come closer." She grabbed my hand and pulled to closer to her. "Will you help me?"

Her eyes looked so sad and hopeful.

"Yes. I'll help." I felt light headed what did I just agree to.

My aunt sat up and I could see the top of her breast. She didn't have anything on. She took my hand and placed it on her breast. "Touch my breast. We need to get you nice and hard."

I rubbed her breast. It was large and soft.

"That's it baby. Use both hands." With one hand on each breast I gently massage and squeezed her nipples they quickly grew hard.

"Jason, you have such a nice touch. That feels really good." She then reach over and started rubbing my crotch. "Jason suck on my nipples." I leaned forward a little and she grabbed my head and pushed my mouth onto her breast.

"Suck hard on my nipple." Her hands began to unbutton my pants and I felt my zipper open.

"Take your pants off."

She gave me a slight push off of her breast and I stood up. I pulled off my pants and paused.

"Don't be shy...I really need this Jason, you are saving my life." I dropped my underwear and my hard cock sprung forward at full attention.

"Jason, you have a very nice large cock. Come over here with that monster." She pulled me on top of her and gave me a deep kiss. Our tongues wrestled as she ran her hands over my chest.

"Are you ready? Are you good and hard and ready to cum in my mouth?"

"Yes." I felt very nervous.

"Okay now put your knees in my armpits and lean forward. Move your hips to push your cock in my mouth. Remember I have to drink all of your cum so don't pull out too soon."

I moved into position. She opened up her mouth and I guided my cock in. I was being so careful then she grabbed my ass and started pushing me harder and faster into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my the tip of my cock and she suck perfectly. She controlled my pace as she rammed my cock into her mouth. I could feel my orgasm building and building.

"I'm going to cum!" She pushed me deep and kept sucking. I shoot my load paused then shot again pause then again. The pleasure was becoming to much I wanted to pull out but she held me firmly. She kept licking and sucking and swallowing every drop. She finally released me from her mouth but then held my cock an inch from her face and with her fingers milked every last drop of cum from me and licked it off of the tip of my cock.

"That was really good. Thanks Jake, I really needed that. This first time was probably the hardest and you did so well."

I felt a little light headed and laid down next to her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me.

"If you stay here I should be all better in a week. You can do that for me right Jake? My medicine man. I'm going to need a lot more medicine if I'm going to get better."

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