tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Sight Improved, 10/2002

My Sight Improved, 10/2002


I haven’t had my eyes checked in at least five years. After some wicked headaches my wife suggested that we take me for an eye exam. We went to a local eyeglass place, where a young lady greeted us. Her name was Michelle, and was she stacked. She was on the thin side, but seemed top-heavy. My wife and I decided that they were implants. Her boobs were playing peek-a-boo with me from slightly above the nipple. It was sort of embarrassing, for in the course of the fitting process I sat facing her with our knees just inches apart, staring at those magnificent pair of breasts.

Michelle asked me to look at a target so that she can properly adjust the frame. I started looking into her eyes, but soon I picked on those heavenly tits to stare at as my targets. This proved to be frustrating as I felt my pecker stirring. A long almost forgotten feeling, warming my upper thigh, but like a trooper with my wife chuckling, I continued to stare at those mounds, for each fitting some ten minutes at a time. I think that the constant attention affected Michelle as well for during the third fitting I sensed that those nipples were now erect, as those heavenly mounds wanted to be set free from under their protective clothing. I was trying to envision her nipples. Were they like erasers, or like girlish nubs. I imagined them to be like erasers as I watched her nipples proudly protrude. She didn’t seem fazed as she flexed, this appeared to make them two sizes larger.

When we left, we discussed my dilemma at length, for it was uncomfortable to continue our chores with a mild erection. We decided to stop at the house to check on my pecker. I stripped down to my shorts in an instant. My wife changed into my favorite blouse that shows off her own gorgeous boobs, and paraded into the room. In the change over she did not bother to put on her bra or panties. She came into the room with some raspberry smelling cologne and I reacted. I started to remove her blouse with my teeth. We stopped long enough to kiss and our tongues like two long-lost friends wrestled. Soon I had one of her boobs free. She helped me get the blouse off of her as she cupped my balls, and stroked my dick. I sucked and licked on her boobs. Her nipples, stood erect and seemed to want some more attention. I playfully bit them, and she squealed. We were both panting and I soon got between her legs. I fingered her and traced the outline of her already wet clit. Next I started to kiss and lick her honey sweet spot. The harder she moaned the more feverishly I licked and sucked on her clit. She soon lost it and started to shout “oh-boyyyyyyy-oh-boy”.

She caught her breathe and pushed me down onto the bed and kissed me from head to toe, as I started to moan. Licking around my bellybutton, she soon took my cock into her mouth. With her tongue she traced the vein on the bottom part, while she cupped and gently pulled on my balls. My cock was soon harder than a rock, as my baby took 3/4 of my manhood into her lovely mouth. When she had me in her mouth all the way, I was thinking heaven. She squeezed my already hard balls as they started to contract. She took me out of her mouth and sucked and licked each of my nuts, and finished me off with her lovely hands. She milked my juices until I cried uncle, as I felt my pecker starting to shrink.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms, and awoke some two hours later. When we awoke, we started to kiss, and began where we left off. Her nipples were so hard, so I started to lick and to nibble them, with my right hand I felt her snatch and boy, did my baby feel extremely wet. I fingered her repeatedly, and outlined and probed her clit which made her nipples harder yet. I playfully bit each nipple, as she shivered. I started to baby-kiss my way down to her belly-button. I kissed and nibbled around the belly-button and proceeded down to her love triangle. I fluttered the area with light kisses, blowing some hot area in between kisses. Soon I reached her pussy, and I buried my head, as I nibbled each lip and locked onto her clit, while cupping and squeezing her butt. I sucked, and bit her clit, as she pinched my arm and my legs, signifying that she was close. I sensed that she wanted some dick, so I backed off, giving her an opportunity to get my pecker harder. She kissed my cock as I felt my it starting to stir, and gain some hardness. She licked the head, took me into her mouth and started bobbing up and down. My dick felt real hard so I tapped my baby on the shoulders, as she tasted some precum. She reluctantly released my manhood, as I directed her into a doggy-style position as she guided me into her waiting, sopping hole. I cupped her boobs, tweaked each nipple and rammed into her, feeling my balls swing forward hitting the inside of her thighs, as she squealed with delight. After a few more rams, I pulled out, and asked her to lie on her back. I mounted her as she began to slowly close her legs, creating a very tight hole and squeezing my balls in the process. I began to rise and fall repeatedly ramming my pecker deep into my lover’s hole as she met my downward strokes. The tight fit and with her squeezing my nuts brought us to a quick release as I felt her loosen as I emptied my jism into her, and she clung to me as she whispered ‘oh...boyy.oh..boooooy’, signaling her climax into my ears.

This was great! What a fantastic eye exam! I have to have them more often. I can’t wait five more years for this....WOW!!!


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