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My Sister


My sister is a good looking woman. I know that may sound weird coming from her brother, but I am a guy also.

She never had good taste in men. They would tell her stories, fuck her and then dump her. She would swear up and down that she wouldn't fall for the same thing, but another guy would come along tell her stories and it would happen all over again. She was always looking for that guy who would love her for who she was, but never seemed to be able to find him.

I did better in the spouse department. I married a good looking, smart woman who had eyes only for me. At least that's what I thought till I came home early one day. I found a guy on the floor, my wife on top of him. He was pounding her pussy like a jack hammer. A big black guy was behind her with the biggest cock I have ever seen buried to the balls in her ass. All the while she was screaming "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder!" Needless to say we were divorced in short order.

The last guy my sister was married to ran off with a bimbo half his age. When they divorced he took everything. She had a lawyer who couldn't find his ass with both hands. When I got divorced I found a very good lawyer who got me just about everything.

My sister tried to keep going on her own, but she couldn't, so being the good little brother I told her to move in with me while she got on her feet. When she moved in I told her to hang out for a bit till things got better. She didn't have to work because I made enough money to keep us both going for awhile.

Before my sister moved in I used to walk around my house in my underwear. I didn't see the need to stop that when she moved in. She took to wearing an old t shirt that came to mid thigh. She wouldn't wear a bra and the panties she wore were almost see through. One day we were in the kitchen. She bent over to get something out of the lower part of the fridge. Her shirt rode up and showed her butt with those see through undies. I got an instant hard on. Since I wear briefs it was very obvious. I immediately went to my room and put on my warm up suit bottoms. I decided that would be a better idea.

She had been living with me for about three months, and I was getting a serious case of blue balls. I hadn't had a date for almost four months. Not that I'm a bad looking guy or anything. But work and other stuff just kept getting in the way.

While I do jack off once in a while it just isn't the same. Then one night I was sitting in the corner of the couch watching a movie. She sat down, then lay down and put her head on my lap. I didn't think anything of it. When we lived with our mom and dad she would do the same thing. Of course I was a lot younger and didn't have the same sex drive then.

Her shirt is a v neck kind of thing, and it is very loose. When she lay down the shirt fell open. I looked down and saw her most perfect breast and nipple. I looked away quickly, but I couldn't help but look again. Once I took the second look it was easy to keep looking. After a bit I started getting hard. Finally I got a full hard on. She moved her head a bit kind of bumping up against my cock. It was obvious to her that I was hard as a rock. She looked down and saw her shirt had come open. Then she looked up at me and smiled. Then she turned her head and went back to watching the movie. It was then I noticed her nipples were getting hard. The one I couldn't see stuck up against her shirt, and the one I could see looked like a finger sticking out. I realized she was enjoying showing me as much as I was enjoying looking. I felt kind of weird inside, but I thought what the hey, I'm a guy and she's a woman. After the movie she got up, stretched and went off to bed. When she stretched she faced me and made sure her shirt came up to almost her waist, giving me a full view of her see through panties and everything under them. Her nipples looked like they were going to tear through her shirt they were so hard. When she walked to her bedroom she wiggled her ass so seductively I almost said "you got fries to go with that shake." But I caught myself just before I blurted it out.

I went to my room and into the shower. I grabbed the lotion and went to work on my cock. It didn't take long before I was shooting my load. As I said, that works, but it isn't the same.

Three days later I came home from work and she met me at the door. She loosened my tie, undid my collar button and took off my coat. I was a bit surprised but decided to go along with it. She had me go to the dinning area, the table was set and almost ready to go. I sat down and asked her, "OK what are you buttering me up for?"

She looked at me with a fake hurt expression and said "can't I just show my appreciation to my little brother who has been taking care of me?" Then she sat on my lap. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me. I don't mean a peck on the cheek. This was a tongue twining, spit swapping kiss. I was too stunned to think clearly and didn't do anything. Then just as suddenly as she started she stopped and stood up. While she was getting things ready, she kept bending over and giving me great shots of her breasts and nipples. I was confused and told her so. She just said I should shut up and enjoy the dinner and show.

After dinner we went to the living room and I started watching t.v. I sat in my big recliner while she fussed around the room picking up things that didn't need to be moved. After I got comfortable she came and sat in my lap again. I put my arm around her back to support her and she put her arms around my neck again. This time I was ready! I figured, what the hell all she can do is slap me. So as she started kissing me I reached under her top and started massaging her breast. Her nipple was hard as a rock. I rolled it between my finger and thumb. She broke the kiss and started nibbling on my ear. When she did that she said, "um, that feels nice." There was no hiding I was as hard as a rock. Just as I was starting to enjoy myself she jumped up.

She looked at me and said, "I'm sorry." Then she headed off to her room and closed the door. I finished the movie, but I was very confused. On my way to bed I knocked on her door and asked if she was alright. She opened the door and said she was just fine. I told her I was a bit confused again, and asked if she didn't like what I was doing? She said it was great, then leaned out and kissed me on the lips. I told her I liked the feeling of her breast, then I reached out and started massaging it again through her night shirt. She took a while to push my hand away, told me good night and closed the door.

I went to my room grabbed the lotion and went into the shower. The tension had built up to the point that when I did cum I was sure there was so much it would plug the drain.

After I went to bed I heard a knock on my door and my sister walked in. I sleep in my underwear and hadn't gotten under the blanket yet. I still had a hard on because I kept thinking about the what had happened. She looked down at it and smiled. She said, "I don't know what got into me tonight." I looked up at her and said with as much sarcasm as I could, "I know it wasn't me."

She came in and sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me. She said "I'm sorry, but I kind of lost it tonight. I didn't mean for that to happen. I don't want you to think I'm some kind of slut, but I am so horny! Not only that I'm your sister!" I sat up, took her in my arms and said, "of course you're my sister and I would never think of you as a slut. I know it was kind of weird, and I'm confused about how I feel about the whole thing. But I liked it, didn't you?"

She rested her head on my shoulder and said "I wanted to keep on going, but then I started thinking, what the hell am I doing? He's my brother for goodness sake! If we keep it up we will end up in bed and I don't want to get pregnant. So I stopped, now I feel so bad because I got you all worked up." I stroked her hair and whispered in her ear, "Peggy didn't want kids, so I got a vasectomy so we could still play without paying." She got up off the bed and walked to the door, she told me she loved me and went to her room.

For the next few days we acted as if nothing had happened. She took to wearing something a bit more modest and was careful not to bend over around me. Then one night I came home early. She was wearing her t shirt and jeans again and getting dinner ready. I asked her what was going on since she rarely made dinner. She just smiled and told me to take a shower. When I got to my room I saw she had put out my warm ups, clean underwear and a t shirt. So after my shower I put them on. It was nice to have someone around who cared for me like that, Peggy my ex never did.

After dinner I sat in the corner of the couch and she lay down and put her head in my lap. Again her shirt opened enough for me to get a good look at her nipple. I saw it was standing at attention already. I stroked her hair, then her neck and reached in her shirt and started massaging her breast. I started rolling her nipple between my thumb and finger. Wow that felt so good, I started getting rock hard again. She lay there and closed her eyes and looked happy. After a few minutes of this she stood up. I was ready for her to run off to her room, but she surprised me. She crossed her arms, reached to the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Then she pulled her jeans and panties down and stepped out of them. I didn't wait, I jumped up and pulled off my shirt. She started pulling my pants down, then my underwear. I pulled her up and started kissing her. As I did that I reached down and started fingering her clit. I was surprised at how wet she was, I knew we weren't going to need any lube tonight! I also knew there was no turning back now.

I broke the kiss and wrapped my lips around her nipple and started a gentle sucking. Then I started rolling my tongue around it. I didn't think her nipple could get any harder but it did. She grabbed the back of my head and held me to her breast. I gave a little playful nip and she yelped a little and laughed a little. It didn't take long before I heard her moaning and sucking her breath in through her teeth. She started shaking and I felt her orgasm with my fingers buried in her pussy.

She pulled my head up from her nipple and kissed me deeply. Then she took my hand and led me over to the recliner and sat on the edge. She started sucking my cock. She first just put the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She stuck the tip of her tongue in my piss hole. Then she took as much as she could in her mouth. The warm wet feeing almost made me cum right then. She pulled back and started running her tongue up and down the shaft, like a popsicle. She put her head under my balls and started licking them. I was going crazy! She put my cock back in her mouth and started bobbing up and down. She had a suction that would make a vacuum proud. I had't had a blow job this good in forever. I hadn't had sex for a while either, so it didn't take long till I could feel the tension building to the exploding point.

I couldn't hold back any longer. I told her I was ready to cum. I thought she would do like my ex wife and pull back and jack me to orgasm. She didn't do that! She just kept on bobbing her head. It wasn't too long after that I started to cum. When my orgasm started she stopped moving and put just the head in her mouth. When I started to cum I thought I was going to fall, my legs were so weak. It felt like I was blowing my load for an hour! My cock just kept spasming and shooting out cum.

When I stopped she got up, she must have swallowed on her way up. She looked at me, smiled and hugged me. I took her by the hand and led her to my bedroom. I laid her back on the bed and slowly climbed on top of her. She spread her legs and wrapped them around me as I entered her. Then we fucked. There is no other word for it. We went at it like two teenagers, or maybe rabbits. I pounded her pussy hard! She just kept saying she wanted more and if I stopped she was going to cut my balls off. After several orgasms we were both exhausted and drifted off to sleep.

We started having sex almost once a day after that. We calmed down to love making, not just fucking. I enjoy going down on her. I enjoy the slippery feel of her pussy in my mouth. I enjoy sticking my tongue up into her and then taking the tip of my tongue and flicking it around her clit. That really makes her jump and she throw her hips around. Sometimes she grabs my head and shoves it into her pussy, starts moving her hips up and down on my tongue and face. I almost think she would be happy if I could fit my head up there and make her cum from the inside!

She enjoys sucking me off. When we are in the kitchen sometimes, she will grab my hand then drop into a chair. Then she will pull my pants down and start sucking. One time I had such a hard orgasm I had to sit down or I was going to fall. Then I finger her until she cums. I always make sure she has an orgasm, even if I have to put her on the table and eat her pussy for a while.

About two weeks after we started having sex, we were in bed with her on top. She stopped, leaned down and kissed me. She said "I want you to have all of me." Then she leaned over and grabbed the lube. She got up off my cock, put some lube on it then put a big bit on her two fingers. Then she shoved them up her ass. After that she moved over me again, grabbed my cock and put the head right at the entrance to her hole. I think my cock got even harder when I realized what she was doing. She pushed a little and the head went just past the ring of muscle. She waited a bit, then pushed herself down a bit. She started going up and down, each time she went down my cock went deeper in her ass. Soon she was sitting on my hips with my cock shoved all the way in her ass. It felt so good I thought I was going to blow my load right then.

She leaned forward and bit and kissed me again. When she pushed herself into a sitting position she said "I like the feeling of you in my ass. It makes me feel so full." Then she closed her eyes and leaned a little forward and said "OK my ass is relaxed, so fuck me like there is no tomorrow." I started slowly at first then picked up speed. She started pushing back when I pushed forward. She likes to have her nipples pinched and pulled during sex. I started pulling and pinching her nipples, she whispered "harder, I need you to do my nipples harder." So I did. I thought I was going to hurt her, but she started screaming and letting me know how much she was enjoying herself. She started digging her nails into my chest, it was a combination of pleasure and pain! Then she took one hand and started fingering herself. I mean she really was going for it!

With all the stimulation that was happening neither of us could last long. I screamed that I was going to cum. She just worked her fingers harder and faster. When I started blowing my load I was sure it was going to come out her nose. My cock started spasming, I grabbed her hips and sat her hard on it, I couldn't stand the movement I was so sensitive! I just kept shooting and shooting! After it started to subside I noticed she was covered with a thin sheen of sweat and was shaking all over. As soon as my hearing came back I heard her gasps of air and noticed she was clamping her teeth so hard I thought they would break.

After what seemed hours she collapsed on top of me with my cock still shoved up her ass. I started to pull out, she looked at me a growled, then said "if you pull it out I'll cut it off!" So I left it where it was. A few minutes later it started going soft and slipped out. We got up and took a shower. Then we went to bed and slept the sleep of the dead till almost noon the next day.

After a few months we settled down into a domestic type of life. I liked it, she wanted to stay home and do stuff there. She had a small internet business so that worked out well. I enjoyed having someone to come home to, and take care of. One night after love making we were spooning. She said "you know, we haven't had much luck with the opposite sex. Your wife was fucking everyone she met. My husband wanted someone younger. We have a good life here together. We would never hurt each other and we know each other very well. Why don't we make this a permanent thing. No one will think it strange that a brother and sister are living together. We don't have to let anyone know anything about our sex life, even mom and dad."

I listened to what she was saying. It sounded reasonable and good from my stand point. Also did I tell you my sister is very good looking?!

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You got me hot as you built up the plot. I love peeking .

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