tagIncest/TabooMy Sister and My Niece - Revelation

My Sister and My Niece - Revelation


"Lizzie, what do you know about that?" I was stunned at her question; stunned that she knew anything about it, stunned by her timing, just stunned.

"Well, I hope you're not mad at me, but here's the deal. When we were here back when I was a kid, you remember, and that last night, you put me in bed . . . well, after you left, I got out of bed and looked out the window and I could see y'all at the pool. And I saw you guys take your clothes off and then I saw Mom holding onto Dad with her legs wrapped around him, and then I saw you come up behind Mom and I didn't know what you were doin' at the time but I remember you had your body pressed up against her back. I had no idea what y'all were doin' but it just seemed strange and I went back to bed."

"Okay. Obviously there's more to the story."

"Yeah, I'm getting' to it. Well, anyway, you remember when I said that Dad accused Mom of havin' a boyfriend? Well, about a year ago, I was startin' to figure out stuff about sex and I found out about anal sex and double penetration and I finally realized that's what you and Mom and Dad were doin' in the pool; at least, that's what I thought you were doin'. So . . . I figured out that when Dad said that Mom had a boyfriend, he was referring to you, because you were the only guy that he coulda been talkin' about. So . . . I needed to know why Mom and Dad broke up so I went to Mom and asked her about it. At first, I didn't say anything about y'all bein' naked in the pool, but I asked Mom what Dad meant about her havin' a boyfriend, and she said she didn't know what he was talkin' 'bout, so I asked her if it had somethin' to do with you and that night in the pool."

"I'll bet she was pretty shocked to hear you ask about that!"

"Yeah, at first she didn't want to admit anything and then I told her what I had seen and that I had figured out what happened when I got older. She got real red and embarrassed but I told her that I didn't think anything bad about her, or about you, but it was pretty stupid of Dad to be mad about somethin' when it looked like he was a willin' participant in it. That's when she started talkin'. Actually, that's when she started cryin'."

"What was she cryin' 'bout, honey?"

"Well, first she said she was embarrassed about doin' that but she only did it to try to make Dad happy. She thought it was what he wanted. Then she was upset because of the divorce but, now, she thinks Dad is a stupid jerk and she's glad he's not around. But she was also embarrassed about doin' it with you, 'cause of you bein' her brother, and she was too embarrassed to come around and see you again so she started avoidin' you and that turned into not seein' you for 8 years. She was afraid you'd be mad at her and she was afraid that you'd think she was some kind of slut for lettin' you do that to her."

"Wow, that's a lot to deal with. So . . . why'd you come up here and get me to have sex with you? Why didn't you just sit down an' talk with me? I mean . . . I'm not complainin' 'bout havin' sex with you 'cause it was real hot, and I've been real horny lately, but . . . why'd you do this, Lizzie? I'm not mad, honey; I just need to understand."

"Ron, it's not real simple. First, I've wanted to have sex with you since the first time I played with myself and had an orgasm. I've always had the hots for you and I thought you'd be a good teacher for me. I also wanted to understand what it was that you and Mom did in the pool that night; I wanted to know how it felt and if it was, you know, like degradin' or somethin', to try to understand how Mom feels. Okay, and here's the weird part. I think Mom's in love with you. I don't know why I think that but I do; I feel it real strong. And that's the real reason I came over here. I really didn't plan to come up here and jump your bones, but I guess I've been a little horny lately, too."

"Listen, Ron, I know that it's weird for Mom to be in love with you, but she hasn't dated at all since the divorce and that's plenty weird. I don't think that just because you had sex with her once that you've gotta marry 'er. I mean, we just had sex and I don't think we need to get married . . . not even if we do it again. Hint, hint! You know, with Mom, I don't think like, you need to be in love with her, like, we're all gonna live together like a family or anything like that. But . . . I don't think that she's ever gonna go on with her life until you and her get your relationship back together, at least like brother and sister. So . . . what can we do to get you two face to face?"

"Well, everything you just said makes perfect sense to me and, if you're right, you're way smarter than I was when I was 18. Honey, here's the deal. That night in the pool, we'd all been drinkin', and it started out that we were just gonna go skinny dippin'. We never sat and talked about it and decided to have sex. But, then, your Dad started havin' sex with your Mom right in front of me and I got hornier than a prize bull on stud day at the farm. And then he motioned for me to join them and he said 'your sister wants to have you in her ass.' Listen, I'm sorry to be talkin' about your Mom like this to you but you brought up the subject and there's no other way to say it. So I had anal sex with her. It's the only time I've even seen her naked since we were way little kids. Havin' sex with somebody you're not supposed to have sex with is pretty hot . . . I guess you figured that out . . . but I did it 'cause I was horny, not 'cause I was in love with your Mom. I mean, I love 'er, you know, like a brother loves a sister, not like a lover. Havin' sex with her felt good, but I'm sorry I did it if it's messed up her life."

"Well, she's not mad at you and I think she's glad to be rid of Dad. You just need to talk to her and let her know that it's okay and you don't think she's a slut."

"It ain't gonna be easy but I guess you're right. In the meanwhile, what do you wanna do with the rest of this weekend? Do you wanna go back over to your friend's grandma's house?"

"No way! I wanna stay here with you. I wanna go to sleep with you and wake up with you and maybe do it again, tonight if you feel like it . . . not anal again, but regular sex, you know, the front door, not the back door."

"Well, what about birth control?" I asked.

"I've been on birth control pills for over a year now. I know, I just said I wasn't so you wouldn't think I was a total perv when I said okay to anal. But I'd rather have you in my pussy than my behind. It felt good, but . . .."

"Wow, you are full of surprises, young lady. And I would be delighted to get ahold of your shakey puddin'! Now roll over on your back so I can get one of them nipples in my mouth."

She immediately followed my directions and I leaned over and placed my lips around her right nipple. She tasted so sweet. I loved licking and sucking her nipple into my mouth while I wrapped my fingers around her little boob and gently massaged it.

"That feels sooooo good," she said. The movement in her body told me that she wanted more. I placed my hand on her abdomen, just above her mound, and then I slid my fingers over her skin and down to her pussy slit. She was wet and I knew I wouldn't have any problem getting into that innocent, nubile pussy.

"Put your fingers inside me," she requested.

"No, you put your fingers inside of you . . . or even better, get that vibrator out and put it inside you," I replied. "Do it and you won't regret it."

She got up and went to the guest bedroom for a minute. When she returned, she had a pink vibrator.

"Okay, here's my fantasy. You'll make me a very happy man if you do this. Get on the bed and get up on your hands and knees, kinda like you were earlier, and then reach back and put that vibrator inside you and don't stop 'til you cum."

Before I finished saying it, she was up on the bed on her hands and knees.

"You mean like this?" she said in that poor-little-innocent-me voice. She placed the tip of the vibrator at her pussy and slowly began to push it in her. The sight of that vibrator disappearing into her cleanly shaved pussy got me hard real quick. She stopped focusing on me and became lost in her sexual bliss as she pushed the vibrator in and out of her innocent little snatch. Her legs were spread apart and I had a totally unobstructed view of her asshole as she masturbated herself.

I got on the bed next to her and leaned over to bring my face down to her behind. Her skin was so smooth and she smelled so fresh and young. I felt as if a force came over me and I had no choice but to lower my tongue into her crack and start licking around her asshole.

"Oh, that feels soooo hot. Mmmm . . . it won't take much of that . . ." She increased the pace of the vibrator thrusting in and out of her fuck hole and her moaning increased. "I'm so close . . ." she cried out.

I reached down and pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and away from her hand.

"No, don't, I'm so close . . ." and then she stopped as she felt my dick entering her sweet, sweet love hole. "Oh . . . oh . . . mmmm, yeah . . . oh . . . fuck me hard!"

I needed no further encouragement and started pounding away at her tight young pussy. "I wanna cum in your pussy so bad . . . I wanna feel your pussy cum when I fill you up . . . I . . ."

I reached around and grabbed her right nipple between my thumb and index finger. That was all it took.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck . . . so hard . . . cum in me! . . . oh . . ." Her orgasm consumed her body. Her muscles pulsated in rhythm. I could feel her ass cheeks tighten and relax; I could feel her pussy quivering. Her breathing was irregular and her moaning was beginning to subside as I started to spurt my cum into her.

"I'm cummin' in your pussy . . . so tight . . . you feel so fuckin' good!" I shot five or six spurts of cum into her and then I felt my orgasm releasing my body.

"Don't pull out of me yet," she requested. "I wanna feel you in me for awhile. It feels so good."

I stayed behind her, inside of her, and my dick stayed somewhat hard. I traced my right index finger very lightly down her spine and continued down into her crack until I couldn't reach further. The second time I did that, she had what appeared to be an aftershock, a mini-paroxysm. I continued tracing my finger down her spine, slower and slower, and I felt my dick losing its hardness.

"Sorry, honey, but it only stays hard for so long."

"That's okay, Ron. We'll probably be seein' Mr. Boner again real soon," she said.

I pulled out of her and we both fell back down to the mattress. I was on my back and I reached my arm out to pull her to me so that her head was on my shoulder and my arm was on her back. Lizzie was asleep within moments.

It wasn't an advanced form of the human thought process but the last thing that I remember thinking was 'wow!' Hot sex with my niece, overwhelming news about my sister, and then more hot sex with my niece.

It was time for me to go to sleep . . . so I did.

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