tagIncest/TabooMy Sister is a Vampire! Conclusion

My Sister is a Vampire! Conclusion


This story is a continuation of "My Sister is a Vampire!" by JasonAC2. I saw this story and thought it had a lot of promise. I haven't been able to find a sequel, though. The ending on the first "My Sister is a Vampire!" story was horrible for a one-off, so I wanted to put my own spin on what happens next. If this offends someone, I'm sorry. It's just been bugging me for a while now.


Chapter 6

Steven Franzen was dead. He felt his life slip away as Robin, his older sister, drained him of his blood after her pussy had drained him of his cum. How could she do this to me, he thought. I love her. I thought she loved me. I'm her brother.

All these thoughts ceased as his heart stopped beating and he lay dead on the floor. All the other women in his sister's coven looked on in disapproval of what she had done to him.

"Remove him..." Robin said quietly. She felt the regret start in her heart and the guilt swept over her at what she had done. She looked up at the faces of her followers, but they looked back at her in disgust.

"We aren't cleaning up your mess, Robin," one of them said.

"He was your brother. You fucked him and killed him. He could have had his memory blanked or even been turned, but you chose the easy way out," another told her.

Robin started to feel the lump in her throat as she thought of the recriminations. Her family would know, somehow. She was afraid of that. They loved her, but this- this was unforgivable. Then she thought of her followers. They had never killed a family member in their four years together. There were other ways to deal with snooping family. They could blank the event from their family's minds. Erasing memories was just one option open to them. If it went this far, they could turn their family member if necessary. It had not been done before, but it was possible.

Then Robin thought of their Leader. He would be outraged and would probably kill her outright. He would not be gentle or swift. He would torture her first, just to make an example of her for the rest of his followers, and hers as well. He may even go so far as to kill her followers for letting her do it.

Then her eyes fell on Steven lying there dead. His body was still warm, having not yet cooled. She made a fateful decision and walked back toward him. She used her fangs and bit into her own wrist as her other hand held his mouth open. She held her wrist over his open mouth as their mixed blood poured from her wound and down his throat.

Steven saw the light before him and walked toward it. He was dead, but he felt the warmth emanating from the light and smiled. He knew it was for him. He felt the love radiating outward and enveloping him. He choked and coughed. He shut his eyes tight and kept coughing.

He opened his eyes and looked at his sister's worried face. He turned his head and coughed even more, expelling the blood from his mouth. "Wha- what- happened? How- how did I get here?"

"It's alright now, Steven. Big sis is here for you." Robin held him, then glared at her followers around them. They dispersed as leaves in the wind, and the siblings were now alone in the tomb.

Steven slowly regained his wits. He remembered everything and looked at her with anger in his eyes. "How could you, Robin! You raped me and killed me!" He felt the pressure in his canine teeth and the pain as they started growing. He grabbed her by the throat and squeezed as the pain overtook him. He let go of her neck, and heard her gasp as she regained her breath. Steven fell to the floor, still naked, as his new fangs extended painfully from his upper jaw.

He was on his knees and panting now. The pain had abated, but he was still recovering from the entire ordeal. He could also feel a burning thirst. "W-water," he groaned.

"Water won't help this thirst, Steven. We need to find you some real nourishment." She held her hand out to him, and he took it gratefully. She would get him the sustenance he needed to survive.

It dawned on him as she handed him his clothing. He was now a vampire. He felt his chest, and his heart was beating again, but differently. He dressed in his clothes while his mind wrapped itself around his new circumstances.

"Come on, Steven. We have to go," Robin called him as he saw her dressed as he had seen her earlier that night. In her overcoat and wearing her high heels. Her voice held an urgency to it, and they started for the steps up to the graveyard and out of the tomb.

Once outside, Steven doubled over from a severe hunger pang. Robin saw it and kneeled beside him. "It's going to be okay, baby bro. I'm going to get you something to tide you over. I'll be right back." She pecked his cheek with a kiss and ran faster than he could follow into the trees.

Where is she going, he thought. God, this hurts! He had never felt anything like it before, and it caused him to growl as his stomach twisted in upon itself.

Robin found a wolf in the woods and quickly overpowered it. She snapped its neck and tossed it over her shoulder. It wasn't a human, but it would suffice for the moment. She could see the crazed look in Steven's eyes as he looked up at her and the corpse she carried. She dropped it in front of him. "Drink. Feed!" She commanded him.

Steven opened his mouth and sank his fangs into the wolf's broken neck. Its heart was still beating faintly, and it pumped the blood into Steven's mouth. He swallowed most of it, and felt his wits and senses returning. He looked at the now dessicated corpse of the wolf, and went to wipe his chin with the back of his hand.

Robin's hand stopped him. She kneeled in front of him and brought her sensual lips close to his. Her tongue slid out of her mouth and licked him clean of the wolf's blood. Then she kissed him hard and with passion, sliding her tongue between his lips and fangs to wrestle with his.

Steven forgot how she had killed him, and remembered only how she had fucked him. He kissed back with as much lust and ardor for her as she was showing for him.

His cock was rampant again wanting her. Needing to be inside her again.

She felt his manhood pushing against her stomach as her body rubbed on his. Once again she was overcome with lust for him. She barely restrained herself, and pulled back. "Not now, Steven. We have to leave here first!"

His wits, lost to the passion of his sister, returned once again. "Okay. Let's get out of here. Where will we go?"

"Home. We'll go to the basement," she said.

Steven rose to his feet with her, and they were running. He had never run so fast in his life. The world was a blur around him as they dashed through the graveyard and out onto the fog lined street back home. He felt the bracing wind against his skin and ran far and fast with Robin alongside him. He let out a soft whoop of pleasure at the sensations running through him as he ran.

Robin was conflicted inside. Not over her brother and her lust for him, but over how she had treated him. He had not deserved what she and her followers had forced upon him. She had wanted him for years, but this had been wrong. Even for her, it had been wrong.

Soon enough they were at the door to their home. They entered silently, and walked with no sound down the stairs to the basement where they would have some privacy to talk and do - other things. Steven was burning with questions for Robin. Why? When? How? Who? What the Hell?

Once they were in the basement and the door locked against their mother coming in to interrupt them, Steven wheeled around on her. "You owe me some explanations, Robin!" He snarled and bared his new fangs at her.

Robin, sensing the resolve in him, nodded. "Go ahead and ask, Steven."

"Why? That's the most important question. Why?" He demanded.

"You followed me and saw what you shouldn't have seen," she said.

"Who was that man laying on the floor when I came in?" He asked.

"Some homeless man who my followers picked up off the street. He was promised the most fun he would have for the rest of his life. That promise was fulfilled." Robin could no more stop the smile of satisfaction that came to her face than she could the rising of the tides on the ocean.

Steven shook his head at her. "You're sick, Robin! How did you even become a vampire?"

"Mr. Hardy is much more than he seems, Steven. He's our Leader and Sire."

"'Rose's Diner' Mr. Hardy?" Steven asked.

"Why do you think he only hires girls who look like me, bro? He wanted us all to be his vampire coven," she informed him.

Steven lowered his head and his voice went dangerously quiet. "How long now?"

"Four years," she answered.

Steven's mind warped around the fact that she had been a vampire during their trip to the lake when he had first lusted after her.

"The lake," he said.

"Before, yes," she confirmed.

Steven moved quickly, his hand around her throat. "Why, sis? Why rape me? Why kill me? Why bring me back?"

She gasped for air in her brother's surprisingly strong grip. He released her and let her speak.

Robin rubbed her throat and looked down in shame. "It wasn't supposed to be that way. I'm sorry."

"Then what was it supposed to be, Robin? Just kill me and be done with me?" Steven felt hurt inside. He felt his heart was shattered.

"No! We were just going to blank your memory, and things got out of hand!" Robin felt her conscience, which had been dormant for years now, reasserting itself. "You have to believe me, Steven. If I could take it back, I would!"

Steven laughed harshly. "Take back this gift? I might be undead now or whatever, but I've never felt so alive. Take back your rape of me? I seem to remember enjoying it and feeling closer to you than ever before - just before you ended my life! Why did you really bring me back, Robin? It wasn't because you would miss me."

"No, Steven. I acted out of fear. Fear of Mother. Fear of my followers. Fear of Mr. Hardy and what he would do to me if I killed a member of my own family!" Robin was almost in tears.

Steven lowered his voice. "Why would he care if you killed me or not?"

"Because those are the rules. We only hunt those who society will not miss. We are never to harm anyone who contributes to society, but the greatest crime, other than killing a member of the coven, is killing a member of our birth family."

"So you didn't give a shit about me dying. You just didn't want to face the music." Steven felt disgust for her, and the love and lust he felt for her warred with that disgust.

"That was how it was at first. I admit that freely. I also felt bad for doing it after the fear sank in. I'm so sorry, Steven." Her head fell to her chest and the tears fell free of her eyes.

Steven's heart, cold against her cruelty, now melted for her. He gently took her in his arms and held her. "It's okay now, sis. I forgive you."

Robin raised her eyes to his and felt the love she had for him returning, as she felt his love for her.

"Let me make it up to you, Steven. I love you," she said and stroked his chest.

Steven saw the look in her eyes and felt his lust for her reinvigorating his cock. His rampant erection came roaring back to life and they disrobed each other with lightning speed. They literally ripped the clothes from each other's body.

They had no audience this time. No phantom hands goading them on to their incestuous act. No, this was of their own doing. No outside influence.

Steven held her tight and kissed her with a hunger - not for blood - but for her. He had to have her. He had to be inside her again and feel her climaxes as he climaxed with her.

Robin was also wrapped in her lust and love for her younger brother. She had felt the closeness with him after their intimacy earlier that night. It had scared her into doing the unthinkable. Now, looking back, she wanted that intimacy again and again and again with him and only him.

They walked to the sofa and fell onto it together, but this time with Steven on top of her. He pulled back from their kiss and looked upon her dark beauty. Now that he knew her for what she was in addition to who she had been, he knew why she had done it. He understood, and he forgave her transgressions. He kissed her again with tenderness and love, showing her his true self. No longer was he in a nightmare with her.

Robin returned his kiss with love and passion, tasting his lips and tongue on hers. Her tongue roamed over his fangs and could taste the faintest hint of the wolf's blood, which only increased the wetness in her pussy. She pushed him back so their mouths broke contact for a moment. "Take me," she whispered.

Steven felt her wetness on the tip of his cock and pushed into her slowly. Her moans of lust gave way to deep sighs of satisfaction as she felt him filling her utterly full. It was as if they had been made for each other. Why she had not felt it before was beyond her. So caught up in the deviltry they were perpetrating in the tomb, she had been.

Steven pushed into her over and over. His pumps growing stronger and faster as he first made love to, and then fucked his older sister who had made him more than human with her dark gift. She came hard around him when he hit her cervix, and came again when he kept hitting it with the tip of his rampant cock.

Robin was in pure ecstasy as her baby bro, now a vampire like she, took her for his own. She orgasmed around him so many times that she lost count. He filled her and fulfilled her in ways no other man had in her life.

Steven pushed deep into her one last time as he felt his balls go tight in his sac and his cock swell even larger inside her sweet pussy. As he came, he opened his mouth and sank his fangs into her neck. His cock pumped his cum into her as he sucked from her vein. Her blood tasted different than the wolf's blood. He stopped when he had drained just enough that she would not die, and pulled back. He kissed her then, letting her taste her blood in his mouth.

Robin cried out as her brother's fangs entered her neck and the pleasure was indescribable as she also felt him ejaculating deep inside her shivering pussy. Her cuntal muscles milked him dry of his seed, but he stopped before he had drained her dry of blood. His kiss had been welcome as she ingested some of the blood he had sucked from her veins.

Steven went to pull out of her, but her legs came up to wrap around his waist, holding him inside her. Her eyes begged him not to leave her yet, and he smiled as he acquiesced to her unspoken request.

"I love you too, Robin," he said.

Robin held him to her and inside her as her mind thought about their circumstances now. Her followers would report what she had done to Mr. Hardy. He would not be pleased. He may see Steven as a threat to his dominance. Steven was already stronger than she, and would possibly be able to challenge Hardy within only a few years.

Robin could see only one recourse for them. They would have to kill Hardy and do it quickly. Together, they might stand a chance. If they didn't challenge him soon, they would have to run far and fast to escape his wrath.

Steven was thinking of how she felt in his arms. He felt like he had finally achieved heaven in no way the bright light could have given him. He was now as fulfilled as Robin.

"We have to kill him, Steven," Robin said. "Mr. Hardy will not let this stand. He will try and kill you."

"He can't stop both of us, sis," he replied. "He's going to pay for what he did to you - to us."

Steven was angry at Robin's Sire and Leader. Hardy had deprived her, and Steven by proxy, of a normal life.

"If we go now, we can catch him before dawn," Robin said. "We need some clothes, since our old ones aren't fit for wearing now."

Steven smirked at the memory of their torrid tearing of their clothes from each other.

"Yeah, we need to get dressed and arm ourselves. Stakes and a bowie knife?" He asked.

"You've been watching 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' again, haven't you? Dad's pistol will kill him," said Robin. "Let's go get dressed, and I'll get Dad's pistol."

Steven nodded as she unwrapped her legs from around him. He pulled out, and some of his cum dribbled out of her pussy. She ran her fingers through it, gathering it up and sucking it off her fingers. Steven looked on, aroused again at the sight.

Robin tasted him and loved it. He had filled her full of his cum, and she enjoyed his taste.

They got up off the sofa and went up stairs silently to their rooms. They dressed quickly in all black, practical clothes. Steven had seen enough action movies to know that they would need to move freely if it came down to a melee with an older vampire.

Robin entered her mother's room and waved her hand as Mary started to wake up. The older woman went into a trance-like state as her daughter blanked her memory and senses for the moment. Robin found her father's gun case and removed the pistol from inside. She checked the magazine and made sure it was loaded before stuffing it in the back of her belt under her overcoat.

Once they were ready, they went down stairs silently and out the front door. They ran like the wind once more, flying through the streets of the town toward Rose's Diner and the waiting Mr. Hardy.

"He has a room beneath the diner," she said as they arrived outside the door. She unlocked the front door with her waitress's key and they went inside silently. She pulled the pistol from her belt and made sure she cocked the slide so a bullet would be in the chamber. She silently thanked their father for teaching them how to shoot when they were children. "Follow me," she said as she led Steven to the door down to the cellar.

She pulled on the cellar door and it creaked open, allowing them entry to the stairs leading down. She raised the pistol in her left hand as they descended. Their eyes grew accustomed quickly to the pitch blackness surrounding them on all sides.

As they entered the room with the coffin where Robin had been turned four years before, they watched as the coffin lid slowly opened as the pudgy hand pushed it up. Mr. Hardy rubbed the sleep from his eyes and sat up to look at them in the now dimly lit chamber.

Robin aimed and tried to pull the trigger on the pistol, but to her surprise she couldn't.

Mr. Hardy smiled at her. "Did you think it would be that easy, Robin? Come now. I am your Sire. You can't kill me."

Robin tried time and again to make her index finger flex, but it would not happen. "Steven, kill him," she said and flipped the pistol sideways to her brother.

Steven caught the pistol deftly with his newly enhanced reflexes and aimed at the elder vampire. He aimed for the heart and pulled the trigger.

The first bullet took Hardy in his chest as he stood up from the coffin, and the second and third bullets hit him once in the heart and once through his forehead.

Steven realised what he had just done and looked at the pistol in his hand, his eyes full of disbelief. It had been reflex. He had done what he needed to do. He had done what his Sire commanded of him.

He turned to look at Robin as she walked to where Hardy's body had fallen. She sensed his death for the final time and reached for his butcher's knife. She swung down once and severed the vampire Sire's head.

"I'm sorry, Steven. If I hadn't commanded you, you would have frozen and he would have killed us both," she apologised and explained.

Steven saw the necessity of her command, and nodded. "It's okay, sis. What do we do now?"

"We burn this place, Steven. We burn it down around his corpse and leave him here to rot."

The End

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total crap

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i agree

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ever hear of shutthefuckup?

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