tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Sister Karen

My Sister Karen


My sister Karen was always getting me into trouble. If she wasn't setting me up for something she was telling on me for something. I was adopted less than a year before she was born. I guess her being the natural child as well as the baby made her the sweetheart of the family. If Mom and Dad only knew the truth about her! While I was no Swiss Angel growing up she would do things to make me look wonderful. But guess who always got the blame? And I know she had sex with more boys in high school than I did but my parents acted as if I was a slut and a bad influence on her.

Both of us graduated a year ago when we were 18. I got a job and she got a college fund (Her grades were better). But even as adults she would find ways to get me in trouble.

Last weekend something happened that will change that situation forever. Our parents went out of town for the weekend. Karen was supposed to be out for the night so I brought my new boyfriend home. Rich is a great looking guy, but what I really like about him is that he has a genuine 10-inch cock. Never in my short, 19-year old life have I been filled so completely! We got to my place and went upstairs to my room. We were fooling around on my bed when I heard the front door open up. "Shit." I thought. Karen was home early. One of my parent's rules was that no guys were allowed upstairs with us at any time (They're such prudes). I knew that if Karen found out that she would tell and I would risk being forced to move out.

"Anna!" Karen yelled out. "Whose car is in the driveway!"

"Fuck." I said as I realize that I'd been busted. Rich had picked me up and brought me home. Karen had to know that someone was in the house. I tried to be quiet but suddenly my bedroom door flew open and there was Karen with the video camera. She got a quick shot of Rich and me naked on the bed before yelling, "Anna's fucking in the house!" And taking off down the hall. I was after her immediately.

While Karen had a head start she wasn't quite so smart. She ran straight to Mom and Dad's room where she was trapped. I jumped and tackled her on the bed. We wrestled and I found myself pinned beneath her with her knee in my bare crotch. In our struggle her shirt worked halter worked it's way loose, freeing her tits. I had seen Karen naked before but never really noticed how shapely and larger her nipples were. In effort to free myself I raised my head and bit her right breast. "Ow, Damn you." Karen cried out as she jumped back. That's when I shoved her aside and wrestled to gain control. In no time I had overpowered her and was yelling for Rich to come help me. It turns out that he was already standing in the doorway watching us wrestle. He was obviously turned on at the sight because his 10-inch pecker was standing at full attention.

"My god." I heard Karen say when she saw Rich standing there. "Hold her." I told Rich. He grabbed her arms, looking at her bare tits. "You want to see more?" I asked. Karen started struggling when I began unfastening her pants. "Well you saw him naked it's only fare that he gets to see you too." I said while jerking her pants and panties down her long tan legs before ripping her halter off her body. "Go ahead and feel her titties." I told Rich. He took one hand and began massaging Karen's left breast. I watched as her nipples grew to over a half inch. It was then that I noticed how nice my sister's body was. While I was attractive, I did have a slim body and only A-Cup tits. I was prettier but Karen had a nice shape and her tits were a C-cup. And I had never seen such huge nipples. Without thinking I grabbed her right nipple and pinched it. "Stop it, bitch!" Karen yelled. To show her who was boss I reached down and gave her nipple a long suck. She screamed and I suddenly realized what I was doing. I felt ashamed of myself, but somehow felt aroused at the same time. I looked at Rich and he just smiled at me. I could tell that he enjoyed it.

"Why don't you lick her cunt?" He said. Karen cried out at the suggestion. I wasn't about to do it until she yelled, "If you touch my pussy I'll kill you." That was it, I had no sexual desires at the moment but I wanted to let her know that I wasn't afraid of her. So I dropped between her legs and started licking her pussy. Rich had to hold her down because she was struggling so much. I wrapped my arms around her legs and began licking. I felt her clit rise under my tongue. I realized what I was doing but didn't care any more. I was getting wetter by the second while licking my sister's pussy. I decided that I was going to humiliate her by making her have an orgasm.

When I glanced up I saw Rich sucking one of her nipples while keeping an eye on what I was doing. Karen was begging me to stop but that only encouraged me to keep going. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter as I licked. Soon her hips were rising up to meet my face with a will of their own. Karen stopped begging and started whimpering. Then the whimpers turned to moans as her forced orgasm was approaching. Suddenly Karen's body began to shake as her orgasm mounted within her. Karen cried out as she came on my face.

I licked franticly until she was shaking too much to manage. Then I pulled back and looked at her with dominant satisfaction. "Damn I'm horny." I said to Rich. "Then why not let her lick you." He suggested. "Like hell I will!" Karen bellowed. "I'm calling the cops on you both!" I about shit at that. I had just raped my sister. I had to do something to prevent her from calling the cops. But I had to do something about my pussy first. I grabbed Karen by the hair and pulled her head between my legs.

"Lick me!" I ordered. Karen struggled but I held her face tight in my crotch. "Lick me off or I'll have Rich shove his dick up your ass!"

To make the threat legit Rich climbed behind her and began pressing the head of his cock against her anal ring. "Oh god, no! Please no!" Karen begged. I knew that she had never let a guy to her ass. And the thought of Rich's 10-inches ramming her virgin ass was terrifying to her.

"Then lick me or else." I said. Karen began licking my pussy. I stared down at her face enjoying the view of making my sister eat my pussy. Her tongue felt wonderful working my clit. I pointed to the camera lying at the foot of the bed and motioned for Rich to grab it and get some shots of her licking my pussy. But make sure not to get me above the waist. He grabbed it and began filming as Karen continued licking my clit. I held her head with my right hand while using my left arm to support myself. My pussy welcomed every stroke of her tongue as she licked away.

Soon my pussy juices were running down my inner thighs. I could feel myself building to a climax and gripped her hair trying to pull her face closer. Then it happened. My pussy unleashed the strongest orgasm I've ever had. I had to fight for air as my insides went wild. I could feel my juices splashing on Karen's face as I rocked my hips rubbing my pussy against her face and tongue. I held on for dear life as my orgasm continued under her massaging tongue until I couldn't take anymore and collapsed backwards on the bed.

Karen began to get up then saw Rich holding the camera. "Give me that!" She said. I shook off my daze and grabbed her shoulders. "Now it's his turn." I said. Karen looked back to him and didn't struggle. I could sense that she was going to be a willing participant this time. The thought of her eagerly accepting his huge cock wasn't acceptable to me at all. I wanted her to know that I was in full control. "Fuck her ass." I told Rich.

Karen screamed in fear and tried to get up but I held her tight. Rich grabbed her hips from behind and pressed his cock against her butt. Karen tried to resist but Rich pressed his dick against her anus until it began to give way. Karen gasped in pain as his head busted its way inside her ass. Then he began shoving his cock all the way in. Karen screamed again, her body shivering out of control as Rich's massive cock began pumping her virgin asshole. I held her head with both hands watching her face as Rich fucked my sister's ass. She gasped, cried, moaned, yelped and everything else while he rammed her from behind.

Then I let go and took each dangling nipple in one hand and began pinching and pulling them. I watched as Rich began pumping faster and harder. Karen gritted her teeth as his speed increased. The Rich moaned in delight as he emptied his hot cum inside Karen's torn and burning ass. She he pulled out she fell in a heap onto the bed. I grabbed Rich and rolled him over next to her and mounted him. I needed his huge manhood inside me now. I jumped on and rode his cock for a couple minutes until I had another orgasm then slide off him.

I grabbed the video camera and looked at Karen with satisfaction. "You try telling on us and I'll show this tape to Mom and Dad. It doesn't show me, just you licking my pussy. They'll toss you out on your ass." Karen looked at Rich and me and said. "Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. But please let him shove that cock in my pussy."

I stood there nearly in shock. I had my sister in total submission. I grabbed Rich's cock and stroked it until it was hard again. "What will you do for it?" I asked. "Anything," She replied in subjection. "I'll eat you pussy anytime you want and do whatever you say. Just as long as I can have that cock too." I smiled with delight. "Deal." I said, then sat back and watched as Rich climbed on top of Karen and gave her the fuck of her life.

Yep, things are sure going to be different around here from now on.

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