tagIncest/TabooMy Sister, Kelly Ch. 02

My Sister, Kelly Ch. 02


John spent most of the next day in his apartment surfing the Internet, searching for pictures and videotapes that included Kelly or her painting as a backdrop. His sister used the computer in her home to research incest; at least that's what he hoped she was doing. After spending the night with her, he wanted nothing less than a full, loving relationship in spite of the incest taboo. He had loved Kelly for most of his life and hoped his strong feelings, which he'd ultimately need to express, wouldn't frighten her away. He had honored her wish, and they had not fully consummated the attraction they felt for each other. The oral sex, the touching, the passionate kisses thrilled him, gave him more pleasure than he had ever had with any woman before, but he needed to be inside her, needed her in every way a man could have a woman.

When Kelly had calmed down last night after she had remembered her no-good husband had videotaped her while she masturbated, Kelly found the video in her ex's collection of tapes and was momentarily relieved until John told her Jim could have made copies. John convinced his sister to allow him to take the tape and put it away for safekeeping. Some of Jim's stuff still remained in the house, and he would return to remove everything at some time in the future. At John's suggestion, the siblings searched the house thoroughly for any other videos or pictures. Frankly, John didn't think they would find anything, but he noticed something behind an air-conditioning vent in the spare bedroom. Using a screwdriver, he had removed the vent and found two videos and more pictures with negatives. A few of the photographs showed Kelly nude in unflattering positions. The pictures had obviously been taken without her knowledge. According to the label, one of the videos featured Mary and Peter. John slipped the videotape into the VCR and soon recognized the frame identical to the picture he had retrieved from the Internet. In the video, another man joined the couple. The additional man was careful to never show his face, but Kelly recognized him.

"That's his puny prick, John," she quipped. "Jim shoved it at my face enough times, I'd recognize it anywhere, anytime. And that's his birthmark on his fat, hairy, worthless butt!"

As they watched the video, John began to suspect Mary was drugged during the taping. Her eyes looked unfocused, and the men had to help her change positions. Oh, she reacted, but her reactions were slow, sort of out of sync. Kelly agreed with his assessment, so they decided to do more research before approaching the woman. If Mary had consented to star in the videotape, she would run to Jim and Peter, and John and Kelly's knowledge of the porn producers' immoral and possibly illegal activities would be prematurely exposed.

Kelly reluctantly agreed to allow her brother to view the video Jim had taped with Kelly masturbating, and the uncut version they found in the air conditioning vent displayed not only Kelly playing with herself but also Jim's torso coming into the viewfinder when Kelly sucked him off, which embarrassed Kelly. That part had been edited from the tape she had seen. She told her brother she didn't mind him watching her play with herself, but hated his eyes on an image of her while she sucked her ex's cock. Again, the tape never showed Jim's ugly face. If the vile man sold the video to an amateur sex site, John suspected it would be the uncut version, which included his puny cock, as Kelly called it.

As John surfed the amateur video and picture sites on the net, spending a small fortune becoming a member of many of them, he started to think the task might be too large to be successful, and he found nothing until about 4:00 pm that afternoon when he got lucky. He could have searched for weeks, he had decided, before finding them, maybe longer, but the same amateur sex site featured both videos.

Kelly, he knew, would be devastated. He checked the WHOIS database and made notes about the domain ownership and technical support details, called a lawyer friend of his and asked him to check them out. He dreaded telling Kelly what he had found.

When she answered the door and saw his face, she knew what she feared most had come to pass. Tears welled in her eyes and finally overflowed and ran down her cheeks. John took her in his arms and tried to console her. She sobbed for a few minutes but finally stiffened her back and wiped away her tears.

"Show me," she said.

"Don't torture yourself, Sis. You've seen both videos."

"Show me, damn it!"

At her computer, he pulled up the site and using his login name and password navigated to the video of the threesome.

"No, pull up the one that shows the world how I play with myself," Kelly demanded bitterly. "The cockroach! I'll cut his balls off and feed them to the pigeons. The no good son of a bitch! Lowlife cock sucker! Lice are better than he is! He doesn't deserve to be on the same planet with me."

Kelly's potty mouth amazed her brother. He tried not to laugh, but a snicker escaped.

"What's so fucking funny," she asked with fire in her eyes as the video with her in the starring role slowly downloaded.

"You. You cuss better than I do."

She smiled and looked embarrassed. "Yeah, sometimes I get carried away."

Finally, the video started. Kelly's computer had a slow modem connection, unlike the broadband connection John enjoyed with his computer, so the video jerked, stopping occasionally for the feed to catch up, which only made the film even more distasteful to his sister. She started another round of cussing, calling her ex more names than John could ever dream up.

"I take it you're pissed," he said with a grin when she finished her vitriolic rendition of Jim's character.

"You're very astute. Yeah, I'm pissed, and I'm not going to just get even. I'm going to get ahead. Any ideas?"

"Maybe. We could use his perversion against him, give him some of his own medicine, but more so."

"Cool. Speaking of perversions. I don't consider incest with you a perversion anymore." She grinned. "I had a long chat with Claire on the computer this afternoon, you know, the woman you told me about in a long-term relationship with her brother. That gal has it together, Bro."

He chuckled and his mood soared. "Yeah, she does. How about a real date tonight? Our first. I'll take you to dinner, maybe a little dancing. And, then..."

"I like the sound of the 'and, then' part," Kelly said and kissed him until his toes curled.

John went home to change for their date and stopped on the way to pick up a dozen yellow roses, Kelly's favorite flower. At his apartment, he made reservations at the swankiest restaurant he knew, called a limo service he had used before, and then showered and shaved again. He had told Kelly to dress up. He did the same and put on his best dark suit, a starched white shirt, and selected a red striped tie. He wanted to look good because he knew Kelly would look stunning, but when she opened her door to him, his anticipated vision paled in comparison to the dream standing before him.

"Wow! You're gorgeous, Sis! Absolutely stunning!" he exclaimed. She wore a white knit dress that molded her body, emphasizing all her exceptional features and curves. The short dress stopped about four inches above her knees, and part of the dress was a turtleneck with a wide gap in the front that offered a tantalizing view of her cleavage. Her sexy shoulders peeked out from two more gaps in the dress, and when she turned, her entire back was bare, but long white sleeves covered her arms to her wrists. He guessed she wore nothing under the dress. No panty line or bra straps were in evidence. Her thick, shiny hair cascaded around her bare shoulders, and the high-heeled, open-toed shoes enhanced the look of her shapely legs. She wore no hose; her tanned, trim legs didn't need the enhancement. The white dress contrasted beautifully with her dark complexion and auburn hair.

"And you're very handsome." She sidled next to him for a kiss, so he kissed her, but he couldn't put his arms around her because he held the box with the roses. She compensated and her lithe body molded against his. His first erection of the evening complimented her effort. "I love your dark, liquid eyes, John. They grow larger when you get excited, when you gaze at me."

He gave her the roses, and she put them in water and quickly and expertly arranged them in a cut crystal vase before they left for dinner. The limo surprised her, and she kissed her brother again as soon as they settled inside. This time his hands were free, and he occupied them with Kelly's curves and soft places. When the kiss ended, he splashed some exceptional scotch into glasses, and they toasted the evening and each other. After asking, the driver pushed a button somewhere, and a moon roof opened above them. A warm summer breeze washed over them, and stars shined, but they could see no moon. John closed the privacy window between them and the driver.

"So far, it's the best date I've ever had, John," Kelly gushed and cuddled close to him.

"And, it's just getting started," he stated.

"I love your gentle touch; all afternoon I trembled thinking about how you touch me, how your hands feel as they move over my body. Yes, just like that," she whispered as he tested his theory that she wore nothing under the dress.

His hand on the inside of her thigh slipped over silky, warm skin as it traveled up to her wet vulva. Her trim legs separated, giving him access. She moaned and kissed him with passion, and en route to the restaurant, he gave her a small orgasm with his fingers.

The dinner was delicious - a rousing success, but not as successful as Kelly. She turned a few heads that night in the restaurant, both men and women, and when they arrived at the club to dance, John felt like the luckiest guy in the nightclub. He certainly had the most beautiful woman on his arm. He couldn't think of a place he'd rather be or a person he'd rather be with. They danced during a slow song. The loveliest woman he knew was in my arms, flashing him warm smiles, and the wonderful curves of her body pressed his up and down his length. He wanted to suspend time, to hold her like this forever, but the song ended, and she stepped back away from him, furtively glancing down to eye the erection she had created and maintained for so long. He enjoyed her body next to his, moving against him, but he wanted to watch Kelly really move, so they stepped out for a fast tune. The beautiful woman and the music became one as she undulated, twisted and turned and swayed so rhythmically and gracefully he had to stop to watch her, and he wasn't the only one to pause and watch. She oozed grace and sex, a strange combination not easily achieved, as she moved around the dance floor.

During one slow song, she pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him, a kiss that surpassed all her previous efforts, which he didn't think possible until she proved otherwise. She pulled away from the embrace and gazed up at him with her beautiful, dark eyes - needy eyes filled with yearning and love and lust, all at the same time.

"I'm in love with you, John," she whispered and joy washed over him. He had wanted to hear those words for so very long. The fingers of both of her hands moved through his hair as she continued, "I've been in love with you since I was twelve years old, maybe before, but I felt guilty about my feelings for you and tried to ignore them, tried to love other men, lesser men, worthless men, like Jim. I considered what happened with Jim punishment for loving you. I've known for years you were the love of my life. I cursed my perversion. I could never have you, I believed. Incest was wrong, frowned upon by society, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop loving you."

"Why didn't you say something sooner, Kelly? You would have made me the happiest man alive because I've felt the same way about you for as long as I could appreciate romantic love. I love you with all my heart."

She kissed him again moaning into his mouth. "Take me home, John. Take me home and make love with me. I can't wait any longer. I need you now."

They hurried from the club. Their driver opened the door, and they tumbled inside and into each other's arms. The drive to Kelly's home was short, and John dismissed and paid the driver at the curb. Kelly waited patiently by his side.

They kissed again just inside the door.

"I love your eyes on me, John," she said as she pushed his jacket off his shoulders. "They caress me like gentle fingertips and excite me beyond belief. Sometimes, you take my breath away with just a look."

"I haven't the slightest idea how to remove your dress. I can find no zipper, no buttons, no..."

She hushed him with a finger to his lips, bent and pulled the dress up over her head and, with a sensuous wiggle, dropped it to the parquet floor. She stood before him wearing only her open-toed high heels.

"Get naked, John," she said simply and walked away from him toward her bedroom. She knew he would watch her and glanced coyly over her shoulder and smiled at him with a come hither look.

He had kicked off his shoes, pulled off his tie, and jerked his starched white shirt from his pants, but compared to her glorious nudity, he still felt fully dressed. He didn't want to let her out of his sight, so he followed her while removing his shirt. He struggled out of his slacks at the bedroom door and hopped around ungainly like he had a hot foot while taking off his socks. Kelly graciously didn't laugh at his awkward, boyish behavior. His boxers hit the carpet as she turned to him and moved into his arms.

His heart beat wildly. Finally, he would make love to the woman he had secretly loved for so many years, and joyfully and surprisingly, he had discovered that night she also loved him the same way. They had wasted so much time and had so very much to catch up on, and tonight would be the beginning or their life-long journey together.

She pulled him with her to her large bed, and they fell upon it still holding each other. Reaching with her dainty fingers, she encircled his hard cock and stroked it as he nuzzled her breasts, taking each into his mouth and sucking softly on her nipples.

"Fuck me, John. Now, please," she whispered. "I can't wait another second to feel you inside me."

"I'm hot, very excited, Sis. I'll come too soon."

"That's all right. I know how to get you hard again. Fuck me, damn it!"

He wasn't the only person in the room on the verge of an orgasm. Kelly climaxed the second he entered her, and curiously, when he had no need to wait for her, his arousal dipped to a controllable level.

"Oh, John, you don't know how long I've dreamed of you inside me, fucking me, holding me while your cock fills me like this," she whispered when she recovered from her climax. "That's why I came so quickly. I've been fucking you in my mind for years. We've had years of foreplay all focused on the moment you entered me, and the thrill of it overwhelmed me."

Her cunt was amazing. Still pulsating, it massaged the length of his cock like a million little fingers with an occasional squeeze as a residual contraction struck her body from her climax. Her wet heat thrilled him, and he rolled to his back without loosing their connection. She straddled him and started to slide on and off his cock.

"The best," he muttered. "You the are best, sweet sister of mine, the love of my life." He fondled her breasts and his hands roamed over the cheeks of her ass and down her thighs.

"You are so deep inside me," she murmured almost to herself. "So very deep, so very fulfilling." She squirmed against him while he was as deep in her as he could be. He felt her large and hard clitoris rub through his pubic hair, and then she slid her hips forward up off of his cock until only the crown remained inside her. The slide back took his breath away because he could relax enough now to appreciate the sensations their joining created. Now he understood her comment about years of foreplay.

"Home," he said softly. "I'm home where I should be."

She sighed and agreed, still moving slowly, lovingly, on and off his throbbing cock. She kissed him, but quickly released him from the kiss as she quickened her pace. He grabbed her hips to stop her because if she continued he would surely climax, and he didn't want the moment, the sensations they shared to end.

"No, let me go, John," she insisted, so he let her go. He could deny her nothing.

He could tell she was reaching for another climax, but he didn't know if he could stay the course until she achieved her goal. The speed of her thrusts increased yet again, and he became lost in the feelings rushing through his body. She screamed with joy, and he felt her cunt grasp his cock with force as an orgasm overwhelmed her, and then he didn't know what happened over the next few seconds because he let the pleasure seeping through every pore of his body take him away to a place of pure exquisite bliss. When he could sense the world around him again, he was screaming his sister's name, and semen was blasting from his throbbing cock into her convulsing cunt.

They had become one.

She collapsed atop him, but the weight of her lithe body didn't oppress him; rather, it thrilled me. He was still hard inside her, throbbing and feeling her continuing contractions. They kissed softly, and Kelly rolled off him.

"I'm so in love with you, I can hardly stand the emotions rolling through me," John said.

She whimpered and kissed him with passion. "I know how you feel. It's as if life just started for me, as if all the time before was a waste and inconsequential. I love you, Bro. I love you with all my heart."

They made love again a while later, and then once more after Kelly proved her prediction she could make him hard again. He went to sleep while still inside her. Sometime during the night, he awoke to wonderful sensations and saw Kelly with her mouth wrapped around his hard cock. When she noticed he was awake, she mounted him, and they made love for the last time that night.

His eyes opened the next morning with his arms around his sleeping sister and remembered how nice it had been to wake up with her mouth giving him pleasure, so he slipped down between her legs and licked at her vulva until her eyes fluttered open. She climaxed within minutes, and he entered her again in the cold light of day. After Kelly shared another orgasm with him as his own climax washed over him, they showered together, which was fun and arousing, and he took her again in the shower.

She tossed on a t-shirt and bounced away to the kitchen to make coffee. He pulled on his boxers and followed. She made bacon and eggs and toast, and they gobbled the nourishment they needed.

John felt completely happy for the first time in his life.

The telephone rang, intruding on their shared joy, and Kelly answered the call. John deduced from her expression that Jim was the caller and tried to caution Kelly silently not to let Jim know about the videotapes yet. She understood but still managed to call her ex some unflattering names John certainly appreciated. His spunky sister could give lessons in cussing. She hung up and turned to her brother.

"He's coming over, wants to pick up a few things. You'd better get dressed. I don't want him to see you with me. He'll know about us the second he sees me looking at you, especially today. I have so much love in me today, it's bubbling over, obvious to anyone who sees me."

John laughed. "True, but I hate to leave you alone with him."

"He's not the violent type, John. I'll be fine."

"What happens when he discovers the missing tapes and pictures?"

She chuckled. "He'll probably go ballistic, but I don't think he'll climb onto a chair and take the vent off if I'm watching him, and I won't let him out of my sight."

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