tagIncest/TabooMy Sister, Kelly Ch. 03

My Sister, Kelly Ch. 03


Kelly waited for her sister, Janice, to arrive and debated yet again whether to inform her about her incestuous relationship with John. The doorbell rang before she made a firm decision, and Kelly let Janice in the door.

"Okay, what happened?" Janice asked as she breezed by. The beautiful brunette was dressed to tease, as usual, with a mini-skirt and halter-top and wedged shoes. No hose, but with legs to rival Kelly's, she didn't need any. No man troubles, Kelly observed. Janice looked lean and trim. At five-seven, an inch taller than Kelly, Janice had to watch what she ate. She tended to put on pounds easily, and usually overate when distressed about a boyfriend. While Kelly was model slim, Janice was voluptuous, but Janice wanted Kelly's look, so she exercised daily, and seemed to be on a perpetual diet.

"What do you mean?" Kelly asked ingenuously.

"Don't act the innocent. I tried to reach you last night. I planned to come over and help you out of your doldrums, but you weren't home, or weren't answering your phone. Then when you returned my call today, you sounded so happy I knew something had happened. Come on, spit it out."

Kelly grinned. "I wasn't home. I had a date last night. He arrived in a limo with a dozen yellow roses and took me to an expensive restaurant for dinner, and then we went dancing." She nodded toward the vase on the dining room table filled with yellow roses. "Aren't they beautiful. Janice, I feel like a girl again. It was by far the best date of my entire life." Kelly shivered as she remembered certain events from the date, especially when John first entered her after they returned to her house.

Janice's smile joined her sister's. She appeared as happy about the event as Kelly. "Good for you, Sis. I hope you got laid, too."

Kelly felt Janice studying her reaction, and when Kelly's face flushed, Janice added excitedly, "Yes! Good for you! It's about time. How was it? Who? What's his name? Tell me about him. Tell me everything."

Kelly blushed. "You might not approve, Janice, and before I tell you, promise not to tell a soul."

"Damn! Jim isn't trying to win you back, is he?

"No, when I get through with that low-life cock sucker, he'll wish he had never met me."

"Good. Okay, tell your little sister all the details."

"First, promise me you won't tell anyone."

"I promise, and you know I can keep a promise. We have too many secrets between us, especially the big one, for you to doubt my promise."

Kelly chuckled. "True. First tell me how you planned to get me out of the doldrums." If she planned what I think she planned, it'll be easier to tell her about John, Kelly thought.

"You know how," Janice said with a coy grin. "I thought we'd console each other. I was languishing at home alone, without a date and horny, and... You know. Besides, you get me off better than a man anyway."

Kelly and Janice had started giving each other sexual pleasure while Kelly still lived at home. It had started innocently enough. Janice looked up to Kelly, went to her for answers to questions about boys and sex. When Janice asked her about masturbation, Kelly had shown her how, and for a few years they occasionally masturbated together. One night they touched each other and eventually graduated to the full Sapphic embrace just before Kelly moved out of the house and a short time later married Jim. The sisters stopped having sex with each other when Kelly married, but when Kelly's troubles started with her husband six months ago, Janice dropped by, and the two of them rekindled their casual sexual relationship.

Kelly took a deep breath. "Are you ready for this?" More importantly, am I ready for this? Kelly asked herself.

"Yes! The suspense is killing me."


"John? John who?" Janice's confused look suddenly changed to one of amazement. "John! Our brother, John?"



Kelly warily observed her sister. How would she take the news? Would Janice think she was perverted? Sick?

"God, that's hot!" Janice exclaimed with a smile. "I've always known the two of you had something special between you, but you both ignored your feelings for each other for so long I thought nothing would ever happen. Details! Give me details."

Relieved, Kelly sat and took Janice's hands in hers. "We're in love with each other, Janice."

"Yeah, I know. You've been in love with each other for years. Details, please."

"How did you know? I've never admitted to anyone how I felt about John. I ignored my feelings for him because of the incest taboo."

"For hell's sake, Kelly, what you and I do is incest!"

"It's not the same. I'm not in love with you. Besides, you're a woman."

Janice's uproarious laugh echoed around the room along with a ringing doorbell.

"That might be John," Kelly said, somewhat miffed at Janice's reaction.

"Go ahead, let him in. We'll talk more later. Does he know about you and me?"

"No. No one knows about you and me, except you and me, and I'd like to keep it that way. Okay?" Kelly said as she hurried to the door.

Janice didn't answer, merely laughed again.

The man at the door remarked, "I'm here to change your locks. How many sets of keys do you want?"

"Two, no three." One set for me, one extra set in case I lose mine, and a set for John, Kelly reasoned.

Kelly stopped in the kitchen and poured an iced tea for her and Janice, and when she settled next to her sister on the sofa, Janice nagged her for details again, so Kelly told her about the picture John had shown her but was interrupted when the doorbell rang again. This time it was a man to change the frequency on the garage door opener, and Kelly had no sooner settled on the sofa than the doorbell jangled again. John had not informed her about the alarm he had ordered, which confused her at first, but upon reflection, Kelly thought it was a good idea. A woman living alone should be protected by an alarm system. But then again, I might not be living alone very long, Kelly thought and shivered with pleasure when she considered the possibility of John moving in with her. The idea of waking up every morning with his arms around her thrilled her.

"It's like Grand Central Station here," Janice quipped.


"So your ex took some dirty pictures in your living room of a couple having sex. What's the problem?" Janice asked.

"Because the picture is on the Internet for the world to see, including my painting and living room, and later I found out Jim also put a video on the Internet with me in the starring role." Kelly blushed. "I was masturbating. I'll tell you more about that later. About John and me, well, I commented that my breasts were better than Mary's, and John boasted he was larger than Peter, and, well, things developed, and I went down on him."

"Wow, that's sexy. Did he have a right to brag, Sis?"

"Yeah. He's bigger than anyone I've ever been with."

"Damn, I'm getting horny. If you didn't have a crowd here, I'd..."

She's thinking about John's cock, Kelly thought. "He's mine, Janice. You leave him be."

"Yeah, I know. What happened then?"

Kelly told her about the rest of that night and the next day, finally bringing her up to date; although she was interrupted frequently to handle the locksmith, garage-door man, or the man installing the alarm. The women were talking about the video of Kelly masturbating on the Internet for the world to see when the last man finished his task, leaving the two women alone.

"What are you going to do about the video?" Janice asked with a concerned voice.

"I don't know. John is looking into it. He's spoken with an attorney, and he has an idea we haven't discussed about how to get even with Jim."

"When do you expect John?" Janice asked.

Kelly glanced at her wristwatch. "He's late now. He said he would drop by in a couple of hours. That's been over two hours ago."

"Darn it. Your details gave me a serious case of the hornies. I hoped we'd have time..." Janice placed her hand on the inside of Kelly's thigh.

"I know what you mean. Telling you about it made me excited all over again, too." Kelly brushed Janice's bangs from her eyes and then brushed her lips to her sister's lips.

"Are you going to tell John about us?" Janice asked as she slid her hand up Kelly's thigh and cupped her palm over the crotch of her sister's panties.

Kelly groaned when Janice applied pressure. "We promised each other we would never tell anyone. Damn, that feels good. Uh, being bisexual isn't something to be kept from the man you love, though I guess I can tell him I've been with a woman without naming names."

"If you need to tell him about me, go ahead. I'll understand, and I trust John to keep it mum. How do you think he'd react if you told him?" Janice asked as she moved her fingers under the leg band of Kelly's panties onto her cunt and slowly rubbed her outer lips, finally dipping into her crease.

Kelly gasped when one of her sister's fingers slipped fully inside her and then retracted and rolled up and over her clitoris. "I don't know, Janice. It's difficult to concentrate when you touch me like that, but my guess is the incest part won't turn him off, but I don't know how he feels about women having sex with other women." "You're wet," Janice remarked as she ran her finger up one side of Kelly's inner lips and down the other, bumping her clit with each pass and slowly twirling her fingers in the wet spot at the entrance to her vagina.

Kelly chuckled and reached in Janice's halter-top to fondle her sister's large breasts. "What did you expect? You've been playing with my pussy." She lifted a breast, felt the weight of it along with a little envy. A nipple lengthened and hardened when she pinched it between her thumb and forefinger.

Janice sighed. "You know how to touch my nipples better than anyone. You know what I think?" Janice shoved two fingers into Kelly's hot cunt as far as they would go.

Kelly moaned and humped her cunt at her sister's invading fingers. "No. What do you think?" she gasped.

"I think if you told him about us, he'd get excited. He might even want to watch us."

Kelly's arousal soared, but then she realized if John watched, she would probably need to share him with Janice. She wasn't ready to share John with anyone, not yet, maybe never. "Really? What makes you think that?" Kelly asked.

"Because I was part of a foursome once, and the guys really got off when the other woman and I went down on each other."

"Sometimes you're a real slut, Janice," Kelly said, but with a smile, and she pictured Janice with two men and a woman, and... She pushed Janice's halter-top aside and kissed a large nipple, and then licked it before forcefully sucking into her mouth.

"Yeah, I know. I like nasty, prefer naughty to nice. Damn, I wish we had more time. Suck on the other one now. Yes. That's so good. You're hot, aren't you?"

"Uh-huh," Kelly mumbled and then replaced her mouth with her fingers so she could talk. "You're the only woman I've ever been with, Janice. How many women...ah, you know?" Janice's fingers twisted and turned inside her pussy, pushing against the walls, finding little spots she knew about, spots not normally caressed.

"Only you and the one I just told you about. Are you thinking about me and the other woman or fantasizing about John watching us?"

"Both. I can't figure out which fantasy to explore," Kelly said and was amazed again with her sister's ability to know her thoughts.

The doorbell rang. Kelly groaned, and Janice looked more than a little disappointed.

"You owe me," Janice grumbled and pulled her fingers from her sister's pussy. She sucked Kelly's juices from the digits. The women straightened their clothes, and Kelly rose and answered the door.

John stepped in, and Kelly kissed him hello. The embrace started out friendly, became romantic and evolved into a full-blown passionate embrace. It wasn't until after Kelly released him that John noticed Janice sitting in the living room with a silly grin on her face.

"Hi, Sis," John said, blushing. "I take it Kelly told you about us."

"Yeah," Janice replied as she eyed his obvious erection. She pulled her eyes from his bulging trousers to his face and smiled. "Congratulations. It's about time the two of you recognized you wanted each other so much."

John glanced curiously at Kelly.

Kelly shrugged. "She knew I loved you before I told her. I guess I didn't hide how I felt about you all these years as well as I thought I did."

"You hid it better than John," Janice remarked and laughed.

"Who else knows?" John asked with resignation. "The parents?"

Yes, what are we going to do about the parents? Kelly asked herself. They'll be devastated. Incest aside, they want grandchildren, and John and I can't provide any for them, and they're likely to go ballistic about the incest issue, anyway. And what about me? I want children, too. Damn! This incest business is complicated.

"No, or if they do, they're in denial," Janice replied to John's question.

"Let's keep it that way. Okay," John said.

"Yeah, I've already promised to keep mum, but when they see the two of you together, they'll know, at least Mother will." Janice glanced from one sibling to the other and chuckled. "There's no way the two of you can keep this a secret from her. Jeez, John, when you look at Kelly, you turn up the thermostat ten degrees."

Kelly snickered. "Yeah, when he looks at me he certainly makes me hot."

"Okay, let's say Mother knows. How will she react?" John asked.

"She'll go ballistic," Kelly stated.

"Not necessarily," Janice said.

"Why? Explain," John asked.

"Mom's no dummy. If I knew the two of you had a thing for each other, Mom knows, too. She might not be as surprised as you think, though I won't pretend to predict how she'll react. I do know she wants grandkids, and the two of you..."

"Can't take the risk," John commented, finishing Janice's sentence for her.

"Yeah, and I'm not ready to supply the little buggers for her and Dad's entertainment, not for a quite a few years," Janice remarked.

"What about Dad?" John added.

"Oh, he'll go ballistic," Janice quipped.

"Maybe not," Kelly said and smiled shyly. "I might have a lever with Dad."

"Lever? What kind of lever?"

Kelly blushed. "Uh, oh, damn. When I was a teenager, I ran across Daddy's stash of obscene stuff, mostly magazines and paperbacks. The entire subject matter in the stash related to incest. At the very least, Daddy fantasizes about the subject." And I teased the man like I teased you, John, Kelly thought, and he was more aggressive than you.

"So what?" John said. "A lot of men and women get off fantasizing about incest, but few actually become involved, and even if the subject turns them on, most of them would condemn anyone who breaks the taboo. How can you turn his kink into a lever?"

Damn, John has a habit of pushing me into a corner, Kelly thought. "Leave Daddy to me, John. He won't like it, but ultimately he'll accept us as lovers."

John raised his eyebrows and gave Kelly a curious look. "You're not telling me everything, Kelly? Did you and Dad..."

"No! I've never had sex with Dad," Kelly insisted. He kissed me, though, and... She remembered his touches that one time when she had teased him beyond his breaking point.

"Dad has busy hands, John," Janice said and laughed nervously.

"You, too?" Kelly exclaimed, obviously shocked.

"Yeah, but he won't to go beyond petting. I know; I tried to take him there. He refused," Janice stated with a disappointed look.

"I'll be damned," John said. "What about Mother? Does she know...?"

"I don't think so. I never said anything," Janice said.

"Me, neither," Kelly agreed.

The phone rang; Kelly answered. "It's for you, John. He says is name is Bob Williams."

"Ah, my attorney friend," John said, took the phone and announced himself. "Yeah, I'll come over now ... Yes, I'll bring everything, but I'll need to run by my apartment. See you in a half-hour or so." He turned to Kelly and Janice. "Gotta go. The jury for a client Bob was defending came in early. He has some free time and wants to meet with me about the videos and photos."

"I don't want him seeing my video, John," Kelly said.

"I won't show it to him unless absolutely necessary, Kelly. Okay?"

"I guess." Kelly reluctantly agreed and followed him to the front door. "Wait a minute, John. I have a set of house keys and a garage door opener for you. The locks have been changed. And if you need to turn off the alarm, use your birth date."

She grabbed the keys and door opener from the counter in the kitchen and hurried back to him. She kissed him again, and he curled her toes. "I do like your kisses, Lover," Kelly said and watched until he closed the door behind him. She set the new alarm for practice. Besides, the alarm guy had recommended that she keep it set even when she was inside the home.

Back in the living room, Kelly noticed Janice wore a silly grin. "What?"

"You've got it bad, big sister. I'm happy for you."

"Oh, yeah, I've got it bad all right, worse than I've ever had it. I love the guy to pieces, Janice. Are you hungry? It's lunchtime. I'm going to make me a salad. Do you want one?"

"Sounds good."

The two women strolled into the kitchen and talked while Kelly made the salads and set the table. "Iced tea to drink?" Kelly asked.

Janice nodded, and Kelly poured two glasses of iced tea. "So Daddy felt you up, too?" Kelly said as she set a salad in front of her sister and sat to join her for lunch.


Kelly blushed. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

They laughed together.

"Because I felt guilty. I figured the whole thing was my fault," Kelly admitted. "I'd been teasing him by bouncing around the house in my panties and bra for about a year. I teased both Daddy and John unmercifully at that time, testing my ability to excite a male, and Daddy and John were handy and safe, or so I thought. Then one day when I was thirteen, I landed in his lap scantily clad, and he groaned in frustration, and the next thing I knew, he had kissed me thoroughly and had his fingers in my panties. He only touched me that one time."

"That's the same age he felt me up the first time."

"First time? You mean he touched you more than once?"

"Oh, yeah, quite a few times, though to be fair, I instigated most of incidents. I really liked Daddy touching me, and I liked the feel of his hard cock in his pants rubbing against my little pussy. I tried to take it out one day, but he stopped me."

Kelly shook her head. "You've always been bolder than me. How far did he go with you?"

"He played with my pussy with his fingers until I came, and on a couple of occasions, he sucked my titties. I wanted more. As I said, I tried to take his cock out of his pants, but he wouldn't let me. Ultimately, I think I became too bold, using your word, and he stopped, refused to allow me to instigate another session. I guess I scared him away. That was a little over three years ago."

Kelly chuckled. "Well, it appears you have more leverage than I."

"Not really. Frankly, I'm not sure either of us has any leverage. I think he didn't go any further with us because of the incest taboo. I was certainly willing, and he knew it."

"Maybe he was concerned about Mom."

"Maybe, but..." Janice shrugged.

The two ate in silence until Janice pushed her plate away. "Look, it's been a busy day. Let's get in your big tub and relax."

Yeah, sure, she just wants me to get her off, Kelly thought but the idea appealed her. She and Janice had taken a bath together in her tub before. It was oversized with those jet thingies like a hot tub. The two of them had had a lot of fun scrubbing each other with soapy, bare hands as the hot water bubbled around them. And, their lunchtime conversation about their father's shenanigans had aroused her. But Kelly also remembered she had felt guilty as she answered the door to John when moments before she had allowed Janice to play with her pussy.

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