tagIncest/TabooMy Sister the Tease

My Sister the Tease


My sister Kimberly and I always got along really well and stood up for each other a lot with our parents whenever we got into trouble, which seemed to be pretty often.

We really saved each other's asses quite a few times and had come to trust each other implicitly with just about anything, but when she finally discovered an obsession with boys, things changed between us, much to my dismay.

Gradually she changed even how she dressed, especially around the house. When the parents were gone, it was anyone's guess what she would wear, usually just some sexy panties that hugged her butt and pussy and a t-shirt without a bra or just as often, only a skimpy bra that showed off her breasts. And what breasts they were, in a word magnificent. They drove me crazy with desire.

It seemed as if she was going out of her way to agitate and arouse me, and I couldn't tell what she was really thinking. But I knew what I was thinking. I was overwhelmed, mesmerized with her erotic beauty.

My problem was, my sister is a very hot teen and her body is... well, amazing, and beautiful. I had never thought of her in a sexual way before, but now? I idolized her. She was a goddess and knew it. She seemed to know how much it bothered me, and even seemed to get a perverse pleasure out of torturing me. I idolized her and started to fanaticize about her more and more. Even though I was nineteen and she eighteen, we had both lead sheltered lives and were somewhat at a loss when it came to sex.

We were both virgins, quite inexperienced in sex, although she acted like a horny slut in front of me, so I thought she probably had fucked a zillion guys. She could care less what anyone thought and especially what I thought. At least this is the attitude I perceived.

But it was all show, and no go. As much as she was a tease, she had almost no experience with sex, leading me to believe the opposite. So I had no clue what she was really like or what she was thinking. Only later did I find this out.

Kimberly wouldn't give me any peace (of ass or of mind), many times following me into my room to ask some stupid question or talk about random things, just so she could haunt and taunt me with her sexy half naked body.

She would lean back with her arms behind her head as she puffed her perfect breasts out, with her erect nipples poking through a tight t-shirt, showing them off to me. Her breasts were the epitome of desire for me, they were the sum and substance of everything I could ever want, other than the rest of her of course. But this drove me crazy. She was so very hot.

Sometimes she would slightly spread her legs so that the panty material between her legs would mold against her pussy mound and reveal it's hidden wonders. I imagined she must have pulled her panties tight just before she appeared, so as to show me all her goodies. Her luscious pussy was fully detailed there as it tried to penetrate her thin panties. I suppose she got off on doing this, but I couldn't be sure. It sure inflamed my desire for her more and more.

I loved to see her outlined moist pussy more than anything else. I could see everything; at least my imagination thought I could, as I definitely could see the beautiful form of her powerful pussy slit and all of her incredible cunt lips inviting me to ravish it. It was so damn hot to see this.

As I stared at her all-engaging cunt, suddenly I found myself moving forward and cupping her hot mound with my hand as I kissed the cleavage between her succulent breast mounds. She responded by arching her mound into my hand, pressing into me firmly. She started to moan deeply and sigh as I continued to fondle her bare pussy lips vigorously. I tore her panties off in one swift motion and straddling her I sank my throbbing cock deep into her in one motion. It was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me. I was in ecstasy as I contemplated this imaginary scenario in my mind. If only it were true, I would give anything for the chance, but didn't have the balls to go for it. Sigh...

I wanted to rub her pussy forever and fuck the hell out of her, but I couldn't ever really do anything. So I jerked off all the time, to relieve the pressure. It seemed like I was definitely going to go blind, if the stories were true about that.

This teasing had the obvious effect, making me horny as hell for my sister and out of my mind with never ending thoughts of her. I was always scheming how I could catch her naked or see her firm 36C breasts.

I never had much luck, since she only teased me and never gave me a chance to see more than just what she wanted to show me.

The one time I saw more than she wanted was a freak accident. I was reaching for the bathroom door hoping it would be unlocked (which had never happened yet) so I could barge in and catch her naked, and just as I was reaching for the door, she shoved open the bathroom door herself from inside and ran out quickly, without looking where she was going.

She was only wearing a towel loosely covering her nakedness, held with one hand at her shoulder. She ran into me hard, knocking her hand away from the towel, which fell to the floor.

There she was, in all her naked glory, to feast my eyes on. And feast I did. Her beauty stunned me, her breasts were larger, firmer, and more succulent than I had thought. Her nipples were very hard and puffed and became even harder, as she flushed in embarrassment. She actually seemed aroused by her nakedness in front of me, but responded harshly. I had an instant gigantic hardon, which stuck out horrendously since I was wearing only light shorts with no underwear.

She shrieked loudly at me, "You pervert, stop staring. I hope you are satisfied now, seeing me naked. This is what you wanted, isn't it. And the proof of it is your boner."

She was really flustered and was afraid to bend over and pick up the towel, as she knew I would really get a close-up view of her firm ass and her trimmed puffy pussy.

I could see clearly that she wasn't very hairy, keeping herself nicely trimmed down there, so that only a few amazing blond wisps of hair accentuated her fine cunt lips, inviting me to grasp her mound firmly in the palm of my hand and rub her crotch to her satisfaction, as her orgasm rushed through her body from my exquisite touch and I reveled in her unending erotic beauty.

Of course I did no such thing, but imagined it very realistically in my mind over and over again within those few timeless seconds I basked in her wondrous naked glory, as I contemplated firsthand that which I had only imagined for the last nine months.

Finally, she just turned and ran to her room, her firm ass cheeks moving sensuously and her full breasts jiggling slowly with her motion. Now I knew that, what I had been only thinking about for so long, was even more incredible than I had imagined.

My lust for her body was now totally out of control and I could literally not think of anything else. I was consumed with her, overwhelmed with the burning fire of lust for my precious little sister. I was totally in love with her and also in lust for her.

Her incredible body was just wonderful. I had always seen it in various stages of half nakedness, but never could get any further than seeing. I was falling more and more in love with my little sister and thinking of her constantly.

This affected my schoolwork and my ability to concentrate. My mom thought I had gotten some disease like "attention deficiency syndrome," or something, as my teachers complained and my grades plummeted. But it wasn't anything like that; I was just overwhelmed with my sister's erotic body and was excessively horny because of her. Nothing else mattered to me, other than Kimberly.

I thought of many schemes to try to seduce her, but didn't have the guts to really try any of them and was feeling more and more depressed. Everything seemed to be going wrong.

I had been a good student and excelled at sports, but now I was getting C's and D's and I wasn't even interested in trying out for any of the sports teams in school. My friends noticed I was really spaced out, but couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.

They did come close when they told me that my only problem was that I really needed to get laid. I certainly agreed; I needed to get laid badly, but the candidates weren't lining up, so prospects looked slim. And my friends had their own difficulties to worry about, so weren't interested in helping me with that.

But there was really only one piece of ass I was interested in and I was trapped in a house with her most of the time, with little prospect for fulfilling that ambition. In reality, I was cruelly tortured by her incredible beauty. To make matters worse I was totally in love with Kimberly also.

It all came to a head one night after we had a beer party at my best friend's house. I was so frustrated and angry about my life that I hit the bottle really hard, trying to drown my sorrows in alcohol. It all seemed so painful and useless and I tried to forget everything. For once I felt no pain as I came home really drunk around eleven, hoping to go to bed and jerk off without seeing anyone.

Unfortunately, Kimberly was home alone, a rare occurrence.

Anyway, I guess she was bored, so she decided to torture me with her usual half naked parade, but I was three sheets to the wind, and when she started in with her teasing, which was worse than usual, I lost it.

It had been too much, having to tolerate months of her teasing and now she was being even more tempting. I couldn't take it anymore. Enough was enough. She just would not leave me in peace. I was really pissed off at her, which is quite rare for me. I never get angry about anything, but I did that night.

I told her to leave me alone and go away, but this only caused her to increase her taunts.

I jumped up, grabbed her, shaking her by the shoulders as I yelled loudly at her, and then I grabbed her bra with one hand between her two big knockers and ripped it off her, yelling, "Is this what you want, you fucking slut. Do you just want to get fucked? You are always flirting with me like you want me to fuck you, so now I am going to do it. I am sick and tired of your goddamned teasing and am not going to take it anymore.

"I can't stand it and I won't take anymore of your shit. I am going to give you just what you have been asking for all this time, I am going to fuck you hard, like you have never been fucked, and then I am going to beat the shit out of you. You will wish you never teased me."

I wasn't really that cruel, that I would rape her or force her to do anything, much less beat her. But I wanted to teach her a lesson she wouldn't forget by scaring the living shit out of her.

She really deserved it and I was going to make sure she knew she had driven me way too far. She had been acting like a total slut for the last year and now she was reaping the results of her teasing. I had finally snapped.

I slapped her breasts and face a few times for emphasis. She really looked scared now, as I slapped her around then threw her onto the couch.

I continued yelling at her as I told her how much grief she had caused me and slapped her face a few times more, not so hard, so I really didn't hurt her much. The slaps were more dramatic to emphasize my yelling, not to hurt her, and they had the desired effect.

I was pissed and the more I yelled the more pissed off I became. At that point she started to fear my obviously enraged mood, wincing with my words as if they were strikes to her body.

I think she was genuinely afraid of what I might do to her, as she had never seen me angry before and I was extremely angry. I was out of control.

I really had lost it and she was terrified, shrinking on the couch in fear, shivering and whimpering.

I had worked myself nearly into hysterics with all my yelling, and in addition to the pent up frustration, it just all came out. Being totally intoxicated, I had lost it big time and didn't really understand what I was doing or how rough I was with her. Of course at that point I wasn't really aware of what I was saying either.

As I continued my ranting, my anger at her changed into feeling sorry for myself. I realized why I was so angry, and that was because I had really fallen for her and her teasing affected me much more because of this. I was so frustrated because I couldn't have her, when she was always showing herself to me and not giving me anything. But I still couldn't bring myself to hurt her, even though I wanted to get even with her. But I couldn't, so I drove myself further over the edge.

At a point I broke down and actually started to cry, saying I was sorry for being so rough on her, but, "You just drive me crazy and I can't stand it.

"Do you know how hard you make my cock with your teasing? Don't you know how much that affects me? You run around here all the time half naked with your incredible body, showing everything off and I just can't stand it. I have to jerk off three times a day just to keep from going crazy."

"You were such a great sister and we were best friends before. Now that you are so hot, all you do is make me hate you. You are driving me totally fucking crazy. We used to mean so much to each other, but now you don't give a shit about me and I am going fucking nuts. I am failing in school and don't even care about sports anymore." I just went rambling on and on.

"I am just somebody you can get off on, by torturing me." I was really losing it big time, in my very inebriated state and babbled on and on. I am not sure just what I said, because I passed out not long after that, so can't remember. But I was pretty pathetic.

After all this passed, she told me everything she had thought and also what I had said in my drunken spree. My tirade initially scared my little sister half to death with thoughts of my raping her or beating her. The unknown factor was more terrifying for her than anything else, since she had never seen me like this. But when I continued babbling on in my drunken state, she realized that she had really misjudged me and had made a major mistake to tease me so mercilessly.

She realized that she had affected my whole life and had really made me half mad, but I was too nice to really do anything about it. That I didn't rape her or beat her in spite of my extreme rage was proof to her of my real nature.

It suddenly dawned on her that my slapping hadn't hurt her. Then and there she decided to make it up to me for not hurting her, even though she deserved it.

Kimberly was totally surprised and amazed at my tirade. She had never once ever seen me angry before and this was part of the reason she tortured me so much, because nothing ever seemed to upset me. She just wanted to get a reaction from me. I was too adjusted, always calm, so perfectly cool, while she was so unsure of herself. I still find this hard to believe because she is an absolute knock out beauty.

She had almost no self-esteem and thought guys didn't like her. She somehow thought she was a weirdo and that's why she always flaunted herself. She really wanted to force me to blow my cool, but now that she saw the effect it had she decided she didn't enjoy my reaction and regretted hurting me so badly.

She was even more surprised during my drunken tirade when I revealed many things she was sure I hadn't meant to say to her and most likely would not remember saying in the morning.

She was most shocked to find out that I really loved her a lot and thought of her all the time and because of her teasing was falling apart and could not keep my life together. I had blurted out that I was totally in love with her and was always absorbed in thoughts of her. I had revealed my unlimited love for her and she was smitten to find this out. She told me later that she felt so much love swell in her heart when I revealed my great love for her. She cried herself to sleep that night.

She had finally realized how heartless she was to do this to me. No wonder I flipped. "God, I am a real bitch," she thought. As I went off in my drunken tirade and babbled all sorts of secrets, she felt more and more what a horrible bitch she had been and how badly she had treated me. Finally I passed out on the couch and was out for the night.

She took my shoes off and covered me up with a blanket and caressed my cheek, kissing me on the lips gently before going to her room.

As she lay in bed naked, she contemplated her relationship with me, her dear brother, and realized how much she loved me. She felt that I was actually a great guy, but because I was her brother, there was a problem.

But, she thought, I did tease him all the time, so now I have to make it up to him somehow. Kimberly thought for a long time, finally reaching a decision in the night how to make it up to me. She felt so very sorry for her behavior, now that she knew how much damage she had done to me. She was determined to make me happy with her and to undo everything she had done to me. And she would do anything she could to assure this.

She wasn't sure how far she would go, but she did make a vow to herself that if she teased me again she would follow it up by giving me some of herself, not leaving me high and dry.

"That really is horrible, what was I thinking? What did I do to my poor brother?"

When I woke up late in the morning, I was foggy in my very hung-over state and wondered how far things went last night. I definitely remembered slapping Kimberly around and thinking of raping her when I got so pissed off.

But I became really worried when I couldn't remember anything beyond slapping her and ripping off her bra. "Oh my God, I hope I didn't rape her. Oh shit, what did I do?"

I was horrified to think that I might have really hurt my sister or worse, done something to her I would regret for the rest of my life.

I got up and relieved myself, then went upstairs to Kimberly's room. Softly knocking I entered. She was still asleep, laying on her back on top of the covers, in her thin panties with no bra, her beautiful breasts on display for my total pleasure.

I wanted badly to wake her and apologize for my abuse, but could not stop staring at her wondrous body. She was so incredibly beautiful. The tight thin panties highlighted her cunt mound and I could see every bump, especially her curved slit. After memorizing every last detail of her fine young body, I reached out for her shoulder and gently shook her.

Gradually she opened her eyes and looked into my eyes with warm affection. I was surprised that she didn't recoil in horror after last night and started to apologize, but she cut me off.

"No, Brian, it was my fault. I didn't realize what a bitch I have been and how much I was driving you crazy for so many months, showing off my body to you like that. It was wrong and I am really, really sorry. I wanted to excite you, but didn't know what that meant. I am so very sorry to have done that to you. It just wasn't right. And I feel so bad about it.

"I promise I will make it up to you in a way you would never expect from me. As much as I teased you, I will give you that much of me. Yes, brother, I am saying that I will let you have me. My body is yours to enjoy."

I couldn't believe she was saying this. It was my dream come true, if she really meant it.

"I ruined your life and now I am ready to make it up to you. Last night I could understand from your drunken babbling that you really loved me and would do anything for me. You were so angry only because you love me and wanted me and were so frustrated. Now I think we understand each other.

"I really do love you also. I was teasing you in hopes that you would want to do something with me, but never realized that because you care for me so much you would never start anything with me and I actually drove you way too far. I am so very sorry. Come here and lie down with me please. I want to hold you close."

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