tagIncest/TabooMy Sisters Ch. 01

My Sisters Ch. 01


My name is Don, a 32-year-old man who happened to have been born as the only male in my family, aside from my old man. I have three sisters with whom I have had a good relationship. Lauren, 23 years of age, is tall and dark haired. Kayla, 20 is slim and shares her older sister's looks. Finally, Cassandra, 18 years of age and unlike her two sisters, is on the short side with brown, not black hair.

I had long admired my sisters, specifically in the looks department. All three of them had appeared in my dreams and I knew from a young age I was sexually attracted to each of them.

Our parents were taking a long vacation this summer and had asked me to move back home to watch over my siblings, much to the annoyance of all three. Lauren, in particular, was not thrilled with thought if having her big brother living at home again; undoubtedly, she had envisioned a summer of having her boyfriend share her bed on a regular basis.

We had a big family dinner the night before our parents' flight and it seemed that Lauren was a bit distant towards me all evening. I slept on the couch that night, after that, I had my parents' bedroom to sleep in while my sisters each had their own rooms.

The next morning I drove Mom and Dad to the airport and promised them to watch over everything while they were gone. I waited until their flight lifted off and drove back home. Since it was a Saturday, all three girls were still crashed, they were known for sleeping late and my parents early flight was not something they had felt the need to get up for, as they said their goodbyes the previous night,

Every since my parents had asked me to stay over, two months ago, I had an idea in mind. Since I managed an electronics store, I was able to acquire some needed material for my plan.

I knew the girls would not be awake for at least an hour or so, so I took the opportunity to set things in motion. Kayla and Cassie shared a bathroom down the hall from their bedrooms. Lauren had her own bathroom that adjoined hers.

I knew that the equipment for Lauren's bathroom would have to wait until she was out of the house but the other bathroom was sufficiently far enough away from everything else that I could work without fear of waking anyone,'

I grabbed a bag from my car and started. I placed a tiny wireless camera in a floral arrangement in the younger girls' bathroom. This particular arrangement had been there for years and I knew the cam would not be discovered. I then went to my parent's bedroom and attached a wireless receiver to their big-screen TV. I set the frequency to pick up the signal from the bathroom and turned on the TV. I grinned as the picture came up. The view was perfect, encompassing the toilet as well as the glassed in shower stall. I set the DVR to record the feed and went downstairs to grab a bite to eat.

About an hour later, I was reading the paper when I heard someone walking in the hallway upstairs. I wondered which sister was going to be the initial featured attraction. I was somewhat bummed out when Lauren came down the stairs, as the system to record her was not in place yet.

"Morning Sis," I said. "How are you this fine morning?"

"I am fine," she replied. "I just don't understand why Mom and Dad felt it was necessary for me to have a babysitter." She said the word "babysitter" with as much sarcasm as could manage at this hour.

"Hey, I am just following instructions," I said. "Let's just try and get along as best we can, OK?"

She nodded absently and started to make some breakfast for herself as I watched her over the edge of the newspaper. She was wearing a nightshirt that barely covered her ass and her long legs were distracting the hell out of me. Little did she know that I had fantasized about her regularly, if she had known, I doubt she would have come downstairs without putting something more substantial on.

When she reached up into the cabinet for a dish, her nightshirt rose up and I caught a glimpse of yellow silk panties that hugged the curves of her butt cheeks. I quickly rearranged my own jeans to hide a hard-on that suddenly developed before she saw it.

After finishing breakfast, she told me she was going to shower and went back upstairs. About then, both Kayla and Cassie made their way downstairs. Kayla was wearing a bathrobe and Cassie was in a sweat suit so I was unable to get a good look at either of them, at least right then.

While the three of us were sitting around chatting, Lauren came back downstairs, looking like a million bucks. She had on tight jeans and a half top that showed off her flat stomach. She informed us she going out with some friends and left the house.

I saw my chance and told Kayla and Cassie that I was going upstairs to shower myself. I entered my parents' bathroom and turned on the water. I then went quickly to Laurens' bathroom and set up my equipment. The camera here went into a heating vent located up in a corner of the room. I undid the screws of the vent cover and taped the camera in place.

Returning to my parents' bedroom, I attached another wireless receiver and set the frequency. Turning on the TV I checked the angle of the view and found out that it was in a great position. I could see the entire bathroom area. Once again, the DVR was set and the installation of both cameras was complete.

I actually did take a shower then, finishing rather quickly and then coming back into the bedroom. I switched the TV to the station I had preset for the younger girls bathroom and was rewarded for my work as I saw Kayla enter the room.

She reached over, turned on the shower, and removed her bathrobe. I was shocked that she was nude underneath the robe; she apparently slept that way every night. I began to masturbate, looking at her beautiful body. She was facing away from the camera and I stared at her ass. It was better than I had ever imagined; the tan lines that ran up the cheeks, the way it swayed when she moved. I continued watching and she eventually turned towards the camera.

Her breasts were firm and the nipples stood straight out proudly. Her snatch was neatly trimmed and I noticed the bellybutton ring she had. My hand quickened its pace on my cock as she entered the shower and began to wash herself. When she began to wash her pussy, I groaned lightly and my muscles tensed as I came into my hand.

She finished her shower, dried herself and then left the bathroom, within a minute or two my youngest sibling entered. Cassie, as I said, was shorter than her sisters were and somewhat plumper, but not heavy by any stretch. She disrobed and I was surprised to see she was clean-shaven in her pubic area. Her breasts were on the heavy side, with a bit of sag evident in them. Her areolas were a dark pink color and her ass gave meaning to the term "Baby's got back".

I was unable to become hard again so soon so I just watched as Cassie showered and then dried off. I finished dressing and then went downstairs.

End Part 1

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