My Sister's Milk


This was just the first night of our sexual unions that included Sophie's milk. Soon I was fucking Mom, her cries echoing throughout the house, as I suckled at Sis's breast. Then, later Mom joined me at her daughter's breasts, both of us sucking, drinking as my penis pounded deeply into Mom. Sophie also insisted that she swallow me every night, laughingly arguing it was good for her health, that my sperm was full of essential vitamins, proteins, etc. Soon Sophie was ready for the feel of a hard cock and loved feeling me in her as Mom and I suckled.

We lived this way for eleven months, right into June of this year. Both Sophie and I did well at our respective schools this past year, but both look forward to a break this summer. Katie is perfect, healthy and loving, perhaps the best baby ever born, although her proud uncle may be slightly prejudiced when it comes to her. Mom wanted Sophie to wean her child (and us also) and finally convinced her in mid-June when she came up with a strange proposal.

"I've read all the stuff on the web about lactation that Ritchie found," she began, "And I've decided to try 'induced lactation', I want my little baby boy to finally taste his Mommy."

Both Sophie and I argued with Mom, telling her she was too old, it was too hard, she'd never be able to do it, etc., etc., but our arguments only made her more convinced of her plan. With advice from her doctor (yes, it was OK to try, but don't expect complete success), she started a regime, using a breast pump and certain drugs to induce lactation. As Sophie weaned us all the last couple of weeks, I wondered if Mom could ever produce even a little drink for her son, and was surprised and delighted to see her breasts grow ever larger, her nipples thicken, knowing that I would be fed again. Last night as I pumped furiously into her furiously gripping cunt, I tasted my Mom's delicious milk for the first time in nineteen years.

Making love to a woman as you suckle at her breast is an indescribable pleasure, and to do it with your sister, your mother, is doubly so. I know I won't have long to enjoy this new delight with Mom, and that it may be a couple of years before I drink again from Sophie's luscious orbs, but it has become a part of our sexual history and our love. I wrote this tale so that hopefully some of my readers will enjoy this almost ultimate gratification in the future. Good luck, there's nothing better than your Mother's and Sister's milk.

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