My Sister's Mouth


"Stop ogling my brother, you harlot," my sister shouted, laughingly.

I blushed, and made a hasty departure outside.

After I finished getting all the leaves out of the pool, the girls came outside in their bikinis. My sister's was red, with gold rings on the hips and just above her breasts. It was one I had not seen before, most likely something she bought while shopping with Heather. Beth was wearing a white bikini.

Uh oh, I thought to myself. If that gets wet, I might be seeing a little more of Beth than I ever have before.

They arranged their chairs so as to maximize their sun exposure, and soon began oiling each other up. It was all I could do not to watch as they did each other's backs and legs. I didn't want to get caught with an erection while staring at my sister and her bestie.

I dove into the pool, letting the cold water do its job, and keeping my eyes off the exposed girl-flesh. I swam underwater as long as I could hold my breath, and when I surfaced, they had gotten settled on their backs. I climbed up the ladder and sat on my own chair off to the side, grabbed my book and got lost in its pages, expelling all naughty thoughts of the two 18 year old girls nearby.

After they had switched to their backs and baked sufficiently, the moment I had been waiting for came; they were getting in the pool. I watched them through my sunglasses, confident they could not see my eyes. Once they were in, they dipped themselves up to their necks in the shallow end, and stood back up, doing that thing girls do with their wet hair. Anna's red bikini didn't change all that much, just got a few shades darker. Beth's however, had the predicted result. I could clearly see the outline of her nipples. I raised one leg a bit to hide my imminent hard-on.

"Beth, your suit might as well be clear for fuck's sake," my sister said in a low voice. Beth just laughed as she looked down. "Yea, I guess it is a little risqué," she laughed. "I'm glad I didn't wear it at the beach; I would've gotten arrested or something."

"Do you want to wear one of mine, you know, since my brother is here?" my sister asked Beth. "He's going to see your naughty bits if you wear that."

"Meh, after all the tits you told me he saw on his road trip, these little things probably won't even interest him," Beth snickered.

Boy was she wrong. I don't like huge tits; gravity doesn't treat them all that well. I prefer small to medium tits. In fact, my sisters was at the larger end of my ideal spectrum, while Beth's tight, perky, B-cups were smack dab in the middle of my perfect-o-meter. I ogled through my sunglasses. Oh man did I ogle.

Having cooled themselves off in the pool, they returned, dripping wet to their lounge chairs. I got a good side-view of Beth's transparent ass, but didn't want to risk being caught trying to peek at anything else. She did look at me a few times. I was starting to think she was doing this on purpose.

After another round of tanning, the girls went in the house to shower the suntan oil off of their bodies. By then Beth's suit had dried and her "naughty bits" as my sister had put it were once again shielded from my eager eyes. I raised the umbrella beside me, to take a break from the sun's rays and went back to my book.


About an hour later, I too went inside. The girls were in Anna's room with the door closed, so I went to my room. Approaching boredom, I decided to kill some time with Call of Duty once again. I went through the motions of starting it up, resuming from my last save point and soon was back to slaughtering terrorists.

My phone chirped beside me, and I paused the game to check the message I had received. It was Tommy, he wanted to know if I had made it through airport security with the pot. I forgot to call him when I got home, he probably assumed I'd been detained or something. As I was composing my message back to him, I heard my sister's voice from the vent between our rooms.

"This is some good shit," she said. "D brought this back from Cali. He smuggled it on the airplane for me."

"Yea, I don't smoke all that much, it always makes me super horny. But you already know that," Beth laughed.

Wow. Good to know, I laughed to myself. I returned my attention to my message to Tommy.

Then I heard a moan; a sexual moan. One or possibly both of the girls in the room next to me were touching themselves or each other. They must be out of it to not notice the sounds from my room had ceased. I listened for a bit, and heard several more small moans. Holy shit, my sister does girls too? I pictured what was going on in that room, Beth and my sister making out as they caressed each other's bodies. Mmmm...what I would give to be a fly on the wall, I thought.

I finished my message and hit send. I attempted to resume playing my game, but my mind was clearly elsewhere, as I died almost immediately. After shutting the game down, I brought up Netflix and resumed watching The Office from the last episode I had watched before my road trip; maximizing the screen so I could watch from my bed and try not to think about the Sapphic action taking place not 15 feet from my current position.

Halfway through the episode, my door opened slowly. It was Beth.

"Hi," she said. "Can I come in?"

"Yea, sure, just watching The Office," I said nervously.

"I love that show. Can I watch with you?" she asked.

I patted the bed next to me, and arranged the pillows so she could prop herself up. It was then I noticed she was wearing a towel. My brain did some quick calculations: she had showered after the pool to get the oil and chlorine off her body, so she most likely did not put her bikini back on, or that would defeat the purpose of the shower. She had just been either masturbating with my sister, or possibly more, and was now in my room in a towel. I arrived at the conclusion she was either naked, or wearing only panties or a thong as she very clearly had no bra straps showing.

She sat on the bed, modestly, next to me. Her bronze legs stretched out next to mine and made contact with my own. I pretended to pay attention to Michael Scott's antics but in my mind I was wondering why she was in my room, very nearly naked, while my sister was home. She had never shown this kind of blatant interest in me before. What had changed? Was it the weed? She said it made her horny. Was whatever she did with or to my sister in the other room not enough? And then she spoke.

"Your sister is kind of kinky," she blurted out.

I guffawed, literally. "Um, what? How so? Where is she, anyways?" I asked.

"She fell asleep. Don't be dense, I know you heard us. It shouldn't surprise you that your sister and I have messed around. I think all girls nowadays have played with a friend or two. Your sister has kink to her, Dan-o. We've tried different things and various toys but she only seems to get off when she has a cock-sized hair brush handle or dildo stuffed in her mouth." She rattled this off like it was no big deal to be telling her best friend's twin brother about his sister's oral fetish. It had to be the pot.

Since I already knew a bit about it, I tried to act more surprised than I was. I mean, I knew about the blowjob websites and her Google search, but I did not know the extent to which the fetish ran. She couldn't come without something stuffed in her mouth? Damn, I thought. That is pretty dirty.

"I went down on her for like 15 minutes before I shoved my dildo in her mouth. Soon as that bitch got it in her mouth she was going off like a rocket. You didn't hear her?" she asked, incredulously.

All this talk about my sister's sexual inclinations had affected my little soldier. He was soon straining my loose gym shorts, a fact that did not go unnoticed by Beth.

"Ooh, what have we here?" she asked playfully, licking her lips. "You like talking about your sister's mouth being stuffed full of cock?"

"Beth, I –," I started to speak before she cut me off.

"Shhh, I don't care if it's because of her, or the fact that I'm in here in only a towel and a thong. All I know is, I haven't had a cock in months," she put her finger to my mouth to shush me, while her other hand gripped my cock through my shorts. "I won't fuck you, not without your sister's permission, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun. I just finished servicing one McAllister, what's it matter if I do the other?"

She stood up, and dropped the towel, showing me her sexy, young body. "Come on, sit in the chair. This is my favorite way to do this."

I tried not to appear too eager as I made my way over to the chair. I'd only ever been with one girl, prior to the improvements the weightlifting class had bestowed upon me. I'd been the recipient of a few hand jobs, a clumsy inexperienced blowjob, and very impromptu, short, condom clad, drunken sex after prom. I barely remembered it and thus still considered myself a virgin in that regard. This gorgeous creature was urging me into a chair where she was going to kneel before me and give me a blowjob I was sure would be top-notch.

I sat down, at which point she retrieved a pillow from my bed, and laid it at my feet, and kneeled on it. She giggled softly, pointed to my shorts and said "This will be way better with those out of the way." She reached for the waistband, and I lifted my butt up from the chair to allow her to peel them down my legs. When she had removed them completely, she tossed them onto my bed.

"Mmmm...nice cock, D," she complimented my erection while running her hand up its length. I sighed at the sensation and slumped in the chair. "Has anyone ever done this for you?" she asked.

"Yes, but she had never done it before and it kind of hurt," I admitted.

"Aww, too much teeth or did she suck too hard?" she asked. "Did you get to come?"

"A little of both I suppose. I didn't want to complain. I was afraid she might stop or be offended and never want to try again," I told her. "And yes, but she finished me with her hand. She said her jaw hurt after a few minutes."

"That's tragic," she said. "Well, buckle up, Mister. You're about to get your first official blowjob. And Dan," she grinned, "I want you to come in my mouth."

My cock throbbed in her hand when she said that. She felt it get impossibly harder. She smiled at me, stroked it up and down slowly. Her gaze dropped again to my cock, at which point her face got a more serious look to it. Like someone about to start doing their homework.

She moved her face closer, and I felt her breath on my groin. She spit on the top of my cock, and rubbed it in with her hand, reaching her other hand up to cup my balls. It felt amazing. Up and down she stroked until my cock was wet with her saliva. She cooed softly, and leaned down to envelope the head in her mouth.

I was overwhelmed with the sensation of Beth's mouth. She licked the underside of the head, the Frenulum, while applying what I considered the perfect amount of suction. She slowly took more and more into her mouth, until she had about half before she came back up only to descend again. She never stopped moving her tongue along the underside. On each down stroke she would extend her tongue and lick beyond what was currently occupying her mouth. I was in heaven.

She pulled off, leaving a trail of saliva from her lips to my cock, and smiled at me. "Feels good, doesn't it?" she asked, leaning back, giving me a great view of her perfect tits while she stroked me.

"No, Beth, it feels amazing," I replied, honestly.

She returned to her task, taking me in a few more times, before she ducked down even lower. As this sexy 18 year old minx took my balls into her mouth, while slowly jacking my cock with a corkscrewing motion, I became overwhelmed. I had never felt anything like this before, nor imagined such a sensation could be felt. I peered down to witness the sight, only to be met with her green eyes staring right back at me.

She had my left testicle in her mouth, my saliva coated erection in her hand, and her eyes on me gauging my reaction; nothing hotter than this moment existed in my short life. The sensations continued as she nibbled and licked my scrotum for another minute, before plunging my cock back into her mouth, continuing to use her hand in a twisting motion. I leaned back to enjoy the orgasm that was building deep within me. When I came, it was going to be a geyser. I managed to stammer out as much, "Beth...I'm gonna cum...and...I haven't for a while, so..."

"Mmmm...gimme all you got, Dan-O," she said before resuming her exquisite blowjob.

I noticed motion up and to my right, and looked in its direction. My sister had woken up, and had gone to find her friend. She had frozen mid-step in the hallway and was staring wide-eyed at the act taking place a mere 5 feet from where she was standing; her friend going absolutely to town on my raging erection. Her eyes tore away from Beth's mouth and hand on my cock, and she looked me right in the eyes.

I came.

I came, hard.

Beth, god bless her, tried to take the copious amounts of come that was spurting into her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed, but it oozed out around her lips and back onto my cock, only to be rubbed in with her hand, as she did her best to milk everything I had and prolong my orgasm. This creature was actively trying to give me the best orgasm I had ever had, and let me tell you, she was succeeding.

When I opened my eyes again, my sister was gone, Beth was smiling up at me, still slowly jacking me, while little droplets continued form on the tip.

"How was that, sweetie?" she asked sexily, some of my come still clinging to her lips and chin, I noticed some had even dripped onto her left breast. Damn I came a lot., I thought. I could have sworn she swallowed most of it. How is so much of it still all over her?

"Amazing," I blurted between breaths. "No, better than amazing, I can't think of a word that does what you just did justice. Wow, Beth, thank you."

"You're welcome. You taste pretty good there, Danny. You eat a lot of fruit?" she asked.

I laughed and nodded that I did, but then I remembered my sister in the hallway.

"Um, Beth, my sister is awake and she kind of...saw us."

As I told her this, she grabbed the towel off my bed and wiped her face and hands. When she was done she looked at me seriously and said, "I guess I better go face the music, huh?"

With that she got up, leaving me to bask in my post-orgasmic bliss, and to contemplate the situation with my sister.


Beth had left almost immediately after that. I assume my sister was angry at her for messing around with her brother. I felt terrible; like I had broken my sister's favorite toy or something.

Dinner was rather sullen, my sister avoiding looking at me, and staying rather silent. It was very different from her bubbly demeanor last night. My parents noticed too, and asked her what was bothering her. She couldn't very well tell her she caught her best friend blowing her brother, she couldn't even mention Beth being here while she was grounded. Instead, she went with already feeling the effects of being grounded, trapped in the house and it was only day 1 of 60.

My father was rather proud of himself. "Maybe you'll think about that the next time you're going to do something stupid."

After dinner, we convened in the living room to finish the movie. Since my sister had fallen asleep last night and missed most of it, she opted to watch TV in her room. That's what she told our parents, I knew better. She was mad at me.

I tried to pay attention to the movie, but my mind kept jumping between the incident with Beth, and how lousy I felt for upsetting my sister. When the movie finally ended, I retired to my room, where I changed into some pj's and perused ITunes and other websites for new music to download. I had just began synching my IPod with the new tracks I'd gotten when my sister came in my room. My door wasn't closed, in truth, I had left it open hoping she would want to talk. At that moment I realized this all could have been avoided if Beth had closed my door behind her when she came in.

I stared at her, not knowing what to say. "Anna, I-" I said at the same time she said, "Why'd you do that to Beth?"

I was rather taken aback. What did I do TO Beth? She was the one that offered a free no questions asked blowjob.

"Anna, I think you misunderstand the situation." I began. She crossed her arms, and waited to hear my explanation. "What did she say happened?" I asked.

"I told her I didn't want to talk to her, and she left. I didn't give her a chance to explain why she was choking on brother's cock," she spat, angrily.

"She came in here, in a towel and her panties, having just had se-" I stopped midsentence, realizing what I had admitted.

"SHE TOLD YOU!? About us!? Oh my god, I'm going to kill her," she shouted as loud as she knew she could without our parents hearing her.

"Anna, calm down. She didn't really have to tell me. I could...hear...through the vent," I pointed to the vent we knew we could hear each other through.

"Fuck D, I knew that pot got the best of me..." she looked so embarrassed. She was shuffling awkwardly, and wringing her hands.

"She basically ordered me into the chair, Anna. I didn't do anything TO her. If anything she did it to me. I didn't even really have a choice in the matter. Put yourself in my shoes. You're a shy, inexperienced 18 year old guy who's only had one terrible blowjob. A hottie like Beth offers you pleasure like you've never known. What would you do?" I asked her.

"She is pretty good with her mouth, isn't she?" she asked, looking at my floor.

I chuckled, "Yea, I suppose she is. It's weird huh? We've both messed around with the same person," I asked her, trying to appeal to the funnier aspect of the debacle.

"That's not even the worst part..." Anna said, looking even more sheepish than before. Why is SHE so embarrassed? She stood there in silence, while I just waited for her to say whatever it was she was mulling over. Finally she said, "I liked it. The worst part is that I liked seeing her with your cock crammed in her mouth while you came so hard. You should have seen yourself D, your toes curled, your arms were rigid and you groaned like someone experiencing Nirvana. It looked amazing. I liked it, but I was...jealous," she blurted out. She looked like she was ashamed with herself, and might start crying at any minute. She moved to the edge of my bed and sat down before continuing. "I was jealous that my best friend was making you feel that good, when she knows about my..." she looked up at me, realizing what she had almost said.

I said it for her; "Fixation."

She turned absolutely crimson, and ran back to her room. I chased after her, and got there before she could close the door in my face. She fell onto her bed and covered her face with her pillow.

"Anna, Beth didn't have to tell me. I saw what you were looking at on my computer. You didn't delete the history, Banana. It was all right there for me to put 2 and 2 together. So what? You like giving head. From what I understand, lots of girls do. It's common enough there is a name for it. You're a fellatrix, Anna." I tried to comfort her in some weird, twisted way. This conversation sure was going down an unforeseen path.

"No, I'm not. I've only ever done it twice," she said between sobs.

Huh, how about that? My sister was still pretty virtuous. I briefly wondered if she might still be a virgin too.

"Ok, you're a closet fellatrix," I joked; that made her laugh a little.

"You know what you like but you just don't want that reputation or what?" I asked her.

"Exactly, I don't want the whole town to think I'm easy or I'm a slut. The only people that know are you and Beth." She came out from under the pillow and dried her eyes, realizing I was being supportive and not judging her.

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