tagErotic CouplingsMy Slutty Life

My Slutty Life


For Brooke, you naughty, naughty girl!


It was a really hot afternoon and I was bored to tears. I had made the mistake of coming home for the weekend, thinking that my neighbour and best friend, Shanice, was going to be around. It was only when I arrived that I found out to my chagrin that she had eloped with some stud on Friday and hadn't been seen since. I was so pissed off. I couldn't understand why she didn't call me and let me know of her plans before taking off. This was a bit unfair on my part since she didn't know I was coming home from college and anyway it's not like I'm her mother or anything. I was probably very jealous of her right now because I knew that she was probably being fucked senseless as we speak.

"Brooke!" I heard my step dad yell from downstairs. I pretended I didn't hear him until he called me the third time and I replied: "Yes, Daddy?" although my tone was sarcastic.

"Come down here now."

I sighed and crawled out of bed.

He watched me with his hands on his hips as I sauntered down the stairs to meet him. I was wearing only a bright pink colored half top that exposed my belly and the underside of my heavy breasts. The material was so light and flimsy you could see the outline of my nipples. Of course, as I walked, my bra-less tits wobbled and jiggled. I was also wearing a very brief pair of bum shorts that were so small it barely contained my hips and my ass. My camel toe was evident for all to see and if I turned around you could see my shorts sucked into my ass crack with most of my ass cheeks exposed to view. Okay, I confess I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and I knew I should dress more appropriately when meeting my step dad but I knew he didn't mind. He just smiled and shook his head and I knew he was wondering what a big slut his step daughter was.

"You are coming with me, Brooke" he said, "My friend and his wife just came into town. They are very big clients of mine and they may have a deal for me. However they are new here and I would like you to keep them company just for this evening. If you behave yourself and you do this right then maybe you'll get a big present from me."

"Such as?" I asked greedily.

"Not so fast, I'll let you know if you do what I tell you. Agreed?"

I imagined trying to chat up an old married couple and I wondered if my evening could get any worse.

"Alright, agreed, but your present better be worth it! Let me go and dress up."

"No, don't bother" he said hurriedly "You'll do fine in that."

"But I'm almost naked!" I protested.

"Really?" asked my step father sarcastically, "You just noticed? Brooke, stop fucking around and come with me, I haven't got all day."

He grabbed my wrist and impatiently led me to the garage.


His clients were lodged in a big hotel and they were called the Brents. My step dad had little patience with being discreet. He completely ignored the fact that I was half naked as he dragged me into the crowded lobby and I had to endure all sorts of stares as he got the front desk clerk to call their room. I immediately felt very horny and my nipples became as hard as nails. Everyone could see them trying to poke through the weak cloth. I knew they were sure that I was some sort of hooker.

My step dad got the room number and took me to the nearest elevator. It was crammed full of people. They looked at me in disbelief and I could actually hear a few of them sniggering. I was hoping my step dad would stand at my back to shield me from any possible molestation but no such luck. He stood in front of me with only a possessive grip on my wrist. The were at least three full grown men behind me and a middle aged woman who tried to murder me with her cold blue eyes. I looked down at my bare feet with only a pair of bathroom slippers on.

As the elevator opened and we got out on the floor, someone grabbed my exposed ass cheeks and gave them a good squeeze. His hands were big and strong and his fingers slid deep into my crack. I gasped and turned to look but only saw impassive faces. My dad dragged me away as the elevator doors closed again.

Finally we reached Room 323 and my step dad quickly knocked. A thin, reedy middle aged blonde opened the door and smiled at us. Her icy grey eyes lingered on my lips and my erect nipples making me feel shy.

"Come on in, guys" the woman said with a small thin smile, "Carlos is expecting you."

My step dad pushed me in and the door was closed behind us.

Carlos came out of the bathroom to meet us. He was a big, bearded Mexican guy with a beer gut and a hairy chest. His black, cruel eyes raked over my body sending a chill down my spine. All he had on was a big, white towel from the hotel, wrapped round his waist. He had long, black hair and would have looked handsome in a real sinister way if he had kept in shape. I also noticed an immense bulge below his gut which the thick white towel couldn't hide. As he watched me the bulge grew bigger and became more pronounced. My heart started to beat faster.

My step dad introduced us and he took my hand and kissed it.

"Brooke" he drawled in a smooth, silk-like voice that stirred my blood, "What a pleasure."

He didn't give me back my hand and instead led me to the couch where we both sat. My step dad took an easy chair opposite us and smiled beatifically at us, pointedly ignoring my accusing, frightened eyes.

"Brooke's here to keep you company" he said smoothly, "She's ready to go the extra mile to make sure you and your wife have a pleasant stay. You can be free with her. As you can see, Brooke is not a shy girl."

"Yes, I can see that" said Carlos as he shifted closer to me to have a better view down the front of my top, "I'm sure she'll be very satisfying company." He placed a hand on my bare shoulder and I cringed.

"So when do I come for us to complete the paperwork on the job?" asked my step dad.

"Come on Tuesday. Everything depends on the quality of the goods you brought me."

"I can assure you its top quality. It's been tried and trusted by many."

"Well, that's for me to judge. You do understand I can't be responsible for any damaged goods?"

"This product is designed for wear and tear. Be as rough as you like."

"Alright then."

I wondered what goods my step dad had supplied Carlos when I noticed his hand had crawled down my shoulder and was just above my right breast. My dad slapped his thighs and stood up.

"Well I'd better be off. Brooke, be a good girl and keep Carlos and his wife happy. See ya!"

Carlos' wife escorted him to the door while I wondered what the fuck I had got myself into. The wife came back and told us to excuse her while she took a nap and disappeared into the adjoining room. I and Carlos were left alone with the TV which was tuned to sports. My eyes were glued to a game of cricket which I didn't have the remotest interest in. Carlos' hand dropped through the front of my top and cupped my breast. I gasped and tried to pull away but his other hand grabbed both my wrists.

"So, Brooke" he asked conversationally, "Do you like to suck cock?"

I was shocked by his brash approach and was rendered speechless for a while.

He left my wrists and took my chin in his hand and turned my face towards him.

"Nice, full lips, Brown sugar" he said appreciatively, "I bet you really like to get on your knees and service a man like the slut that you are."

He spat on my mouth and used his thumb to moisten my lips with the blob of his saliva. My tongue automatically flicked over my lips, licking it up. Suddenly his hand left my boob and reached behind my back to grab my hair. I squealed in pain.

"Alright, that's enough foreplay" he hissed, his breath rife with whisky, "Kneel in front of me."

I was too turned on and afraid to disobey so I quickly got up and knelt in front of him. I looked at the bulge in front of me that looked impossibly huge. He yanked off the towel and I was confronted with the biggest penis I had ever seen in my life.

It was huge and black and the head looked as big as a small orange. I opened my mouth in shock. Fully erect it looked as thick as a coke bottle. I was instantly terrified. That thing would tear me into two! I wasn't given many options. His hand grabbed the back of my head and he pulled me forward and rammed his cock in my mouth.

I felt my lips stretch to their elastic limit. It wasn't even halfway in! His cock inched in until it was almost down my throat. I wanted to gag and tears were running down my cheeks from eyes that were nearly squeezed shut. He looked amused and pulled my head back and forth with my hair.

It was hard work blowing him. I could hardly swallow, and my saliva dripped everywhere. My tongue could barely wrap round his penis and I could only do justice to his dickhead. I also could not control the tempo because he held my head in his two hands and rocked it mercilessly against his dick. I couldn't talk and I used my eyes to plead with him. He laughed and fucked my mouth harder. I thought I was about to suffocate when he pulled out suddenly and I gagged. However there was no respite. He shoved my face into his testicles and I took my time licking each of those golf balls.

When he started to come, he shoved his cock back into my mouth. I tried to pull away but he anticipated this and kept my head steady as he ejaculated a continuous stream of cum down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow it all down.

He pulled out but he hadn't finished cumming. He held my chin in his hand and held his dick with the other and pointed it at my face. Cum was spewing out of his dickhead like a geyser and it splattered all over hair, eyes, nose and lips. When he was finally done, my dark face was completely covered with creamy white cum.

Sighing he told me to go to the bathroom and clean up. Gratefully I obeyed and I took my time in there. I was hoping he would be satisfied with his blowjob and I could now go home but when I came back out I was shocked to find him fully erect again.

"Take off your clothes" he ordered gruffly, "Slowly."

I had no choice so I started to striptease in front of him, even though there was hardly anything to take off. Soon I was completely naked in front of him, my tits jutting out in front of me and my pubic bush in full view. I felt like a complete whore.

"Come closer."

I obeyed.


I stood just in front of him. My pussy was directly in front of his face. He leaned forward and smelt it.

"Turn around" he ordered.

I did as I was told and I could feel his hot breath on my ass cheeks.

"Bend over."

I reached over to grab my ankles and I could feel my cheeks parting in front of his face.

"Grab your cheeks and spread them apart."

I released my ankles and grabbed my buttocks instead. I pulled them as far apart as possible and I knew he had an excellent view of my anus. I felt something soft and wet slither between my cheeks and wriggle into my asshole. I moaned with pleasure. He was licking my butt hole!

He grabbed my hips and continued to lubricate me. The sensation was driving me crazy and I was finding it hard to keep still. I grunted and groaned loudly. He made sure to lick up and down my parted crack. Eventually he pulled his face out of my ass and stuck his finger inside instead. He finger fucked my anus while I gasped in appreciation.

"Straighten up."

I did.

"Kneel in front of that chair and bend over."

I did as I was told and waited in apprehension for what was coming next.

What came next was him moving like a cobra to my backside and forcing his monstrous cock deep into my dripping asshole. The pain was intense and I screamed.

Carlos was not a gentle man. He grabbed my waist and pumped me with an animalistic frenzy that was anything but tender. Each thrust seemed to drive his organ deeper into my bowels and I screamed every time. Carlos did not have to worry about disturbing the other guests. The hotel rooms were soundproof.

Since he had cum before during the blowjob he could last a lot longer now. He fucked me for a very long time.

"My goodness, Brooke, you really have a tight ass, don't you?" he grunted appreciatively, "Tighter than my wife and all the hookers I've ever fucked. But when I'm through with you I'm afraid you might have to wear a nappy for the rest of your life. Because that tight ass of yours ain't gonna be so tight anymore..."

My vision was getting blurred. I was begging him to stop but he wasn't listening. I had had multiple orgasms and he still hadn't come. When he eventually did I must have passed out.


When I came to, it took me a few moments to realize where I was. I lay eagle-spread on the couch, my body completely covered with dry sperm. My pussy was facing the hotel door which I noticed was open as a young man from room service was wheeling in some food and champagne. His mouth fell agape when he saw me and he stopped dead in his tracks. Carlos who was reclining on an easy chair and smoking told him to hurry up. He had the towel back round his waist. I wondered why he had to leave me lying exposed for all to see but I guess he didn't care if anyone found out that he had just screwed the shit out of me. Anyway, I was too exhausted to move and could only watch helplessly through half closed eyes as the waiter eyed me as he served Carlos. Other guests passed by the door and a few stopped, shocked at the view.

The waiter left and Carlos told me to get my slutty self into the bathroom and take a shower. Completely humiliated I waddled into the bathroom while Carlos enjoyed his dinner.

I took a long, slow shower and I wondered when I could go home. Carlos had fucked me in the ass and mouth and I was not eager to see what he would do to my pussy. I could hardly walk and if this went on for the whole night I doubted I would be able to stand.

Someone entered the bathroom and I was instantly afraid. I had left the shower curtain open since I wasn't expecting Carlos to have finished his meal so quickly and come looking for me. But it wasn't the Mexican, it was his wife.

She was wearing a towel and I guess she came to take a bath too. She stopped to stare at me as I washed off the soap and immediately I felt shy and aroused at the same time. She was a thin woman but she had a very fit body that looked really lean and hard. Her hard breasts and strong thighs looked very sexy.

Her grey eyes watched me unblinkingly as I showered and I saw her hand pass under her towel. I saw her hand moving underneath and I knew she was pleasuring herself. She made small sighs and moans as she touched herself.

I was trying to make the shower last as much as possible but I knew I couldn't be in there forever. That was when I noticed that the towels were on a rack right next to where Carlos' wife was standing. There was no way I could get to the towel without getting my wet, luscious body within her reach. However I needn't have worried. She brought the towel to me.

As I took the towel from her hand I stared into her eyes and saw the undiluted lust that lurked within. It sent chills down my spine and I felt myself getting wet and it wasn't from the shower.

As I reached behind to dry my back with the towel she suddenly dropped to her knees in front of me and stuffed her face in my pussy. I was caught completely off guard and I felt her long tongue slither into my vagina and work its way to my clitoris. I gasped but continued to dry myself. I felt that if I could survive Carlos big dick then I should be able to handle his wife. However his wife knew how to use her tongue to a devastating degree and soon enough I was leaning back against the shower wall with one leg partially raised to give her more room to lick me thoroughly. My eyes were opaque with pleasure and I was moaning like a depraved slut.

Just when I thought I would pass out again, she suddenly got to her feet. I stared lustfully at her as she unhurriedly kissed my lips and briefly played with my boobs. I was raising my hands to touch her hard small breasts and was unaware of a hand that stole behind my back till it roughly grabbed my hair. Apparently she and her husband had a thing about hair grabbing. Her grip was even more vicious. I winced in pain and she grinned evilly as she dragged me out of the shower, out of the bath, passed an unconcerned Carlos who was stuffing his gut, and into her room. She pushed my still wet body on top of the bed and mounted me.

First of all she kissed me passionately for a long time and pulled and tweaked at my nipples. I grunted and groaned with pleasure and pain and I tried to push her off because she was so rough. Eventually she sat up.

I started to sit up, then she reached out a hand to grab a boob and pushed me flat again. She slid off me, raised my legs and spread them apart and stuffed her face in my vagina again.

She really took her time eating me. My hips were thrashing on the bed and I made more noise than I did when Carlos fucked me senseless. In some way, this woman's tongue was wrecking more havoc than Carlos abnormally large cock. I was going to faint again.

She sensed I was about to pass out and stopped abruptly. She got up, turned around and sat on my face. She rubbed her dripping wet pussy on my lips and nose until my face was completely covered with her juices. I licked back at her till she came in my face. She bucked and rocked and squealed her appreciation. Since her ass was sitting on my face I couldn't see her grab a huge dildo from somewhere and stuff it into my well lubricated vagina. She vigorously pushed the dildo in and out of my pussy with ruthless abandon and, maybe because she is a woman, she knew exactly how to twist and turn it to hit all the right spots in my body. Soon my ass was slamming on the bed as she fucked me relentlessly with the dildo. Apparently this lady played a lot of tennis or something because she had a lot of power in her wrist and arm and she wasn't tiring one bit.

I wanted to scream for her to stop but my mouth was filled with her still dripping pussy. I was blacking out again. There was a final nerve shattering climax and my body arched. Darkness fell.

When I woke up, it was early the next morning and the room was empty except for House cleaning. The woman ignored me as she cleaned the floor. She probably had plenty of experience putting out the trash and I was no different from the other discarded items in the room.

I guess she's right.

My step dad better have a very, very big surprise present.

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