tagIncest/TabooMy Slutty Mother

My Slutty Mother


It was about 7.00am when I came down the stairs from my room. It was the first day of the holidays for me and that meant I would be burdened with thoughts on how to make each passing day a little less boring than the last. Also all my girlfriends were a hundred miles away. This of course left a very horny twenty-something year old alone and with only his trusty left hand to comfort him.

My mom was in the kitchen preparing pancakes. The smell was wonderful and it hurried my footsteps. Another reason for my fleetness of foot was that at this precise moment she was bending over trying to find something in a cupboard. Before I continue I think a brief description of my mom will suffice.

She's one of these 'big' women; you know the kind that fills doorways with their sheer mass. She's very pretty with luxurious golden hair, full sensuous lips and big doe like eyes which seemed a little blank at times. But it was her curves that made her special. Her flesh was packed in the right places with boobs the size of cantaloupes and a massive bum that was more muscle than fat. When she moved she wobbled. Anytime you saw her your first impulse was to grab one of those juicy ass cheeks and give it a good squeeze. Right now she was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. The way her tits wobbled as she moved meant she was bra-less. Bending over like she was doing right now, her shorts looked ready to burst as her bum stretched them tight. I instantly had a hard on.

"Morning, Mom" I greeted as I brushed past her, taking my time. I expected her to straighten up as I squeezed between her and the wall but she didn't even bother. I was so bold I even let my hardening bulge press against her. The bulge mashed past one cheek before sliding into the ass crack. After a brief pause it pushed out and over the next cheek. I was even cheeky enough to hold her waist from behind as I did this. My family is very touch-feely so it wasn't really a big deal. But I must say I enjoyed the brief contact so much I think some pre-cum wet my shorts.

Mom straightened up and gave me a quizzical glance. I remained expressionless.

"Morning, honey" she drawled "Are you hungry?"

"Famished! I could eat anything."

"Well go on to the dining table, breakfast is nearly ready. The way you're looking at me I bet you won't mind having breast milk!"

My mouth hung agape and she ignored me after that. She stood well out of the way for me to pass this time but I could swear that her eyes had drifted casually to my crotch.

Breakfast was quick and uneventful and my dad was in such a hurry to get to work that he chewed his pancakes as he made for the door. I heard the car zoom off as my mom disappeared into the kitchen with the dishes.

I wondered what to do today. I had stacks of porn to wank off too but after the morning episode with my mom it seemed pointless. The awareness that I was alone in the house with a hot, juicy woman kept invading my thoughts and I was beginning to entertain some very nasty thoughts. Eventually I went up to my room.

Thirty minutes later I was aware of voices coming from the kitchen. I was curious to know who had come in through the back door so I tipped toed down the stairs and peeked furtively into the kitchen. It was my neighbor, Mr. Dunn. He was chatting with my mom and from the way he was dressed seemed he was supposed to be on his way to work. I also noticed he was a bit too touchy feely with my mom who didn't seem to mind at all.

"So when do we get some time together?" he asked as his hands rubbed her bare arms below the short sleeves of her t-shirt.

"You know I'm too busy to see you, Mark. Also my husband likes to come home straight after work."

"We won't spend long. It will just take an hour or so in my office." He pulled my mother into a tight embrace and I could see my mom's huge tits pressing against his chest.

"Mark!" she breathed "My son is upstairs."

"Relax. We'll be quiet." His hands roamed up and down her back.

I was shocked by what I was seeing and also getting very turned on. I slipped my hands into my shorts to touch my hardening cock. I watched as he began to nuzzle at my mom's ear and neck. My mother gasped and placed her hands on his shoulders to push him away but he squeezed her tighter.

"Come on, Baby" he crooned as he kissed the soft flesh of her neck "I know you like it. I can feel your nipples hardening against my chest."

"Mark, this is not a good time. You really have to go."

His hands went lower and slipped over her formidable rump to slide over her bottom. His big hands clasped her cheeks, the fingers entering her crack. Mom moaned deeply as our neighbor kneaded her massive buttocks. Her arms went round his neck and she pressed even closer to him.

"Ah, I see I've found your weak spot" he gloated as he took his time to feel up her bottom. His hands pulled the shorts a little way down to expose her naked flesh and I could see the top of her ass crack clearly. His hands slipped inside the shorts and I could imagine his hands groping her smooth, firm flesh. She shuddered and wiggled her bottom.

I felt an intense surge of jealousy and rage course through my veins. For years I had been fantasizing about touching my mother and here was our neighbor which my dad and I didn't really like fondling my mother to his heart's content. I felt like screaming! However I was wanking furiously now and still trying to stay hidden and quiet.

By now Mark was kissing Mom on her mouth and I could here wet smacks as he noisily sucked at her juicy lips. He suddenly released her and I was incensed to see the look of disappointment on her face.

"Stand up against the wall" he ordered.

My mom hurriedly stepped back so that her back touched the wall.

"Raise your arms in the air."

Mom obeyed without the slightest objection. Her huge boobs jutted out and pointed at him like twin cannons on a warship. She was looking hungry and nervous at the same time.

Mark strolled over to her and leisurely placed his hands on her breasts. She watched him blankly as he slowly squeezed the two globes. His fingers played with them for quite a while and they got rougher with each passing second. Soon he looked like he was kneading dough. Mom grunted and groaned as Mr. Dunn mauled her with reckless abandon. When she couldn't keep her hands over her head any longer, she grabbed his elbows and continued to squirm.

"I really love your boobs, Darling" he breathed "Really juicy and big. Your husband is really a lucky man, Sarah. But I don't think he deserves you. He wouldn't be able to handle these beauties the way I do, right?"

My mom mumbled something as she struggled to stay still.

"Right?" he repeated as he pinched her nipples.

"Yes" she gasped "You're right!"

I felt so betrayed that if I had a gun I would probably have shot them both.

And I was about ready to come.

Mr. Dunn signaled Mom to raise her arms again and in one smooth movement grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it off her. Her naked boobs flopped into the open. My mouth fell open in awe.

I knew my mom's tits were huge but this was ridiculous. They looked like white footballs with pink tips and what baffled me the most was that they had very little sag. Mark hungrily grabbed one of them and stuffed it into his mouth. My mom's eyes squeezed shut as our neighbor hungrily suckled her like a newborn baby. She tossed back her head and gave a loud moan. Despite my misgivings I thought this was the most erotic scene I had ever seen. My only regret was that I didn't get it on video.

Mark's mouth switched to the other nipple and he gave it a long, slow suck. Mom was panting so loud now I was wondering whether she had forgotten I was around. Her fingers stroked Mark's hair and she also fondled her free boob. Mark eventually raised his head and stared at my mom's face. Tears were running down her cheeks.

"Please fuck me" she whispered.

My heart stopped beating.

Mark led her to the kitchen table and bent her over it. Her ass ballooned out. Mark pulled down her shorts and it slid down to her ankles. He poked a finger into her crack and twiddled it around. Mom gasped and her bum wobbled.

"You must have the biggest ass in the neighborhood" Mark commented with a laugh, "Does your husband pump it well?"

"He tries his best" she breathed.

"Well, probably his best isn't just good enough, right?"


"Then let me give you what you've been missing."

Mark zipped down his fly and yanked out his cock. I must say I was impressed. I had never seen a cock that big on a human being before. I was actually a bit concerned about my mom being able to handle it.

He didn't wait long. He pushed it slowly into her pussy and mom gave a sharp squeal and grabbed the edges of the table. I watched mesmerized as the cock inched into her behind. I couldn't believe it when it went all the way in. Mom's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of her head. Her nostrils were flared and her mouth hung open, saliva dribbling out of the corner of her mouth.

Mark took his time, gradually increasing the tempo of his humping. The legs of the tabled squeaked against the floor. The sounds of thigh against buttock filled the room. There was no way they expected I won't have heard what was happening.Mom moaned and groaned as Mark fucked her like a randy dog.

"Please don't stop, Mark" she begged "Fuck me like crazy. Oooh.... Yes! Fuck me harder! I'm such a slut, Mark! Yes! Yes! I'm your little whore! Your cock is soooo huge! I love the way you fill me up!"

Mark didn't say much. He just grunted and held on to her waist as he drilled her. His hips moved so fast it seemed like a blur. Eventually he gave a harsh groan and stiffened against her. Mom blurted out at exactly the same time and she shuddered violently. They had come together!

I stuffed my fist into my mouth as I ejaculated forcefully on the door. Make that three coming together.

They were still interlocked with Mark resting on her back, both panting together. I squeezed the cum off the tip of my dick and pushed it back in my shorts. I was about to slip away when my mom's head turned and her eyes locked onto mine. Her doe eyes really looked like they were caught in the headlights this time. I stared blankly back at her and I turned and quietly left.

I went up to my room to change. I heard agitated voices downstairs, then the sound of the backdoor closing. I was lying on my bed staring up at the ceiling when I heard tentative feet climbing the stairs and walking towards my room.

I smiled.

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My mom was a Rubenesque woman with extra flesh where it made her even sexier. He skin was the best skin in the world: never dry, never oily, always fresh, very sexy.

My mom openly flirted with men, occasionallymore...

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by Anonymous11/18/17

Your dialogue is unbelievable.

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