tagIncest/TabooMy Slutty Step-Daughter

My Slutty Step-Daughter


I don't know where to post this story. Seeing how it includes my 21 year old step daughter it isn't really incest, but I think if I post it in older/younger most people might be turned off seeing how it concerns my step daughter. So I am posting it in incest, please don't leave a comment regarding that this isn't really incest, just read the story and comment on the story itself, not the debate of incest or not. Thx.

My wife has two children from a past marriage, both girls; their ages now are 21 and 18. I have enjoyed watching both grow and mature over the last ten years. To watch as the older girl, Christy, developed beasts and a definite curving to her body was amazing. It almost seemed as overnight her breasts swelled from nothing to an overflowing b cup tits. Her tomboyish figure changed as well, developing curves and a nice tight ass that she flaunted in tight jeans and short shorts. Maybe her change in appearance seemed so quick due to her change in dress. She went from loose fitting tops and pants to tight fitting t-shirts and skin tight pants right after graduation for high school.

And yes the boys noticed as well, every weekend she seemed to have someone different over through the summer to swim on our pool. That pool was my best investment. Christy would wear almost nothing skimpy swim suits and I would fantasize about her swimming naked and enjoying the feel of the warm sun on her young body, or sunning herself topless to get the perfect tan.

She was 18 when I found out that she was wearing thongs, how I know is watching my sexless wife fold clothes and remarked at the site of a sexy thong. My wife seemed unimpressed in her choice in under garments and the sexiness of her bras. My mind wandered and swam at the thought of seeing her dressed in those. The satiny texture of her thongs and sexy bras brought me to orgasm more times then I care to admit. The fantasy of my being 44 and being with her young tight body was almost more than I could imagine, not that I didn't try. I would take long showers, touching myself and imagining being with her, slowly slipping off her bra to expose her full tits and then sliding my hand lower and feeling her shaved pussy mound throb from excitement and desire, finally culminating in our bonding through unimaginable sexual contact involving oral and penetration before bringing her to screaming orgasm and total pleasure.

But alas that was only a dream, or so I thought. She still lives with us, having lost her job due to the unstable economy, just when she was talking about almost having enough money to move into a place of her own. My ego and cock wilted at the thought of not seeing her in her tight sexy outfits on a daily basis and watching her swim wearing her skimpy suit. Her severance package provides enough for her to make car payments and insurance, but that was about it.

Unlike her mother, Christy was a party girl, she enjoyed drinking, as most young adults do at that age, her mother on the other hand took a dim view of drinking as a whole. I drank some, a couple beers a night or an occasional mixed drink, so as Christy grew apart from her mother due to her drinking, our bond became tighter, just so christy wouldn't have to deal with her mom. She would text me telling me she had too much to drive and would ask me to tell her mom that she was staying the night at friends. I would always praise her for her safe conduct after drinking too much and reassure her that she was doing the right thing.

Her mother on the other hand would berate her for her misgivings and I think felt hurt that Christy would have fun while she sat at home bored and afraid to do anything. Christy eventually resented her for that, she told me on more than one occasion that she really valued my opinion and my laid back approach to her wild ways. I almost confessed my desire for her, but thought better of it. Better to have fantasies than to be turned down and have nothing I thought.

I don't think her mom knew how early she was sexually active, at 19 she was receiving very sexual messages from boys, I wasn't snooping but her phone was set to display the message right away, rather then having to open it to read the massage. More than once her phone would beep from an incoming message, close enough to me for that allowed me to read it. Most times it would simple read a thank you for a previous night, other times the sender would enclose details from the previous night's adventures. Most regaled how well she gave head, a few others talked about how hard her nipples had gotten and the best one told of how soft her shaved pussy was, that one sent me immediately to my bedroom where I shot a huge load thinking of her tight body and pretty shaved pussy.

I hated to think but most of the messages were from different guys, she was a slut I thought to myself, and loved every minute of it. Her specialty seemed to be giving blow jobs. I could only imagine her long red hair thrashing as her mouth sank down on an erect cock, swallowing every inch until she was rewarded for her efforts by a huge load from a thankful boy.

I knew a couple of the guys that sent the messages, but never let on to my knowledge of them. I did however ask the son of a friend of mine, Bill, what he thought of her. He bluntly but shyly told me that she was pretty easy, taking as little as a couple drinks or beers to get her in the mood for fun. He didn't think I cared and I showed just that, seeing how I wasn't her actual dad, little did he know that my cock swelled as he told me about her and his thoughts about her.

He also told me that she wasn't the kind you had a relationship with, but instead was the kind you took out when you were horny. I asked him if she ever was in a relationship and he told me that as far as he knew she had only dated a couple guys for more than a month, other then that she was with someone different every weekend.

I backed off my questioning when he asked why I was asking him all this. I told him that I knew little about her private life and thought he would know more, seeing how they were the same age. To this day I don't know if he thought I was some kind of freak for asking or thought that I wanted my time in her tight pants.

By the time she was twenty the rift between her and her mom was widening to the point that she barely said hi or bye. When she was home she spent all her time in her room, except for work and weekends if she was home she was in her room.

I found out what she sometimes did in her room. A couple times I walked past her room late at night and heard her moaning quietly. I knew she was masturbating, but wondered if she used toys or just her fingers until one day. I had a hair brush in my bathroom, but since I shave my head didn't need it, I let my hair grow back and went to the vanity drawer to get it and found it missing. I looked in the other bathroom, but it wasn't there either. Christy's bedroom door was open so I looked in there.

I found it in her bedside table, hidden under a couple magazines. Thinking nothing of it I took it back to my bathroom and placed it back in the drawer. After a month I shaved my head again, loving the feeling of a shaved head, maybe why I love pussy shaved?? Any way one day I again noticed my brush missing, I went straight to Christy's bed table and found it again, hidden under a couple magazines, one was a Cosmo that had a story about how women please themselves. I thumbed through the magazine to the article and found it.

I quickly read it and saw the author describe that it is easier for women to masturbate, seeing how they only required something resembling a penis, several things were mentioned, from vegetables to hair brush handles. The author even added that the bigger the object the better the orgasm! My brush was a man's brush so the handle was a little bigger than normal. I slowly lifted the handle to my nose and smelled deeply. I could faintly smell the odor of female cum and passion.

Once again my cock swelled and I planned to find out just how much she enjoyed that handle. Again I took the brush back to my bathroom and left it on the vanity top, now I had to wait. Half the week passed and every night the brush was there in the same spot every night after I got home from work, also every night I stopped at her bedroom door and heard nothing. Finally on a Friday night of all nights, I got home and saw her can parked in the drive. I thought it was odd that she wasn't out and touched the hood as I walked by. It was still warm, so she wasn't home long.

I quietly crept into the house. Taking my shoes off at the door, I crept down the hall to Christy's door and sure enough, I heard the quiet moaning. Unfortunately I hadn't noticed if the brush was still in the bathroom or not. I had walked right past it in my haste to listen at her door. I slowly retraced my steps to my bathroom and found the brush missing. My heart leapt at the thought of her thrusting that handle into her wet pussy.

Without thinking I pulled my cock out and I stroked it slowly. I looked out the back door and noticed the light from her TV shining on the ground. I thought of her thin curtains and wondered if I could see anything. I slowly opened the door and crept to her window. Just enough light showed through the curtain that allowed me to see what was going on. I looked closer and could make out her hand moving slowly. Her other hand was high on her chest, playing with her nipple I assumed. My eyes were locked on her lower hand, watching it move slowly and deliberately, slowly stroking my brush handle in and out of her wet pussy.

I jacked my meat a little faster, totally engrossed in watching Christy. She began to increase the speed of the thrusts and I could hear her moaning through the window. She was pinching her nipple and rubbing her breast harder. Her moans got a little louder and she took her pillow and put it in her mouth to muffle her moans. I moved closer to the window, wanting, needing to see everything as she pleasured herself.

That's when I screwed up. In my desire to see everything I moved closer to the window and stumbled into it. The old window rattled as I pushed against it, and I froze, hoping Christy didn't hear it. I looked into the room and noticed Christy had stopped, my heart skipped a beat as she turned toward the window and looked for the reason of the window rattle. I stepped back quickly, trying to disappear into the darkness. My heart was beating so hard I am sure if someone was standing close to me they could have heard it.

Christy got up and moved to the window, I ducked behind a tree and hid. The curtains opened and she looked out. Her naked body was visible as I leaned around the tree, desperate for a look. I thought she didn't see me, when she turned back around and pulled the curtains closed. My breathing slowed and my heart returned to the regular beat. I walked back to the door and walked in. I walked slowly down the hall, trying to hear anything from her room. No sounds, great, I thought she didn't see me and everything is ok.

I was past her door when I realized my cock was still hanging out, in my rush to hide and reenter the house my chubby was still sticking out my zipper. I stopped and stored it away inside my jeans when I heard Christy's door open.

"Jack, I heard something outside my window, it wasn't you was it?"

I turned slowly to her voice and my heart skipped a beat when I noticed she was standing there wearing her robe. It was just pulled together and her tits were almost visible at the top. It was a short robe, the kind an escort might wear for a paid meeting. Showed lots of leg and came down just below her waist.

I cleared my throat, "I don't know what you are talking about, I just walked in."

Christy looked down at my crotch, smiled and said, "Do you always walk around with your zipper down Jack?"

I looked down and my heart sank even deeper, quickly I pulled my zipper up. My cock was still rock hard and showed quite clearly through my jeans. Christy licked her lips and moaned a little.

"I think you know more than you say Jack." Christy moaned. "I think you made the noise watching me, your little step-daughter masturbate. I think you were stroking your cock watching me through the window."

Her robe slid open and she did nothing to stop it, I was looking at her tight young tits and pretty moist pussy. She moved her hands up and cupped her tits, cradling them and playing with the hard nipples.

"Come on Jack, do you want a taste?" Christy whispered.

I moved forward and leaned down, taking one hard nipple into my mouth and sucking gently.

"My, my," she hissed, "You like my titties don't you Jack?"

All I could do was nod in approval, as I wasn't about to stop my actions. I rubbed one as I sucked the other, Christy moaning a little more as I continued. I was in heaven, everything I had heard about her seemed true, she loved sex and didn't care where she got her release, as long as she got it.

"We can't continue this here Jack, after all Mom is asleep just down the hall." Christy whispered.

She took my hand and led me to the kitchen. I was in her complete control. She stopped in the middle of the room and moved to her knees. Without saying a word, she quickly unzipped my jeans and had my hard cock free in seconds. Her breath made my cock throb and bounce from excitement. Christy looked into my eyes as she swallowed my cock in one motion. I was light headed from the sensation of her expert oral skills. She sucked on my cock with passion and desire, like she was climaxing from giving me head. One hand expertly worked my ball sac as she devoured my meat like a starving beast!

Christy was moaning louder around my meat and I noticed her other hand was working her pussy with complete abandon. Her legs were spread and with two fingers she was furiously fingering her wet snatch.

My load was rising quickly as I tried to slow her, not wanting this to end too soon, but she would have no part of my wanting to drag this sex out any longer. She sucked my cock like someone that had been trained to do so and didn't miss a trick. I grabbed her red hair and thrust my meat into her mouth, deeper and deeper until she was forced to deep throat me. She didn't gag once, just opened her throat and took everything I could give her.

Finally my toes curled and my load shot deeply into her waiting mouth. She backed off and let my spunk land on her tongue so she could taste it. She smiled around my cock as my load shot into her mouth.

Once my climax subsided she took my cock from her mouth and ran it all over her face, then milked every drop of cum from the shrinking shaft, licking at my cock head like a cat licking milk.

Christy stood up and brought her wet fingers to my lips, allowing me to taste her sweet juices. I savored the taste and licked them clean.

"My turn." was the only thing she said as she stood and then sat down on the kitchen table.

I moved to my knees and moved closer to her wet pussy. Her aroma was intoxicating as I moved closer and closer to her wetness. I began to lick her slowly but she put her hands on my head and demanded more and quickly. She held my face tightly to her pussy and my tongue licked and flicked her clitty, her nails scraping my head told me that I was doing well. I only had to eat her pussy for a few minutes when I was rewarded with her actually cumming in my mouth. I though it was pee at first, but one taste told me otherwise, my slutty step-daughter was a squirter!!!

I swallowed every drop of her love fluid, and licked her clean as she relaxed from her climax. She would quiver every time my tongue got too close to her sensitive clit and would moan a gasp from my licking.

Finally I finished and stood up, lifting her off the table as well. She tied her robe closed and stood there smiling at me. I started to speak but she brought a finger to my lips and stopped me.

"From now on Jack," she whispered, "Anything you want to know about me, just ask me. You don't have to ask Bill about me. Do you realize I had to blow him twice to find out what you asked?"

I smiled at her and told her that I wasn't being nosy, I was just curious.

Christy smiled and took my hand and placed it on her hot mound and said, "Now I wonder what other fun activities we can have when Mom isn't here? I hope we can find out soon, don't you Jack?"

Once again all I could do was nod and smile back at her.

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