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My Slutty Wife


Carolyn is dressed, if you can call it that, in a black corset with garters attached to black stockings. A latex skirt rests at the bottom of her corset, covering her otherwise bare pussy, sans a small patch of pubic hair there to remind everyone of what sexy treat lies just below. Her breasts are pushed up and her nipples are just barely covered by the top of the corset. She's also wearing long velvet gloves that nearly reach her shoulders. Velvet fingers on a man's balls are a wonderful feeling.

We're at a club downtown. It's one of those kinds of clubs. Where sexually free people dress as Goths and only single women and couples are allowed through the door – no "extra," horny guys allowed. Carolyn's standing in front of me, facing the small crowd in the basement. I'm sitting on a table with my chest pressed against her back. We're both looking at the same thing. We brought her friend, Nancy, to this place because she was looking for a man, not a relationship. Nancy is lying halfway on a table like the one I'm sitting on. Except she's getting her brains fucked out by a guy she just met. Carolyn and I are half-pleased she got what she came for and half-astounded at how hard she's getting fucked. And I mean, fucked.

My hands are on my wife's beautiful tits. I've pulled them out from beneath her corset just enough so I can roll her nipples between my fingertips. Carolyn is kissing my neck. At that moment, I notice a girl looking at us. Earlier, she was licking her girlfriend, who was tied with leather straps connected to the ceiling – a bondage scene on display. Now she was alone and looking at us. I curled my finger in a "come hither" motion and then slide those fingers over Carolyn's pussy. Carolyn and I began to kiss deeply and slowly as we explored every bit of each other's mouths. As this unknown girl approached, I slide the front of Carolyn's skirt up, exposing her naked, sexy pussy. Within a minute she was licking my wife's thigh, outer pussy lips, and clit. Carolyn never opened her eyes to see who was there. She just continued to kiss me deeply, passionately. I held Carolyn tight as she started to move in rhythm with our new friend's undulant licking.


You would never have believed that either of us would ever be here, in a place like this, with an unknown tongue in my wife's pussy while mine was in her mouth. I wouldn't have believed it either a few months ago. I guess you could blame it on Lisa. She's always been one of Carolyn's more promiscuous friends. Without boring you with the details, let's just say it began at Lisa's house one night. The beer and wine was flowing and the three of us were talking about...you guessed it, sex.

It's not what you think. There was no threesome. Well, not in the way you're thinking. It was more like a favor that Lisa agreed to (more like, suggested) to help fulfill a fantasy of mine. It sounded like a safe way to act out our typical bedroom dirty talk. That night, I told Lisa what I had told my wife many times before, that I get very turned on by the thought of another guy (or more) fucking my wife. It's true and I have no idea why. Did I mention we were drinking alcohol?

At first, it was just Carolyn and I making out on the bed. Lisa had already showed us one of her bigger dildos. We laughed nervously when she pulled it out and then began talking about other things. But, before long we seized this opportunity to act out my fantasy with a bit more realism – even if there wasn't going to be an actual guy in the room. It seemed like a perfect way to have all the fun without any of the uncomfortable jealousy involved with the "real" thing.

Carolyn and I kissed. I stroked her pussy while licking her nipples and kissing her neck. As Carolyn lay at the edge of the bed, I laid nearly perpendicular to her while licking her clit and running my fingers around and inside her pussy. Lisa slid the dildo inside my beautiful wife as I continued to lick her clit. I did what I could to get things wet and ready for that big dildo; but it wasn't long before I realized that I was no longer required. Carolyn pulled me to her and began to suck my dick. I was so hard seeing her getting fucked by that other "dick". After I came, I was still so hot for my wife. I played with her tits and then licked her clit again. It wasn't long before she climaxed with tremendous force. Afterward, Carolyn said "thank you" to Lisa and lay in my arms for several minutes. It was wonderful, even though we silently worried about what the other one might be thinking about what just occurred.


The state EMS Symposium is supposed to be an opportunity for EMTs and Paramedics from all over to learn the latest trends in emergency medical care. In reality, everyone I know sees it as an opportunity to get drunk and "hook up" with someone new. I'm not condoning that; it's just never been my style. Carolyn has lived in other parts of the state since high school. She went to college down south and volunteered at the local fire department and rescue squad. She had a life before we met. Consequently, she frequently bumps into guys from her past. Because she's a real catch, many of them still call, send cards, and continue to have feelings for her.

Many of Carolyn's guys from her past also come to the EMS Symposium every year. This year was no exception. Jim's always been a nice guy. He's respectfully of the fact that Carolyn is now married to me. I suspect that he would like to be with Carolyn now, if things were different. She's always been attracted to him, in part, because he is a nice guy. After dinner, a big group of us from all over the state went back to the hotel. There are always party rooms open for symposium attendees, where mixed drinks, beer, and alcohol rich fruit punch flow freely. It was a good time.

As the partiers began leaving, I suggested to Carolyn that we invite Jim to our room for a bit. His hotel was a couple of blocks away and none of us were tired yet. After a few minutes in the room, Jim went to the bathroom. This gave us an opportunity to talk. I told Carolyn to just lean over and kiss him tonight; just to see what happens. It wasn't long before we found ourselves lying on the bed, with Carolyn in the middle. My wife rolled toward Jim and started kissing him non-stop. I was in mid-sentence and didn't realize what was happening for a few seconds. I rolled toward my wife and kissed her neck briefly. I headed for the bathroom, started the shower, and left the lights off. When I returned to the bed, I saw both of them feverishly undressing. Not a word was spoken as Carolyn followed me, with Jim in-tow, to the shower.

My vision was to have a sloppy wet Carolyn sandwich. I've always loved fucking my wife's pussy with a dildo while sliding myself into her ass. The feeling of her being filled so tightly was amazing. I thought this would be equally exciting; but it just didn't work out. There's just a little too much coordination and balance required to try double penetration in a slippery shower. Damn it. So, we settled for a close second favorite as she sucked me off while giving up her pussy to another man. Jim finished before I did; so I leaned Carolyn back against the tile wall and took my turn. With her leg up on the edge of the tub I had a perfect angle to thrust myself inside her. I love my wife's pussy.

Unfortunately, it was all a little too awkward. In the shower there was only room for one of us at a time. Just standing there watching isn't much fun. Besides, I think Jim felt uncomfortable about the whole thing, especially because of their past relationship. I had hoped that inviting someone Carolyn was comfortable with would make things easier. Instead, it made things more complicated. Reemerging emotions was not in the plan.


We're not swingers, even though we're at a club filled with couples who do "swap". We're here for the view. Just being here is a new adventure for us. We're open to meeting the right people for an occasional evening of fun...maybe. It might be fun to find the right guy or two to affectionately defile my wife with me. This isn't a mission, just a possibility.

As the evening progresses we do find a couple of potential candidates. We've come prepared with business cards with just our personal website address. Our online profile includes a few photos of us performing rude sex acts; but without our faces ever in the frame. We agree to talk online first, lay the ground rules (e.g., condoms, nothing too rough, etc.), and then return to the club next month for the real thing. The thought of meeting someone outside a semi-public club seemed too dangerous and the thought of immediately screwing a bunch of guys at the club seemed reckless. We wanted everyone involved to know what was expected. If this was going to be our first, and possible last, time doing this, we should do it right. After Carolyn's initial seal of approval, she left things in my hands. This was my fantasy after all.

There were a couple of things I wanted to see happen to my wife turned sex-slave-for-the-night. These guys were eager to perform at the club and a performance was exactly what I was looking for. I scripted out a short series of perverted acts for all of us. Nothing too detailed, just a short list of the things we would do in sequence. The culmination of which would be a true gang bang. This script was to be a surprise to Carolyn. Her job was to come to the club in my favorite outfit and do as she was told.


Knowing what was in store for my love meant that a little preparation was in order. While I love her tight pussy, I didn't want her to be too tight for what I had in mind. The weeks before Club Night included some terrific sex with some of our biggest toys. It was so much fun. Half of the excitement was knowing what was in store for us next time we went to the club. The other half was being with someone so willing to go on this sexual adventure with me. Even if we chose never to do this again or never even went to the club, this was turning out to be a wonderful experience. Sharing this fantasy was emotionally rewarding and bonding. Oh, and did I mention, a hell of a lot of fun!

Practice makes perfect, as they say. So I took great pleasure fucking Carolyn with one, two, and three dildos at a time – stopping a few times to take pictures. After a week of daily "practice" even Carolyn was shocked at the photos. I was thrilled at how much she could take. Although, I think she was more shocked than thrilled. All of this sex made me look forward to our return to the club all that much more. I was looking forward to having the same DP experiences without having to coordinate the in-and-out of my hands holding one dildo or another and my own thrusting. Come Club Night, I would only have to slide myself into my wife while watching these real-life cocks fill her every opening.


The club is by invitation only. Everyone there knows what to expect. There are generally three ante rooms that attract one sex scene or another during the night. With the three different areas one can usually find something happening at one of those spots at any given time. I'd bet there's at least one "slave girl" being skillfully whipped by her "master" every night they're open. The bondage scenes are the most common. But our scene was only going to require two props – a blindfold and a waist-high padded table.

We found the guys exactly where we had planned. We were all a little nervous; but, it was nothing a few drinks couldn't solve. I was a little worried about my honey and resolved to pull her away at the first sign of real concern. There would always be other opportunities if this one started to look bad. Better a happy wife and an unfulfilled fantasy than one who would never forgive you if something went awry. I was determined to make sure she was safe and happy.

It wasn't long before the previous scene ended and the room seemed to wait for our pent-up plans to begin. Carolyn and I walked to virtual stage, an area marked only by the existence of a padded table and some black plastic sheeting taped to the floor. Carolyn sat on the table facing me, while the guys waiting in the crowd. We kissed before affixing her blindfold in place. I kissed her mouth, neck, breasts, and raised her latex skirt before kissing and licking her inner thighs. Each of the guys came out of the crowd wearing all black t-shirts and crotchless pants. As I breathed my hot exhalation onto my wife's beautiful pussy mound, I saw her grasp one man's cock in each of her hands. I went down to explore her outer pussy lips with my wet lips and mouth. My tongue slid into her pussy, deeply, before focusing on her clit. By the time I looked up, she was twisting to the side to wrap her mouth around one of those guy's dicks.

The crowd loved what they saw. Before long it was clear that this girl was going to get fucked in a dozen different ways by all of these guys right in front of their eyes.

I stopped eating her out and took the pleasure of being the first guy to start fucking my wife. I was so turned on and rock hard from seeing Carolyn really getting into it. I had to pull out before I came inside her because I wanted to stay ready for the upcoming delights.

I guided Carolyn on to her stomach with her legs off the table and her feet on the ground. Bent forward she could feel that the table was narrow enough to allow easy access to the right places at the same time. One of the guys started to take her from behind. He pounded her doggie style while another guy had her take his cock into her mouth.

After they were both finished with her, I stood her up, laid down on my back upon the table in front of her. She climbed on top of me and began to slowly ride my cock. We kissed and slowly humped on the table for just a minute. The impatient guys stepped in to have their way with her, too. One stood just above our heads and guided Carolyn's head to his cock. Another began to lick my wife's asshole before preparing to take her from behind.

In a surprise move, he slid his cock inside her pussy along with mine. Carolyn's pussy was filled with two cocks; each one moving opposite the other inside her tight-as-hell pussy. It was a strange sensation that didn't last long. He pulled out long enough for Carolyn to refocus on giving head. A minute later, a now lubed cock was entering Carolyn's ass while I pumped her pussy and her mouth was wrapped around a third guy's dick. Now I wished that someone was filming this because it was an unbelievable sight.

With all that excitement, it didn't take long for all the guys to climax. I rolled Carolyn off me and onto her back. Her legs were off the table just enough to make her pussy accessible to the guy standing in position. This began a true gang bang. Each of our newfound friends was waiting for their turn as Carolyn lay on her back taking this non-stop fucking. As the first guy finished, the next one took over without missing a beat. This continued for quite sometime. At the end of the line stood me. As I began to finish this amazing sex session, a girl from the crowd came up and began licking Carolyn's tits while I fucked her pussy. This girl roamed downward until she was flicking Carolyn's clit with her tongue. She licked in rhythm with my thrusting. Carolyn was playing with her nipples while I fucked her furiously.

Finally, my wife began to orgasm... hard. I came harder than ever before. Our mysterious female friend slipped back into the crowd where the now satisfied guys were already waiting. The crowd began to applaud as they sensed our grand finale. I removed Carolyn's blindfold, kissed her sweetly, and swept her out of the room. Before long we were home, lying in bed together, feeling sexually liberated and madly in love with each other. This was the beginning of a wonderful new stage in our life together.

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