tagIncest/TabooMy Son, My Man Ch. 02

My Son, My Man Ch. 02


I woke up to find the moon already up and peeking at us through the curtains. I looked at the watch to find that it was already after ten.

I got up and took a shower and then debated whether to find my swimsuit or go skinny dipping in the pool. Our house was pretty isolated, so especially at night there was no danger of being seen nude by any outsiders. But still, I had never tried that with Bradley in the house, but recalling our little interlude today, I cheerfully decided on the latter.

I took out my blue robe and while I watched my son sleep, I loosely belted it across my body.

The pool was a good hundred meters from the house, so I had to walk down. I liked walking on the soft green grass, so I usually left my slippers inside the house. I liked it especially when it was windy, and tonight was one of those nights.

For some reason, walking barefoot to the pool, my robe billowing in the wind and leaving most of my legs naked made me feel sexy. As I reached the pool, I let the robe fall at my feet as I gracefully dived into the water. The water was cool, and that made my nipples stand in response. I began recounting today's incidents as I swam lengths.

I swam for around thirty minutes and was finally getting a little winded. I sat on the edge of the pool and some crazy thought hit my head, so I lied down on the side of the pool with my legs still in water and closed my eyes. I slid into a sweet dream...

The sensations in my pussy were sending explosions through my body. There was slight tingling around my pussy lips.

"Mmm..." I moaned, my pussy dripping with juices.

The tingling shifted to the inside of my lips, very close to my clit, but not there. Apparently, this was going to be a very teasy dream.

Wait, this wasn't a dream. I opened my eyes to find Bradley's head between my legs and his tongue in my pussy... Oh god... the sight made me all the more wet... his eyes were closed and he seemed to be totally absorbed in his act of pleasure giving.

I pushed myself up on my elbows to take a better look. He sensed the movement and opened his eyes to look directly into mine.

His tongue was lapping up my juices... yet to give my clit its first touch as he was made me suffer before that. He kept looking into my eyes and kept his hands under my thighs... the whole arrangement gave an impression that he was holding a very delicious dish in his hands and relishing it.

"Yeah, baby like that...Oh yeah... please right there... noooo... touch me right there," I moaned, my clit begging for attention. "Right where Ma? Where do you want me to touch you?"

"Touch my..."

"Touch your what, Ma?"

"Touch my clit... OH GOD... YEAH!!!" I cried as his tongue raced to my clit, sending me over the edge...

I started bucking with an orgasm of intensity I had never known.

"Oh yeah... Oh Jesus... Bradley", I cried as I held his face to my pussy.

He started sucking on my clit really hard, his tongue massaging my clit, finger fucking me, keeping me on the high...

"Mmm...You taste good, Ma", he said pushing me closer to the edge again...

"Oh yeah!!! Fuck me Bradley... fuck your mom", I sobbed out between my moans.

He didn't need to be told twice as he pulled me into the water and pinned me against the wall of the pool and kissed me, making me taste my own juices. I wrapped my legs around his waist and guided his cock into my steaming snatch.

"Oh yeeaaaaahhh," he groaned as his cock entered its den.

My need for a hard pumping was overwhelming, but the friction provided by the water was making that impossible.

"Let's get out of here," I breathed into his ear.

He started to exit from the pool with my legs still around his waist and his rod still buried deep in me. He pounded me hard all the way as he carried me to a chaise lounge by the pool and laid me down there, never taking his eyes off mine and never, for once, stopping the pounding that he was giving me. Apparently, his strength was an aspect of him that I had been unaware of. He pounded me hard, going deeper with every thrust(though I didn't think it possible), satisfying my yearning for a good hard fucking.

"Oh Ma... I'm comiiiiiing"

"Come into me... baby... yeah", I cried as he filled my slit with his semen. He fell on me, exhausted.

Later, much later when I was lying on top of him, his closed eyes made me wonder if he was asleep. I shook him to wake him up as the realization hit me that neither of us had eaten anything the whole day.

"Honey, are you awake?" I whispered into his ear.

"Hmm," he said still not opening his eyes.

So, my baby wanted to play a game, but I decided the rest we'd continue in the kitchen, with some food. Now, that we had become lovers did not mean I could compromise on my duties as his mother; I still had to feed him.

"Get up honey, let's go get some food." I ushered him as I got up and started pulling him by his hand.

"Yeah... food," he grunted as he pushed himself up to see me bending down for my robe. I was faced away from him, so he could see my ass on display.

"You have a very beautiful body Ma... and in the moonlight it gives a man his appetite," he said making me blush. I belted my robe up while he wore his jeans.

"How did you know I was down here?" I asked.

"I saw you walking down to the pool, from the window", he gestured to the bedroom window, as he came to me and placed his strong arms around my waist and pulled my lower body into his.

"You looked like a queen, with your hair flying behind you. Have I ever told you that you have the most beautiful hair that I have ever seen?" he said looking into my eyes, drawing a hand along the length of my hair, which easily reached my hips.

"No," I said breaking the mood, because I knew that if this went on, we would never reach the kitchen for that well deserved meal.

I gave him a kiss on his cheek and motioned for him to follow me. As I turned I felt his hand around my waist, and in one fluid motion he had picked me up in his arms and was walking towards the house.

"What are you doing? I can walk," I giggled. My son was making me feel like a teenager.

"I know that, I just enjoy holding you" he smiled down to me as he moved into the house and into the kitchen.

He set me down on the table and kissed me on my lips.

"I love you," he said.

"I love you too... you are what got me through," I said as I hugged him.

"Let me fix you something," I said as I opened the refrigerator and bent down to get some juice and water out.

"Would you like milk?" I called back to him.

"Yes, would you like to watch a movie?"

"Now?" I was surprised...I wasn't used to doing crazy stuff but today my whole schedule had turned upside down...so I thought why not.

"Yes Ma, it'll be fun" I let him convince me a little longer and then nodded.

"Why don't you go and pick a movie while I make a few sandwiches... and yeah change your clothes before that... they're wet"

"You too... lets go and change our clothes and then you can come back to the kitchen and I'll go to the library to get a few DVDs" he grinned.

Our library was something that we were both proud of. It held a wide array of books and DVDs as we both shared the passion for movies and reading.

"Ma, would you wear that shirt tonight, the white one?"

"How do you know about that? I've never worn that in front of you" I was surprised.

"Once when I was out for the night, and in the morning I saw you sleeping in it..."

"Don't tell me you saw me in that little thing" I blushed.

"Please Ma... please"

"Anything for you honey... I'll go and change; you run to your room and do the same"

The 'shirt' that had invoked so much conversation was one of my favorite garments. It wasn't exactly a shirt, it was a piece of cloth that could be wrapped up around the shoulders like a wrap and tied up like a robe. The bottom of the 'shirt' had its own fluidity and ended just below the hips. It was satin and it felt very good against my skin. It didn't shout 'fuck me', but it made me feel powerful, dignified and at the same time very sexy.

I went to my room and did my hair. I piled it up on my head and let tendrils escape from here and there. I did my makeup, nothing much just some blush and lip rouge. I wore the white 'shirt' and white lace panties and looked at myself in the mirror.

I was going to take my son's heart away... one more time.

I went to the kitchen to see the sandwiches already prepared and no sign of Bradley. I entered the library and quietly entered the DVDs section to find him browsing through. He had just pulled up another pair of jeans.

"Do you enjoy doing stuff that I am supposed to take care of?" I asked. He turned to answer me and I saw his mouth fall open.

"Ma, you look great," I watched his full lips curve into a disarming smile. It was me who ended up losing her heart, again.

Moving to me he lightly slipped an arm around me and bent down to give me a peck on my cheek.

"Can we watch 'Ever After' tonight?" I pleaded...I knew he couldn't stand it but I loved it. It was one movie I could watch twice everyday and never get bored. This movie wasn't about a damsel in distress... it was about a strong woman finding her prince.

"Anything you want, milady," he grinned as he pretended to bow.

So we picked up Ever After and set out our little carpet picnic with sandwiches, orange juice and corn crackers. Bradley sat with his legs stretched out in front of him as he leaned back against the couch.

As the movie progressed, we progressed with our carpet party. I hadn't known how hungry I had been until I took the first bite of food in my mouth. I was lying on my stomach on the couch, totally immersed in the movie.


"Hmm?" was all I could manage with my eyes glued to the screen.

"We have to prepare for the trip. I thought we were leaving day after tomorrow... or rather tomorrow", he smiled as he pointed to the clock...it was already past one in the morning.

"Okay... why don't we finish the packing by the morning because I have some important work to finish tomorrow" I calculated our time and started to plan out everything in my mind.

After the movie, we went to our respective rooms and finished packing by six in the morning. We would be staying in Paris for a week, so the packing was a task. I went into Bradley's room to check on him and found him sleeping peacefully. I was tired and decided to take a nap as well.

I stripped down completely and got into the bed with him. There wasn't much space, as he had taken most of it up. I had to lie so that I was almost on top of him. The contact aroused me as much as it comforted me.

Even in his sleep, I could feel my son getting hard against my pussy. I debated whether or not to wake him up for a good hard fuck. I didn't want to wear him out but the need to feel him inside me was killing me.

So I straddled him and slowly lowered myself onto him. The effect of my son's gigantic cock filling my little hole was incredible. I stayed like that for a few moments, enjoying the sensation. I slowly started moving up and down, so as not wake my son but failing as my speed was increasing exponentially.

He opened his eyes to see his mother bouncing on his cock. He held my waist, and increased the pace further. We were both sweating from the hard pumping, and we were shifting closer to the edge. I wanted us to come together this time. So I tried to delay my orgasm.

"Oh Ma, faster... yeah...I'm really...close," he said as my pussy massaged his cock.

"Yeah...oh...fuck...yeah," I had lost my ability for coherent speech.

He really held on to my waist hard as he came. My orgasm came with his, making it more intense. I kissed him as we came together, and in the process ended up cutting his lower lip. We didn't realize that until we were both back from the high.

"Sorry 'bout that honey," I said as I suckled on his lip lightly to stop the bleeding.

"You just can't get enough of me, can you?" he laughed.

"No baby, I'm crazy 'bout you. Now have a nap...I have some work I need to finish before leaving town tomorrow...I'll be back by evening," I said as I let him go back to sleep.

I took a shower, dressed and set out to wind up my work so I could come back to my baby for a good hard pumping. Man! I was becoming addicted to it.

The rest of my day was consumed in official work, which I wanted to rush through as I was already missing my baby's cock. I reprimanded myself for my nasty thoughts and got my mind back to work. It was torture, but I got through it.

What I didn't know was there was another kind of torture awaiting me.

I parked my car in the garage and got out of it. My slit was already dripping in the anticipation of what was to come. I entered the house to find it dark. I looked for Bradley when I heard something, like a splash of water.

I looked out to find Bradley swimming. I went to the pool and right when I was about to strip to the skin and jump on Bradley for that fuck I had been waiting all day, I saw something else. Not very far from the pool there was a sheet on the grass with food laid out on it. There was also a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket. I didn't realize it, but a small smile crept up my lips.

"You liked it?" he asked, A towel wrapped around his waist.

"Is that all that you're wearing?" my eyes dropped to the towel as I licked my lips waiting for my prize.

"Ma, you must eat first." He said as he guided me to the picnic area and made me sit down. He deliberately sat opposite me, the food in the middle keeping us apart. As my mind shifted from my primal instincts, I looked down to the food. My favorite dishes had been laid out.

"You did all this?" I said, feeling dangerously close to tears.

"I didn't cook," he said casually, making me laugh.

"Of course you didn't. I was asking if you had planned all this, I didn't think my little baby knew so much about what I liked and what I didn't."

"Ma, I love you...I'm the one person who knows you down to the bone, I've been with you for eighteen years. And moreover, a girl like you should be pampered once in a while."

"Yeah, right... a girl," I laughed as he handed me a glass of champagne.

Though I must admit, the view in front of me was very tempting, the dinner was fabulous. I felt like a princess, with my prince charming.

"Are you packed?" he asked casually.

"Yes, are you?" I said, slowly licking the cream off a strawberry. What I didn't tell him was that, I was taking along my best lingerie, to be ripped off by him.

"Yes... well," he noted my movement and I could tell the effect it was having on him. His eyes were glued to my tongue. I stood up and slowly stripped off my shirt and skirt, standing in front of him only in my black bra, panties and stockings.

I went to him and sat down on his lap, holding the strawberry to his lips. His body was still cool from the swim. He slowly licked the remaining cream off the strawberry, looking into my eyes.

"Bite it, honey" I whispered. But he kept on licking it. I couldn't take it anymore. I kissed him hard on the lips, searching for his member.

He took my hand and held it in his own as he pushed me back on the grass.

"Let's take it slow this time, shall we?" he said with an intensity I didn't know he possessed.

When I tried to protest, he held my hands over my head as he started kissing me, very gently. I was writhing with need as he started trailing feathery kisses, moving down at a tormenting speed. He pushed the strap of my bra aside, taking time to kiss the uncovered part. Why was he doing this to me?

"Fuck me, honey...I need your cock in my pussy...now," he ignored my protests and took time exploring my body.

My pussy was drenched, so ready for his hard ramming.

He took his time removing my bra, kissing and licking every exposed inch. After what seemed a long torment, he reached my breasts and started suckling on one hard nipple, while kneading the other one hard. I was beginning to enjoy it. No one had ever made love to me like this, this was very beautiful.

He shifted his attention to my legs as held one ankle in his hand as he removed one stocking and then the other. He started kissing my ankles as he slowly made his way to my steaming gash. By the time he licked his way to my pussy, I was going mad. Very slowly, deliberately, he removed my panties.

"Yes, baby...lick that little thing...eat your mama's little pussy," he just looked at me and smiled as he flicked his tongue across my clit, sending me over the edge. He kept his mouth on my clit, even as the orgasm shook my body. His actions were increasing the intensity of my much awaited release.

"I'm com...iii....nngg," I screamed as I came.

He started sucking my clit, using two fingers to fuck me. He held the fingers to my lips, which I licked clean, loving the taste of my own sex. He gave me two more orgasms before he let go of my assaulted pussy.

Now, it was my turn to pleasure him.

I pushed him back on the grass as I kissed him, tasting my own juices again. I kissed his neck and trailing down wet kisses I reached his chest. His body was still a little wet from the swim and I took time to drink up every drop of water that was left out. I licked his hard nipples, blowing cool air over them. I removed the towel from his body to find my prize.

I licked of the pre-cum that had gathered on the tip. His musky scent was driving me crazy. I licked the underside of his cock, from tip to the base. I licked his balls, while massaging his cock with my hand. I took the head of the cock in my mouth, my tongue never stopping its movement.

I took more of his cock in my mouth. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get his whole cock in my mouth. I could see I was doing a good job because Bradley was close to coming. I could tell that because he was lightly fucking my mouth with his cock. I never quit playing with his balls as my head bobbed up and down on his cock.

"I'm goi...ing.........to...come," he groaned, trying to warn me. But I wanted to taste his cum.

When I didn't move, he held my head on his cock. As he came, he fucked my mouth hard. He shot his wad into the back of my throat. He tasted as good as he smelled. He stayed hard even after he came. I tried to swallow every drop that I could get. After he had come, I licked his cock and balls clean, loving the taste.

Now, it was time for the hard fuck I had been waiting for all day.

"I'm so wet for you baby...ram your cock into my pussy...I need it," I said in a voice filled with blind need. The heat in my snatch was searing, and I was crazed.

He obliged happily as he slammed his whole eight inches into my tight snatch, making me scream in pleasure.

"YEEEAAAAHHHH... like that baby...fuck me," I shouted as my legs went around his waist again.

He took both my legs and put them on his shoulder, partially lifting me off the ground. This position opened me up further, making the fucking more pleasurable. I was ready to come in no time.

"Come for me... Ma," Bradley said as he sensed it.

"I'm......coooomiinggggg......Braaaaaaddleeeyyy," I said as he drove me off the edge.

He pumped my little hole for quite some time, getting me off twice more before he was ready to come. When he did, he filled my cunt with more of the white liquid I loved so much. With two of my holes fucked that night, I was waiting for my third one to be filled.

I learnt two things from that night's experience. First, that Bradley, from his young age was a very selfless lover. He could ignore his own needs to fulfill mine. Two, that I was a highly sexed creature. I would enjoy a hard ramming any time, night or day.

As far as the strawberry was concerned, we never saw it again.

The next day as we boarded the jet for Paris, I could feel my slit dripping in anticipation.

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