tagIncest/TabooMy Son, My Master Ch. 03

My Son, My Master Ch. 03


Spinning around, I heard Him enter the house. He called out, “Mooooooooom!” Rarely now was I spoken to as "mom”. Normally it was slut or bitch or whore or cunt or whatever pleased Him to call me at that time. After the past few months, I found myself still responding to Him with such passion and need. He was after all my Master, as well as my Son.

His tall frame filled the entrance to the kitchen and I could tell from the look in His eyes this was my Master standing before me. I found my knees rather quickly and lowered my lashes. It was difficult to breath beneath His powerful presence. His voice was deep and I knew when He spoke that He meant business. " I have a surprise for you this weekend mommy slut" He laughed, my body quivered. "We are going to go to campus and sell Your hot little body to anyone who wants to fuck it, what do you think of that?” His large hand reached out to pet my golden hair. I didn’t want to believe His words, Surely He was joking. Lifting my eyes it was clear it was no joke. Again Master laughed, "You will do it bitch and please them all or I’ll beat you". I whimpered. "Yes Master"

As I gazed in the mirror at myself I wanted to storm in and tell my son, and yes he was my son, that I was not going to be tossed out to anyone for a hot fuck. I was his mother after all and I just wasn’t going to do it. He had laid out a short skirt and a black thong with a cotton blouse that tied just between my tits. I was so exposed. I just couldn’t do this. The thong was digging into my tight ass as I pulled up the skirt. As I folded forward to fasten the straps on the heels my tits almost spilled from the shirt. How could He take me into public like this? Someone might see, and I swallowed nervously. That was the idea. My son was no longer content to keep his slave private, and oh God, he was going to make men pay for fucking me. I looked back into the mirror and knew what I was to become. His whore.

I had just reached out for the handle of the door when it opened. He stood there at the door, that grin I had come to love and hate at the same time pasted on His face. I watched in amazement as the bulge of his cock grew more prominent beneath His shorts. Helpless my body responded. My cunt juiced and my belly ached to be used by him. All my desires to dissuade Him from this adventure melted away, now my only thought was to please this Man, my son, My Master. "Ready cunt?" He said. I could only nod and followed Him out the door.

Sitting in the passenger side of his car we drove onto campus. A group of boys stood on the sidewalk a hedgerow behind them, and as he pulled up I heard his command. "Pull up your skirt bitch and rub your clit slowly. Do not stop no matter what". I could see the group moving to the car. They were moving to his side thankfully. I wished it was dark but it was still the middle of the afternoon. I had no choice but to obey. I slid up the hem of my already to short skirt, opening my thighs wide I lowered my trembling hand to my mound. I was wet of course. It still amazed me that I could get this wet being treated like a bitch in heat and could not understand how this happened. I was humiliated and embarrassed and almost angry that he would demand this of me. I shivered as the soft pad of my fingertip whispered between my slit. I could not look up, hearing the voices and light banter of the boys as they came to the window I blushed even more. Surely they could see my sons mom rubbing her clit right clearly. I swallowed as one boy I knew said, "Hi there Mrs. Conner" I did not turn my head but whispered softly. "Hello"

My cunt was dripping and aching with each stroke of my own touch. I wanted to scream to master to let me stop before I embarrassed myself even more and came. I could not help my hips from lurching upwards and the hot little moans rolling between my lips only got louder when He leaned in to me and said, "So sexy mommy bitch. Show them all how hot you are".

How could I resist Him? I couldn’t, I knew that. I heard my window roll down and t hen I became aware of people so close. I didn’t dare look. I knew the boys were crowding around my side of the car. I heard my son tell them it was ok to touch and then I felt a rough hand cupping my breast, the rough touch causing my nipples to harden instantly and ache with longing. This couldn’t be happening to me. My son couldn’t be allowing this to happen to me his mother. There was laughter around the car but all I could feel was my finger plucking my clit to drive me closer to release. I cried out loudly and there was silence around me. My body tensed and I literally pissed squirts of cum all over the dash board of his car I came hard then collapsed against the back of the seat.

Master reached over and poked His finger into my cunt. Drawing it out he made a point of showing the others how wet his mommy was then pushed his finger into my mouth. I had no choice but to suckle and lick it clean, tasting my own pussy. There were moans around me. I heard them talking and then someone opened my door. A rough hand pulled my knee to the side forcing me to turn so my thighs were opened. A boy/man was kneeling and didn’t waist anytime before shoving up the hem of my skirt and pressing his face into my snatch. I moaned. So many eyes upon me, master, sitting right beside me. encouraging this. I felt his tongue slide over my wet slit, finding my clit and nipping and it then sinking deep into my cunt. He began slowly fucking me with his tongue. God, this boy was skilled. I found my hips pushing forward, meeting each thrust of his tongue. Rough hands tangled in my hair and I was drawn back against master. His lips brutally found mine, I moaned and let the ecstasy drive me to yet another release. Again I felt myself pissing cum around this boys tongue before god and everyone.

“Fuck!” the boy who had just eaten my pussy swore. “You were right. She does have a sweet cunt!”

“That will be 50 dollars for each one of you who wants to use this little whore.”

Money sailed over me to master and he nodded as he tucked it into his pocket. I noticed then there was a line before my opened cunt. Lifting my eyes to master as he nodded and I lay there. His hand ripped away the ties holding my blouse together so my tits were fully exposed. It seemed then as if many hands were groping and tugging on the peaked nipples. It hurt but the pain was a slow ebbing pleasure building. There were strong hands behind my knees, tugging my ass to the very edge of the car seat. My thighs were shoved open and a man loomed above me. He looked to master and then slid his cock into my wet slit. It was not huge but not small either. I heard his groans and grunts as he fucked me hard. He cried out just as my hips were lurching to meet his savage thrusts and I felt the sweet spurts of his cum fill my hole. He pulled away. Grinning like a cock of the walk and tucked his meat into his pants. His buddies laughed and patted him on the shoulder as he moved away. I felt Master pull me up and I drew my legs into the car. The door was shut firmly. I had heard talk of a party in the hills and would Master please come and bring me. Master laughed and said "Oh yes, she’ll be there" It was getting dusk and as I looked down I could see my skirt pushed up over my waist, my tits still bouncing free of my shirt.

Master was pushing His shorts down, the swollen head of his dick peeking out "Suck it cunt!" He said. I leaned over and mewled. I loved the smell of his meat, so close to his ass.. Darting out the tip of my tongue, flicking it over the head, tasting. His moans only encouraged me to feed more. I knew we were heading to the mountains some place but all I cared about right now was serving master, my son. I parted my lips and wrapped them around the head to the rim, tugging and plucking like suckling on a lollypop. My saliva drizzling down the hard length of his cock. I felt his hips thrust and opened my mouth to nurse from my boy’s cock. My head bobbed in his lap as I fucked his cock with my mouth. I closed my eyes and pushed the head deep into the canal of my slutty throat. I could tell master was close to shooting his wad into my throat but then the car slowed and halted. Darkness surrounded us.

The music was still singing from the radio. Master’s hands lifted my lips from his meat and put it away. Dragging me by the hair out his side of the car noted we had not gone into the mountains but were in parking lot in town. Other cars were there and people, even some girls were getting out. My son led me to the front of the car then pushed my face into the hood. My ass was lifted and exposed. My skirt tangled around my waist. My tits pressing into the heated metal, master took no time in shoving his cock into my slit. Pounding it hard and fast. I screamed, my muscles clenching, drawing his cum from his hairy sack up the length of his dick to pool in the bulbous head. With one savage thrust I felt him explode inside me. His friends cheered him on and I once more came with many eyes upon the slut of a mother I had become.

I heard beer cans opening and laughter. Hands were caressing my ass cheeks and all I could do was whimper in pleasure. I felt rather than heard another stepping up behind me. At the same time one of t he young girls had climbed up on the hood of the car. She sat down before me and opened her thighs. She wore a skirt with no panties underneath. She laughed and indicated I should put my face into her shaved cunt. I looked incredulously at her, then master. He nodded. Just then another cock pushed into my dripping fuck hole. It was so thick it ripped my walls to the very limits. I could smell her cunt. My tongue flicked out slowly to feel the smooth youthful lips. I tasted her. She tasted of urine and cunt. She shifted and lifted her hips and leaned against the windshield. My tongue growing bolder as it pushed between her lips to her folds. The tip of my tongue finding her clit I licked over it gently. Exploring the bitch’s cunt like mine had been explored. My body was rocking and each time the cock shoved in to my pussy my face dived into her snatch. Her moans were sweet and mingled with mine. The crowd around us was hooting and routing us on with very lewd comments. With a final savage thrust the cock shot another load of semen into my already filled cunt. He collapsed on top of me. Yet I continued to feast on this girl’s pussy. I could tell by her moans that she was liking it. She tasted sweet and I found my tongue diving into her fuck hole, flicking and lapping. With a cry she shoved into my face and I experienced a new sensation. Her cum seeping around my tongue I lapped her clean. After lying there a moment she moved off the hood of the car. Leaning over to my master she laughed, “That’s a nice little cunt eater you have there.”

I do not know how long I was the groups fuck toy. My cunt had sheathed many dicks and my lips ad feed on both cock and cunt over and over. I had been laid on my back on the hood and fucked and raped over an over. Each new cock or pussy I served with delight and master was always near to encourage me to keep on pleasing. I heard the sound of motors starting and cars pulling away. My body was covered with cum from head to toe. I smelled like a fuck factory. I was weak and could only lie on the car, once more on my stomach.

I felt Master move behind me and the familiar head of his dick slipped against my raw cunt. I wanted to scream no more. It hurt but I knew better and he pushed his meat in deep. I felt Him lean over me and His whisper was one I will never forget.

"I’ve got a surprise for my bitch who fucks so well."

I wondered what He meant but just then I heard another familiar voice.


I lifted my head and there stood my daughter.

Oh God no. This cant be. She was smiling as she watched her brother fuck me good. He was grunting and taking me deep and hard. I opened my mouth to speak but she cut me off.

"It’s ok Mom, I know all about it. We’ve been fucking since we were 16. He has a nice cock doesn’t he?" she grinned and I watched as she pulled herself up on the hood. Her thighs opened before me as she leaned back onto the windshield. NO. I could not do this. Would not do this. I shook my head. My daughter opened her pussy lips and stroked her clit.

“Come on mommy whore. You’ve eaten several pussies tonight now it’s time you licked your daughter’s sweet cunt.”

Her words sparked the same response that my son’s did. That aching longing feeling and I knew I had no choice but to obey her just like I did him.

How beautiful was her cunt, so pink and wet. I wanted to taste her and cried out softly. My sons thrust pushing my face into her pussy. Unable to think I responded like the slut I was. Even if I was the mother of these two I was nothing but a cunt, a fuck whore to please. My tongue lapped gently over her cunt, finding her clit and swirled around it. I loved how she moaned. So sweet was her taste. I thought of master’s cock plowing in her fuck hole and let my tongue follow the lead. Master was pounding me hard and just as he found his release my daughter shoved her cunt into mommy’s face and pissed a hot stream of come. Like mother like daughter it seemed. “Oh yes mommy bitch. Fuck yes. You’re making your baby girl cum.” I found myself yielding and it was along time before I was gently pulled from the hood and laid in the back seat of Masters car. I fell asleep quickly listening to them talk and make plans to make even more money than they had tonight. I swallowed nervously before falling asleep. I had become my children’s whore. This was sure to be a new experience that I would learn, with which, in time, just like the rest, to come to terms.

My last thought as I fell asleep was that I loved what I become.

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