tagMatureMy Son's Best Friend Ch. 02

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 02


Thanks to everyone who left comments for chapter one regarding my first attempt at writing. It's best if you read the preceding chapter to understand what had transpired earlier between myself and my son's best friend, Alex.


Stepping out of the shower and grabbing a short towel for my hair, I began to review in my mind the events leading up to today; my recent divorce from Donald, getting back into my workout routine and finally reaching the look I'd been craving, having Alex walk in on me in only my bra and panties earlier today, followed by the drinks we shared before I gave him his first blowjob ever. He and my son, Matt, were in the living room at the moment, still focused on their Xstation of Playbox or whatever it was they called it, shooting up aliens and having a few beers in a well deserved break before starting college. Matt had come home earlier than expected, a few minutes before Alex shot his load all over my breasts, so we had to stop there, leaving me wet and begging for sweet release. I took care of myself briefly and had then jumped into the shower to clean up.

As I stood, drying my hair, his manhood was all I could think about; seven inches long, nothing spectacular, but it had been rock hard because of my body, because of what I had done to him. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of my cell ringing on the computer desk in the corner of the bedroom. Stepping into the conjoined master bedroom and draping the towel over the large office style swivel chair, I knew it was my friend Chrystal calling by the ringtone I'd given her caller ID. Picking up the phone I answered, "Hey Chrystal, how's it going?"

Chrystal's energetic voice responded on the other end, "Great Jen, Tom took the kids camping this weekend and I've been using the time to tidy up around here and relax. If you're not busy later, why not come by for a glass of wine?"

The offer actually seemed like a good plan to get out of the house for a bit. What could I possibly do with Alex if Matt was here as well? I replied, "Sure thing, I'm going to dish up some dinner for Matt and his friend and I'll be by in about an hour." I finished drying off and quickly did my hair into a sport ponytail, the same kind I would put it into for Yoga, and changed into a simple, light blue summer dress with spaghetti straps to hold it up. The hem of the dress was about three inches above the knee, and a v-neck that would show off my cleavage. The dress was made so that I didn't have to wear a bra, and still feeling quite turned on from before I decided against any panties. I put the whole thing together with matching blue sandals with a slight three-inch heel.

Throwing my cell phone into my purse, I briskly walked down the stairs towards the living room. It had been just over an hour since my exciting encounter with Alex, and his head immediately turned in my direction, his jaw dropping slightly as the sight of me in the dress. Matt kept on playing his game as I came down. I locked eyes seductively with Alex as I kept walking towards the kitchen, saying, "Boys, I'm going to take dinner out the oven, help yourselves when you get hungry. I'm going over to Chrystal's for a bit."

Matt responded by saying "Thanks for dinner mom, we're probably going to stick around here and play for the rest of the evening."

"That sounds like a fun night," I replied, stepping back into the living room, "but you know what would make it even better? Help yourselves to the beer and liquor in the fridge and pantry. You've both worked so hard this semester and the breaks almost over; you've earned it."

Hearing this, Matt immediately looked up at my approval to drink all my booze, "Are you sure about that mom?"

"Sure," I casually shrugged my shoulders, "just make sure you don't go too wild with the drinks! I'll be back in a couple of hours." With that, Matt quickly went to the fridge and returned with two cold beers, twisting the tops off and handing one to Alex, who in the meantime had kept his eyes on me and let a smile creep upon his face. Smiling coyly to him and to myself, I walked towards the front door down the hall from the living room. Knowing he was still peering at me over his shoulder while Matt sipped on his beer and returned his focus to the game. I turned to face Alex, gave him a sexy wink of the eye, and left out the front door.

Chrystal lived a short drive away (as despite living in the provincial capital city, it was relatively small, so even if one were to drive from the south to the north end of town you'd only be looking at a 30 minute transit in light traffic) in the neighborhood of Terwilliger. Pulling into her driveway and parking the car, I saw Chrystal emerge from the front door with a wine glass in one hand, and an enthusiastic waving of the other. There weren't many opportunities for her to have the home to herself, so it was safe to assume she'd gotten into the wine long before calling me.

As I stepped out of my car, Chrystal stopped in her tracks, her gaze widening a bit, her chin dropping down and slightly to the left, "My lovely friend, I do believe that right now is the sexiest I've ever seen you dressed!" she said, waving her arm in a wide gesture and almost spilling her drink.

Not only was I feeling great from my fun with Alex earlier this afternoon, but also from the results I'd seen in my intense workout regime I'd implemented after becoming single again. I paused as I walked towards her and performed a little twirl and pose, holding my arms out and pushing my hips to the left, accentuating my newly reduced curves as I said "Why thank you! It's funny you should mention it, because today I was thinking that I'd really hit the mark with the yoga and swimming routine I'd set up."

Chrystal smiled and nodded, "Absolutely, you look like you've got the body of a college girl again! Congrats Jenny!" taking me by the arm and into her home. We quickly sat down in her living room with a bottle of chardonnay, with relaxing jazz playing in the background. Normally we would get together every couple of weeks for drinks at my place or at a restaurant, but when her family was out of town, she loved entertaining company, even it was only me. I'd been particularly busy at work for the last two weeks or so, meaning that this was the first chance we had to really catch up. I'd known Chrystal for years now, our kids met in swimming lessons when they were tiny little things. Although they weren't friends themselves, Chrystal quickly became a close companion who helped me throughout my deteriorating marriage and right through the divorce. She always provided me with support, even over-supporting at time with her aggressive "Sue the bastard for every penny he has!" comments, despite my assurances that when we divorced, it was quite amicable.

As the first glasses were emptied, followed quickly by the second and third, the conversation flowed about anything and everything; our work life, other friends, movies we'd recently seen, and my newfound exercise routine. I explained how happy I was with my body as of late. Taking a long sip from her glass and staring at me for a moment, Chrystal said "It's been a while now since you've been separated, and I know you weren't seeing much action in the bedroom with Donald before that. Have you given any thought to dating again?"

After a couple of drinks, my facial expressions tend to answer questions well before my brain and mouth can catch up, as my eyes looked straight ahead, my gaze lowering. Despite experiencing what I would consider my sexual reawakening earlier today, the nature of her question caught me completely off guard, or more that one particular word and its associated connotations; dating.

"No," I soon answered, "No, I don't think I'm ready for anything like that." Chrystal, sensing the tenseness of my reply and the rigidity of my face in responding, quickly spoke up, "Oh Jenny there's no need to get all serious now. I'm not saying go out and meet some guy to marry," she paused to put her drink down on the side table next to the couch, clasping her hands together over her knee, "what I meant to say, my dear, is that I recall hearing for literally over a year that you'd not had a single night of wild, passionate sex. Now that you're a, forgive the language, hot little piece of ass, so to speak, I simply thought you'd have considered finding yourself a pretty little plaything to keep up with that workout routine of yours."

I felt silly getting so serious over what she'd first said, and quickly realized exactly what she meant even before explaining it to me. Of course, as she spoke, I found it increasingly difficult to maintain a serious look on my face, my mouth forming into a grin that was soon a full on beaming smile. Chrystal had always been one to read body-language, and I would have been a prime example for her to use were she ever to explain the art of reading someone without the necessity of verbal ques. With at first a quizzical expression on her face, followed quickly by one of sudden insight, she slowly said, "but of course, I think I'm too late in offering this advice, you've already beaten me to the punch, haven't you?"

With the impossible to remove smile on my face, and looking shortly left of her prying gaze, I responded, happy and full of memories, "Hmmmm, perhaps."

Chystal shouted out excitedly, "You little tramp! I don't see you for a couple of weeks and you're out seducing some hunk!" We both broke out into laughter, with Chrystal quickly regaining her composure to follow up with the question I'd been expecting but wasn't quite sure if I would be able to answer honestly, "Who's the lucky guy then? I didn't even know you'd met anyone recently."

Chrystal has been my friend for years now through thick and thin. Despite my actions being, not necessarily taboo, but perhaps more along the lines of socially deviant because of the difference in age between Alex and myself, I certainly felt like it would be a leap of faith to explain the events of today to anyone else. Yet I trusted in Chrystal more than I would in most people, and so I took a deep breath, and began with the lovely view I'd had today at the pool, seeing a hunky, muscular man bent over while tying his shoes at the rec centre. "I love built men in tight shorts!" exclaimed Chrystal, getting excited herself as I described the young man's body. I then said "Me too, but I was surprised when he stood and turned towards me, because it was Alex, my son's best friend."

I said nothing after this; I could see the gears turning in Chrystal's head. It took no more than a moment for her to figure it out, her eyes widening, saying "Shut up! Are you telling me you fooled around with your son's friend at the rec centre?"

"No, that's where I saw him after my swim. It was later in the afternoon, he'd walked in on me nearly naked, that I felt this rush of sexual excitement, the kind I hadn't felt since before I married Donald!" I said, and I proceeded to detail the events that followed; Alex's embarrassment, my giving him a drink while teasing him on the couch in my short skirt and bikini top, and giving him his first real blowjob. I sat back and awaited her response. Chrystal sat there for a moment, not saying anything at all, allowing for my story to sink in. A moment later she said "That...that's really fantastic!" I breathed a heavy sigh of relief, happy to hear any response that didn't go along the lines of "You're bat-shit loco, Jenny."

I asked "Do you really think so?" to which she cheerily replied "Absolutely, but then again, I'm probably a little biased myself. I myself have always wondered what it would be like to be with a young, strong, eager man. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't imagine ever cheating on Tom, but still, the notion has been a fantasy of mine for years; the idea of being with a man pulsing with such raw, sexual potency, such eagerness to please and to learn, to teach him everything about pleasing a woman; it's all quite wonderful to think about."

I hadn't thought explicitly about it before, the complete lack of sexual experience that Alex had. Nothing that had happened was planned, at least at first. "Like I said, it was only this morning that these thoughts crept into my mind, and this afternoon, well I don't know what came over me. I'm going to be perfectly honest with you, Chrystal; the idea of ravaging Alex, to teach him how to please a woman, is probably the most exciting part, asides from the feeling I get from seeing the look of desire in his eyes. Do you know how long it's been since I felt like any guy had eyed me up, thinking of me purely as a sexual object? I sure don't!"

"That sounds great," began Chrystal, "the idea of going down on a young cock, to be the one making him go wild with anticipation and lust. Is he staying here next year while Matt goes to college?"

"No," I replied, "They're both going off to college in a couple of weeks, although not to the same one."

"That's perfect then!" Chrystal said, "You've got a great chance here to teach him how to treat a woman, and also satisfy your own newfound urges, before he leaves for good."

I thought about this for a second before replying "You're right. I mean I couldn't very well have started something naughty with him and expected it to last the long term. It really wouldn't be fair to him either, he should be with a girl his age, not one old enough to his mother."

"Exactly", Chrystal said, as though we'd both reached the same conclusion, "this is the perfect opportunity for a little fun and learning on both your parts before he goes off and moves onto the next phase of his grown up life."

Hearing Chrystal put it that way, to rationalize what I'd until now considered borderline inappropriate, calmed me very much.

As Chrystal and I continued chatting, I found my mind wandering more and more to the naughty things I'd love to do to him, to show him, to teach him. Soon enough, we had gone through nearly three bottles of chardonnay, and although it wasn't late by any means, the large grandfather clock in the hall having only a moment ago chimed a half past eight, I found it increasingly difficult to focus on our talk at hand, the image of Alex's manhood ever present in my mind. Chrystal noted it as well, "It seems like you're off in your own little world now, my dear. I'm going to call you a cab to take you home so that you can get some rest." As she stood and made for the kitchen phone, I realized I'd not mentioned to her that Alex was still over at my house right now, having drinks and playing his games with Matt. I could hear Chrystal speaking over the phone, asking for a cab to come on by and get me, followed by her returning to the living room and handing me her spare set of house keys, "Here," she began, "these are for you to stop in if you need anything tomorrow, I'm not sure I'll be home until about noon from my workout, the ladies at my gym and I tend to stop for coffee after our class."

We continued chatting for a few more minutes when we heard the horn of the taxi outside. We said our goodnights, and as I walked towards the cab, Chrystal shouted from behind me, "Good luck with your little project, let me know about his progress!", breaking into a tipsy laugh as I turned and waved to her before getting into my awaiting ride. Though the ride home was short, my thoughts were entirely of Alex, and everything I wanted to teach him that night. Paying the cabbie and stepping out of the vehicle, I looked upon my home; I love this time of day, the sun is in mid-sky, illuminating everything with a beautiful orange-hue. Walking inside, I can see the lovely colors of the impending sunset reaching into the house through the windows.

As I enter the living room, I see Alex and Matt in their same spots as when I left, albeit now with quite the collection of empty beer bottles and high-ball glasses on the coffee table in front of them. Matt's head was slanted off to the side and against a pillow, clearly asleep from drinking too many of my beers, whereas Alex turned his head to face me, clearly having had only a few in order to remain more awake than his friend.

"Hey Ms. Smith." He said as he eyed me up and down, with the familiarity of how he'd stared earlier in his loss of subtlety after a few drinks.

"Hello Alex," I replied, "How was dinner and the drinks?"

"Dinner was really great, although Matt didn't bother having any; I think he was really excited that his mom was letting him drink her booze. He only had five or six drinks, but he's looking pretty out of it." The folly of youth, I recalled how inexperienced I was with liquor, owing my worst hangovers and forgetful nights to a complete lack of any food before going out with my girlfriends when I was their age. Alex had been a little wiser, having eaten before hand.

The light in the living room was truly something too beautiful to describe, but this was how I always felt when the sun was in the middle of setting for the evening, and the immense heat I felt earlier in the day was gone, in its place only a perfect warmth as the evening came to replace the day. As Alex faced me, the light of the sun hit him in such a way that it truly highlighted his facial features; his strong jaw, his high cheekbones, and the glint in his eyes as they stared into me, the alcohol removing all his inhibitions. As he sat there, staring at my body, I felt that familiar excitement from earlier in the day. I took quick account of Matt on the couch and asked Alex, "Has he been asleep for long?"

Alex, without taking his eyes off of me, replied "Yeh, he always overdoes it and ends up sleeping the entire night away."

At hearing this, I walked past the couch and towards the kitchen, gesturing silently for Alex to follow me. He stood quickly, almost tripping over himself in his haste and alcohol induced stupor, but regaining himself at the last moment. Entering the kitchen I continued to make my way to the patio door leading to the backyard, dropping my purse on the counter as I passed. Alex followed closely behind but stopped as I opened the door leading outside, seeming unsure of the situation.

Reaching out and taking his hand into mine, still silent and locking my eyes with his, I led him onto the patio. The backyard was really something else, my personal project these last few years as the distance between Donald and I grew to heights I'd not expected. The pool had been re-tiled, the high hedges and fences installed for added privacy whenever the situation warranted it. Ironically enough, my efforts to this end would never be enjoyed by Donald and I, but were actually motivated by our drifting worlds. I turned to face Alex now, taking his hand in both of mine, again looking into his eyes and saying "I had a lot of fun this afternoon, did you?" to which he enthusiastically nodded his head up and down, smiling, likely wanting to stay quiet for fear of a neighbor hearing him. "Good," I began, "because I think it's time I showed you exactly what it feels like to be with a woman."

At this point we'd reached the long sun-lounger by the side of the pool, the sun was setting quickly now, likely providing us with its warming orange rays for only a short time longer. Alex looked around nervously towards the hedges and the fence, "Out here? Won't someone see us?" he said in his low voice.

"Don't worry, no one can see us from the other houses," I replied, "you just sit back here, relax and let me show you everything you wanted to feel earlier today." as I knelt in front of him, looking up into his eyes for the second time that day. My gaze lowered to the growing bulge in his shorts as I gently tugged down on either side to see them drop to the ground, his semi-hard seven inch cock sitting now in front of my face. Reaching my hands around to grasp his firm, tight butt, I opened my mouth and took the entire shaft in, causing Alex to moan with pleasure as I began a smooth, steady tempo to get his cock as rock-hard as it had been earlier this afternoon. Alex's hands instinctively went to the back of my head, gripping it tightly and working with the rhythm we'd built together. I could feel his manhood growing in my mouth as I sucked him off, and in no time at all I was satisfied that it was at its full length. I let go of Alex, standing back up and taking his cock into my right hand, softly stocking it back and forth towards me, lifting his t-shirt with my left him. He quickly got he idea and helped in taking his shirt off, leaving him completely naked, while I was still fully dressed in my summer dress and heels.

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