tagInterracial LoveMy Spicy Latin Lover

My Spicy Latin Lover


As you walk through the spacious living room, with its high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows looking out towards the sea, you think to yourself how happy you are that you decided to risk it all and move down to this tropical island paradise. Thoughts and images of your lover, Enrique, float through your head, and you can't help but to reach down and lightly rub your pussy through your thin, long dress.

As you pour a glass of lemonade, your mind drifts toward the early morning romp you and Enrique enjoyed in the shower. He lathered you up and rubbed you down as you forcibly grabbed his member and began pumping up and down, bringing his semi-hard cock into a full on salute.

He gently bended you over, and rubbing soap all over his dick he slowly eased it into your ass. Your hands grasped at the wall as you moaned with pleasure. Enrique had fully entered your ass and he then began a quicker humping motion.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" you cried out and Enrique was happy to oblige. He grabbed your shoulders and pulled you back onto his dick as he thrust harder, harder. You felt his cum fill your ass as he called out, "Ay Dios mio! Mi amor, mi amor."

He then removed his now limp cock from your asshole, turning you around and thrusting his tongue into your mouth and kissing you hard. He again began to wash you, and you washed him, making sure his cock is nice and clean. The soap caused your hand to glide quickly up and down his shaft and you squeezed your grip tighter to slow the motion down. This brought Enrique back to life.

His dick, hard and ready, was waiting for you to guide it into your already wet pussy. It glided in effortlessly and caused you both to moan. Enrique pushed you against the shower wall and wrapped your legs around his waist. Grabbing your ass cheeks, he began thrusting harder and harder until you felt ready to explode. The tingling began in your pussy and you couldn't resist the urge to reach down and stroke your clit.

"Mi amor, I loove to see you touch you." Enrique whispered. The tingling continued to spread from your pussy until had engulfed your whole body. Your pussy began to pulsate as your body shook with orgasm. The movements in your pussy pushed Enrique over the edge and he moaned in approval. . .

Remembering the events of that morning has made you excited, your pussy getting moist. You look up at the clock and notice that your lover will be home from work soon. You decide to get yourself nice and ready with some self stimulation. You lie on the couch and raise your dress up. Slowly you spread your thighs as your hands find their way down to your hot pussy.

You use one hand to spread the lips of your cunt, exposing your clit. You then use your other hand and slowly begin to rub your clit. This begins to make your pussy wet. You insert one finger and slowly move it in and out, gently, using long strokes. This turns you on like crazy, and before you know it you hand is pumping your pussy like crazy.

You force yourself to stop and save it for your lover. You open your eyes and find Enrique staring at you from the end of the couch, his hand stroking his exposed cock.

"Mmmmmmm. You're so incredibly sexy, mi amor." he moans. He walks over to where you sit and you take his member in your mouth and begin to suck him off. Soon his hands are on top of your head guiding it faster, now slow, short and quick, now long and slow. You like when he controls you like this. Soon you feel his cock begin to pulsate in your mouth and you prepare to take all that he can give.

"Aaaaaahhhhh! Uuuuhhhh, uuuh, uuuhhh." moans Enrique as his cum fills your mouth, forces its way down your throat, and spills out over your chin. He pulls his still erect cock from your mouth and sits down on the couch, pulling you on top of him.

That is one thing you truly love about Enrique, you can suck him off and fuck him over and over but he, and more importantly his cock, was always ready for more. There have been nights when you two would fuck so long, Enrique would only have one hour of sleep before leaving for work. Still when he returned home, he didn't want to nap, but only wanted to fuck.

You slowly begin to grind back and forth onto his member, feeling his dick push against the walls of your pussy. Enrique grabs your ass and begins to raise and lower you onto his cock. The deep thrusts of his cock instantly throw you into orgasm. Somehow Enrique always knows the right things to do to drive your body wild.

"Aaaaahhhhh! Oooohhhhh!" you cry out as juice spills from your cunt, covering Enrique's dick and balls. You slump over, leaning against Enrique's chest, his penis still throbbing inside you.

"I'm so happy to be here in paradise with you." you whisper into his ear. "Yo tambien, me too, mi amor." he replies. You both sit there, him inside you, as you look out the windows, past the pool and garden, to the sun setting beyond the Caribbean. . .

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