tagIncest/TabooMy Step-Sister and Mom Ch. 02

My Step-Sister and Mom Ch. 02


I'm Neil; Nicky is my step sister and Sally my step mom this is parts of what happened after my previous story.

It has definitely been eventful since my Dad in

January started seeing Sally my sexy new step mom. Sally is 35 and 5'7 a gorgeously beautiful brunette with 34c, 24, 35 tight toned athletic tanned body.

A naughty smile and a very confident sexy way about her I loved her love of revealing clothes. She's very successful as an estate agent now though for ten years she worked as a fitness instructor at the local gym where my Dad met her on the day she left her job. My friends and I think she looks like a younger sexier Catherine zeta Jones.

My new step sister Nicky is 18 and drop a dead luscious 34b, 24, 34 at 5'6 of brunette heaven. She is really sexy very; very pretty lovely big blow job lips really pert tits with an unbelievably great ass. She had a lovely olive tone to her skin all year round she looked slghtly tanned. A young Jennifer love Hewitt is how my friends and I think she looks and her tits have a similar notoriety and seemingly role and mind of their own.

They are both great teasers the first two months my eye balls were on storks as they showed themselves to be really nice, very pretty and funny interesting naughty sexy woman.

First thing this very morning the day I write this, Nicky had come into the bathroom as I brushed my teeth.

My Dad had left for work in the early hours of the morning and I knew Sally was downstairs preparing work papers as I had hear her singing to the radio as soon as I got up she had a sexy husky singing voice.

"Morning Neely." She said using her pet name for me smiling wearing her thin white see thru robe she was a very smiley girl always happy.

"Morning chick." I said watching her kneel in front of the bath lean and grab the shower head then lift her ass bending over the bath her head lowered into it a couple of feet in front of me and started soaking her hair.

"Can you pass my conditioner?" I pass it then watch as she wiggles her ass shuffles her knees into edge of bath lifts her ass a bit more.

Leaning on the edge of the bath weight on her belly her knees slightly lifted of the floor and eyes closed she rubs the conditioner in.

I squat behind her as she rocks her ass that bit more in the air arching her back. Half her ass cheeks showing a red thong cupping her pussy string dissapearing into her tight ass.

She had no idea I was behind her, her ass at eye level perving on her every move. I saw my phone on the clothes basket, seeing her eyes were closed still and my phone's able to take silent pictures I wanted to add to my collection.

I took a cluster twelve photo set my phone can take single or multiple pictures up to twelve in a sequence I actually took a second to get her ass framed perfectly.

My phone's memory is almost full just under two hundred naughty pictures of these sexy women, and about fifty horny sexual thirty second videos.

"It's a gorgeous morning Sis." I said as I stood and spat and washed my mouth out grinning cheekily to myself because I know what I'll get do to you later.

Tease me all you want I love it but what you don't know Sis is what I've been doing to you and your Mom at night.

The thought promotes a massive grin on my face as I see her stand as I walked out to go down for breakfast.

Thinking of naughty things I'd done with you and your mom since you moved in when I had my chances. And the things you both had done with me when unaware or asleep as I walked down and made my cereal.

In my previous story about these two ladies titled My Step-Sister and Mom I told you how Nicky wanked pleasured herself and sucked me off while I pretended sleep. Well that was the defining moment when I started my night time pleasures.

Thinking of Nicky's lovely big lips sliding down over bell end and her licking it as I sat at the breakfast table.

I start my cereal turned to side leaning my elbow on the table.

Sally walks in bends over facing me and puts her briefcase on the floor in front of my open legs showing that lovely cleavage. I could only half listened to her talking about how she had to rush and busy her day due to perving.

Sally's cleavage repeatedly revealed as she bent over straight legged rifling through the papers in her top opening briefcase. And replacing the removed papers with othe nes laid on the table when I had come down.

She could have put the bag on the table in front of her next to me but she wanted to tease.

Her blue light blouse so loose I could see her entire breasts cupped in her matching blue push up bra. I could see right down to her tight flat stomach where it was tucked into her short tight black skirt.

There was no way she wouldn't have known what she was showing and how much. I felt a semi hard on start just as she left the room checking herself in the hallway mirror and putting a black suit jacket on Sally shouted.

"Anyone in the bathroom?"

"I am Mom!" Nicky shouted back.

Naughty horny feelings took me over I rushed in to the downstairs toilet off our kitchen pushed my jeans and boxers down and took my t-shirt off.

I stood behind the unlocked door with my semi-hard closely shaven cock on display. I heared Sally shout.

"Can I nip there in Nicky?"

A quick squeeze on my cock semi hard cock and it was at its biggest without being hard and pointing to the sky.

"I'm busy Mom use the other!" Nicky replied sounding slightly exasperated.

Behind the door waiting I wait pretending rubbing my eyes so I could see her come in but so she'd think I could not see.

She bursts in and I see her as she opens her mouth to gasp or apologize as she sees me naked. I made out I hadn't heared her come in rubbing my eyes watching her I fake a kind yawn.

She paused momentarily after looking at my eyes covered looking at my cock and after a second she said sticking my cock out.

"Sorry Neil didn't know u were in there!" She said quickly turning away pulling the door sliding behind it leaving a gap.

"I'm in what err huh." I replied trying to sound surprised.

Very quickly I pulled my jeans and boxers up and pushed my cock inside hard now pointing to the side and grabbed my shirt.

"I didn't know u were in there Neil will you be long!" She said sounding desperate and hopeful through the crack in the door.

I replied,"I'm done Sally here you go."

I'd quickly moved in to the doorway and backed against the frame to let her pass.

She was blushed with an urgent look she slide past me quite fast brushing her tits across my chest. We both looked at them as she slid them to the center of my chest. We looked at each other then again to her tits as she sld them completely past. We both gave a polite awkward accepting kind of smile as she shut the door.

I gave my cock a good squeeze and rub thinking your catching up on the teasing this morning Sally I may have to visit you tonight.

But anyway that was just this morning I'll tell you how my sleep adventures started.

About eight months ago and because the three of us are terrible insomniacs we were by our Doctor given these new strong knockout sleeping pills meant to give you eight hours no matter how bad your insomnia is.

I don't like pills though and took them only when I needed too but Sally and Nicky did every night from the start.

They raved about them in the first week about never feeling so rested that they worked so well.

I must admit their incredibly strong I was dead to the world for eight hours when I took them highly unusual for me.

Nearly two months later Nicky and I were the only ones in on a Friday night

Nicky wearing thin white lycra shorts and white lycra sports bra crawled on all fours to the TV to choose a DVD.

Looking over her shoulder as she held them up wiggling her as when she was searching through them. One of her seemingly favorite teases.

She chose and she curled up to my arm squeezing it in to her tits resting on my shoulder.

After about an hour of rubbing my arm in to her tits and in to the film boring us both at midnight she announced she was going to bed.

A naughty feeling took me over about half four in the morning I'd just carried on watching movies.

I went up to her room quietly and looked round the slightly open door.

She was sprawled out on her bed one hand at her side one under her cheek over edge of her pillow and one leg twisting her body crossed over the other with her chest flat.

A loose white see through blouse just covering her nipples on each side as both straps were down off her shoulders and white tiny triangle fronted thong.

You could see the outline of her tits and pinky darkness of her little nipples from the door.

I went straight over knelt by her belly pushed her shoulder quite hard to definitely wake her but she didn't wake in the slightest I rocked her nearly rolling her on her side. Getting a good look as her tits jiggled as she flopped lifeless.

"Nicky wake up!" I said loud and sharp as I shook her shoulders hard enough to wake anyone but she still nothing she was completely out cold.

Overwhelmed by naughtiness and adrenaline I locked her door knelt at her belly again and slowly rubbed my right hand over her left tit as I watched her face behind my movements.

She didn't move change breathing or anything so I squeeze a handful of 34b tit kneading playing and rubbing it. It felt so good to actually be touching one of the tits that have been used to tease me in so many ways.

I was then squeezing up to the nipple from the bottom with my thumb as I squeezed and lifted my hand off dropping it watching them jiggle.

I got as hard as I can when feeling that tit watching her erecting nipple through her blouse rise and poke out more.

She groaned opened her mouth with a pop and rolled her body to her side to meet her turned face.

Her left arm under her body her right flopped behind her back. I slide her blouse up.

"Mmmm Nicky!" I say deeply I knew she had great tits but she had fantastic tits. Really pert and perky titties with small light pink nipples pointing at the sky.

I ran my hands up and over and groped both breasts looking at them and her face squeezing them over and over. Then burying ny face in them kiss and sucking them all over.

I zoned back in from my glee and noticed her mouth now open a bit more and my consciousness flushed with excitement.

I stood and my cock was out of my boxers gripped and pointed it just touching her lips.Then rubbing it over across her lips I felt she was never wasn't going to wake I rubbed it hard squishing her lips stretching them sideways.

Then I rubbed it all over her cheeks then her forehead and across her eyes around her mouth and put my bell end between her lips.

It looked so good horny with her big luscious lips on the tip of my cock. I pushed my bell end in to her mouth and pumped in back and forth feeling her mouth tighten around me.

Her surprisingly moist mouth was resisting my cock half way in.

I started pumping harder and faster getting two thirds of my cock in and got a steady quite fast rhythm going.

I lifted her thong front and had quick look still pumping in her mouth at what was a beautiful neat small light pink lipped brazilian shaved pussy.

Her sexy lips passing over my cock me feeling every little reaction of her mouth and lash and lick of her tongue when her mouth reacted was so horny and took my attention.

It felt so great fucking her mouth. I grabbed a tit to play with really enjoying the pleasure and watching the scene as I slightly pulled her head on to me with my other hand.

After a while I felt I was could cum and the naughtiness made me think she'll swallow it she won't notice.

I came in six spurts with muffled moans and felt her swallow on my cock her throat clasping my bell end licking and sucking it as I pumped my cock hard and her head down on to me. Man that felt good and what a sight.

"Damn Nicky mmmmm!" I groan as I slowly pump my cock in and out arching my back so satisfied.

I pulled out and watched her as she turned on her back mouthing the cum left in her mouth down swallowing it tasting licking her lips.

I realized when I saw the clock an hour and a half had gone by I instantly left because she'd was normally up and about at and at seven and it was now just gone half six.

I went bed and to sleep after a wank and came again thinking of her.

That was the first time I ever visited Nicky her at night I've been having my way with her ever since and shortly just under a month after realized Sally was equally out cold from the pills. My Dad worked early until late often being away three to four nights out of the seven day week.

The first time I visited Sally I'd been doing what I wanted to her daughter for about a month and had got a real taste for it adding pictures and a few videos to my mental collection.

I made sure Nicky was out cold gave her ass a quick fondle and cheek spreading but as I turned to go I went back.

Squeezed then shook her tits pinched her nipples then rubbed my cock back and forth over her lips as I said.

"Your Mom's going to suck my cock tonight Nicky do you want a little suck first?"

I turned her head to the side and pushed my bell end past her lips watching them slide over it and into her mouth.

I pumped my bell end in and out for a while watching her I was absolutely rock hard.

I laid her head down and went to her mom's room.

It was again about four in the morning and I opened the door and peered in the room to see Sally on her back diagonally across her bed covers only up to her thighs.

Wearing a black thong and tiny white t-shirt her hands on her belly her face turned to the side hanging over the edge of the bed.

"Sally, Sally!" I said loud and clear I knew Nicky wouldn't wake from anything so I shouted.

"Sally, Sally!" No movement no changes no waking up no anything.

I walked and squatted next to her face she looked in deep sleep I pushed and rocked her shoulder looking at her face.

She didn't alter again but harder still nothing she definitely wasn't waking up I got an amazing thrill from the fact I could have them both.

I gently rubbed her tits they were firm she had darker little pink nipples than Nicky.

Pushing her top over them I groped and rubbed and squeezed her gorgeous firm round titties for all they were worth, watching them in my hands.

"Nice tits oh Sally." I exentuated hornily overwhelmed with lust they were lovely round juicy and pert with little dark pink nipples.

Really giving her 34c's a mauling they were just as luscious as her daughters smaller perkier tits. I buried my face between them and squeezed them in to my face then sucked an licked them all over.

I loved the fact that Sally had seen my cock on more than one occasion.

A few nights before wearing loose shorts and no boxer shorts my feet on her lap as I lay across the sofa I pretended to sleep. It was just us in and I let myself get hard thinking of her seeing it rise.

It definetely had pushed my shorts leg up so she could see this made me so hard. About five minutes past I felt her shift her weight was she looking up my shorts. The phone rang she moved to get it, it was my Dad.

I slowly lost my erection listening to her talk about dinner plans and thinking Dad may come back soon. I pretended waking got up showered a little wank but not cumming I was saving that for the night visit.

Anyway taking my sucking mouth from her nipple and realesing my fondling hands I gripped my hard on stood looked at her face my cock an inch in front of her lips.

I said "Will you suck me Sally for all your teasing I need some pleasing?"

Straight away I rubbed it hard into her luscious full lips side to side squishing them forcing them to the sides as I rub it firmly. She opened her mouth and was kind of dangling her lower jaw.

I then rub it around her mouth and push half my bell end past her lips feeling her teeth. She was very receptive warm and quite wet mouthed, she sucked it briefly as I fed it in a bit more she clamped her mouth and lips on the intruder. I left it still feeling her suck on it gently adjusting her mouth to it.

"Oh Sally you naughty girl!" I say in a groan of pleasure.

Oh it felt good she swallowed clamped down harder and actually properly sucked hard as a reaction I pushed it in to just past my bell end.

I felt her move her tongue around it so I started pumping my bell end she'd occasionally lash her tongue on it and as she swallowed she'd suck with strength. I kept this up for while as her lips and mouth were tight around my bell end.

"Oh you're going to be good at this!" I said pumping my bell end in her mouth now a little bit more with each thrust.

Halfway in I stood easing it in and out for a while really enjoying watching her lips going over my cock mixed with occasional licks and hard sucks and swallows.

Pushing slow to back of her throat and out then fast pumping bell end in and out watching her squeezing and playing with her tits.

It felt so good so naughty eapecially when she lashed her tongue across it.

I say, "Lick that cock Sally, oh suck it Sally lick it hard."

I pump it all in and out slow, her initial gagging did feel good but I started to fuck her mouth shallower half my cock in.

I held her head and pumped and pumped faster and faster fucking her mouth fast i could for a while felt and looked so damn good.

I started to feel like I could cum I looked at the clock I'd been fucking her mouth an hour then I thought she'll swallow in her sleep just like Nicky it'll be okay.

I still held her head Nicky doesn't wake up for anything looking in Sally's eyes she wouldn't either so I pushed most of my cock in pumping and fucking her mouth.

When I held it pushed in deep thrusting with shallow pumps it put me over the edge and I came in five spurts in to her mouth after more thrusts and feeling spent I pulled out.

She swallowed tasting it in her sleepy state then swallowing again and mouthing gumming it down.

I watched as she quite quickly had swallowed most of it none escaped her mouth.

I knelt straddling her now propped with pillows behind her face I pumped my whole cock in about thirty times or so feeling her throat close and swallow around my bell end, and the gags and clenches of her mouth as I fucked it but I was spent.

I looked down at her lying there now I'd moved the pillows and watch her swallow all remnants of what was in her mouth.

I pulled her thong down her ass under her and pulled it down just past her pussy.

She had really neat small pink colored lips and a Brazilian shave leaving a thin strip of pubic hair just like her daughter, such a sexy sweet little pussy.

I noticed the clock and panicked slightly gave her a quick rub between her slit pushed thong back quick. It was five thirty in the morning. She'd be usually up at six so I left and went bed.

Looking back I was surprised considering the circumstances I didn't ravish them completely that night though that's what happened the first time with each of them.

Since then I've found that there really is nothing u can do to wake either of them and had so many nights of pleasure.

The first time I fucked them was a couple of few nights after my visit to Sally and both on the same night and was truly the horniest thing ever.

And have been any night I get the chance with either of them since still to this day.

On Nicky's bed watching my cock slide in and out of her Brazilian shaved pussy. A strip of pubic hair left just like her mother.

Slowly working it inside her after id rubbed and fingered her while sucking her tits. Her legs wrapped round me, gripping her ass cheeks and squeezing her ass. On my knees her back is arched her on her shoulders with her head turned to side.

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