tagIncest/TabooMy Step Sisters Ch. 01

My Step Sisters Ch. 01


I am Tim. I just turned 18 and I live with my Mom and 2 step sisters. My step sisters are 24 and 28 years old respectively. The older is divorced and the other is not yet married. My mom remarried an older man after my dad died. Unfortunately, her second husband died a couple of years after she got married. Although it sounds tragic, I ended up getting two hot sisters. We are a very close knit family and they consider me to be like their own brother. In terms of looks, a lot of people find it difficult to figure out when we tell them we are from different families since there is a resemblance between my sisters and me.

The older sister Kelly, is shy but fun when you get to know her. She is 5 feet 8 with long brown hair. Her hips are nice and wide with a shapely butt. Her breasts are a full D cup that makes me feel excited every time I see them. Her face is pleasant with large eyes that make her look younger than her sister. Her skin is smooth and soft and loves to hug which gives me certain challenges especially when she is wearing minimal!

Her sister Anna is the opposite. She is compact, barely reaching the height of 5 feet. Her body is nice and full with shapely hips and thighs. Her petite body accentuates her figure. She reminds me of the porn star Connie Peters due to her height and bust. Her breasts are high and a C cup. She loves to wear tank tops that expose her cleavage. She is not into hugging as her sister, but I do get an eyeful whenever I help her with her computer.

My mom is different from the 2 girls. She is lean and maintains her figure well despite being 38. She is a C cup and her hips are not as shapely as her step daughters. Her best feature is her legs and her breasts. She also has full lips that I have inherited along with the lean frame. I keep in shape and love to keep my muscles toned and we have our own personal gym at home in which I spend a lot of time keeping my shape.

One confession, although it is common among guys my age, is that I love porn. I love watching lesbian flicks. My favorite series is the Mother Daughter Exchange club and I have collected the full series on my computer along with some of the classics like the Taboo series. I was introduced to porn by none other than Katie, my very good friend. We turned 18, weeks apart and after that Katie went berserk on porn. She got the latest lesbian movies and shared with me. She is a lovely girl and also a bi-sexual. She is petite like Anna and thinner. She has C cups that look like D cups due to her slim frame. Sometimes we end up watching porn together, but never have touched each other simply because it never occurred to us that we could!

The whole series of events I am about to describe is Katie's fault! Well, okay, maybe not. We were hanging out one day. Katie was in a hot pair of shorts and t-shirt, sitting on my bed struggling to open the latest DVD to her collection. I found it amusing to watch this energetic little lady as her top jiggled while she tried to open the DVD cover. Having 3 ladies in the house, I had to help with loads of jars, packaging and so on and I was quite familiar with this difficulty ladies have with wrapping.

She managed to open the case and held up the DVD triumphantly making her t-shirt tighten against her breasts. This gave me pleasant feelings, but I pushed the thought away from my mind. Katie walked over to my computer and inserted the DVD. It was a classic porn flick called Unthinkable. It started with a lovely actress rubbing herself on a bunched up sheet. I have seen pillow humping before and found it to be erotic. I have tried it out on my own and loved the feel of the pillow when I rubbed my cock on it. The only downside was that I had to stop before I blew my load to save the pillow, but otherwise, it seemed like a nice way to masturbate.

Katie was mesmerized by the sight of the lady on screen, humping a bunched up quilt. She stared at the screen, her mouth was open, totally ignoring me. Before I could interrupt, she started to rub her breasts. This was the first time she had done such a thing and I didn't know what to do. I wondered whether I should go out of the room and let her have some privacy. I found her movements erotic. I cleared my throat and she turned to me dreamily and then realized where my eyes were and she blushed.

"Oh gosh, Tim. I didn't realize you were there," she whispered.

"Should I go?"

"No, I am sorry, I got carried away by that gorgeous creature. What in heaven's name is she doing with that quilt?"

"Well, I think its called pillow humping."

"Really? How do you know that Einstein?"

"Well I have seen it in movies."

"You are kidding me!"

"No I am not."

"Yes, you are!"

"No, I am not!"

"Yes, you are!"

This is quite normal. We do get into arguments like this that end up in a small wrestling match. I love to wrestle with her since she is strong despite her slim frame. Since she is more attracted to girls she doesn't mind getting close to a guy to wrestle although its a struggle for me to control my erection, especially when my body comes into contact with hers.

So this time I was determined to prove her wrong and I blurted out that I have done pillow humping on my own. Her eyes grew mischievous.

"Prove it!"

"No way!"

"Then I am right and you are wrong!"

"Well no. I am right and you are wrong!"

"Then prove it! Or are you chicken to show me how small your dick really is?"

"Well its big enough for your information, thank you!"

"Well then show me how you hump pillows, its simple as that," she said, looking at me again. On the screen, the a bathroom scene started with the brother and sister starting to play around. This made me hard and I went into the toilet to change into my boxers that I used when I humped pillows. To cover my erection, I wrapped a towel around me and held it loosely. I took my t-shirt off and stepped back into my room. I was nervous as hell and Katie looked at me in amusement, her eyes taking in my body and I detected her mouth gently curling up when her gaze went to my towel.

"What the hell is that for?"

"Well, its to cover my erection and to cover the pillow in case of an accident," I said, trying to cover my anxiety with a strong voice.

"Besides, towels are nice and soft too," I said, my eyes avoiding hers for a moment. My voice was barely above a whisper and there seemed to be something stuck in my throat.

She just sat there and turned towards me with her arms folded across her lovely chest. She sat in the lotus position making her shorts stretch tight over her crotch. My eyes went to her crotch and that made my erection worse. Her breasts seemed to pop out from the pressure of her folded arms, making them strain delightfully against the t-shirt.

I climbed onto the bed, refusing to look at Katie and pulled two pillows to me. I positioned one under my crotch and the other under my chest. I took the towel off and put it between the pillow and me. I started to rock on the pillow. Kate lost her mischievous smile and she stared at me open mouthed as I rocked against the pillow. I was blushing like crazy, so I turned my head away and closed my eyes and continued my humping. After a while, I was getting hornier and my strokes were getting faster.

I felt a hand on my back but I was too far gone to wonder what was happening. When the hand started to caress my back, I turned around to see Katie by me and one hand was crushing her breasts over her t-shirt and the other was rubbing my back.

I was shocked and I stopped. Her gaze was wild and she kept licking her lips watching my hips. She was rocking against the cushion of the chair, rubbing her crotch on the raised edge. She had wheeled the chair over to the bed.

Wordlessly, she got up from the chair and climbed onto the bed. She then pulled two more pillows to her and started to rock on them. She reminded me of a hot little jockey on a horse. I was mesmerized by her gentle movements against my pillow. My movements were forgotten, but my erection was even stronger. Her butt was raised up provocatively while she rocked on the pillow.

She turned towards me taking in the length of my body. I started moving again. She moaned and called out my name making me even more excited. I closed my eyes for a little while, unable to meet her eyes. I was so embarrassed. I was lost in a world of my own thinking about the lovely creature next to me and was totally unprepared for what happened next.

Suddenly, Katie's body was on me. I couldn't move as I was in shock. Her breasts pressed against me and her crotch started rubbing against my butt. She started to move slowly and her breath was hot in my ear.

"Oh Tim, this is much nicer than the pillow," she murmured.

I didn't know what to say. I wanted to push her off me, but I didn't really mind what she was doing to me. It was the first time we had done something sexual and I liked it.

I started to rock and she joined me. We went on for a while and she started to nibble my ear.

I was shocked to hear her next words.

"Tim, I want you to turn around and trib with me," she moaned.

I knew she loved to watch tribbing in lesbian movies but I never thought it could be done by a guy and a girl. Of course, I was horny as hell by now and would have done anything for her. She got off me and I lay on my back. My cock was hard under the shorts and without hesitation, Katie climbed onto me, making me spread my legs. Her legs straddled one thigh while her soft tummy rested on my cock. She started to move while kissing my neck.

"Oh gosh Tim, your thigh is so hard and nice!"

She moaned as she rocked on my thigh. Her mouth found my nipple and started to suck it hard, making me bite my lips. Her crotch continued to rub against my thigh and my cock was deliciously being smothered by her soft t-shirt. Our movements pushed down my boxers and pushed up her t-shirt. My cock came into contact with her soft warm tummy, making me moan.

Her pace increased and she pulled down my face to her so that she could kiss me. I was now on auto-pilot and I kissed her back. For the first time in my life I let a woman suck my full lips. Katie loved to tease me about them since she had thinner lips and was envious of mine.

"Mmmm, Tim, your lips are so hot!" she crooned as she kept rubbing herself on me.

Without warning she shuddered and I realized that she had reached her orgasm. Her movements slowed and she came to a rest on my body. She lay her lovely head on my chest and closed her eyes. I caressed her back and ran my fingers through her hair. After a few minutes, she came down to earth and got up in a flash.

"Oh my god! What did we do?"

She rolled off the bed.

"Oh gosh, Tim, I am so sorry! I don't know what came over me. You looked so adorable on the pillow and I lost control."

"It's cool Katie. I loved it too."

"Oh shit! But we are friends! Friends don't do this. I am sorry."

"Well, friends look out for each other and help each other. Its cool. We can forget this ever happened, OK?"

"OK. Can I use your toilet? I am a mess!" She laughed and I could see a wet patch on her shorts.

This is when I noticed that the door to my room was ajar. I was sure I had closed it although mom doesn't let me lock the door.

I didn't worry too much about it although I wondered what happened. I went out of my room and I heard voices. My step sisters had returned after 5 days. Mom was working on most days leaving me to my own devices. I wondered if they heard us in the room, but dismissed it out of my mind.

Katie came down and wanted to rush home avoiding everyone. I dropped her off since she couldn't take the bus in her wet shorts. I went back into my room and finished what I started. There was a load of cum thanks to Katie. When I went downstairs, I was dressed in a pair of shorts and t-shirt and no one would even dream of what I just did. Even I had trouble believing what had just happened.

My older step sister was in the kitchen.

"Hey, where is Katie?" she asked.

"Oh she had to rush home," I said my face starting to flush.

"Oh, that's so unlike her. Did you do anything to make her mad?"

Her eyes were on me and I detected a half smile but I could not be sure. I looked down, examining the tiled floor as if I had seen it for the first time.

"No of course not! I didn't do anything," I countered.

"Well OK, Tim. Don't be so defensive. I am so jealous that you guys are so close. Come and give your sister a hug. I missed you."

I hugged her and she wrapped her arms around me. Every time I hug Kelly, she takes a long time to let me go. Her hands rubbed my back and I tried not to feel her soft body and her breasts as they mashed against my chest. I rubbed her back in return and this time to my shock, my cock started to respond.

I was not sure if she noticed it, but I didn't want to struggle against her and make it worse. She kissed my cheek and neck pulling me even closer.

"Mmmm I missed you, my little brother!"

"I missed you too, sis," I said, as I felt my cock grow longer.

"You two lovebirds should break it up!"

It was Anna and she had her hands on her lovely hips as she watched us.

Kelly let me go reluctantly. After the episode with Katie, maybe I was imagining things or was there a little spark between me and Kelly?

"What about a hug for me?"

I went over to Anna and hugged her. Since she was short, I loved to hug her and pull her off the ground. I didn't want to do that right then, based on the bulge below but she would suspect something was up. Without waiting for me, she jumped up and put her arms around my neck and I carried her halfway and hugged her back.

"Kelly, looks like our brother has been quite lonely," Anna said.

I didn't want to assume, but I didn't like the comment.

"Why do you say that sis?"

"Well you seem to be in a huggable mood."

I relaxed. Her comment had been innocent. However, my bulge would not go away. I rocked Anna in my arms and put her down. If she had detected my erection, she didn't mention anything about it. However, she didn't meet my eyes when I looked at her. I grabbed an apple and rushed upstairs to my room. I had a movie to finish. I closed the door and started watching the movie. It was about incest and I came to the part when the older sister started to play with the younger brother and sister. I started thinking about my step sisters after seeing it. Thinking about them and me in a threesome seemed hot beyond words.

All of a sudden I was shocked about my thoughts and literally pinched myself hard.

After dinner, the two ladies wanted to watch a movie. We have a home cinema hooked up to a projector. The room was converted from a study to a entertainment room. One wall was white making it easier to project onto it and we had a long couch which could be converted to a bed making it very comfy.

We started watching a movie called "Chloe". At the start itself it seemed a little naughty with the leading two ladies - an older woman and a younger hooker trying to entrap the older woman's hubby. I ended up on the couch with my two step sisters on either side. Anna was leaning against the corner of the couch with her legs on a humpty. She wore a pair of shorts that made my blood boil and her strap t-shirt exposed two lovely pink bra straps and her cleavage made me want to keep sitting down for a long time.

Kelly was in a dress with straps. Since she is a little on the heavy side, she looked lovely in loose dresses making her look chubbier than she really was. Her breasts were large as ever and the high waist of the dress made them even bigger. I found myself staring at them as she walked over to Anna to give her some cookies. She then came to me and bent double offering me some too. Her cleavage made me shudder. Her top appeared to be looser than I imagined and I could see the outline of the lovely breasts hanging inside the bra. She wore a black bra and it seemed like time stood still for a moment as I gazed mesmerized at the lovely jugs of my step sister. I was not mistaken about time standing still since when I looked up my Kelly was looking at me with an amused expression on her face. I suddenly realized that I had stared at her breasts for too long and she had let me do that.

My face suddenly showed how it could change color at short notice. I looked up at her not knowing what her reaction will be.

She smiled.

"Do you want some, my little brother?"

"Er no, I mean, yes.. I mean.. er what?"

I wanted to sink into the couch and disappear. Her smile became even wider.

"Well MILK and cookies, baby boy!"

She emphasized the word "milk" making my eyes go back to her breasts.

"I know you like milk, bro," she said.

I grabbed a few cookies and took the glass of milk and laid it on the stool close by. Behind the couch was a number of shelves that had two of the speakers and tissues and so on. Tissues came in handy especially when I watched porn movies all on my own in this room although mom kept them for more mundane purposes.

"Let me get you a tissue," said Kelly, coming closer. Her breasts were inches away from me and my cock was so hard now. In my haste I had forgot to wear any underwear. I squirmed in my seat as the two breasts came closer and close and started to jiggle a little in their own lovely way while my step sister struggled to reach the box of tissues. I wondered why she was taking this route to the shelves when she could have easily gone behind the couch. Her knee was half on the couch as she reached for the box coming even closer. I realized that it was too long for an average human to reach for a box of tissues. Suddenly there was a final lunge that buried my face for the first time in a pair of D cup tits.

"Got it!" screamed Kelly and I wondered what she got.

Eventually, she backed up her frame and my nose came out of her cleavage. It was a warm and soft feeling that made my mouth hang open.

Kelly seemed oblivious to the contact that she had with my nose and face. She was panting after the valiant effort to get the box of tissues. She sat down on the couch with one leg under her and the other off the couch. She then turned to Anna who seemed to be studying the remote control with the intensity of a cat that caught a mouse for the first time. She reached over my lap again taking her time to slide her breasts again and tried to pry the remote from her sister.

Although I have had this experience of Kelly leaning over at various times during a movie, her movement didn't usually involve this kind of body contact. Anna, on the other hand didn't let Kelly have the remote and Kelly ended up across my lap. her tummy was directly over my hard cock. Strangely she seemed oblivious to it. Her dress had ridden up revealing her lovely legs. She struggled with Anna for the remote and my cock was being massaged gently by Kelly's tummy. I tried to push Kelly off me and that was impossible. She was too heavy. I had to resort to tickling but I stopped immediately since it made her wriggle madly on my lap making matters worse for my hard member!

Finally, Anna let go making her sister start to slide off my lap. I grabbed at her and unfortunately my hold on her was right under her breasts as my hands had been lying on either side of the couch. I felt her breasts for the first time. They were soft and spongy. As before, she lay against me for a few more lovely seconds and for me they were like hours.

"Thank you so much Tim! You are so strong," she emphasized the word "strong". She stood up and fiddled with her ear.

"Oh darn, I have lost my earring,"

She looked down as if searching for something. There is no way she would have missed my erection which stood out like the Empire state building. She bent down again giving me more than a glimpse of her tits. She knelt and pushed lay her bust on the couch making them pop out of her dress. I was starting to wonder if they would pop out of her dress completely and to my disappointment, she found her earring and with a satisfied sigh, she stood up.

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