tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Stepfather and his Brother Ch. 03

My Stepfather and his Brother Ch. 03


My Stepfather and his brother Chap 3

He dropped the hood and moved to a control panel, which was situated just to the left of the camera directly to my front. The switch clicked loudly as the stage lights illuminated the room almost turning the darkness into day. I could feel the heat from them as he made his way back to where I was secured.
“I hope you don’t find the lights too bright,” he laughed.
“We wouldn’t want you to miss not seeing yourself in every detail of your first time.”
“I know there are many others who will enjoy seeing you fucked in all your pretty openings.”
‘ And I know that they will also enjoy watching you and your mother getting it off together.”
He now moved behind me and I soon felt his hot breath as he positioned himself between my open legs. I could hear my mother trying to stop him as she yelled into her ball gag. His tongue brushed my pussy lips sending a shiver down my spine. It touched me again and again as he worked it perfectly running the entire length of my slit up and down as though he was licking an ice cream.

My mind told me no but my pussy liked the attention he was paying it. He continued to lick me as his lubricated finger parted my pussy lips and found my hardened clit. Russel continued to tongue me as his finger started to rotate my clitty. I felt his tongue leave my pussy and it now probed my anal opening like a snake returning to it’s hole. I was being rimmed by his tongue and fingered at the same time, making my pussy even hotter. My juices began to flow and the drug was taking an even bigger effect. I found that I was pushing my pussy against his finger and wanting it to enter me. He soon obliged, as his thick digit made it’s way deeper and deeper into my love hole. I was now well lubricated and a second, then a third finger joined the first. The pain was beginning to hurt me but I didn’t care, as I wanted to be finger fucked. His tongue probed my anal opening and was soon pushing against the resistance, trying to enter me. Again my mind was telling me no, but my body was again wanting it too happen.
I closed my eyes and let my body relax, as I knew that any struggle would be in vein for I was going to be raped against my will. The only question would be which of my openings it would be.

I was now like some bitch on heat and could feel myself becoming a willing victim to what was about to happen. I wanted it, his cock inside me, stretching my virgin pussy wide. I wanted to be fucked and didn’t care who was watching. I opened my eyes and looked in her direction. There were tears in her eyes and they ran down her cheeks as before her was her daughter about to be taken and not by here husband. I gave her a sort of smile as the gag prevented me from doing so. It was a reassurance telling her that it would be ok and that my fate would be soon sealed. Russel now stood and I felt his cock head at the opening to my pussy. He would take me there first and later make his way to the second of my virgin openings. He gripped my hips and I felt his cock push, parting my swollen pussy lips. It continued to push into me stretching me as it made it’s way along my wet and lubricated opening. The pain was unbearable as I felt as if his cock was tearing me open. Deeper and deeper it went pushing and probing into me. It soon hit my hymen, which prevented its path where he pulled it back sightly and then again pressed it forward. He continued to push and pull it until with just one more shove it tore the seal that told me that he was my first cock. The tears flowed down my own cheeks, as I knew that my innocence was now gone and that I would be a virgin no more.

His cock was stretching me wide and I soon found that my pussy was accommodating him. His balls now touched my bottom and he was almost completely inside me. I was well lubricated and the pain was beginning to subside. His cock was now starting to fuck me as he withdrew, then pushed home to where it was almost in my womb. Fear gripped my body as I was not using protection and there was a distinct possibility that he could make me pregnant. I was repulsed at any idea that he might impregnate me and I would have to carry his bastard child. I was being taken against my will and the added thought of him shooting his seed inside me and filling my belly with his child would be so repulsive and disgusting. I know he would enjoy that thought of using his new and pregnant bitch.

My mind drifted back and I felt his rhythm start to increase as he continued to pound my pussy.
“Oh yeah your cunt is so fucking tight, ‘ he screeched.
“Tell Uncle Russell how much you love his cock inside you.”
“Yeah that’s it come on work with me honey make me fill you with cum.”
His hand slapped my buttock hard bringing me back to reality.
“ Come on baby work it, work your cute little cunt for me.”
His hand again slapped me hard.
“ Come on bitch.’
“ I said work that cunt.’
I didn’t want to be slapped again so I started to meet his thrusts by pushing my bottom back into him.
“ Oh year honey that’s it, that’s it, fuck my cock”.
His hands gripped my hips and he pushed and pulled me back and forth on his cock. He was turning me on and I wanted to be fucked. I no longer cared that he may impregnate me, as all I now wanted was for him to fuck me hard. I could hear myself grunt and groan as he worked me over. I tried to tell him to fuck me but the gag prevented me from doing so. I wanted to cum, to feel myself
being satisfied and I wanted it bad
His cock was beginning to swell and his finger was once again pushing on my clit. He fingered it as he fucked me and I was on the brink of climax. In a split second my body tensed and I climaxed like never before. I had masturbated in private but had never climaxed like this.

“ Yeah baby does that feel good?”
“ Your gonna make me come real soon.”
“Yes, yes that’s it almost, going.”
“ Oh fuck.”
“ Oh, oh yeah.”
“Going to.”
“ So fucking.”
“Coming, coming, coming.”
He was now out of control as his cock was like some piston reaming my hot pussy. His cock swelled and began to violently twitch as with just one more thrust his cock exploded inside me.
‘ Oh, oh, oh, Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, ” he screamed wildly as the first jet of hot cum shot deep in my womb followed by another and another. He continued to push and pull in and out of me as more and more cum filled my pussy. It seemed to last forever as it was now running out of me and down my inner thigh. It now felt cold as it almost reached my ankle.

Russel slumped forward with his full body weight now on me and his cock twitched for one last time. He lay motionless until it softened and he withdrew from me. There was a plop sound as his cock left my sore opening and his cum oozed from my now used pussy. I heard him move back to my front and could see his cock covered with a mixture of my pussy juice, his cum and my blood. I drifted off to sleep as his evil laughter filled my ears and I tried to put what had just happened out of my mind.

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