tagBDSMMy Stepmom Spanked Me

My Stepmom Spanked Me


I stumbled through the front door where my stepmother, Erin, stood and glared at me with arms akimbo and said, "Julie, I just got a call from the Police Department. They found my car abandoned inside the glass window of McDonald's this morning. How do you explain this?"

"I don't know," I said.

"You don't know! You were the last person driving my new Cadillac! You were out drinking again, weren't you?"

"Um no," I slurred.

"Don't lie to me young lady! And this, after a DWI last month and for possession of pot the month before. You are 19 now and should know better." Erin waved a finger at me and scowled.

I didn't say anything and headed past her toward the stairs. Erin put a hand on my elbow and said, "you are going to listen to me this time! You have pushed me around long enough. I am going to give you a choice. Either move your things out before I return home from work or I am going to discipline you."

I smirked. "Oh, what are you going to do, ground me again or take away the car keys. Ha! Lot's of good that'll do you."

"Julie, if you are still home when I return I am going to spank you. Your father should have spanked you a long time ago."

I felt the blood rising to my face, "you can't spank me. I am a grown woman!"

Erin snapped, "if you are a grown woman you are going to act like one and move out. If you are still here when I get back that means you are still under my care and I am going to discipline you the way I should have all along." With that she turned abruptly and marched out the front door.

I stood there with my mouth agape. "A spanking?" I wondered aloud. Fine, I'll just move out then after I take a nap. I crashed on my bed until noon then I looked online for an apartment and felt shocked. There was nothing nearby for less than $1,200 a month and I had no job or prospects. I slipped into Erin's room and dug through her desk only finding five Andrew Jacksons. I kept two for myself and was scared. This meant I had $40 to my name and was going to be spanked. Spanking. I had never been spanked before and what could it mean to be spanked? Maybe Erin would make me bend over a chair and slap my butt over the jeans a few times and I would think about something sad like losing my bong and whimper a little so she would feel bad and stop punishing me.

Still, Erin is a bigger woman with thick arms and her spanks could hurt. I concocted a scheme to wear my old church dress. It was a long white dress, conservative with a little lace. I put on white granny panties for fuller seat coverage and then I put on the dress. For a finishing touch I put on a necklace with a large gold cross. I fished a bible out of Erin's bookcase and tried to read a few lines. Erin has been a sucker in the past for my changes of heart, and I figured the outfit would get me out of a spanking. I logged online and googled a few things and played a few online games. My thoughts drifted back to Erin and I thought, "tonight I am going to be treated like a little girl. My dress will be pulled up, and my bottom will be bared and she will slap my bottom a few times and it will be humiliating. But how bad can the palm of Erin's hand really hurt?" I pushed the thought away and relaxed and laid on the bed and lifted up my dress and reached down into my panties and fingered my clit for a while. Then I fell asleep.

I awoke to the sound of a door slamming and heard Erin's heavy footsteps coming up the stairway. I leaped up off the bed and straightened myself out. She appeared at my door holding a small bag from Wal Mart.

Erin spoke slowly, "so you've decided to stay. Very well." She moved over to my bed and sat down on the sagging mattress. My eyes were on the Wal Mart bag. What on earth was in there? Erin reached into the bag and pulled out a small package with a plastic bubble on top. The packaged looked oval. To my horror I realized the package was a large wooden hairbrush. She opened the package and it made a load crinkling sound. Then she grasped the handle with her right hand and smacked against her left palm and looked me in the eye.

"You are not spanking me with that!" I said.

"Then pack your things and leave. I am going to save you from yourself if you will stay. This is the only way to make you learn and stop you from going to harder drugs like meth," Erin said.

I shuddered at the thought of finding a job and an apartment. I just stood there indecisive.

Erin lunged for my right wrist and dragged me over her toward her. She snapped, "you are only fooling yourself with that ridiculous outfit, young lady!" She pulled me across her lap and I lay meekly across her with my groin pressing into the wide expanse of her thighs. She tugged up the hem of my dress up my legs, thighs, and over my round bottom. I thought she would be satisfied with spanking me on the panties but no. I felt her fingers reach into the elastic waistband of my panties and she lowered them down to mid thigh. I felt humiliated like a little girl. What on earth did I look like dangling across her lap while she scolded me with, "you have been a perfect little monster but soon you are going to be sobbing like a little girl." I tried to make myself start crying immediately but I was too dumbstruck by what was going on.

The first SMACK took my breath away. It landed on my lower butt and on the top of my thighs. She stopped after one smack and I wiggled back and forth on her lap trying to shake off the pain. My panties bunched around my thighs constricted me from moving much. Then another loud smack landed. Not as bad as the first. It stung and burned my bottom and I tried to wiggle and shake off the pain. Without warning Erin fired off three dozens rapid smacks landing all over my bottom and the top of my thighs. I moaned with pain and humiliation but I couldn't cry. I felt a little tickle in my clit and was sickened: I couldn't be getting a little turned on by this, could I? After the three dozen smacks she stopped abruptly and I felt her panting from the effort. "So you still won't cry, will you?" I didn't say anything and then she let off a wallop that made me howl. Now she spanked slowly and hard on my thighs and I started to yelp with each one. Then she picked up the pace again and in spite telling myself I couldn't cry I started to blubber and cry yelling, "please step mommy stop I'll be goooooood!" She stopped and I lay across her lap crying and wriggling still aware of the monstrous tickling in my clit. My clit was pressed against a fold of her dress and I needed to take care of that tickle. "Stand up, get off of me, and go to bed," Erin demanded. I managed to stumble off and lay in the bed. I heard the door shut hard behind her as she left the room. I lay face down on the bed and I felt the burning sensation of my butt and thighs. I grabbed a pillow and propped it under my groin while I lay face down with the panties still bunched around the top of my thighs. I reached my right hand down and stroked my clit. I imagined the pillow was Erin's lap and I wiggled and fingered myself to the burning sensation of my butt and thighs. My hips started to buckle and to the squeaking springs of the mattress I orgasmed.

I slept like a baby and awoke to the smell of a roast beef dinner cooking below. I walked down the stairs and Erin asked if I was hungry. She acted like nothing had happened, and I felt a catharsis. All was forgiven, and I would try to be good for the rest of the evening.

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