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My Stepmother the Ten


First I would like to thank everyone for reading my stories. Secondly I love to get feedback on the stories I write, positive as well as negative feedback. Negative feedback tells me how I need to improve my stories; while the positive feedback informs me what the readers like about them, it also inspires me to write more stories. So please vote on the stories you read and send me some feedback. Also tell me if I should continue the story and which direction you would like it go.

I want everyone to know that this is a work of pure fiction. John Derek had only two children with his first wife, Pati Behrs. John divorced her to marry Ursula Andress, whom in this story is my mom. After he divorced Ursula he married Linda Evans, then after a six year marriage he divorced her as well. John then married Kathleen Collins (Bo Derek) and stayed married to her until his death in 1998.


Description: This is a story about what happened one night between me and my stepmother, Bo Derek.

I still to this day can't believe what happened between my stepmother and me. My name is John Derek Jr., my dad was John Derek and his fourth wife was Bo Derek. I was one of six children that John Derek had from his previous three marriages.

My mom was Ursula Andress, John Derek's second wife. From what my mother tells me they never had a good marriage. It seems that my dad was a bit of a player; he supposedly had a lot of extramarital affairs.

Even though my mother knew about my dad's indiscretions; she stayed with him trying to work out there problems for my benefit. But when my mother finally figured out that my dad wasn't going to change, she filed for divorce.

After my parents got divorced my mother moved us far way from my dad. She bought a villa on the out skirts of Rome, Italy. This was pretty far away from my dad, since he was living at his beach house in Malibu, California.

Growing up I was an extremely lucky kid. I would spend my school year with my mom in a luxurious villa in Rome and my summers with dad where ever he was shooting a movie.

In the summer of 1972, I meet my future stepmother, Bo Derek. My dad was directing a movie in Greece called fantasies, which Bo had the leading role in. Even though she was only sixteen my dad was taken by her looks, so was I.

I was only nine years old and knew absolutely nothing about sex; but I got the biggest crush on her anyway. I spent my entire summer following her around, like a little lost puppy. Both Bo and my dad knew I had a crush on her and they thought it was sweet.

On the last day of the summer Bo took me to the beach, she told me that she needed to get a better tan for her next scene in the movie. I thought she already had a great tan; her body had a golden bronze color. Why would she need to get a better tan?

When we got down to the beach I noticed that almost every woman was topless. I could feel something strange happening to my stomach, but I didn't know what it was.

We found a nice spot to put our stuff down and spread a blanket out on the sand. I sat down on the blanket looking up at Bo, whom was still standing. She removed the sundress she was wearing and dropped it onto the sand. There she was standing there in a tiny bikini that barely covered the nipples on her boobs.

My mouth dropped open as I was staring at her tits. Then all of a sudden she pulled her top off exposing them. She looked down at me gawking at her body and she began to laugh.

"John, stop staring at me." Bo said breaking my trance "Look around the beach, Just about every woman is topless."

"I know," I responded as I turned away and began to blush.

"Don't be embarrassed," She told me "It's normal for a boy to stare at a topless woman, if you didn't I would be worried."

"I'm not embarrassed." I said trying to make it sound like I was cool.

Bo gave me a smile and lay down next to me on the blanket. She closed her eyes and began to relax: I on the other hand continued to admire her body. She was in great shape, not one ounce of fat on her body. She had a firm tight little ass, firm B cup tits and muscular tan legs.

I could see that she went topless before; because she had a faint hint of tan lines on her boobs. I guess that was the part of the tan she needed to work on.

After a few minutes Bo opened her eyes, sat up and looked around the beach. There weren't too many people on the beach so it gave her a chance to get more comfortable. She rolled over onto her stomach and lowered her bikini bottom to get a tan on her ass.

"Would you do me a favor?" Bo asked.

"Of course," I stammered staring at her ass "Whatever you want."

"Put some lotion on my back." she said "I don't want to get a sun burn."

I couldn't believe what I was just asked to do. I would finally be able to touch this goddess's body. So without hesitation I grabbed the suntan lotion and positioned myself over her back.

I covered both my hands with lotion and massaged it onto her back. I think I heard a sigh escaping from her lips, but I wasn't sure. After I coated her back with lotion I moved my hands to the sides of her body. As I was putting lotion on the sides of her body, I accidentally touch her left boob.

"You can stop now." Bo told me.

"OK," I said as I continued to stare at her ass "I didn't mean to touch your breast."

"Like father, like son." she said in an almost whispering voice as she turned her face away from me.

I didn't know what she was talking about and I didn't care. At the age of nine, on the last day of my summer vacation, I touched my first tit and when I get back to school everyone would know.

I never wanted that summer to end, but like all good things they do come to an end. I returned back to my mother's villa in Rome and got ready for another school year.

I attended a very strict catholic school, where you weren't allowed to say the word tit, along with a lot of other words. But on the first day of school I had to tell all my friends about my vacation and what had happened. I had the whole school talking about my vacation; I thought I was the coolest kid in school.

That was until my third day at school when I was called down to the principal's office. As I entered the office I noticed my mother sitting on a chair in front of the principal's desk. I was told to sit in the chair next to her; as I was sitting down I got a sinking feeling in my stomach.

It seems that all the bragging I did about my summer vacation made its way up to the principal.

"Is it true?" the principal asked.

The only thing I could do was admit that it was true. What could I have done, commit a mortal sin by lying to a catholic priest; I would burn in hell if I did that.

The school punishment wasn't as bad as the punishment my mother was going to dish out. The punishment from the principal was a two week suspension from school; I had to serve as an altar boy for two masses every Sunday for a year. But the final punishment was that I was never to talk about my summer vacation again.

After the principal finished dealing out his punishment, my mother grabbed my hand and pulled me out of his office. She didn't say a word to me all the way home, she was pissed off and I knew that I was in big trouble.

I didn't know how much trouble I was in until we entered the house, as the front door closed behind us I felt her hand strikes the back of my head. My mother hit me so hard that I fell to the ground. As I was getting up she unleashed a verbal assault with so much profanity on me, it would have made a construction worker blush.

My mom went over to the phone. As she picked up the phone, she ordered me to go to my room and stay there. As I was going up the stairs to my room I heard my mother screaming on the phone. I guess she called my father and told him what happened.

Even after I got into my bedroom, I could hear her laying into my dad. After about twenty minutes of non coherent screaming that I heard, my mother came into my room.

My mom told me that this past summer would be the last summer I would spend with my dad and his Lolita girlfriend. I thought that she had just stabbed me in my heart, I cried for weeks after that day thinking that I would never see Bo again.

After a couple of weeks everything returned back to normal. My mother began talking to me again, I returned to school still not talking about my summer vacation and I began serving masses on Sundays. The worst part of my punishment was that I wasn't allowed to talk or see Bo again.

The months passed by rather quickly and one day just blended into the next. One day in particular really stood out; I read in the newspaper one morning; that in the summer of 1974 my dad married Bo.

I couldn't believe they got married; he was 30 years older than her. Bo was only 18 and my dad was 48, I had more in common with her than he did. I got so pissed off at my dad for marrying the woman of my dreams. That I would barely talk to him when he called.

Well as time passed I even forgot about my crush on my stepmother. Years just blended into one big blur, until I turned 18 in the spring of 1981. On my 18th birthday my mother's gift was a first class airline ticket to California, so I could see my dad.

I couldn't stop thinking about this trip; I had planned the day after my high school graduation I was going to be on the plane to California. I was so excited the night before I was going to leave that I couldn't sleep. I was finally going to see Bo once again.

The following day my mother brought me to the airport. All the way there she kept lecturing me about how I should act with my dad and my stepmother. Like I really listen to her, it went in one ear and out the other.

My mother walked me to the gate and gave me a kiss goodbye just as I boarded the plane. As soon as my ass hit the seat on the plane I was asleep. I slept for the entire trip from Rome, Italy to Los Angeles, California. If you have never taken a trip like that, it takes over 14 hours to travel that distance, not including the refueling stop.

When the flight attendant woke me up in Los Angeles, I was fully rested and ready for some fun. As I disembarked the airplane I saw Bo as soon as I walked into the concourse.

There was Bo standing by her driver waiting for me. As I was walking towards her a feeling of lust swept through my body, I felt like I was nine years old again and seeing Bo for the first time. All the old feelings I once had for her came rushing back. She had matured into a sexy desirable woman and she looked amazing.

Bo was perfect Hollywood eye candy; in her mid-twenties, with pale blue eyes, long blond hair and a golden tan. She was wearing a white silk blouse, a white leather skirt that ended several inches above her knees and a pair of white high heel sandals I thought to myself the Goddess Athena has been magically transported from Mount Olympus to Los Angeles just for me.

"Hi, mom" I said to Bo with a laugh.

"Hi, son" Bo responded with a chuckle.

"It's good to see you again." I told her as I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"It's good to see you." She told me.

"Where's dad?" I asked.

"He was called out of town on an emergency." Bo said "So it's only you and me for a couple of days."

Even if I was writing a play, I couldn't have dreamt up a better scenario. Me alone in the same house with a 25 year old goddess for a couple of days, does life get any better than this.

All the way home she talked my ear off, we discussed everything from politics to the movies she appeared in. She asked me if I saw the movie "10" that she was the lead in with Dudley Moore. I told her that my mother forbid me from seeing it.

That was when the conversation became a little awkward. I told her that I was sorry for getting her and my dad in trouble with my mom. She told me to forget about it, that it happened almost a decade ago.

I felt so relieved that she forgave me for what I did to her., for the rest of the way home I was relaxed. We finally arrived home and Bo brought me to my bedroom. She told me to unpack my clothes and get ready for dinner.

As soon as Bo left my bedroom and the door closed behind her, I had my clothes stripped off. After a very long flight to California, I needed a shower badly. I was very fortunate that every bedroom in my dad's house had its own private bath.

I climbed into the shower and closed the door. I was scrubbing my body down while fantasying about Bo; thinking about her body and what an amazing fuck she would be.

By the time my hand reached my cock, I had a throbbing erection. I wrapped one of my hands around it and I placed the other hand against the wall, to keep my balance. I began to slowly stroke my soapy cock while fantasying about Bo.

As my fantasies became more erotic, I began stroking my cock faster. Visions of Bo in different sexual positions filled my head. I felt cum rushing up the shaft of my cock and that was it. I couldn't contain myself any longer; I grunted as I shot a thick wad of cum all over the shower wall.

After a few seconds I came back to reality and finished showering, I stepped out of the shower and dried off. I went into my bedroom to get dressed for dinner. I dressed very casual for dinner, just in a pair of jeans, tight white tee shirt and a pair of white sneakers.

I went downstairs into the living room and waited for Bo to come down. After about ten minutes of watching news programs, I heard a noise on the steps. I turned to see Bo standing at the top of the stairs with a smile on her face.

Bo was wearing a black turtleneck sweater, a black skirt that ended mid thigh and she finished off the outfit with a pair of black suede knee high boots. She wasn't wearing any stockings, so the outfit showed off her amazingly tanned muscular legs. If I told everyone that she looked incredible, it would be an understatement.

"Are we going out for dinner?" I asked her as she walked down the stairs.

"No," She responded "I had dinner delivered earlier"

"OK," I said.

She grabbed my hand and walked me over to the table. When I looked over the food that was laid out I became depressed. I was hoping to see a couple of nice thick steaks and some potatoes. Instead of meat there must have been around five vegetable platters, I forgot Bo was a vegetarian.

"Are you OK?" Bo asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I told her trying to hide my disappointment.

"Let me guess." she said "You were expecting some kind of meat."

"Yes." I said.

"Give it a try," she told me" You may actually like it."

'"I'll try it." I said half heartedly.

The vegetables weren't half bad, but by the end of the meal I still felt hungry. I helped clean off the table and bring the dishes into the kitchen. As I was helping Bo dry the dishes she told me that once we are done she would have a surprise for me.

She peak my curiosity so much that I was moving twice as fast trying to clean the dishes. Once we put everything away, she grabbed a bottle of white wine from the refrigerator and told me to get two glasses from the cabinet.

We then walked into the living room and sat on the sofa in front of the television. I poured us two glasses of wine, as she got up and inserted a video into the VCR.

On her way back to the sofa Bo grabbed the remote and clicked the play button. She picked up her glass of wine and sat on the sofa next to me.

"I hope you like the movie I chose." Bo said as she raised a glass of wine to her lips.

"I think I will." I said as I was admiring the sight of her tan smooth legs. She could have chosen the worst movie ever made and I wouldn't have cared.

All of a sudden the television screen burst to life. Across the screen ran the title "10, The Directors Cut.". Even though I wasn't allowed to see this movie my friends saw it and told me in great detail about it. But this version of the movie was the uncut version, which had a great deal more nude and sex scenes.

The only thing I was thinking about was that I was going to see my stepmother naked. Then as the movie continued to play I was wondering why she picked this movie?

I was watching the movie so intently, that I forgot Bo was sitting right next to me. My erection began throbbing in my pants watching all these nude women in the movie; especially seeing my stepmother nude running on the beach made it throb even more.

Then the most memorable scene in the movie came on screen. It was set in a hotel room in Mexico, and featured Bo and Dudley Moore. They were smoking a joint and talking about music and what she would do to different types of music.

That was when Dudley asked her what she does to Bolero, Bo responded fuck. I started wishing that this was true and that she would play a Bolero song now.

I didn't have to wait to long because that was exactly what she did in the movie. After she started the music, she went into the bedroom and disrobed. She then invited Dudley to join her in the bedroom. I thought my erection was going to rip through my jeans, I was so turned on.

After Dudley got naked, he climbed onto the bed in between her legs and started fucking her. Bo then rotated Dudley's body so he was lying down on his back, while she straddled him. This gave me a great view of Bo's tits on the screen.

Bo was watching me carefully for my reaction. My eyes were fixed on the television, a bomb could have exploded and I wouldn't have turned away.

"How do you like it?" Bo asked.

"I like it, I think it's hot." I murmured. She giggled at my response because my eyes didn't move from the scene on the television.

"Which is hotter, the movie or you?" She laughed.

"Both." I said.

"I can tell tiger." She stated.

She was right; my erection was pushing hard on the front of my jeans trying to force its way out. Then she snuggled up closer to me and reached down to begin rubbing my throbbing cock, I thought I was going to cum right then.

I didn't know if it was the wine we were drinking, or if it was the movie. But I didn't care that she was my stepmother. I had this Hollywood goddess snuggling up next to me; stroking my cock. I wanted to take her right then and there on the sofa, but I suppress my urges.

As we continued to watch the movie; I wrapped my arm around her shoulder playing with her blond hair... I was in heaven and planning on enjoying this moment for as long as it lasts.

"I wish I was that guy. But I've never done that." I told Bo, as she lifted her head off my chest.

"You've never been with a girl before?" Bo asked me in a surprised voice.

"No." I said as my face turned red.

"Really, you're a virgin" She said with a wicked smile on her face.

"Yes, I am a virgin." I said in a shy voice.

"I've never been with a virgin before," Bo said.

"Do you want to be with one?" I asked in a begging voice as I looked into her eyes.

Bo was looking me over up and down. She had to admit that I had matured into a good looking guy. I stood a foot taller than her, I was 6' 4", 230 lbs., muscular build, waive brown hair and green eyes.

Bo didn't say a word; she took my hand and placed it on her thigh. I felt my cock begin to get harder, this was the furthest that I had ever gotten with a woman. Only in my wildest dreams I thought it would be with my stepmother.

Bo moved her face up to mine and gave me a kiss. As her lips touched mine, my cock became fully erect and started to shoot cum in my underwear. As I was cumming in my underwear I began trembling, Bo knew that there was something wrong and stopped kissing me.

"Are you OK?" Bo asked me in a concerned tone.

"No." I said as my face turned bright red "I just had an orgasm in my pants."

"Don't be embarrassed" She said with a smile on her face, she grabbed my hand and started to squeeze it "It happens"

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