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I arrive home from work earlier than usual and hear music coming from the backyard. I look out the window and see my tanned and muscular hubby ~ who just turned 50 and is in great shape ~ rubbing tanning oil over this hot young blond who looks to be all of 21! As he drips the sun-warmed oil onto her already tanned and very firm body, I notice from the bulge in his swim suit that he is turned on. Who could blame him? She's so effin' hot! His hands lightly skim over the swell of her white bikini top. Her breasts are large - I am guessing probably a full 36C and very firm from the look of them. Her nipples are visible through the thin material of the white swimsuit. I can see that they are large and dark, just the way he likes them!

My man rubs the oil onto her tight abs and I hear her moan through the open window. She looks up at him and smiles. She strokes his hardness through his tight suit and says, "Are we going to tan or are we going to play?" She pulls his hard bulge out of his suit and begins to lick and suck the tip. He is so excited that I can see a bit of pre-cum shoot out onto her waiting tongue. He starts to finger her pussy and she moans louder. I can see that her pink pussy lips are bare and this is turning me on, too! She is slick and he is rubbing her juices all over her very willing pussy! I am starting to think that I better make it known that I am here before I miss out on the action. I make a lot of noise and give them time to pull themselves together before walking out onto the patio.

"Oh, babe, you're home early. This is Jill. Jill, this is my wife, Vanessa. Jill works in my office. We left work early today, too. We went for a quick lunch and I invited her over for a swim. I hope you don't mind - I loaned her one of your suits. It was such a nice day. She just started working for the company and I wanted to make her feel welcome," explained my hot and horny guy. He knew I was coming home early and that Jill was not at all a surprise to me. This was planned in detail for weeks. We both knew this was going to happen. The only variable here was Jill. We had no idea whether or not she was open to a threesome. We would soon find out, I thought as our plan unfolded.

He knew this young girl wanted him from the day she came to work for him at his real estate office. You see, as I said, he's is a very hot guy and is used to women throwing themselves at him; I was still having some trouble with the way women hit on my hot man, so I decided to accept it and turn it around to benefit both of us (and hopefully the women who got lucky with him, as well). He is 6'2" with blond hair that is just beginning to grey around his temples. Why is it that men just get hotter with age....and some women just age? Oh, well!

He's explained to me that, as they got to know each other better Jill's clothing got skimpier and she made every excuse to stay late and "learn from him". She just kept gushing about how brilliant he was and how successful. This happens with women all the time, especially the young ones. He never takes the bait, but usually tells me all about it. He always says that our sex life is the best he's ever had! I LOVE sex. I especially adore oral sex ~ giving it mostly. He said he has never had a woman who loves giving head as much as I do (and he's had plenty of women, I assure you). He's very satisfied and doesn't cheat. He's the best man I've ever been with. If I didn't give my consent, little Jill's fantasy would have to remain just that; he would never cheat on me ~ period.

I shake myself back to the present, after that pleasant trip down memory lane......

"Great to meet you, Jill. Welcome. The suit looks incredible on you! I am going to run up and take a quick shower. Please make yourself at home. I might run out to see a movie so I don't interrupt your work or whatever you two had planned for the rest of the day. I don't want to be in the way," I sweetly explain, with a warm and genuine smile. We had decided that if she didn't go along, I was going to give them the room they needed to have fun alone. I couldn't tease my man like that. If Jill didn't want me watching or participating, then he was going to have his alone time with this hot young girl.

Before going up for my shower, I make a show of good faith by bringing her a glass of cool white wine and popping the top on an imported beer for my loving (and sexy!) husband. I want to make this very hot little thing feel welcome in our home. After all, I hoped I would be getting to know her better very soon!

After a long, hot shower, I walked into my bedroom wrapped in a towel and noticed my man had Jill lying on our bed, kissing and feeling her through her (my?) barely-there swimsuit. He immediately got up and walked over to me. He grabbed me and kissed me deeply and passionately. He removed my towel and gently pushed me toward the bed. He then walked over to Jill and kissed her. He sat on the chaise lounge by the bed and said, "Honey, I've explained our fantasy to Jill and she is all for making it come true. How about if you ladies pretend I am not here?"

Jill had obviously done this before because in ten seconds flat, she was between my legs and licking my pussy lips with her delicate pink tongue. Not knowing that I had witnessed their scene outside, she must have been surprised that I came immediately in her mouth. My juices dripped onto her. Never having been with a woman, I was a bit surprised at my own reaction. Looking over at my man as he stroked his huge hard cock only intensified my orgasm. I then switched positions with Jill, anxious to taste her juices myself. I licked her wet lips and felt her hips lift toward my mouth in a frantic attempt at release. I realized she wanted more pressure, so I gently moved two fingers in and out of her tight opening as I continued to make circles with my tongue around her firm clit. After licking her to orgasm a few times, I noticed that he had moved onto the bed and was kissing her and sucking her breasts. It was such a turn on to see my guy licking those big firm nipples. Her body was so tight and sexy. I felt like I could lick her all over forever. I kept on licking until he gently pushed me away, thanking me for preparing Jill for his entry.

The natural light and our king size bed were both perfect for witnessing the performance that was going on before my eyes. I watched as her tight wet pussy lips opened up to accept my man's hard, rigid cock. It was amazing to see her finally accept him. She was so tight and he was so huge that it took him several tries before he could penetrate her. She loved it and kept lifting her hips to allow him to enter her. It didn't matter to her that it was painful due to his massive size. She just kept crying his name out and begging for more of my man's big hard cock It was such a turn on that I started to kiss her and suck her breasts. She just lost it and started to cum all over his shaft. They continued on for a long time and I enjoyed watching their beautiful bodies dance together. It was so erotic and exciting to watch my husband, who I loved so much, being pleasured by another woman. I loved him enough to enjoy his pleasure. It was what I have always dreamed of and more! He was making her so wet and they were making an incredible noise as their juices flowed and they moved together.

I needed to taste that juice, so I went between their legs and spread them apart with my hands. I grabbed hold of my guy's sticky wet shaft and began to lick her juices from it. I started to cum so hard that I thought I would explode. She tasted so good on him that it was insane! Her juices were more delicious on him than alone. It was like licking honey off of the most delicious lollipop you have ever tasted in your life. I was cumming so hard that I soaked the bed where I was laying.

In my haze and with the intensity of the orgasm, I hadn't noticed that he had pushed me aside and re-entered his lover's pussy. He was pumping her for all he was worth and they were kissing each other. Now I just sat back and watched their animal sex. He was crazy with lust for this young slut. It was a total physical attraction - one I had noticed while watching them outside. It was so different from what we had. I loved watching them get off on each other. We were all so into this!!

He turned her over on all fours and entered her from behind. His staying power was amazing and really coming in handy now that he had two of us to satisfy. He pumped her from behind and when he grabbed a handful of her long blond hair and pulled, I thought I would die. Slapping her ass hard, he called her a "dirty little slut", and asked her if she "liked fucking other women's men". She screamed that she did and that she loved being a little slut. It was too much for both of us. She screamed that she was cumming and, as I played with my dripping pussy, we came together. He did us both in. The sight of his hand print on her ass was too much for me to handle. He was so rough with her. I always wanted it rough, but he couldn't be that way with me. I knew it would be different with someone he didn't love. I knew he would let the animal out. It was hidden, but not so deep!

He came out of her pussy and pushed me down on the bed. He entered me and asked if I liked watching him bang his little slut. I answered as I came that I loved it. He drilled me so hard with his cock that was still dripping with the juice from Jill's pussy. It was so exciting that I couldn't stop cumming. He asked if I would lick it up if he decided to cum all over Jill's pretty little ass and I said that I would love to. He pulled out of me and pushed her ass high into the air. He shot his juices all over her pretty little ass and rubbed it in. He came for such a long time and rubbed her pussy with his strong skilled fingers. She came hard, too!

I quickly joined in by getting behind her and rubbing my own nipples all over her back. I wanted to make all of my man's fantasies come true. He really wanted to watch me lick his juice off of her tight little ass. I began to lick his cum juices off of her in long strokes with my tongue as I rubbed her pussy lips from behind. She started to shake with pleasure and I realized what a thrill it was to give a woman pleasure. I wanted to feel her throb. I needed to make her cum again. She had given us both such pleasure. I was stroking her delicate bare pussy the way I had learned she loved ~ gently and softly rubbing the clit around in circles. It was delicious to feel her body explode in orgasm after orgasm. I came again hard and fast as he came behind me and rubbed my pussy and licked it. It was amazing.

As we lay in each other's arms, I noticed that the horny little bitch was still stroking my man's cock. He was laying there and smiling like a hot sexy god. He was so hot and he knew how badly we both desired him. I took his cock from her hand and I began to suck just the tip because I know this makes him wild. I asked Jill to push one of her nipples into his mouth so that he could suck on her while I sucked on him. He got hot as soon as we both started working him over. His cock got so hard in my mouth that I knew it was just a matter of seconds before he threw one of us down on the bed to fuck. He started thrusting his hard cock down my throat as his hands roamed all over his young slut's body. She was getting wet as I could see the juices collecting on her bare smooth pussy lips.

I reached my hand out and began to rub her juices around her bare slit. She began to hump my hand and I could tell that this bitch needed it more than I did. I asked her to get on her back and spread her legs. I took his hard cock in my hand and stroked her pussy with it. She was so excited that I could see the juices drip between her legs! It was the most erotic sight to see his hard, throbbing cock rubbing against her wet, wet pussy. I asked him to penetrate her so I could watch. He stretched Jill's swollen pussy lips and eventually began to thrust. She was so swollen from her earlier pounding that her pussy lips were practically closed. After a few tries and some moaning on her part, he split those beautiful lips and entered her tight cunt. She moaned so loud that I thought the neighbors would hear her. She began to cum the minute he entered her.

This bitch is horny and she is going to give me a run for my man. He loves a horny woman and making her scream was turning him on like crazy. I don't think I had ever seen his cock so hard or so big. He just forgot all about me as his goal became pleasuring her, his new slut. It was a turn on for me to see her getting so wet and hot from his pounding. She kept screaming that he was making her cum. It was such a beautiful sight to watch my man and see the expressions on his face. As he kissed her all over her face and started to bite her nipples, I became a bit possessive. I need him to do something ~ anything ~ to me and fast!

I went between their legs and started to lick his balls and tongue his shaft as it came out of her wet, dripping pussy. It tasted so delicious that I sucked him for a few minutes. He moaned and threw her off of him. He pushed me down on the bed hard and started to ram my pussy with that dripping wet, hard cock. It felt so good that I screamed that I was cumming. He just kept drilling me and I kept on cumming all over his cock.

He reached over and began to stroke her pussy. She went wild and kissed him hard on the lips. She moaned, "Oh, baby! I never knew it could be this awesome. I love your big hard cock. I love the way you fuck. You are the hottest man I've ever known. I need you to cum inside me. Please!" she begged. He eventually withdrew his cock from my throbbing pussy and pushed her onto her back. He looked over at me as he entered her and said, "I hope this is what you were looking for because now that I've found it, I want LOTS of it!"

He drilled her hard for a few more minutes as I rubbed my pussy on their entangled legs. He loved the feeling and he kept telling me how much he loved me for letting him have both of us. It was hot and I kept cumming hard. Seeing him inside of this blond slut and smelling the sexy scent in the air was just too much for me. After several hard orgasms, I went to the couch and just watched them play together. It was erotic and they looked so beautiful entwined. I knew he would never stop fucking around now that I allowed him to have her in our bed. It was going to be fine because I wanted more of this too. My new-found taste for pussy was going to have to be explored a LOT more!

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