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The story of a submissive Irish Bhoy, my story.

Ok so I'm shy I never had the courage to chat to girls no charisma I guess,so I turned to Internet chatrooms and at first found the approach of men commenting on my pictures as disgusting but over time it's started to appeal. I would tease them saying how I would love to nibble and suck on their balls while licking the thick shaft as the precum ran down it before licking round the head and then slowly working the shaft down my throat gagging as my face got fucked before taking the load over my face and in my mouth.

I knew they where jacking off and this really turned me on thing is it was only cybersex to me with guys from the far side of the world and I started to think to myself what would a real dick taste like. So I started to chat to men who lived within 20 miles of me the problem was I was still able to tease them but was paralysed with fear at the thought of actually meeting them. Thoughts such as what if it turned out I knew him, what if my family or friends where to find out, what if I didn't like it and he got angry. So many guys called me a time waster and I couldn't them, I was 5'7 extremely skinny 18 years old and timid and was chatting to guys in their late forties and old and only Dom bear types. In the rural part of Ireland I lived it was hard to find guys and eventually I agreed to meet he was 38 and when we met it turned out he was overweight and hairy he also looked seedy pervy, looking at me like a piece of meat. As we travelled in his car I reached across and rubbed his cock through his trousers, a big nasty grin grew across his face as his cock grew against my hand. He took me too a public park we couldn't get deep enough in the trees for my liking I was sure someone would find us. He turned dropping his trousers and pants I looked down it was semi solid, this was it the point of no return I dropped to my knees, my hand was shaking as I wrapped my fingers round the shaft it was thick uncut quite sort even as it grew, I rolled back the foreskin it was dirty and the smell hit me.

I looked up "there's the cheese you asked for", I tentatively licked the tip as I slowly stroked the head I thought it doesn't really taste then I rolled back the foreskin and tasted the "cheese" it was pungent I almost gagged. He must have knew I wasn't the slut I described myself as but he didn't say a thing. I tried to slide him down my throat but it was hard with his dry shaft. I licked all round trying to lubricate it and that was my first taste of precum strong and salty but not that bad, I tried to work him down my throat again but it only started to work as he gripped my hair and forced his way towards what left like my stomach. I panicked I left like I was going to choke as his hips bucked towards me balls rubbing my chin my face covered by his pubic hair I managed to regain my composure and breathe through my nose letting him fuck my face like the slut I so wanted to be his body tightened up this is it I thought my first taste of another mans seed, it went straight down my throat pulse after pulse as he pulled it splashed over my tongue my first taste of the thick salty cream and then it splattered over my face I closed my eyes as I felt it he jacked out the last few drops I opened my eyes I smiled up at him only then realising he had his phone in his hand. He had filmed me the bastard!! He promised he wouldn't and he had shit, I tried to reach up and grab it but he was too strong and followed up with a backhand across my face, I sunk to the ground as he pulled up his trousers and walked away.

I walked home it had started to rain I didn't mind hopefully it would wash the cum off me. I felt sick I knew with that video he owned me.

It was the next day and a sense of dread a sickness in my stomach I checked my emails and their it was.

Subject: Hey slutbhoy

Attachment: vid0003234.mp4

Not bad for a beginner, sent the video to a few mates who would be interested in meeting you... I'm sure you would love to please them and with practise you will

Ps I will keep the video private as long as you keep up your side of the deal.


Big Tom

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