My Story, Making a Maid


" Kary, you're such a dirty li'l cocksucker," she groaned, "You make me so hot, I think I'll cum in you're mouth."

I moaned around her cock, when I had only the head left in my mouth, Sandra squeezed the bulb as hard as she could. Suddenly my mouth was filled with my own cum. Leaking past my lips to run down the sides of Sandra's fake cock. Before I could swallow it all she blasted it again and again until there was none left.

"Don't forget to lick up the drippings dear. You don't want anyone to think of you as a messy cocksucker do you?"

"No ma'am." I replied

"Good girl and when you're done we'll get you ready for bed."

The trip downstairs to my room, ten minutes later was an ordeal for me. Not only where my feet and ankles sore from not being accustomed to wearing high heels for such a long time. I felt more than a little bowed legged from the intense fucking Sandra had given me.

The first order of business was to wash off my make-up. Sandra had made sure I had everything a girl would need to keep her skin clean and healthy. She also stood by to instruct me in proper hygiene.

Next, I was told to undress and as I started, Sandra went into my new room and came back with a white see through teddy and matching panties. But before she gave them to me she pointed to my crotch, I knew what she wanted me to do.

"Yes ma'am." I replied meekly.

Once again I removed the condom and cleaned it out with my tongue. I watched as Sandra's eyes smoldered and her face flushed. I'm not sure which one of us enjoyed it more.

"The first order of business for you in the morning dear will be to give yourself an enema and then shower." Sandra went on very business like." Then you will wash all of the lingerie that you have worn, including sleepwear. Tomorrow, you may wear a track suit over your lingerie, but only because the children will be present."

I listened carefully, I was sure Sandra was just waiting for some reason to punish me. I followed her to my room and stood by the bed waiting for her to continue.

"Every night you will insert this into yourself, it is connected to the alarm clock." She said holding up a slightly smaller plug with a wire attached, "Turn and bend over and I will help you tonight."

I did as I was told, the cold butt plug hurt slightly as Sandra forced it into my very tender ass. When I let out a whimper and jumped, Sandra slapped me on the ass.

"Don't forget this dear, you must be up and ready before anyone else and this is your alarm." She gave me a stern look, "If you don't wear it, you won't get up in time, but then you might like the punishment. That's up to you."

She folded back the blanket and twisted my butt plug and said," Now get into bed, you've got a busy day tomorrow Kary. You'll need your sleep and I have some wonderful surprises to tell you about in the morning dear. Good night."

"Good night ma'am." I replied half asleep.

Sandra bent over, kissed my forehead and left the room. As I lay, waiting to sleep, I thought about those surprises. What would happen next, I felt a moment of dread. But as I thought of how much had happened in one short night. A warmth came over me. I would never be the same again. I didn't want to be the same again. I am now Kary, forever.

Part four

I don't remember falling asleep, I remember thinking of how worn out my body felt from being used and how good that made me feel. I awoke with a tingling sensation that started in my anus and moved out through my body.

It wasn't until I realized that the vibrations slowly started to increase in intensity, that I opened my eyes and saw the clock beside my bed. It was five A.M., my alarm was telling me it was time to get up. The longer I stayed in bed, the more intense the vibration in my ass became. The feelings and thoughts of the night before filled my head, I began to revel in the sensations I was experiencing when it dawned on me. If I was not ready when Sandra expected me to be, she would punish me.

I could barely stand. My thighs felt like they were in a huge clamp that pinched me from knees to ass. They met, in the center that was increasing in intensity with every moment I took to find the end of the wire to unplug it just as my body began to shiver uncontrollably in an orgasm.

I felt so weak I just crawled to the bathroom on my hands and knees. Hoping that a shower would sooth my spent body. When I turned on the light, I saw the container that Sandra had filled the night before to clean me out.

There was a note attached:


Good morning dear, I hope you have slept well?

Today looks like a very promising day. I have laid

out the clothes that you will wear this morning. We

have much to talk about after you have prepared my

breakfast. As I told you last night, you have many

surprises in store.

So get ready dear, your new life is about

to begin.

Your Mistress Sandra

As I read the note, I realized that last night had forever changed me. I was suddenly wide-awake and ready to start my preparations for the day.

After I gave myself the required enema and showered, I looked over the clothing I was to wear. Everything was white, hose, garter belt, high-cut panties and a shift that felt like there was nothing at all covering my upper body. Over it all was a track-suit of gray, I felt a little sad when a pulled it on over the lingerie that I was wearing. It made me feel like someone that didn't want to be anymore.

Next I made some coffee and toast and took it up to Sandra's room on a bed tray. Setting the tray on an end table I proceeded to wake her up by gentle shaking her shoulder.

"Good morning ma'am, here is your breakfast." I tried to sound professional.

"Good morning Kary, thank you." Sandra replied through a yawn.

"Will there by anything else ma'am?"

"Yes Kary, Sit on the edge of the bed here and just give me a chance to sip a bit of this coffee first."

As Sandra drank her coffee the blanket slipped off revealing her breast. I couldn't help but stare at them. They looked so perfectly shaped and firm, the nipples swelled from the chill air. I thought to myself, I wish I had breasts like those.

As if she read my mind, "Do you like them dear? Maybe one day we'll get you some.'

Then she laughed when I turned red with embarrassment.

"It can be done you know, but on to the more important things of the day, Are you wearing what you were instructed to wear girl?"

"Yes Ma'am" I replied.

" Close the door and let me see."

I rose from the bed, shut the door and took off the tracksuit.

"Great," Sandra smiled, "You look good enough to eat. Get dressed, open the door and sit down so that I can tell what the plan will be."

She looked me straight in the eye, " That is, if you are still interested?"

I looked away from her blushing again," Yes ma'am, I want to please you and make you happy."

"Good girl." She patted my hand and continued," After lunch, I'm going to take the children to their grandparents farm for a month of summer vacation. That way, I'll have two weeks of uninterrupted training before Ken gets back. I want you fully prepared for his arrival. Also, I've spoken to your mother a few days ago and she thinks that I will need you to help with redecorating the house. So she has already agreed to let you stay here for the next little while.'

I was amazed at how well Sandra had it all figured out, all I could do was stare open mouthed.

She smirked," Close your mouth dear, it's very unlady like to stare like a dolt. Also, as your mother had confided with me several weeks ago that she would like to see her sister who is not well, I offered her a ride. Your aunt only lives about 30 miles out of my way so it won't be a problem and you won't have to worry about her popping over unannounced during your training."

"Any questions Kary?" she asked

"No ma'am."

"Great," she laughed grabbing my hand, "I think it's going to be a lot of fun, don't you dear?"

"Yes ma'am."

"I won't be back until tomorrow after noon, You'll have until then to decide if you really want to go through with this."

"Yes Ma'am." I said, knowing already what my answer would be.

"Good girl, if you want this as much as Ken and I do and I think you do if those blushing cheeks of yours have anything to say about it. I expect you to be ready for my arrival in full uniform. There is a list inside the closet door listing what to wear every day. Is that clear Kary?"

"Yes ma'am." I couldn't help to show excitement in my voice. Sandra smiled and I think she knew that I would still be here.

"After I leave, you may wear what ever you like for today. All I want you to do is keep the plug in your little hinny and turned on as much as you can stand it. There's fresh batteries in the kitchen if you need them and don't forget to put in your alarm tonight. Also I want you to save any accidents you have in this jar. I expect to see a good supply for my return."

"Yes ma'am." I replied

"Oh, and one last thing," Sandra said holding out a small box," I want this in your mouth, except when eating or drinking."

"Yes ma'am." I answered taking the box and opening it I found a wide strap attached to a fake penis. It was about three inches long and about two thick. I looked up at Sandra a little confused at what she expected of me.

"Silly girl," she laughed," You put it in your mouth and put the strap around your head."

" Don't worry dear, I'll help you put it on before I leave."

"Yes ma'am." I said wondering how it was going to feel having a cock in my mouth all that time. I also felt a little excited at the thought.

It was a few hours later and the car was packed and ready to go. I was really excited about my new position and couldn't wait for it to begin. After the kids were belted in, Sandra made some excuse to run into the house, ordered me out of the track suit and made sure my gag was properly in place.

I was now alone, I went to my room to inspect the closet and find something to wear. Sandra had put in a very nice array of dresses, all short and all tight. For now, I put on a black spandex mini and went to practice putting on make-up. I wanted to look my best for when Sandra came home.

In the bathroom, I found another surprise, a blonde wig with a maids cap on it and a note;

Dear Kary,

I thought a nice wig would give you a more feminine

feeling. You need not wear the cap, except with your

uniform. You might find it easier to do your face

without the gag, but be sure to replace it immediately.

Also you'll find a nail kit, read the instructions and

use it. I want to see long, lovely red nails when I get


Have fun.

Mistress Sandra

I spent at least two hours playing with my make-up kit and was really enjoying myself. Trying different colors and shades. I couldn't believe how much more feminine my hands looked with long red nails. I would of played all afternoon, but was interrupted by the doorbell. At first I ran upstairs, before I remembered how I was dressed. Then I panicked. I didn't know what to do. The caller was very insistent and seemed not to be in a hurry to leave. After about five minutes of constant ringing I decided to take a chance of being found out and answer the door.

I unhooked the penis gag and held it behind my back. I took a deep breath and opened the door saying," May I help you?" in a voice I hoped would pass for a girls.

On the other side of the door was Steve. We went to the same school. He was a very attractive boy, I often found myself looking at him in the halls and on playing field. He was very athletic, and it showed on his lean and toned body.

"Hy, you must be the maid Sandra told me she hired?" He asked as his eyes roamed up and down my body," I need the key to the garden shed, I'm supposed to cut the lawn today."

"Oh, yes," I mumbled, " Wait here please."

I closed the door and ran to the kitchen, I felt more flustered than I ever had before and I wasn't sure if it was fear of being found out or the excited way his leering made me feel. Under the key was a note with my name on it;

Kary dear, I take it that Steven has shown up, how nice of him to be prompt. Where you surprised?

I hope you took off your gag before answering the door. That would of been embarrassing.

I've heard that he's quite the girl chaser and I think that you should invite him into the sunroom at least once an hour to cool off and have some lemonade. Be polite dear and don't let things get out of hand, at least not on the first date if you know what I mean.

There is a heavy elastic panty girdle in your bottom drawer, wear them just in case he makes a grab. They should hide your secret unless you get too excited and tell him it's you time of month.

He may just have to settle for a hand or blow job. I'll leave it up to you dear.

Mistress Sandra

P.S. I will expect a full report when I get back.

I couldn't believe what Sandra was forcing me to do and how easily set up I was. But when I handed Steve the key, he grasped my fingers and gently squeezed. When I looked up our eyes met.

He smiled and said," Thanks, you're very pretty what's your name?"

"Kary," I replied choking on the words as a tingling sensation over took my body," Thank you, I'll make some lemonade for later."

"That would be nice, thanks."

As he turned to go to the shed I couldn't help but look as he walked away in his short cut-offs. The tingling that began when our eyes met started to get really intense and my breath seemed to catch in my throat. I thought I would cum by just thinking of the fact that he really thought I was a girl and he seemed interested in me.

I ran to my room to change panties. I emptied out my condom and there must have been a teaspoon full of precum in it from all of the excitement I was feeling, plus a few drops I managed to squeeze into the bottle before I cleaned it out with my tongue. I changed into a gray cotton maid's uniform, it was about mid thigh and tight enough to help keep any wondering hands on the outside. The dress did make walking in heels a new experience, it was so tight on my thighs I could only take small steps. I almost had to crawl up the stairs. The combination of the panty girdle and tight cotton really made my bum stick out. I was starting to make myself tingle all over again.

I made the lemonade and went to see were Steve was. He was still working on the front lawn. I looked at the time and noticed that forty-five minutes had passed and he was still not even half finished. A chill went down my spine thinking that I might have to walk out into the front yard where anyone might recognize me just to follow my mistress's instructions.

I peaked out through the front room curtains and watched him work. Steve had removed his shirt and was sweating. I was getting hot looking at his shiny skin ripple as he moved about the yard. I couldn't help but turn up the control on my plug and wondering what his cock looked like, how it would taste and how it would feel inside of me.

So there I was ten minutes later, not caring who might see me, opening the front door and walking out to call Steve in for some refreshment. After all, Steve didn't recognize me and in my over excited state I didn't really care about anyone else.

I heard the lawnmower shut off as I was struggling down the front steps in my tight skirt. Looking up I saw Steve walking towards me, eyeing my progress and grinning.

"Is it break time all ready?"

"Yes," I tried to say as seductively as I hoped," Come around to the sun room and I'll let you in for something cool."

"I hope you'll be joining me Kary?"

I turned at the top of the stairs to see him standing behind me looking at my butt, " Not if you stand there all day."

When Steve looked up he blushed, then turned to run for the back yard. Watching him made my heart flutter and my knees felt like they were melting. I made the boy blush, wow.

By the time I got the tray of lemonade, with some cheese and crackers Steven was at the door to the sunroom using his t-shirt to wipe off the sweat on his firm body. Setting the tray on the table in front of the couch gave me a chance to turn my back on him so that he could watch me bend over. When I looked back his eyes where as wide open as his mouth. Then I let him in.

"Wow Kary, I don't know what's hotter, you or that sun out there." He said as he fell on the couch watching me walk towards him.

I just smiled at him, feeling myself blush at his boldness. My hands were shaking with nervous excitement as I poured the lemonade. He seemed to look a little disappointed when I choose to sit in a chair across from him.

He leaned forward," So Kary, where are from? I don't remember seeing you around and I'm sure I wouldn't forget you if I did."

My heart skipped a beat, what if he knew I was the guy that sat behind him in History class?

"Out east." I replied

"How did you manage to get this gig?"

"I answered an ad." I lied, I was trying to think of way to get him away from questions that I had no answers for.

"How did you get your job Steve?" I blurted before he could ask me anything else.

"Oh, my mom and Sandra are cousins," he said sitting back and crossing his legs," I can't get a full time summer gig because of summer school and it was either this or work for my old man."

When Steven sat back, I noticed that the end of his penis had escaped from his shorts.

"What is wrong with working for you father?" I asked as I kept glancing quickly back and forth from his face to his growing cock.

"He's a slave driver." Steve sneered.

That's when Steven noticed his exposure and he stood and reached into the front of his shorts to fix himself. I don't really know what came over me, but I reached out and touched his cock. Steve just froze with his hand in his pants. I was shaking all over, our eyes met and we both moaned at the same time. I couldn't help it I felt myself blush and giggled at my own boldness. Steven leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips.

I curled my fingers around his cock and felt it throb as his tongue traced lightly along my jaw to my earlobe. I couldn't believe that I was actually touching his penis, or rather trying to pull it through the leg hole of his cut-offs. My free hand reached up to the snap and Steve kissed his way from my ear to my neck with little bites and sucks to burrow under the collar of my uniform to my shoulder. I pulled his jeans down just far enough to expose his member. Steve stood up straight and took a step around the table so that his cock was level with my mouth. With my right hand slowly moving up and down his shaft and my left hand squeezing his sack, I pulled my first real cock within inches of my mouth.

"Oh God Kary," Steven groaned, " You make me so hot, I'm going to lose it way to fast."

I looked up at him, smiled, licked the head of his penis and squeezed his balls. He came immediately his first volley of cum hit my nose before I could open my mouth. I managed to catch the next spurt and felt four or five more throbs and eruptions before Steve fell back to the couch. I leaned forward with him, keeping his cock inside my mouth and sucked the last few drops of his cum.

As I felt his member soften between my lips, listening as his labored breathing slowed and became more even. I savored the bittersweet flavor of his semen. It didn't taste like my own but was similar. One thing I realized was how much making him cum excited me. I really enjoyed it and I would have been happy to feed on his cock all afternoon.

Just then the phone rang and regretfully, I pulled away from his cock to answer the phone.

"Hello." I said out of breath.

"Kary," Sandra sounded stern," That is not the proper way for a maid to answer the phone."

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