tagIncest/TabooMy "Straight" Father and Me!

My "Straight" Father and Me!


Hello, first off this story is sad but true!

I am an attractive guy. I stand 5'6, 140 lbs., brown hair and blue eyes.

I was eighteen, when I told my father I was bisexual, which his instant reaction turned out to be more than what I expected, for he became violent, after a scuffle he seemed to calm down.

After a few months things appeared to go back to normal.

Then one night, after drinking heavily as he regularly did, he asked me out of the blue if I ever sucked a dick before. I was so shocked by him asking such a bold question that I was speechless. Then admitting yes I had.

Why I asked?

At first, he said he just wanted to understand that side of me. But then came another question,

"How big?"

I told him that I have sucked cocks 6 inches and up. He asked me if I ever considered sucking bigger ones. I told him of course, and the conversation seemed to end there.

Later that night though, after consuming more beer and other various alcohols, I heard a knock on my door. It was my father, saying he wanted to talk further. He then walked in, closed the door, and boldly stated:

"Since you love sucking cock so much, suck mine!"

Stunned, I didn't quite no how to respond, like many I had always been curious, and perhaps even fantasized about what it would be like to suck his dick, but to actually do so.

"But you're my father," I said.

"So what, you say you love sucking cock, so start sucking bitch!"

Moving to leave, he grabbed me by the hair pulling me to my knees. Pulled his cock out and stuffed it in my mouth. "That's right you little bitch, suck my cock" he stated.

So there I am with my father's cock, moving in and out of my mouth steadily, and growing harder by the second. My brain telling me I shouldn't be doing such a thing, but gradually it seemed my body started to like it. I continued sucking his cock at a steady pace, then progressively sucking faster and harder.

I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying sucking my father's big hard cock. I began feeling like I wanted every inch of that cock down my throat, so I started deepthroating his big dick. Noticing my eagerness he proceeded to face-fuck me, until in a strong voice demanded

"Daddy's going to buttfuck that tight little ass now!"

Without any further notice, he bent me over and spreaded both my ass-cheeks, as to enter me more easily. He then began moving back-and-forth inside me. Oh My God! Why did it feel so good?

The feeling of his big throbbing cock pumping into me over and over again was unbelieveable. I started feeling like I wanted more. I suddenly found myself begging him,

"Please fuck me deeper daddy, harder, slam your balls against my ass, spank me while you're buttfucking me.

Hearing my plea, he did just that, pounding my ass like never before. With every thrust of his cock, smack came the sound as he spanked me. Then while his cock was still inside me, repositioned me to where I began riding him while he was laying down. I loved riding my daddy's cock, feeling it deep inside. After awhile, he rolled me to the side, with his cock still hard inside me, and continued pounding my ass deep and hard.

"Oh yeah, you love daddy's cock inside you, don't you my little slut?" he asked.

Then said, "Daddy's cum is going inside you!"

"Oh Yes! Daddy please cum in my ass. Fill me up with all your hot juicy seed" I stated.

When he came inside me, I couldn't believe how great it felt. It was so warm and soothing. After he pulled out and got up, "you took all of daddy's cum like a good little bitch!" he said as he went to his room to take a shower. Later passing out.

The next day, he never mentioned what happened the night before, though I did ask him if last night was a good night. He simply and strongly stated he didn't remember. Yet it seems another event he will never recall, but now I find myself wanting so very much to suck him again. I want to feel his throbbing cock inside me again, to have his cum all in my ass. But he is so "allegedly" agaist "gay shit"

By the Gods......what to do?

Why did I feel the way I did during such a bad thing?

Do I remind him of what happened?

Or do I just let it go?

Why was I longing for my Daddy to be the only man I want inside me?

Help me....

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/10/17


It's been quite a while since you got your asshole fucked hard by your father and it's a shame to let that nice ass and sweet mouth go to waste. While you wait could we get together? I'd like to pleasemore...

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by Aeon_X0110/09/17

Angry Disappointment

Well first off, not only does he say he never received my letters/emails. But he is still holding to the premise that he either doesn't remember or denies it entirely. So, no he has not made any advancemore...

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