tagLoving WivesMy Stunning Julia Ch. 01

My Stunning Julia Ch. 01


Reunion @ the airport

We had arrived to the airport just in time. My wife, Julia, and I were anxious. We hadn't seen Mark for more than seven years. The last time we were together was when Mark had been an attendant in our marriage. We were good friends, but distance took its toll and we became a bit estranged.

I met Mark in college. We were freshmen looking for an apartment. Edgar, another freshman, needed roommates to help pay the bills. That's how the three of us became friends. For three years we partied together until I met Julia and started dating her. She was three years younger than I, a real nerd, but beneath those shy manners there was something special that captivated me. Julia became my girlfriend and our group grew.

Now, Edgar was about to marry too and Mark was invited. Julia and I insisted that he stay at our place and not in a hotel; he accepted the offer.

Only a few minutes after our arrival, we saw Mark. I thought that we would embrace like brothers, but that didn't happen. Too many years had passed and a barrier seemed to have grown between us. We shook hands.

"You look the same" he said smiling. "I easily recognized you."

I returned the compliment, "You look good, too. Do you remember Julia?"

I introduced my wife. Mark looked at her, slightly frowned, and said:

"You're Julia?!"

Julia nodded. He seemed surprised or maybe impressed.

"You look quite different," Mark commented.

"Hello, Mark. We're so glad you're here with us," Julia replied.

Mark smiled and shrugged the expression from his face. I guess Julia was different. The last time he had seen her, she was still a girl in girl's clothes, shy and insecure. Meanwhile she blossomed, and became more mature, a real woman. The cute blouses and the childish hairstyle were part of the past. Now she wasn't afraid to assume her own sexuality. Her hair was loose, longer and darker. Her blouse was slightly open and showed just a bit of cleavage, not in an unprofessional manner, these were her work clothes, but enough to give her some personality. She was using just enough makeup to show that she cared. Her wardrobe was completed by her executive pants and high-heeled shoes. Seven years ago, it was unthinkable to see Julia in high heels.

On the other hand, Mark seemed older, as well, but in a good way. He had lost all his boyish features and looked like a man. His attire was casual and he seemed in very good shape. Despite the seeming distance between us, it was really good to see him again.

We left the airport and went straight to our apartment.

Bold movie @ the apartment

By the end of our dinner, we were already much more comfortable with Mark. Time had passed, we were older, different persons, but deep inside Mark was still Mark.

One of our past rituals was watching movies as we sat on the floor of our living room in our pajamas, while we drank and chatted. Back then we didn't have much space and Edgar was missing now, but our desire to relive our past made us replicate that behavior. We changed into our night clothes and spent the rest of the night on the floor in front of the TV.

We drank a lot, which was another old habit from our youth. It was late and I suggested that we call it a day, but Mark encouraged us to watch one more movie. It was about to begin on one of the cable channels and it would mean that we would be awake about ninety minutes but his was a special time, so Julia and I consented.

The movie was awful, I can´t remember anymore what the plot was, so we spent most of the time talking about our jobs, Edgar's marriage and, of course, Mark's life abroad. He was still single and with no immediate prospect of settling down.

Mark mentioned a woman and Julia asked, "Is it serious?"

"We hang out together. It's not anything serious," Mark intoned and continued, "Really, it's only sex. Besides, she's already married. We like it this way."

Mark's honesty shut us up.

Meanwhile, the movie caught our attention again, a sex scene was about to begin. We kept quiet while the action developed. Both characters kissed passionately as the man's hands roamed along the woman's body. He unzipped her dress and took it off with a single pull, leaving her in bra and panties. Then he slowly kissed down her body until he reached her crotch. I wasn't expecting this kind of scene in this movie, yet I realized at the same time that it was turning me on. The man took her panties off exposing nicely trimmed pubic hair, leaving me wandering how far would this go. I could almost see her labia. Finally, he lifted her left leg a bit and simulated oral sex. The camera viewed her from her left side, her back was against a wall and her dangling leg covered his face between her legs. An idea came to my mind and I expressed it aloud, breaking the silence.

"They may be faking it, but his face is right in front of her sweet spot."

I also thought that he must be able to detect the scent of her arousal, but kept this thought to myself. Neither Mark nor Julia added to the commentary.

Then, the unexpected happened: Another man entered the room and caught the couple in the act. Normally one would expect that to bring an abrupt end to the sex scene but, instead, something else happened. After a few seconds of surprise and indecision, the woman took her lover's head with one hand and urged him to continue his ministrations, which he did. The second man kept watching in silence. Her reaction and his continued actions were both outrageous and hot. I felt embarrassed that this scene was playing while Mark was there with us. It was just too inappropriate.

Suddenly I felt Julia pressing her weight onto my right side. I instinctively looked at her and kissed her on the lips, but instead of breaking the kiss and resuming watching the movie, we continued to gaze at each other; then we kissed again. Before we knew it, we were making out, oblivious of Mark's presence. I got up, sat on the couch and Julia knelt facing me. The movie and the drinks had led us to this unthinkable behavior. Our tongues touched and our hands were all over each other's body.

"Mark's here," I tried to whisper.

This definitely wasn't my wife's usual behavior. She was normally very self-aware of her surroundings and always stopped me whenever I tried to cross the line.

Julia caught my tongue with her lips and sucked it; her lewd behavior was turning me on. I didn't want her to stop but I was also afraid that she would regret it later.

"Mark's watching," I insisted, to no avail.

Mark got up and sat on the opposite side of our couch. It almost seemed that we were performing for him like the actors in the movie had performed for us. I couldn't help thinking that our uninhibited actions were a bit crazy! I looked at her sweet neck and couldn't resist kissing her there. Her fair skin was so smooth and smelled so good... I wanted more so I moved her pajama top aside exposing part of her right shoulder and kept on kissing. Every inch of her was perfect and she was mine... This was the most audacious thing we had ever done, so I was afraid of ruining it. Had I a few seconds to weigh it through, I would think otherwise, but it was too late now, because I was already inebriated by Julia's body and passion. I knew that I was about to cross a line of no return but Julie took control of the situation in a most unexpected way... With one sudden and continuous move, she pulled aside the top of her pajamas and took it completely off, while stretching her upper body in a most provocative way. She was naked beneath the top, though her hair fell wildly over her chest, partially covering her breasts. I could see her shameless nipples, prominent and hard, and I panicked! Mark was watching! He was enjoying his view of my wife's breasts and I wanted to believe that this could not be. I was supposed to be the only man allowed to see that most private sight. Mark released a faint breath; his expression was composed but I could see a small hint of satisfaction there. I knew then that it was too late as I was sharing those beautiful, luscious boobs, not too big but big enough to impress, with Mark. This wasn't enough for Julia; she was on fire. Her lips joined mine again and her left hand landed on my crotch. Where will this stop?

Out of my right mind, I cupped her breast with my hand as if it were the first time I had explored her treasures there. After the initial shock, I experienced new feelings, both complex and twisted. I was aware that Mark had always been popular with girls; any good looking girl that he put his mind to claiming was his sooner or later. When we were roommates, I had seen countless girls leaving his bedroom, some ashamed, but always willingly to come back if he wished. But not Julia... For years I envied him, but now I had something that he had never had and that I knew he couldn't have. Julia was perfect, incredibly beautiful, even without makeup or with her hair in disarray. She was hot, but also classy and intelligent, which made her even more desirable, and she was mine! Whenever I walked into a room with Julia by my side, I knew that every man was looking at her, admiring what they can see and fantasizing about what they couldn't see. At those moments, I knew that I was the envied one. A past and profound jealousy was surfacing in me. I reached for Julia's breast with my mouth, knowing that Mark was watching intently. This was my time to get even for any unspoken taunt. I wanted him to know just how hot my wife was. I wanted him to crave her so much that he couldn't sleep that night. This was my moment of glory.

"You're, you're breathtaking!" Mark stuttered.

Mark was addressing Julia. He moved closer to us, still maintaining a safe distance, but his proximity felt weird to me. Too many new things were happening too quickly for my ultimate comfort.

"Your breasts are perfect", he continued, while asking me, "Can you please lick your wife's nipples?"

I hesitated, knowing that was what he wanted to do himself, but couldn't. I don't know why, I probably shouldn't have, but I accepted his request and licked my wife's right nipple.

"Yes!" she moaned, letting us both hear her approval of my actions.

I licked again, this time a bit rougher. Then I took as much of her breast as I could in my mouth and sucked. For a few moments, my mouth wandered randomly on her skin from her lips to the bottom of her breast. Then, I heard a different kind of sound coming from the TV: cheap sounding music. Mark had switched it to a porn channel.

"Yes," he directed, "Touch her down there... with your fingers" -- He was looking straight at her sweet spot.

This time he didn't say "please" and these words sounded more like a command than a request. I almost instantly felt that Julia wanted me to comply, so I did. I moved my right hand inside the bottom half of her pajamas, making sure the palm rubbed on her pubis and explored. The moment I parted her labia, Julia's body shook and reacted: her head and hair fell against her shoulder, her body arched, her breast became completely exposed in all its splendor, her nipples pointed upwards and her pussy pressed hard against my hand. She pressed so hard I almost couldn't move my fingers but she didn't care because she was getting what she wanted. I took the chance, leaned forward towards her and resumed tasting her body. My free hand helped her in maintaining her balance. In the background, the moans of an actress could clearly be heard, adding even more eroticism to the moment.

I could feel Mark move even closer, right next to us, and his eyes were fixed on Julia's body. Through the corner of my eye, I noticed his hand on his crotch. I was shocked at his boldness and wondered quietly, Where will we go from here? How far do we dare to go? Julia pushed my head back, forcing a gap between our bodies. She seemed out of control and it was making me crazy: she breathed fast, her mouth was ajar, her tongue lolled and her eyes were shone wildly. Then she opened my pants with her right hand and firmly grabbed my cock with her left. At the same time, she licked her lips as if she were savoring my penis. I was enjoying Julia's lewd behavior, but she was about to cross another boundary. Made frantic by her own intrepidity, she looked at Mark for the first time, noticed he was touching himself through his shorts and reached for his crotch with her free hand. He removed his hand and she rubbed the huge bulge that was so obvious there. It all happened so fast and right in front of my eyes that I was both shocked and paralyzed. After her initial enthusiasm and realizing that she had gone too far, Julia swiftly removed her hand and looked at me in panic. I knew that her fondling Mark had to have been an irrational impulse influenced by the heat of the moment. Her eyes begged for pardon.

Nothing hindered the sight of the bulge in Mark's shorts now and it seemed big, or rather, very big. I shrugged that thought away, forced myself to overcome the shock and nodded to my wife in forgiveness. As soon as I had nodded, I realized my error and it was also my fault! I couldn't blame her... Julia smiled to me, an odd, different, confusing smile. She kissed me and her right hand returned to Mark's bulge. I was blown away! What was happening? Then I got it... She had completely misunderstood my smile and my nod. She interpreted those gestures to mean that I had given her permission to play with Mark. Oh, this was wrong, this was wrong... My wife continued to play with his cock. She was acting like a slut, arousing two men simultaneously. This was fully beyond what I thought she was capable of, my sweet Julia... I couldn't believe my eyes; she was groping that huge bulge in Mark's shorts with enthusiasm and eagerness. Then I was saved by the bell... In fact, I was saved by the ringing cell phone. Its ring broke the spell for both of us. Julia jumped off the couch, as I reached for the phone. It was only a text message, a reminder from Edgar, who was too anxious with the impending wedding to allow us to be missing without his permission. This was my way out of what had become a most uncomfortable situation for me and Julia. I felt relieved but also disappointed that the scene we were enjoying had come to an end. Mixed feelings troubled me... I wasn't comfortable with Julia playing with Mark's cock, but deep inside, if I were honest with myself, I was enjoying it. It was definitely something that wasn't easy to admit to myself. Julia was also battling herself, I could see. She covered her breasts with both arms and just stood motionless, confused and tired. But I guess our bodies were still sexually electrified, this wasn't over yet. And Mark still had a say...

Unexpectedly, he reached for Julia's nearest hand and gently pulled her back toward him. Again, I was blown away. She resisted once, but didn't resist his second encouragement. Her eyes were saying "no", but she wasn't voicing it and her body simply obeyed him. Mark wanted her to climb over his lap like she had been with me. Julia stared at me and I could swear she was begging me to stop him. I wanted Julia to take the initiative to end this, but that didn't happen. Sluggishly she submitted to Mark's direction and knelt over his lap. Her gaze left me for him and I felt I was losing her. My own wife was topless on top of another man's lap! I don't know why I didn't stop her. They stared at each other. Mark's eyes resembled those of a wolf and it was as if Julia were his prey. There was still a significant gap between their bodies. Mark directed her hand to his mouth and gently kissed the back of it. Then he removed the other arm that still covered her breast. Nothing hindered his view now. I remembered my thoughts from minutes ago: Julia was mine and he would never have her. How had this happened? I only wanted to make him envy me, and somehow he had turned the tables; now I was the one having to watch.

I was expecting Mark to jump on her quickly, or at least, I feared that he would. But he was taking his time, moving slowly and steadily. His right hand reached for Julia's face and tried to pull her nearer. Again she resisted him, a faint and useless attempt. He kissed her on the mouth. My wife was clearly in panic, but slowly I watched her body relax: she dropped her weight on his lap and her legs spread wider, making her left knee touch me. That's how close we were. Slowly she closed her eyes and relaxed. I could see his tongue entering her mouth for the first time. Julia reciprocated. Both tongues touched and exchanged saliva. My sweet wife was being deep kissed by another man. Their intimacy was both painful and exciting.

After all that had occurred, I knew that anything could happen. Anything! I didn't need to be a genius to know that and, yet, I also knew that it would be so easy for me to end it. Even knowing that, I remained quiet, paralyzed as the events escalated. Mark was having his way with my wife, taking all the fun and privileges for himself that I had thought would always be exclusively mine. I should be the one kissing her, but, for the moment, I felt as if this was my true place.

Julia's hands were stiff against her belly, as if she didn't know where to rest them. Mark took them and guided them to the edge of his shorts. He wanted her to undress him by her own endeavors. Julia hesitated but Mark seemed to be prepared to wait all night. I knew that she wanted to do it; I could see it in her eyes despite her wavering. Julia clenched her fingers, looked straight to his crotch and pulled his shorts down very slowly. I couldn't avoid looking too. The beginning of his shaft appeared and it was thick, unbelievably thick, insanely thick... I was ready to expect the worst and deflected my eyes towards Julia's face. She looked apprehensive, anxious, and then amazed. A subtle but also evident smile appeared on her lips and a faint, nervous giggle escaped her mouth. Her shining eyes never left his crotch, not even for an instant. I looked too and saw a massive cock, incredibly big, long but especially thick, resting along his right thigh. It wasn't totally hard, which made it even more impressive. I felt embarrassed, even lesser of a man, before my wife and that great specimen. For a few seconds that seemed like hours, we all remained quiet.

Mark spoke again, probably with his ego justly inflated. My wife had taken the bait and was his for sure.

"You're so beautiful, stunningly pretty," he paused, smiled at Julia and winked "touch it!"

Vacillating, she touched his cock with her right hand as if she was petting an animal. Then she seized it and slowly handled it, appreciating its looks and measuring its weight. Her hand seemed so small against that big piece of meat. Finally, she pulled back the foreskin and pumped the cock to full erection, exposing his huge glans, much to Mark's pleasure.

Mark continued, "Yeah, Honey... Play with that cock!"

I had been this woman's first and only man until now. Julia had never touched or seen another cock besides mine. We had watched porn together occasionally, but that doesn't really count, because there is always a sense of fiction in it, as if those cocks only existed in film. Julia grabbed Mark's cock with her other hand too and began jerking slowly as if she was experimenting. She was seeing and feeling another penis and it was huge, as huge as in the porn we had watched. It was hard to look at my wife acting so brazenly... Nonetheless, at that moment, that cock and my wife's hand looked so right together... I immediately regretted this thought. The sight was unreal, it was as if my wife had been sucked into a porn movie: Julia faced Mark, but her weight was no longer over him; her knees supported her body; his hands entered her pants and held her bare butt cheeks; her arms were stretched along her figure and ended on his cock, forming a 'V' shape which pushed her boobs together and accentuated their volume; her hands jerked his meat with a hint of defiance. I didn't know she could be so lewd. Mark was as intrigues with her as I, staring at her breasts like a famished animal.

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