tagLoving WivesMy Stunning Julia Ch. 03

My Stunning Julia Ch. 03


An unspoken agreement @ the nightclub

My wife, Julia, feverishly danced with Mark along with dozens of other people. She looked happy, light-hearted; there was a deceitful innocence about her. If I didn't know better, I would have only seen an attractive woman enjoying a night out in a most common fashion; I wouldn't imagine that only minutes before, in a room on those same premises, she had given head to a man in front of her own husband.

I was positioned in a privileged spot to observe my wife, next to the dance floor and slightly on higher ground, but nevertheless I was struggling to keep track of her in the middle of that controlled chaos. Mark had shown once again his influence in that crowded place by providing a good table and free drinks. But Julia didn't care for it, she only wanted to dance, she loves to dance. Mark joined her as, I was sure, she wished. I stood at the table, alone with my thoughts. Every now and then Julia gave me a look. I didn't know if she was worried about my feelings or merely checking to see if I was still watching her. But after each quick glance, probably assured by what she had seen, my wife returned her full attention back to Mark.

There was still a faint voice deep in my head calling for rebellion, but it was too faint to make any difference. In fact, I had resigned myself to my wife's wishes... maybe because there was something inexplicably appealing in all that had been happening in the last 24 hours. How could I feel like this? How could I have felt aroused by the image of my wife pleasing another man? Even this question seemed absurd still, there I was, breaking all rules and watching Julia in the arms of Mark.

Julia seemed transfigured too. Her behavior no longer could be mistaken as a thoughtless impulse. By now, she knew exactly what she was doing. She was choosing to be with Mark because she desired him but, most importantly, because she could. It was impressive how much my wife had changed in the last few hours. I wonder how many women would behave likewise if given the same opportunity by their husbands...

Once again Julia looked at me, but this time I felt something different. She delayed ending her gaze on me and I enjoyed the prolonged attention. It was only a small crumb in the midst of Mark's spoils, yet enough to make me content for the moment. I don't know if it was only my imagination, if I was fooling myself and taking comfort in a lie, but some sort of silent compromise seemed to emerge as we stared at each other. Only this weekend, once in a lifetime, Julia was allowed to realize her forbidden fantasies. Once in a lifetime she could freely be with another man and sate her darkest curiosities. In return, I was allowed to observe her with her lover. Only that once and no more, I kept repeating in my head.

"Hello!" sounded a female voice addressing me.

There was an attractive blonde woman staring at me, waiting for a reply.

"You seem so lonely. Can I join you?" she loudly asked, trying to overcome the surrounding noise.

In a place like that, her approach was only natural; still I wasn't expecting it to happen to me. What else could I do? I nodded and invited her to a chair in front of me.

"This sounded like a pickup line. I hope you don't get the wrong idea," she said smiling. "I saw you alone and lost in distraction. I have to ask you... What were you watching?"

"I was watching my own wife being slowly taken by an old friend of mine". This would have been the right answer, if I had had any intention of telling the truth.

"Nothing in particular," I answered, meeting her contagious smile.

Her name was Nancy. She was alone too, waiting for someone else. We chatted for a while, casual talk between two strangers. At first I felt her as a hindrance, an unwanted distraction from a more pressing desire. But as we talked, her presence grew in me and I slowly integrated her into my nasty thoughts. Nancy was wearing tight blue jeans and a pink top showing a generous cleavage. There was something enthralling about those sexy boobs that invited me to stare at them. On the outside, I was trying to show interest in our conversation, but in my mind I began stripping her one piece of clothing at a time. I wonder what Nancy would think of me if she knew what was in my head... However, somehow, I had the feeling that I wasn't hiding much from her and she knew perfectly how much I desired her.

"Oh, by the way, my husband will be here anytime soon," she said with a naughty smile. "I hope you don't mind but... if he sees us, you're a former colleague from school okay?"

I nodded in agreement. Mark's earlier words were right; this nightclub was a place where people went to misbehave. I wonder how many times Nancy had used that same excuse before.

"You're married too, right?" she asked, changing the previous subject and looking at the wedding ring on my finger.

"Yes, I'm married," I calmly replied.

"Where is she?" she insisted, indiscreetly.

Nancy was touching a sensitive spot. Obviously, I couldn't tell her the truth, but not knowing what to answer, my lie betrayed much more than I had intended.

"She isn't here," I awkwardly responded.

"Do you always come to places like this without her?" she asked and winked at me.

I could ask her back the same question, but I felt that I had more to hide than she did. Luckily, she was only teasing me and didn't expect any answer at all. I was enjoying her presence but the last thing I needed was someone probing my secrets.

Nancy touched her phone and excused herself for a moment. I immediately searched for my wife and Mark in the middle of the crowd with the hope of catching Julia jealously staring at me. The reality was much different... I found her connected to Mark by an intimate embrace, exchanging lustful kisses and apparently indifferent to Nancy and me. Mark's right hand was shamelessly grabbing my wife's bottom in front of all those people. Each of their actions felt like a slap in my face, stating that Julia belonged to Mark now. A disturbing thought crossed my mind: this is how it feels to lose a wife to another man. Nonetheless, the more she surrendered to Mark, the more attractive she seemed to me. Everyone else seemed unconcerned by their behavior as if it were the most natural thing in the world. If only they knew the truth... Another nervous thought crossed my mind: what if someone recognizes us? The chances of that happening were slim but the simple possibility was unsettling. My wife, on the other hand, was about to show me that none of this worried her...

The music's pace changed and an enthusiastic voice was heard in the sound system "Come on ladies, show us your moves."

Julia looked at me again and, when our eyes met, her posture changed. She turned herself towards me while her arms secured Mark behind her. I couldn't see the details of her eyes from afar, but I could bet they had the same defiant fire that I had witnessed earlier in the day. Then her hips started to swing, very slowly, pressing her butt against his crotch. The movements were too slow to fit the fast music; this was no longer a dance, but an arousal for both Mark and me. Julia's eyes never left me, including me in the action from afar. She knew what was happening in my mind. As much as I had tried before, I couldn't deny it anymore. I was openly taking pleasure in all that was happening. And for that reason alone, she seemed free to cross any boundary.

Mark leaned over Julia and kissed her on the shoulder from behind, not seeming to care where she was looking. His hands took her thighs and I could see his fingers pulling her dress upwards. Other people were moving around them, constantly blocking and clearing my view. Mark secured the hem of the dress but didn't stop and pulled some more. In the exact moment when Julia's most precious treasure seemed to be about to become exposed, a man inadvertently crossed in my line of sight. When he moved away, Julia had already broken contact with Mark. Her dress fell along her legs, she turned to him and he kissed her. I couldn't believe that Julia had allowed Mark to exhibit her in that fashion in the middle of a public place filled with dozens of people. It was a reminder that no rules applied anymore. But, once again, the hardest for me was not to know for certain how much of my wife had been exposed. I could ask her later, but it wouldn't be the same.

I was in awe of Julia's performance. No other woman in the world could be as nastily alluring as her, I was sure of it. Her ability to seduce and tease was beyond measure, a powerful aphrodisiac. It may seem counter-intuitive but, as I watched Julia in the arms of Mark, a sentiment emerged: I was a lucky man for having a wife like her.

Completely unaware of my surroundings, I only noticed Nancy's near presence when her lips approached my ear.

"That's your wife, isn't she?" she whispered, obviously referring to Julia.

Her words felt like a punch in the stomach. My first reaction was to deny it, devise an excuse... I even uttered a faint "no", but Nancy didn't need confirmation.

"So that's your secret..." she said with a soft, teasing voice. "Do you like to watch your wife fucking around?"

I didn't know if I wanted to flee from her or take her right there. Despite the embarrassment for being caught, I felt heavily aroused by her gentle, warm words. My eyes locked on Julia; it seemed easier to look at my wife than face Nancy. Then I felt an inexplicable need to justify myself.

"Julia doesn't fuck around. It's only this once," I argued but the words sounded even more preposterous.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be judgmental. Actually, I wouldn't mind being given such freedom," said Nancy, probably mocking me. I wasn't sure. Then she asked "What happens if she enjoys him too much?"

But before I had time to think what to say next, she quickly added, "My husband is here, I have to go to him. You never told me your name. Bye stranger!"

I wanted to tell her my name, but it was too late. As Nancy moved away from me I felt a mix of relief and disappointment. Alone again, I remained in my place for a while longer, divided between the sight of my wife's continued teasing and Nancy's provocative words, until Julia decided it was time to leave. She was calling the shots. As we were leaving the premises, I saw Nancy, not far away, staring at us. Julia was intimately holding Mark's arm, as if she belonged to him. There was no way to disguise the facts. Julia had entered the premises by my side as my beloved wife but would leave as Mark's new girlfriend.

Outside, as we waited for a taxi, there was an awkward moment, again. I actually felt one too many. After all that had been happening, neither Julia nor I seemed to know how to behave as we waited and Mark held her. When the cab arrived, Julia took the initiative to suggest an apparent way out to this discomfort. But the solution was the last thing I wanted to hear.

"Do you mind if we take another cab?" she sweetly asked me.

For a moment I didn't grasp the meaning of my wife's words. Then I got it. Julia wanted to be alone with Mark. I panicked; this was something I could never accept. It was too much for me.

Seeing the growing agitation in me, she immediately added, "We'll be right behind you."

Julia was trying to assure me but it wasn't enough. Still, I couldn't resist her charming ways and, against my gut feeling, I nodded in agreement. If this was what Julia wanted, I would grant it to her.

I entered the vehicle and left my wife and Mark alone. As the cab moved away, I felt a strong urge to look back but was afraid to seem ridiculous. A variety of scenarios were produced in my head. Who knows what Mark would do to my wife during my absence...

The wait @ outside the building

I was waiting for only a couple minutes, but it already felt like a lifetime. The street was empty of people and quiet. Desperation was taking hold of me. Agreeing to leave my wife behind had been the worst mistake I made in a set of bad decisions since Mark's arrival. I was afraid that she had changed her mind and headed somewhere else with Mark. Who knows where she could be now? It was as if I was losing the last remains of control, even if they were only an illusion. I was already considering my options when I heard the sound of a moving vehicle nearby. It was them. Julia got out of the car and I felt relieved. Mark was right behind her but it didn't matter; she was back to me.

Mark was all over my wife and I could hear her faint voice insisting, "Not here! Someone can see us!"

Mark didn't care. He didn't care if someone could hear or see them; all he wanted was his share of my wife. I don't know why, but I felt the need to partially hide myself behind a column near the building's entrance. It felt easier to observe from a concealed spot, although I could still be seen. Julia kept trying to contain Mark and rushed as fast as she could to the entrance, but he didn't intend to wait until they were up in the apartment. Before entering the building, my wife searched the surroundings and, when she spotted me, her gaze instructed me to follow them. She wanted to be seen as much as I wanted to see her. As soon as they were inside, Mark attacked like a wild animal: he pressed Julia's body against the wall with his own; his right hand invaded her dress from beneath, exhibiting her thighs and groping her crotch; his left hand crudely grabbed her right breast.

"Mark... Not here... Please!" my wife pleaded but her body reacted with zest.

"I know you like it," he responded.

I felt the duty to answer to her plea and intervene. Mark had to stop! But before I had time to react, Julia freed herself and escaped through a nearby door which led to the indoor reserved parking lot. Whenever she wanted, she was able stop him. Julia knew how to defend herself and didn't need me. Before turning the corner, she glanced back defying Mark to follow her, which he did right away. I looked outside the building, trying to figure if anyone had seen us. We were safe so far, but I was already concerned about what could happen in the parking space. Then I followed them.

Playing out a scene @ the parking lot

I crossed the first fire door, but when I got to the threshold of the second one I hesitated. Part of me was already expecting something of the sort of what I witnessed when I turned the corner. In a few seconds, during my brief absence, Mark had pinned Julia against a wall, just like before, but this time her dress had fallen down to her waist; I could see the whiteness of her breast's skin through the lace of her bra. His hands firmly held her bare butt and his face was buried on her left shoulder. Unwittingly, I took a couple of steps away from them, looking for refuge behind a nearby column. I was devouring the scene before me, just as Mark was devouring my wife. His left hand roughly seized one of her boobs, which popped out of its bra's cup. Julia stretched her body along the wall, with her arms above her head, as if she was posing for an erotic photo, inviting him to take her. Mark didn't hesitate. He plunged his face to her breast and I could see him, from afar, tasting her hard nipple. Suddenly Julia began undulating at a steady rhythm and a moan escaped her mouth. Although I couldn't see it, Mark's right hand appeared to be working on her crotch. This seemed like foreplay for them but it was taking too long and they didn't seem close to stopping. All I wanted was for Julia and Mark to leave for our apartment before someone could appear and catch them in the throes of their mutual pleasure. However, despite my discomfort, watching my wife's body lewdly moving was fascinating, her pleasure was my pleasure.

Mark's mouth descended along Julia's body and he pushed her dress downwards to her feet, leaving her almost completely naked. Only a bra and her shoes still partially covered her body. Her perfectly shaved pussy was completely exposed, at the mercy of Mark. Her body looked astonishing! Her light skin contrasted with the dark grey wall as her delicate body was being exploited by Mark's roughness. Only from afar, as another man pleasured her, could I see the true splendor of my beloved Julia. I couldn't believe she was naked in our own parking garage, helpless to any sudden intruder. Despite the incredulity of her and Mark's actions, I had to admit that I was loving it! She is amazing!

Mark crouched and Julia raised her left leg, resting her foot on his shoulder. This was turning into something more than foreplay and outside the privacy of our home was the worst place for it to happen. I looked around, afraid that someone else could be watching. Meanwhile, Julia opened her legs wider and Mark's face invaded the space in between. Her body immediately shook and she held the back of his head for balance. This vision resembled something else, something still very fresh in my memory. They were recreating the sex scene from the previous night's movie. Mark was eating Julia's pussy as another man watched. In this case, the other man was me, her husband.

So many times I had asked her to blow me in that exact spot. So many times I had pursued her body inside those walls, always in vain.

"Someone may catch us," she used to say.

Julia's fears always prevailed, until now. And Mark was having all the fun. Still, despite my jealousy, if I had to choose, I would rather watch her do it with Mark than have her not do it at all. It's crazy but I was enjoying what I was witnessing. Still, I couldn't help myself from comparing: is he better than me? Her pleasured expression was positively intoxicating me, but I still didn't want him to be better than me... I began to feel warm, mainly due to the excitement of the moment. A small drop of sweat was slowly forming on my temple and I slightly shook my head to disrupt the minor discomfort. At that same moment I shockingly noticed some kind of movement through the corner of my eye. My body trembled and I immediately adjusted my position behind the column. Someone was coming!

A woman was calmly heading for our exit with her eyes down on the floor. She was coming from the far side of the parking garage and seemed completely unaware of what was happening between my wife and Mark. A fraction of a second after I first became aware of her, she stopped and perplexedly stared ahead towards Julia. I knew this woman. Her name was Kate, married, mother of two and our neighbor for several years. Julia and I weren't friends with this woman and her husband, but we had a cordial relationship. Where had she come from? It was late-night, no car had entered the parking garage since my arrival and there wasn't any other entrance from whence she could be coming. Kate just stood there, motionless, staring, as if she was declaring her presence to the nearby couple. Five, ten seconds passed, and nothing happened. I was desperately trying to figure a way to warn Julia but she was too immersed in Mark's actions and I didn't want the other woman to notice me.

My worst nightmare was coming to life, an unexpected, unpredictable, but conceivable presence of a third party. Slowly, Kate slid sideways, waited a couple of seconds and then hid behind a car. Still, I could see her head peeping from behind the windows. Just like I had recognized her, she surely recognized Julia from that distance. I kept repeating in my head that this couldn't be happening, this was a nightmare. Kate's presence changed everything. She wasn't a stranger like Nancy before, whom I would probably never meet again. We knew this woman and she knew us. She knew where we lived, some of our friends and relatives; where we worked; she was part of our social life and our paths would cross many more times in the future. And now she was watching Julia, naked, shamelessly receiving pleasure in a public place from a man who was not her husband. I still had a tiny hope that maybe she might mistake Mark for me, but it seemed a longshot since his and my appearance differed greatly. How could I face Kate ever again? Still, I was more worried about Julia's reputation. I always thought of Kate as a person that kept things to herself, maybe a good person with whom to share secrets, but what if she tells what she has stumbled upon to anyone else? She will certainly tell her spouse... I know I would. What would she think of my wife? From then on, through Kate's eyes, Julia would be an adulterous slut. The truth was quite different or maybe it wasn't. As I continued to observe Julia's actions with Mark, I no longer knew where the truth lay.

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