My Stunning Julia Ch. 03


Julia released a choked moan and awoke me from my digression. Her body was wobbling with a mix of sensuality and awkwardness due to the unstable position. For a second, she looked at me and I felt like I was in a middle of an erotic show. However, Julia had no idea that she was performing for Kate too. I could have warned her... But the harm had already been done and I no longer wanted to stop her. I tried to view this scene through Kate's eyes. She was watching another woman posed obscenely with her lover. Could this vision be arousing her? To me, it felt impossible not to feel drawn and aroused by Julia and her lover. Maybe Kate felt the same way. If she did, she might be somewhat ashamed of her voyeuristic intrusion and would keep what she had seen to herself. Would she touch herself later as she remembered this scene? My earlier preoccupied thoughts were recklessly replaced by new ones and Kate's presence didn't seem to be bad any longer.

For a while Kate and I quietly observed as Mark licked my wife's pussy. Julia didn't seem to have any intention of stopping her lover any time soon. As far as I could notice Kate was entirely focused on Julia and Mark and her gaze did not stray from the two of them, not even for a second. Slowly I could see an orgasm building inside of Julia. Soon I wouldn't be the only man in this world who had induced a climax in Julia. I felt as if I was losing another part of her to him, but one thought encouraged me: maybe, after she comes, her interest and enthusiasm will fade away and her horniness disappear; maybe this is the beginning of the end of Mark.

Julia's body violently shook from pleasure. Her mouth opened as if she was about to unleash a wild roar but no sounded escaped her throat. It lasted for a few seconds until it seemed finally over. Mark got up ready for more action but Julia assertively stopped him. It seemed the end, but it wasn't.

Julia quickly composed her bra and dress, the best she could in those circumstances, grabbed Mark by the shirt and guided him behind her towards the exit. I wanted to follow them but couldn't; Kate was still hidden. A couple of minutes passed and still there wasn't any move from her part. I couldn't see her head any longer, but I knew she was still there. What the hell was she doing? I felt trapped, unable to follow my wife as I wished. Each second felt like an eternity. Then I finally saw Kate rushing past me and towards a different exit. I guessed she didn't want to risk another encounter with Julia. As soon as she was out of sight, I left and headed for the elevator. The night wasn't over yet and I couldn't leave them alone any second longer.

The climax @ the apartment

As I entered the apartment, I tried to conceal the anxiety in me. I didn't want to look too eager to be there. The lights were off and there seemed to be no sign of my wife and Mark. Then I heard a voice from the bedroom area. I headed there, silently, afraid that Julia might have led Mark to our own bed. Fortunately, the sounds and a dim light came from the guest room. The door was wide open and there was a pile of clothes just past the threshold: her dress and her bra lay on the bedroom floor as a testament to their fervor. Mark sat on the bed while Julia stood close to him, completely bare. No matter how many times it happened, seeing my wife sharing her nakedness with Mark still hurt.

Then, Julia began taking his clothes off. First it was his shoes. And there is nothing more submissive than seeing a woman taking off her man's shoes. I slightly shook my head as if I had expressed this previous thought out loud. Mark wasn't Julia's man, I was! She proceeded with his shirt, kissing his chest as she unloosened each button. His pants were next and finally his underwear. Mark's cock was already hard, as I would be if I were in his shoes. In fact, I didn't need to be in his shoes. Only the sight of my wife with this man was enough to make me rock hard.

Julia gently pushed him backwards. He gladly obeyed and lay on the small, single bed. Then she crawled on top of him mimicking a kitten, purred inches away from his face and sat on top of his stomach immediately above his cock. Julia was being wickedly hot! It made me desperately want to be in Mark's place... but I couldn't because she belonged to him now. However, she didn't forget me. Julia looked back and gestured for me to sit at their right side. It felt like a command but a gentle command. She knew I would do anything she asked me to. I grabbed a nearby chair and took a place on their right as she wished.

Still not happy, Julia glanced at me and said softly, "Come closer, please..."

Again, I obeyed. There seemed to be no other choice for me. I moved the chair next to the bed. Julia was now right in front of me, at an arm's length. I felt a bit uncomfortable at being that close to a naked and aroused Mark. On the other hand, he didn't seem to care in the slightest that I was present. It was as if I wasn't there. He was good at ignoring me.

Mark seemed impatient with desire. Julia was moments away from breaking the last boundary. She took hold of Mark's massive cock and directed to her pussy. Now, that it was about to happen, I felt panic build in me. I kept repeating in my head the same words over and over again: this is just sex; she is only fulfilling a fantasy; this isn't cheating; she is doing nothing wrong; it is only this once. A voice in my head answered me back, Julia will forever belong to Mark; she will taste something that you will never be able to give her; she will enjoy it; she is a slut; she will want more.

Mark's huge gland invaded the space between Julia's labia and pressed forward. There was an initial resistance but then it slid right in.

Julia released a loud cry, "Fuck! It's big!"

I was impressed with the easiness that it had gotten inside. Despite's Mark's saliva in her, Julia had to be extremely aroused for that to happen. She lost control for a few seconds, as if it was too much for her to take. All her courage seemed to be gone after the first contact, but she only needed a couple of seconds to catch her breath. Slowly, her body descended until half of Mark's huge cock was inside of her. My wife was feeling another man's cock deep inside of her. Julia was no longer solely mine...

"It's splitting me apart, I can't take it," she said, but it didn't sound as if she actually meant it; it felt more as a tease.

Very slowly, Mark began thrusting his hips as she struggled to become familiar with his size. Julia still seemed overwhelmed; her body was stiff and her stare vague. Small particles of sweat were scattered along her bare skin. Just when I was starting to think that this was too much for her, she responded in an unmistakable fashion. Her body relaxed, her right hand moved towards her pussy and her fingers landed on her clit. Mark noticed it too and stopped his thrusts. Julia didn't hesitate and began her own hip movements. Slowly but steadily, that incredible cock was entering and exiting her pussy. Then with a fluid move she descended all the way down until Mark's meat seemed to be fully inside of her.

"Oh fucking big!" she insisted out loud.

"All in, honey," Mark countered.

For a few seconds she remained in that position, feeling him deep in her. Her eyes were close and there was a broad smile in her lips.

"I can't believe I have all of your cock inside of me," she said, surprisingly expressing in words exactly what I was thinking. Then she added proudly, "I can take it all in me."

Julia was right. She was a force of nature. Not only she was enduring it, she was taming that beast like a sex goddess. That was her destiny, in that place, in that moment, to be fully unleashed, fulfilling all of her potential and splendor.

In a few minutes she was riding Mark's manhood with confidence and enthusiasm. Julia was fucking him. My own wife was fucking another man in front of my eyes. His cock was touching where no one else had touched before but me. It was surreal; it felt like a dream, as if it wasn't really happening.

For a while I watched her ride Mark as his hands helped her move up and down along his shaft. My wife's gorgeous breasts bounced in rhythm with their movements. She was enjoying it passionately; I could read it in her eyes. Julia was free from any shame or doubt, free from any social constraint. Lust and physical pleasure were all that mattered in that moment.

Mark projected his torso forward, driving his mouth right into my wife's neck. Julia secured him tenderly in her arms. Her movements decelerated drastically into a fluid, smooth blending of her hips and waist. It was as if she was dancing. Their bodies were connected in an intimate embrace. Just when their complicity felt stronger than ever, she looked at me. It wasn't a quick glance, but a prolonged, warm stare. I felt that she was including me in their embrace, making me a part of her fantasy. Although I only watched, it felt as if she was fucking both Mark and me. Julia needed me there. Mark's cock was deep inside her, but as she looked at me I sensed love. It was a quiet, peaceful moment in all the craziness that had been happening, a reminder that she was still my wife. Then, Mark took control and the magic between us faded.

He broke contact and instructed her to be on all fours. Mark wanted to take my wife from behind. Julia obediently complied with his wishes. He pushed his cock inside of her again and she articulated an innocent moan. The thrusts were faster and harder, the tenderness of before had been lost. His left hand was on her hip; his right groped and slapped her on the butt.

"I always knew you were a great fuck," he openly gloated with a malicious smile in his face.

Mark was fucking her hard, manhandling my wife as if she was a slut, his slut. Julia was at his disposal, to satisfy his needs. She was taking his cock with some effort, but also with visible gratification, and her right hand went back on her clit.

For a while I witnessed Mark ravishing my wife. It was amazing how, minute after minute, she was handling that big piece of meat. Her face was red and her body sweaty; pleasure was written all over her. A second orgasm was building inside of her, torturing her. The recurring question popped into my head: is he that good? Maybe it was jealousy messing with my head, but I felt incapable to ever give my wife so much pleasure. Finally Julia exploded. Her eyes opened wide and when the moment came, she released all the accumulated tension into an enthusiastic scream. Then she collapsed, his cock slipped out of her and her body dropped on the bed. But Mark wasn't finished...

Mark immediately raised her butt and penetrated her again. Julia seemed so tired that no reaction came from her. Then he pumped her again. He only lasted a few more seconds before releasing her and shooting his semen all over her butt and back.

"Yes..." she welcomed his sperm with a peaceful smile on her face.

Mark dropped on the bed next to Julia. For a while there was silence and nobody moved. I couldn't believe it was over. My wife had been fucked by Mark. Since my arrival to the apartment, an hour and a half had passed. But now that it was over, it all felt so easy and fast.

Julia's skin was wet with sweat and sperm. When she got up, the fluids ran along her back and legs. She headed to the bedroom door and, after getting there, she looked back at me as if asking if I wasn't going to join her. I immediately followed her, in silence, to our bedroom. I was still in shock with what I had just witnessed and aroused; I acted like a robot. Julia headed for the bathroom and took a shower. When she came back, she guided me to our bed and we cuddled under the sheets. I was still hard and Julia knew it, but I guess she was too exhausted to give me any kind of attention. The last thing I remember that night was feeling her falling asleep.

The day after @ the airport

Strangely, the next morning we all behaved as if nothing had happened. I guess we were all mimicking each other's casual behavior. Julia and I needed to talk, but it wasn't the right time yet, maybe after Mark's departure. He had an airplane to catch that morning.

We spent the last minutes together in a coffee shop at the airport. Julia said goodbye to him and stayed there, waiting for me as I accompanied Mark to the tram that would take him to his airplane. Our contact was cordial but cool. When I saw him pass the first barrier, I felt relieved. Finally the crazy weekend was over.

I walked back to Julia and noticed her from afar, another opportunity to observe her intently. I couldn't believe that that woman, whom I knew so well, had been capable of such obscene behavior. Now, she seemed back to her old self. Julia didn't know that I was observing her. She seemed lost in thought, looking at the void, completely unaware of my imminent return, maybe pondering about what had happened that weekend. Suddenly a good looking stranger, whom was passing by, noticed her and slowed his march to check her out. I could see his eyes scanning her body from feet to head. Probably noticing a presence nearby, Julia raised her head and looked at him. He smiled at her and she timidly smiled him back. Then, the stranger diverted his gaze. As he was walking past her, I could see Julia subtly checking his crotch. This moment felt so dirty... The stranger moved away and my wife returned to her thoughts. And I knew that nothing would be the same between us ever again.

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by Anonymous04/21/18

More but different

I enjoyed the story but you left it with the same ending as many, the slut and the cuck? What if Mark called and wife says okay for another stay but this time husband has grown a set and tells her no!more...

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by Anonymous10/04/17

Beautiful !!!!

Great story i give it 5*. Reading from ch1 to ch3 sounds just how my life went,and it was a beautiful time in my life.We still love each other and now have been married fifty eight years. Please writemore...

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