tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Surprise Trumped My Husband’s Surprise

My Surprise Trumped My Husband’s Surprise


My name is Randi and husband's name is Ricky. We've been married almost five years now. I am 24 and Ricky is 27. I weigh about 120 and stand about 5' 8". I have thick brown hair to just past my shoulders that has a natural wave in it. I have nice firm 36C breast that I enjoy showing off and Ricky likes it when I do.

Ricky and I are very much into sex. We both love doing it almost anytime and anyplace. We have got caught a few times but never got into any real trouble. A couple times we just continued on putting on a good show for our unexpected audience. As you probably guessed, Ricky and I are exhibitionist.

I started young; I remember my mother wearing little bikinis and even helped me find little ones for me. My mother told me I often ran around the beach in just my bottoms. I remember running around my house naked whenever my parents weren't around. I loved the freedom from the lack of clothing. I remember going to school countless times without any underwear of any type on. During my younger years this meant wearing only t-shirt and pants but during high school days, it was often just a dress and a thin bra. And during my senior year my dresses were often short. Yes, I did accidentally show my ass a few times, but it never really embarrassed me. But back then I didn't have the courage to purposely show my bare ass to somebody. I always got home a couple hours before my parents did. This gave me time to get naked and run around the house naked or to get to the pool to swim and sun naked.

I met Ricky during my junior year of college, "Go Gators!" We met on one of the first days of the one class we had together. I fell in love with him before we meet. He had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. His nicely cut blond hair and great body just added to his appeal. I gathered my nerve and just walked up to him at the end of our third day of class and told him he had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. He smiled and said, "You're very pretty yourself. I've been looking at you too and you look so good I could just eat you up."

I'll admit, I was no virgin and when he said he could just eat me up, my pussy got wet. Then I heard myself say it before I knew I was going to say it. "Anytime you want Honey!" We met at 'Pizza Hut' just off campus that night. I want to have sex with him so I came dressed for sex. Thin halter top and short jean skirt only. I kiss him as soon as I met him and had my hand in his lap very soon after. Thank goodness it was Friday night; I didn't get back to my room until Sunday evening. We began to have sex often after that, very often! We just couldn't get enough of each other.

Ricky quickly discovered my enjoyment on wearing minimal clothing and he quickly encouraged me to continue. I discovered he wasn't a bit jealous of my enjoyment of public exposure as most of my previous boyfriends had been. In fact he started daring he to wear totally outrageous outfits in public, more daring than I had ever dared to on my on. But knowing he was with me to protect me, gave me more confidence. I was more than willing to do his dares. His first dare was for me to wear a very short sundress he had bought for me. It was a halter dress that barely covered my ass. We went out to dinner at a busy Chinese buffet restaurant and then out dancing. I knew my ass showed a few times but I just didn't care, knowing Ricky was enjoying me showing off my ass in public made it all alright. And seeing the hard-on in his pants, he also had no underwear on, I knew I was gong to get a real good fucking later on.

I was so horny when we left, I could feel the juices running down my inner thighs. I then surprised myself with what I did next. When we got to Ricky's car, I gave him a big sloppy kiss with tongue then turn and bent over the hood of his car telling him to hurry up and fuck me. That was our first sex in a public place, we found the trill and excitement or the possibility of getting caught so much fun we had sex many more times in public places.

We got married about a year later, we still love having sex outside and Ricky still loves for me to wear daring clothing in pubic. I've been topless on public beach a few times and many have seen my bare ass in a g-string on a public beach that Ricky got and dared me to wear. The closest I've ever come to being nude in public was wearing that white wicked-weasel g-string and being topless on the beach. I've never been completely nude in public until this past weekend and I loved it and can't wait until I can do it again.

This past weekend was our 5th anniversary and Ricky told me he had a surprise for me but he would give me no clues.

Saturday afternoon Ricky gave me a little glimpse and some red silk in a box and he said that after supper, he wanted me to shower and fix my hair and to put on the right makeup to match the red of the dress and to remain naked until I was done because he wanted to dress me.

When I was done I called him in and when he appeared, he had a blindfold in his hand. He said where we were going was a surprised and he wanted me to remain blindfolded until we got there. He also said that I was not going to be able to see what he had for me to wear until after we got there. He asked if I would agree to these terms. And of course I said YES!

He turned me around and tied the blindfold on. Now totally blind, he told me to raise both arms above my head, he then reached around and took both tits in his hands as he kissed my neck, sending goose bumps down my body, but I liked it. Then I heard him open the box and felt a smooth coolness slide down my naked body. I lowered my arms and felt the dress. "Is this silk?" I asked.

"Yes, a beautiful shade of red silk," he said as he tied a string behind my neck. Oh! A halter dress I thought as I ran my hands down the front of my new dress and then noticing it was a plunging neckline. A very deep plunge, it went all the way to my navel. Very daring, I though, I like that. I then asked Ricky how low the back was. He ran his finger across my back about my waist. Not bad, I thought. Little knowing that Ricky had just lied to me; the back actually plunged to where you could just see the top of my ass crack.

I then lowered my hands to the hem of the dress. The hem came up to my wrist. This sexy little red halter dress was one very, very short dress. I don't think any of my dresses or skirts were this short. I found out later that the dress was even shorter that Ricky thought it was. It was barely crotch length; I've worn just t-shirts only on a dare from Ricky to the convenience store that were longer than this! But by the time I found out just how short it was, I couldn't have cared less.

Ricky had me sit down and told me he was going to put on some new red high heeled shoes. He then told me to stand and slowly turn because he was going to take a few pictures to remember this night and that he would be taking pictures all night long.

Well, we left the house around 8pm and I felt weird being driven around blindfolded and my bare ass on the seat. This dress felt like the smallest dress I had even worn out in public. I just didn't know just how small it was until later. Oh sure we've gone out with me wearing sheer tops braless a few times, even flashed my tits at a few truckers, that's always fun, but not knowing just how much I was showing was scary and exciting at the same time.

Finally we pulled off the road and I could hear rock music playing. Good, at least it will be a younger crowd, old people just don't like this kind of stuff, and young people just don't care. Ricky opened my door and took my hand to help me out. I reached for the blindfold and he told me to stop. He wanted me to wait until I was well inside and everybody had gotten a good look at me. He them turned me and gave me a big kiss and cupped my ass in his hands as he kissed me. That kiss gave me all the confidence I needed. As we walked towards the music I could hear all kinds of compliments and whistles, I was really beginning to like this. Ricky led the way; he stopped and said he just had a change of plans. He said he wanted to dance first. So off he led me again, I could feel people around me dancing and when Ricky stopped and said dance, I did. Not knowing what I looked like, what or how much was showing.

At the end of the song, I felt hands behind my head and the blindfold went away. I looked down, I was covered but not by much. The dress was only 3 to 4 inches wide across my breast. I reached behind me and felt the lower cheeks of my ass and pulled down the back a bit then reached up a bit and felt skin and the top of my ass crack. I looked at Ricky and he said with a big smile, "You said you wondered what it would feel like to be naked in public. Well, this is about the smallest thing I could find and still keep you legal. I hope you like."

I looked into those blue eyes of his and lost all my cares. "Honey", I said' "It's definite sexy and daring and it's pretty too. I like it! And I'll wear it anywhere you want me too right now, I love you and I could care less what anybody thinks about me and this dress right now." I reached my arms around his neck and kissed him, feeling a cool breeze on my ass.

We stayed there and danced a couple hours. He got pictures of me dancing with about a dozen different me. In many of the pictures you could see my bare ass or that a tit had popped out as I danced.

We left just before midnight but I was so horny I fucked him in the men's room before we left. He turned the wrong way to go home and I asked where we were going and he said he had another surprise for me.

A bit later we pulled into a strip club. I had never been inside one before but tonight I was more than ready to go inside. The place was a lot cleaner than what I had heard about these places. There were a couple girls dancing on stage total nude and a few topless waitresses wandering about the place. Ricky got us a booth near far wall. We got on the backside so we could watch the stage. I had noticed many of the men watching me as I walked across the club. I couldn't help but put an extra wiggle in my ass as I strutted across the place. We no more than got settled in the booth before I felt Ricky's hand reach between my legs. My legs spread like butter. I wanted to feel his fingers in my pussy and I didn't care where I was or who was looking and I looked around and noticed a couple men were looking under our table as Ricky slowly worked two fingers in and out my pussy. I smiled at them. I let them look, hell, I wanted them to look!

I was just about to cum when one of the waitresses asked if I was here to dance since it was amateur night. I quickly looked at Ricky. He had a big smile on his face. He said, "I know you want to so go ahead make you fantasy come true. I can hardly wait to see you naked on stage in a room full of men!" I wanted to but I also wanted to cum. I reluctantly slid away from Ricky and his wonderful fingers.

I decided to wear the dress I had on to dance in. I knew it wouldn't take me long to get naked but that it what I wanted to be, Right! As I started to dance I noticed Ricky near the stage taking pictures. I hooked my finger towards Ricky. As he approached the stage I untied the dress and let it drop to the floor. I turned around and made a big production of bending over from my waist with my legs spread to pick up the dress showing Ricky and everyone behind me my ass and for the first time my totally shaved pussy. I gave the dress to Ricky and gave him kiss with tongue before her went back to our booth leaving me naked with nothing to put on. I danced three songs doing all kinds of naughty stuff in front of all those men. I came twice on stage, once while looking Ricky right in his eyes as he took pictures of me cumming. I went back to our booth naked and sat on Ricky's lap. He had his dick out and it was nice and hard as I sank down on it. Oh God it felt good! It only took a minute for both of us to cum. We stayed another couple hours and I was asked if I wanted to dance again. Hell Yes! I did. I really enjoyed being naked in front of all those men. I already told Ricky I wanted to do come back and do it again one day, he agreed.

I really didn't want to get dressed to go home so Ricky suggested that I ride back home naked. I happily agreed to. I had flashed a few truckers my tits before but had never been totally naked in the car before and enjoyed it. Telling Ricky I was going to be riding around naked a lot more in the future. He said he couldn't wait and said he dared me to do it in the middle of the day. And I replied, "Of course, is there any other way?"

Ricky has said he was thinking about going to a nude beach this weekend. It will be about a two hour drive from our house. I haven't told Ricky yet, but I think I will be walking out of our house naked except for flip-flops and a towel. I am looking forward to being naked all day long in public and Ricky had better be ready to fuck me a couple times during the day because I think I am going to need it.

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