My Susie


It was the end of the day when I let my students out early. That last hour they couldn't concentrate anymore and giving them leave a few minutes before time always made one popular. I wasn't young anymore, so I had to win my popularity by telling cheesy jokes and shortening class like I did today. It wasn't as if I tried to fit in with the younger ones, but I was determined not to be viewed as my colleague Bengerham who was nearing his fifties and who always found himself in conflict with the students. I didn't strive to be like young John too, who was in his early twenties and got the girls to turn their heads. No, I just wanted them to respect me and see me as a fatherly figure; as someone who hadn't lost grip on time and who could be trusted.

I watched all of the students go out. Only a few remained. Two girls who were struggling with their bags, a very clever boy who wasn't ready to leave the room yet before asking me one final question about the day's homework and of course Susie.

As the two girls left, and the boy had asked his question I knew no reasonable answer to – so I promised to look it up for him and tell him what I'd found next lesson- I watched how Susie was struggling with her bag. She wasn't very tall, and for her age, nearly 21 , she appeared young. But her body was nicely shaped and her brown hair long and loose. She always wore it one way or another, a ponytail, or a braid. But today she had let it flow, and her hair caught my eye as if she'd done it just to seduce me.

I was almost a head or two taller than she was, and as I advanced her I decided not to step too close. She had already noticed me though, and turned to me with a smile. "I enjoyed today's lessons, Mister Manes." She said, her voice cheerful like her smile. It was the only way I knew her. Smiling.

She didn't seem to care much for friends or status. I hardly saw her talk to others. During the breaks I would see her at the table playing cards with the nerds, or on the floor with the goths, or simply sitting on her own in a corner of the building. She was always doing her best, though her marks weren't the highest. She wore clothes that showed she wasn't into fashion, but also not against it. Long sweaters that fitted her nice and warm, no jeans but jeggins and leggings. Her shoes usually had a thick sole, as if she tried to look taller. But there did not today, which was why she looked extra vulnerable to me. I looked down on her more than usual, I guess that was it.

"I am glad you enjoyed the lesson so much." I said with a smug smile on my face that I could not suppress. "I hope you picked up a thing or two for next week's test." She had seemed a bit dreamy during class. I had noticed, obviously, she caught my eyes many a time that day. "if you have any questions left you can always ask me."

She smiled and nodded. "I will." I knew she never would. She never asked questions. It was just her way of being polite.

Susie took her bag off the table and everything about her told me she was about to leave.

And instantly I knew I had to prevent this.

My arm sneaked around her waist and she looked up at me in shock. I could not help but grin again at her cute expression and felt the need to explain myself. As much as I hated to say but my manhood had started throbbing against its restrictions and wanted to get out, wanted release. And It was all her fault. She had been eyeing me with those sweet eyes of hers. Each times she had parted her lips I had wished them to close around my cock. Each time she flipped her hair over her shoulder I wanted to bury my face in it. Each time she heaved her chest I wanted her clothes off. And now that we were alone she wasn't going to get out so easily.

"Perhaps," I said, breathing heavily, "Before you go," another pause as I prepared for her reaction, "You would like.." her struggling had ceased, "To help me with one last thing?"

Susie's eyes had turned wide and she apparently had seen the lust in mine for she started struggling even harder now and I tightened my grip around her. She cried out as my arm took away her breath and I hissed at her. "Silence." The nice professor was being replaced by a more sadistic version. She cried out for me to let her go and I smacked her face hard. It caused for her to be dazed and gave me the time needed to go to the other side of the room and lock the door. Now Susie was mine. I hid the key behind one of the plants and walked back to her like a predator stalking its prey.

Susie was leaning with her right hand on the table and her left on her cheek. By the looks of it she couldn't believe what was happening to her. I advanced her from behind and pressed myself against her, making her jump and carefully turn her head to me.

"P-Professor," She stammered, "What are you going to do to me?"

I grinned. As if it wasn't obvious yet y the rock-hard penis pressed against her sweet arse. True, our clothes were in the way but there was an easy way to fix that problem. I circled my arms around her waist and cupped her breasts through her clothes. They felt firm and nice, but I wanted more. I whispered no reply to her, instead I kissed her neck. She shivered slightly.

"No, what are you doing? This is not you? This is not the nice man we have lessons from. This- you could never do this. You'd never be-"

"You be quiet, Susie."

I cut her off short, tired of her sentimental jabbering. I swung her around so her back crashed against the table's surface. Then instantly I parted her legs and tugged down her leggings, jaded up her oversized sweater and slapped her face again. "You'll be a good little whore and give me all, Susie. I've seen you challenging me. You really think a bad girl like you could get away? No, bad girls get what's coming to them. Susie, be quiet, no one will come to save you."

She was smart enough to know that this part of the school was almost deserted at the end of a Thursday. I could see she knew what I was thinking for a tear had appeared in her eye.

My hands fumbled with her panties, my fingers swollen and big and wanting to undress her in too much of a haste. She struggled but I pushed her back down again, my hand forceful upon her chest. She made a soft sound of hurt when her back hit the table but I had no time for that. I was too busy with unzipping my jeans and pushing them down. My hard-on finally sprung free and I closed my eyes to enjoy the freedom my member had gained.

Susie tried to kick me but I caught her leg and spread them wide. I'd positioned myself between her legs and teasingly guided my penis to her entrance, having the tip tease her lips. I could see how Susie tried to pull away and looked away in fright and disgust, and I laughed. She wasn't even wet yet. The trouble she caused me.

"Oh, Bite your tongue, Susie." I tusked her and spoke to her in a hushed voice. "If you don't wish to cooperate with me this is going to be hard." I let go of my throbbing penis of which the head now slowly pressed into her cunt. Instead I placed a hand on her hip so she could not struggle away thrust forth. One go.

My hand was pressing her face now, clasped over her lips to muffle her scream as I penetrated her without mercy. She was going to be mine, all mine. And so she was.

I looked down at her small frame underneath me, writhing in agony at the first thrust. Her body was pulsing around me, her pussy desperately pushing me out but failing at its attempts. Instead it only made me feel good, the way her vaginal walls sucked my dick.

Her pussy was slick, but only because of the blood that lubricated my entrance. Now I knew why virgins were given such a gift. I grinned down at her and saw her teary eyes blinking up at me. Her body arched up against mine, low moaning and groaning sounds were muffled by my hand. She was trying to cope with my largeness and moved her body in pain.

Another thrust. I would not give her the privilege of adjusting to my thick rod. Besides, I did not have the patience to wait for her body to have calmed. I was in pain myself and needed release. Another thrust, deeper this time.

A tear was tracing down her face. I dipped forth and gently brushed my thumb past it. Then licked her cheek and closed my eyes. I hummed.

Susie looked at me in disgust but as I removed my hand from her lips she made no protest. She had her lips pressed tightly together as I started to ride her in a slow yet forceful pace. My hands were on her hips now, making it easier for me to press forth, to hit her deep. Her body moved at each thrust, and she purposely looked aside and away from me. It took a while before I noticed.

For a while just pounding the young virgin girl was as close as I could get to ecstasy. Her sweet body was milking me hard, squeezing past my throbbing veins and flesh and begging me for sperm. It worked as I started to lose some pre-cum which lubricated my fuck even better. I grunted and groaned, slamming deeper inside of her until my balls hit her arse and the sound of our bodies meeting filled the room. Still, she wasn't wet enough for me yet.

I opened my eyes to see her head turned away and recalled vaguely that she must be that way for a while now. Angry with her reluctance, I hit Susie's thigh hard with my hand. I'd expected she would turn her head back at me and scold me. But she didn't. Good little girl Susie. Apparently she thought it to be cleverest to keep her mouth shot and bear the pain. Her lips weren't tightly pressed anymore, instead she was now biting her lower lip. Her eyes were squeezed shut though. My tactic hadn't worked, but I felt proud to be fucking such a clever creature.

I knew I had to find another way to have her look at me, and increased the speed with which I penetrated her, only to slow down all of a sudden and take her with long deep and considerate strokes. My body shivered, her body shivered, her pussy had gotten sensitive and I counted on this. I licked my lips.

She had such a tight pussy, I felt in heaven. Little Susie was struggling underneath me, groaning for me to stop, which I naturally didn't. She had teased me long enough and now she would feel the whole of me. Finally she could take the torture no more and tried to look up at me as she pleaded silently to stop.

I saw my chance and dipped my head forth, capturing her lips with mine and forcing her a kiss. My hand had curled into her hair and formed a fist there. I pressed forth my tongue but she would not part her lips to grant me excess. Poor Susie... she was making this so difficult for us. And thus I plunged forth.

I hit her cervix hard and she gasped. My tongue could now slip into her mouth and my saliva could mix with hers. My hand fisted her hair as he kept pounding her like a wild animal. Her back would arch and her bosom was pressed against me each time I hit her cervix. I moaned against her, the kissing and parting of her lips had made her pussy more sensitive. I made a mental note to keep her lips parted next time I took her.

Next time.

I had my eyes still closed when I concluded that Susie was going to be my little fuck toy for time to come, and as I bucked my hips against her unwilling once, I suddenly felt her body tremble against mine again and her vaginal walls clamp down hard. She moaned into my mouth and tried to push me off again, but like before failed. I kept moving my hips as she had her orgasm. Quite unexpected to me, quite unexpected to her. Her body had betrayed her.

A few more thrusts prolonged her agony and pleasure before I came as well. I made sure to be as deep inside of her as possible when I shot my load. Susie stirred under me, her eyes wide as I smirked down at her.

"That-that feeling." She whimpered. She had felt it and I grinned at her as I tried not to crush her with my frame. I had an arm at either side of her now, keeping my chest from barely touching hers.

"Yes, that was my seed you felt entering your body. Not just body, womb, as you might recall from former lessons. "She panicked underneath me and I just loved it. I was too heavy to be shoved off and my cock was still buried deep down inside of her, making sure she would take in all of me and would not miss a single drop.

"My sperm," I told her, "was directly shot into your little womb just now." I tickled her bare tummy and grinned. She looked at me confused but with an expression that told me she thought me to be sick.

I pushed myself up and away from her and started to dress. As she slowly got up from the desk I stopped her from wiping her hand past her pussy. "No," I growled at her. "You belong to me now Susie, your body is mine." She looked at me with huge eyes in fright. "Dress." I commanded her.

To watch her put on her clothes in such a careful way was true amusement. I had set myself upon one of the table to watch her struggle with her clothes as she did her best not to touch her own body.

"You feel dirty now, don't you, Susie?" I asked her with a grin, as if this was one big game to me. She slowly nodded her head.

"Well, tell you what," Matter-of-factly, the cool me, the version that was slowly sliding back from hash rapist to professor cool. "You will tell no one about this. You will not go home to take a shower. You will not try to get rid of the sperm I gave you. You'll keep it as the sweet little girl you are. Understand me, Susie?"

She looked confused but nodded. "You called me a bad girl." She softly said.

"That was before you became my good girl."

She waited for me to unlock the classroom door and I guided her with me to my car. I had convinced her to help me transport some items. Reality was I wanted Susie near me. Not just to feel her warmth but to know no one else was touching her and to know she wasn't trying to wash me off of her. Or even out of her.

I saw her glance at caretaker on our way to the car. I could see how she calculated to call for help, but my warning stare made her refrain from that. I saw her halt on her way home to go into the direction of the police station. But she looked over her shoulders as if she thought she was being followed, and refrained from that too.

Clever girl, Susie.

And mine.

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