tagGroup SexMy Teenage Slumber Party Ch. 01

My Teenage Slumber Party Ch. 01


The idea of a teenage slumber party, where gorgeous pubescent girls and guys all sleep semi-naked in a room together is something most of us would walk a million miles for. I was lucky enough to find myself at one accidentally.

I was 19 at the time and in my first year of a diploma course. My college friend Dan, whom I had recently met, had for the first time, rented an apartment of his own. It was a fairly old, ground floor bedsit, with just the one room containing a double bed and kitchenette, and a small bathroom. But it was his and his alone. And that made it novel and exciting for all of us.

Dan was particularly excited, of course, and celebrated with a house-warming party. He and his gorgeous girlfriend Sara invited myself, Natalie, Lisa and Emily (all of whom were friends of Dan's) to the pokey little flat for a Friday night drinking session.

We all got fairly hammered and long past midnight, when talk began of getting home, Dan suggested that we just crash for the night in the room with him. He had plenty of spare bedding because the apartment had come with comforters and blankets, and he had brought several of his own with him when he moved in. So we lay out an unzipped sleeping bag and some blankets over the floor, and placed the comforters on top, roughly designating three sleeping areas; but really just creating one, big floor-sized bed.

There was some brief chat about the arrangements. Dan and his girlfriend would have Dan's double bed by the window and the rest of us would be under the three comforters that took up much of the floor. Natalie would sleep under a duvet of her own to the left of me, in a spot closest to the foot of the bed, and Lisa and Emily would lay together under a shared comforter, a few feet down from me on the right. I would be housed under my own comforter in between.

The three comforters had been laid out in such a way that they overlapped, as there was barely room for one to be spread out to its full extent. The distance between the four of us on the floor was not great -- I could have reached out a fully-stretched arm on either side and collided with Lisa and Emily or Natalie -- but it was not cramped and with my arms resting at my side, I had enough space and comfort, I thought, for a few hours sleep.

It hadn't escaped the attention of my teenage loins that I was sharing this big makeshift bed-on-the-carpet with three incredibly sexy 18 year old girls. But it didn't fully register until we began to get ready for bed. I was the first to get ready and, whilst the others were still talking, I pulled off my jeans, socks and shirt and clambered under the comforter in my boxer shorts. Dan took off his khaki trousers, getting into bed in his T-shirt and shorts.

Given the shared nature of the space, the girls were perhaps a little more conservative in what they chose to wear. Sara got changed at the pillow-end of the bed which was just outside my view, so I couldn't see what she did (or didn't) have on when I heard the bedsprings squeak as she climbed in.

Natalie had changed her clothes in the bathroom and entered the room in a peach-coloured vest which revealed her tanned stomach, and a pair of pale pink pyjama bottoms. Her figure was quite tall and slim with a deliciously round pair of rather large breasts. It occurred to me for the first time quite what a pleasant idea it was to think I would be sleeping in such close proximity to the three gorgeous girls.

As Natalie got under her comforter, Emily and Lisa were still giggling about something they had been discussing privately and, without much apparent conscious thought to what they were doing, began to undress for bed. It felt like I had won the lottery to see so much flesh from these two gorgeous blondes.

Lisa removed her outer shirt to show a skimpy sleeveless vest. And they each removed the jeans they were wearing - Lisa revealing a pair men's boxer shorts with Daffy Duck printed on front, and Emily a pair of white cotton panties, frustratingly concealed by the long Nirvana T-shirt she kept on. They got under the duvet to my right.

When we were all safely beneath our respective parts of the "bed", Sara turned out the bedside lamp and the room was plunged into darkness. We talked and messed around for a while until the spaces between conversation grew longer and eventually a silence pervaded the room.

It was not a pin-drop silence but rather, that unmistakable silence you find when sharing a room of sleep with a number of people. There were sounds of breathing, of the ocassional throat clearing or a stifled yawn, and the noise of some rearranging of bodies in order to get more comfortable.

With the heavy-lined curtains in Dan's room, we were plunged into a 'hotel-room' darkness to which our eyes could barely adjust. I lay listening to the silence for a while and once again felt a tingle of excitement at the idea I was to sleep so close to the half-naked girls.

I found particularly exciting the fact that I could feel the physical warmth of their bodies on either side of me. And the fact that with my arms beneath the sheets, and the comforters overlapping as they were, I could slide a hand along just a few feet in either direction, and it would be met by the young flesh of one of these divine young women... maybe it would be the baby-soft skin of Natalie's exposed stomach. Or perhaps if I reached in the opposite direction I might find the warmth of Lisa's shoulder, or Emily's neck, as the two girls were laying further down from me. It was all theoretical, of course, because at that point, I did not dare do any such thing.

But, exciting as these thoughts were, and being a teenage boy, I instinctively reached down and pressed the outside of my boxer shorts. I had a growing erection and whilst it was not my plan to do anything about it -- the movement and noise would be far too risky, especially when it was unlikely that everyone was asleep yet -- I nevertheless gave it a nice but careful squeeze.

Unsurprisingly, it felt so good that I lingered there longer than I had planned, never moving my arm too much but just pressing down against the tip. I was turning myself on more than I had intended and started to rub gently at the bulge. After a few more exquisite moments of this, each one fueled by the tantalizing notion of the half-naked beauties surrounding me, I became a little more daring and finally, very gently pulled the waistband of my shorts down over my penis. Shuffling ever so slowly up the bed, I maneuvered my shorts down past my buttocks until they were a few inches shy of my thighs.

Fearing suddenly that my actions may have been been heard, I returned my arms to my side with my heart thumping and lay completely still. My erection, now free from the constriction of my shorts, felt more delicious than ever, pressing up against the cotton of the duvet.

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, I plucked up the courage to return my hand to my groin and have a slow, careful stroke. A much heavier silence now hung over the room. I could hear the breathing pattern of at least two sleepers from somewhere nearby. But I also became aware that Natalie, to my left, might be still awake. I heard her rub her eye and let out a soft sigh that, although sleepy in sound, was unmistakably that of a part-wakeful human being.

I found myself feeling disappointed and irritated that she was still awake and might become aware of the masturbation I now so desperately wished to carry out. It occurred to me she may already be aware. She may have even sensed me pulling my pants down. To cancel out this worry, and to avoid her having any cause for suspicion, I moved my hands out to my pillow and readjusted my sleeping position so that I was on my side with my back to her. This action would appear, I believed, to be that of an innocent sleeper maneuvering himself into a more comfortable position.

Facing in the direction of Lisa and Emily's part of the floor now, I listened out in the darkness for clear signs that either of the two girls were still awake. Their breathing was calm and quiet and I soon grew confident enough to return a hand to my now throbbing loins.

I faced another frustrating problem when I realized that, laying on my side, I only had my left hand free. As a right handed man, this gave me nowhere near the desired angle or leverage on my 'equipment' and eventually I lost the inclination entirely, and decided I may as well just go to sleep. It was too awkward and risky. I decided to resort to hoping for a sexy dream instead, to relieve the hunger. It would have been a logistical nightmare anyhow, I reasoned, had I ejaculated. I returned my left hand to join my right, under the pillow, and settled down to sleep on my side.

It is impossible to say whether I did indeed fall asleep for a while, or if I just hovered at that hazy border between sleeping and waking, but one thing I know for sure is that I was very much awake for what happened next.

All of a sudden, from Lisa and Emily's side of the bed (which I was still facing), I felt a hand cautiously reach out and brush the skin of my thigh. I froze in shock and suspense, but didn't move. I had no idea if it was Lisa or Emily's hand, or whether the owner of the hand knew that I was still awake, but I decided it safer to lie still and pretend to be sleeping in case whoever it was stopped.

The hand very gently ran along the skin of my right thigh and over the material of my shorts up over my buttock. I remembered suddenly that my shorts were still pushed down beneath my crotch. The hand seemed to realize this at the same moment and I felt it follow the waistband around from my backside to the front of my thighs. The excitement of this silent, anonymous molestation was so intense that I felt my hard-on returning. Still I remained motionless as if fast asleep.

The hand gently wandered up the front of my shorts until it found where they stopped, just short of my groin. I buried my mouth in the pillow to stifle any audible changes to my breathing.

The long-fingernailed hand rose up past the waistband and pressed softly at my pubic hair. It was a delirious eternity as I waited to see when the owner of the hand would discover the stiff erection sticking out a few centimetres away. The moment it did, my mystery girl's fingers took gentle hold of the shaft.

The sensation was indescribably delicious. I have rarely felt so aroused as I did at that moment in Dan's dark room, amid a bedsheet-sea of semi-clad teenage babes, one of whom had her uninvited hand wrapped around my cock.

Even more erotic to me became the fact that, seeing as Emily and Lisa were sleeping a few feet down from where I was on the floor, my eager erection could only be a foot or so away from the mouth of whichever girl was abusing me in the dark.

Almost as quickly as I had formed this thought, I felt the owner of the hand quietly lift their head from off the pillow below and lower it under the edge of my comforter. Shortly afterwards I felt my seducer move her upper body until it was inches away from my legs.

Within a few seconds I felt the material of a T-shirt press against my thighs. So it was Emily. I remembered how appealing she had looked in her tiny cotton panties. I felt her warm breath on me as she slowly slid up my body until I sensed her mouth was perilously close to the tip of my penis. She lightly ran her tongue along the side and, when she reached the top, swallowed the end.

I was met by the exquisitely warm, damp cavern of her mouth. I pretended to move a little 'in my sleep' and pressed my hips closer toward her, pushing my cock further into her moist throat..

Something told me it was now safe to let her know I was conscious. Reaching a hand down to touch her back, I wrestled for a while to find an entrance to the oversized T-shirt. I could reach only a few inches down her spine but the flesh felt deliciously soft and warm.

Taking her lips off my shaft, she shuffled a little higher and closer under the covers, lifting her shirt at the front to offer me greater access. I slid a hand beneath and found the flat, smooth skin of her abdomen. Switching my caress higher, I found her neck and traced the skin down with my finger until I felt the bulge of a generous cleavage, caused by the sideways angle at which she was laying.

Continuing to allow me access to her chest, Emily's lips found their way back around my penis and she began to suck on it again, this time masturbating me with a slow hand while she did so. It was a magical feeling, in the dark, receiving a discreet blow-job from this beautiful young blonde.

While she sucked on me, I played with her warm breasts and felt them harden with goose bumps, the nipples grow beneath my fingertips. The T-shirt was riding up above her tits but it was still frustrating (and exciting) not to have easier access.

I trailed my fingers down her stomach until they found the upper edge of her panties. I could reach no further so Emily paused for a moment, allowing my cock to spring from her mouth, and again she shuffled her body quietly but efficiently up toward me.

When she resumed her sucking, I had sublime access to her heavenly soft thighs, with their impossibly smooth insides, and the crotch to her drenched little panties. Peeling them away, I reached inside and found the wet, warm dew of her pussy. And sliding a solitary finger down the middle, I felt her jolt with pleasure for a moment, my cock still filling her mouth.

As I continued to rub slowly and secretly, the sensation must have flowed through her because she seemed less able to suck me off at the same time. She broke off and started to concentrate instead on what I was doing to her. She was still very quiet but I could hear from under the sheets her breathing had quickened. I slid my fingers into her slippery cunt and pressed down at the top with the palm of my hand. I could feel her push her soaking little crotch harder against my fingers with every motion.

My free hand found her breasts and played with their round flesh. Once again I was restricted by the T-shirt riding above them and I was pleased when suddenly I felt her take it off.

I had a shock however when I realized that Emily's arms were both reaching towards me under the duvet as the T-shirt was removed.

This was not possible unless...

Somebody else were taking it off for her?

No sooner did I have the thought than I felt a second pair of hands pull the T-shirt away from Emily's head and take hold of her breasts from behind. Now there were two major developments to observe... Lisa was awake. And she had just stripped Emily.

I felt a rush of movement and realized that Lisa's hands were touching Emily all over. I also felt them stray to caress my thighs. I reached down for what I guessed was Lisa. I couldn't get far but discovered she too was now topless in the dark beneath the comforter cover. This was too fucking good to be true!

Caring much less about making a noise but still being sensible, I moved my body farther down, towards the two girls. In return I felt Lisa move her body closer to mine, with Emily, in now just a tiny pair of damp panties, sandwiched inbetween. I could sense that Emily and Lisa were kissing beneath the sheets, but I could hear very little that confirmed it for certain. They seemed to be masters of the clandestine sexual encounter.

I went to return my hand to Emily's pussy only to find that her pants had now been removed and Lisa had taken over the duty of massaging her wet slit. I placed my hand on top of Lisa's for a while and the two of us hand-fucked Emily until she was helpless, writhing against us. Tracing Emily's right arm with my hand, I found that she was vigorously rubbing Lisa's own naked snatch in return for the favour.

The next few minutes were a dreamy blur of sensual confusion, a blind man's orgy. I played with any piece of naked flesh I could find, everything and anything I could lay my hands on. I mean, how often do you get to feel up two 18 year old lesbians while they make out? It wasn't an everyday event, then or now.

I remembered how hot Lisa's ass had looked in hipster jeans earlier that evening, and was determined not to miss out on the opportunity of touching it in the flesh. So I reached over to get access to it. In the process of doing so, my cock - which was still bolt upright -- pressed itself firmly against Emily's tits, an unintentional but desirable side-effect. I found the tight flesh of Lisa's ass and gripped the firm buttocks with my hands, pushing her down harder on to Emily's fingertips.

It is impossible to say which one went first, but within the space of the next forty-five seconds, the two girls had enormous orgasms. I continued to squeeze Lisa's ass as I felt her start to jerk spasmodically against Emily's hand. Meanwhile Emily bucked up and down against Lisa's finger-fucking, letting out barely concealed pants of ecstasy. None of us seemed to care in the slightest whether the others in the room could hear, but out of politeness we remained as quiet as we could in the circumstances.

So erotic was the situation and so determined was I not to be left out that whilst guiding Lisa's ass back and forth, I stole the opportunity to thrust my slippery cock against Emily's generous breasts. I wasn't able to make myself cum like this, but Emily and Lisa were cumming enough for three of us at that moment. It felt like a blissful age before the two of them finally stopped shuddering and removed their hands from between one another's legs.

The room became perfectly still and calm again. There was no noise from the others. Perhaps they had simply slept through? We hadn't made so much noise, had we? I wondered if this was to be the end of the excitement but it wasn't long before I felt Emily turn her body towards me again and return my erection to her hot mouth. It felt even better with the new urgency that flooded through me.

I could feel Lisa, who was still on her side, lean up and over Emily, so that the two girls' heads and chests were parallel and available to my groin. My cock was released from Emily's mouth and within seconds I felt a new mouth clamp itself around the tip. Or was it a new mouth? It was impossible to tell and all the more erotic for it.

I found that Emily now had her right arm around Lisa, allowing her friend to get in closer, and that Lisa's upper body and breasts were pressed softly against Emily's side. This enabled me perfect access to each girls' exquisite pair of tits. I alternated playing with each, with the same regularity that their mouths alternated sucking on my dick.

Lisa used her free arm to simultaneously jerk me into whichever mouth it was that was doing the sucking. The two girls seemed to be teasing each other with their possession of my erection, passing it to one another's mouth to be swallowed or sucked a few brief times before swapping again.

Pushing their breasts out so they were more or less housed together in a heavenly line, the girls would also break away from sucking and Lisa's hand would wank and gently slap my cock against the two pairs of increasingly slippery tits.

By now the bed covers had completely fallen away and all three of us were exposed to the air of the pitch dark room, caution all but thrown to the wind. I remained on my side but stuck my hips out, fucking rapidly against whatever it was -- hand, mouth or breast -- the girls chose to present to my cock. I could feel a powerful orgasm swirling about inside of me, rising by the second, and I realised I was about to cum on my two naked lesbian lovers.

When, suddenly...

The bedside light came on.

"What's going on?".

It was Sara's voice.

"What the fuck?" I heard Dan exclaim in surprise.

Natalie shrieked.

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