tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMy Three Mistress's Ch. 04

My Three Mistress's Ch. 04


The first three parts to this story were completed a couple of years ago I figured it was time to write the next episode. This has been a favourite fantasy of mine for some time now, it always makes me come. Apart from being married to one of these ladies I have kissed and cuddled two of the other women involved and had a brief affair with the fourth one.

Following on from Part Three, I was now spending all my time dressed as a tart for My Mistress's. I continued to sleep at the foot of the bed with Mistress Wife and Mistress Cheryl's nylon clad feet for comfort. I would rise early and make breakfast for these two ladies to eat in bed and whilst they ate breakfast I would be required to eat one or sometimes both their pussy's. Mistress Cheryl would especially like here arsehole licked whilst she ate her breakfast. I did not mind either way, I just loved to please my ladies.

One morning Mistress Wife told me that Mistress Cheryl would be leaving us; I looked at her with tears rolling down my cheeks and asked her why? Mistress Wife told me that Mistress Cheryl owned a restaurant in Egypt and the business was in trouble, so she needed to go and try and save her restaurant.

Mistress Wife asked me not to be upset and told me that Mistress Cheryl would not be leaving for another week and in the mean time Mistress Eileen and Mistress Kerry were coming to stay with us, this news cheered me up a little bit, but I was still sad Mistress Cheryl was leaving.

In preparation for the new Mistress's arriving I was to clean the house from top to bottom whilst the current Mistress's went shopping. I was dressed as usual in my Maids outfit with high heel shoes and black fully fashioned stockings. Before the ladies departed Mistress Wife had me bend over the couch my skirt was raised and my knickers were pulled down, then ked Mistress Wife spanked my left cheek and Mistress Cheryl spanked my right cheek. My bottom was soon stinging and Mistress Wife informed me a sore bottom would ensure I did not sit down whilst they were out. Mistress Wife then inserted a Tampon in my pussy and told me to sort my attire out. The feeling of a Tampon slowly expanding in my pussy always made me feel girly.

With my Mistress's out of the house I was free to wander around as I pleased, just as long as I cleaned the house as I went. Being a cross dresser living with two Mistress's meant there was always lots of sexy items in the laundry, some of which were required to be hand washed. I sorted the laundry out and put the machine on. Then it was time for the hand wash, I filled the sink with detergent and started to place these sexy items in the water bringing each item to my nose before submerging it in the water. I could tell just from the smell which items belonged to Mistress Wife and which belonged to Mistress Cheryl. I chose a pair of Mistress Cheryl's knickers and placed them on my head, with the crotch over my mouth and nose, now I could continue the washing whist smelling and licking the crotch of my Mistress's knickers, knowing full well that if I was caught I would be in serious trouble.

Once the rest of the washing was complete i had to remove the knickers from my face, this made me feel a little sad, but I did so anyway.

I continued with my chores until the Mistress's returned, I met the pair of them at the front door and received a welcome peck on the cheek off each of them. They both sat on the couch and I was ordered to give Mistress Cheryl a foot massage, she placed her nylon clad feet on my nylon clad legs and started to massage her feet. I then lifted each of her feet in turn and kissed them lovingly, i sucked on each of her big toes savouring the flavour of this powerful woman's feet. Mistress Cheryl then placed her feet on the floor and opened her legs, she told me to kneel between her feet. Once on the floor Mistress Cheryl placed each of her feet on my shoulders and using her powerful leg muscles pulled me headfirst towards her. I ended up with my face inches away from here pussy, I breathed deeply and smelt her feminine scent. She asked me if I liked and I said "Oh yes Mistress Cheryl"

Mistress Cheryl then instructed me to kiss her pussy through her knickers, this I did with a fine attention to detail, I loved to pleasure this women. Mistress Cheryl ground my face into her pussy and used me until she came, she told me I was a clever girl and to go and see Mistress Wife.

I turned around and noticed Mistress Wife was sat on the opposite side if the room, she had her skirt pulled up and her hand was buried in her knickers pleasuring herself I stoked her nylon clad legs whilst she played with herself and brought her to a huge orgasm. When Mistress Wife had calmed down, she removed her hand from her knickers and held it up in front of my face. I could see all her fingers were wet with her juices, without her saying a word I learned forward and began to lick her hand clean, I liked and then sucked each finger in turn until all the juice was removed.

Mistress Cheryl then called me back over to her side of the room, she was now knelt on the couch with her back to me, and she had removed her skirt and knickers and was holding her bum cheeks apart. Mistress Wife then said "you know what to do girl, so get on with it" I knelt behind Mistress Cheryl and placed three fingers in her pussy, I then leaned forward and began to lick the length of my Mistress bum crack. I started to finger fuck her pussy then pushed my tongue deep into her bum hole, I carried on like this until she had a thunderous orgasm.

Mistress Wife then said "Because you have been such a good girl you have earned a reward"

I was then told to stand up behind Mistress Cheryl. Mistress Wife then put her hand up my skirt and gently pulled on my Tampon, not enough to pull it out, just enough to let me feel it. Mistress Wife then said "Take out your clitty and wank for me" I did as was told and started to wank my girly cock for all it was worth, it did not take long and just as I was about to spurt Mistress Wife grabbed my clitty and pointed it at Mistress Cheryl's bum crack. I came again and again and all of it splashed my Mistress Cheryl's bum crack. Mistress Wife then said "On your knees and clean your mess up" I knelt down and buried my face in my Mistress's bum licking up all my lovely seed.

At that point the doorbell rang and Mistress Wife declared "That will be your other two Mistress's; you are a lucky girl, aren't you?"

I replied "Yes I am" and went to answer the door. When I opened the door I saw Mistress Eileen and Mistress Kerry and I thought to myself "I definitely am a lucky girl"

This was to be the start of a new era "Mistress" Kerry is the youngest sister, I have actually made love to her, but I never thought these games would interest her.

It actually turns out "Mistress" Kerry is not a Mistress at all, she and I end up as playthings for My Three Mistress's

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