tagGay MaleMy Time in Brooklyn

My Time in Brooklyn


I had been living in Brooklyn for a couple of months and was unfortunately without a job. I would spend my days submitting resumes online or following up on job leads in person, but was having absolutely no luck.

To make my days worse, my girlfriend and I were not getting along very well. Sex was minimal, and usually consisted of her just laying on the bed while I fucked her. These were not the best of times.

Many of the jobs I went looking for were culled from postings on the internet. I would be on the web for hours searching for a place to work, so eventually boredom would creep in and I'd find some sort of distraction. Surprisingly enough, it came in the form of searching online personals.

I'd never thought much about hooking up with a guy, but the prospect of it seemed pretty interesting. It got me hard, at least. I knew there would be no concern of getting another girl pregnant, and with the city being so huge, I figured there was a slim chance of ever running into a hookup again.

After perusing through the ads and multiple cock shots, I came across one that sounded interesting. He was a white guy in Brooklyn, younger than me by a couple of years, and had a roommate. He was free for a few hours, so if anyone was going to respond to him, it had to be soon.

Despite being incredibly nervous about the prospect of having my dick sucked by a guy for the first time, I emailed him. He responded back, telling me his name was Shawn and where he lived. I'd take a cab to his part of the borough, and if we didn't like what we saw, I could just head home.

I took a quick shower and cabbed it over to the intersection he'd given me. I called him on my cell phone, and in a minute a young man with short curly hair came out of a nearby apartment building. He was about my height, 5'10", not fat but not skinny. Average build, like he worked out a little. Not bearish at all -- this might actually work!

He led me upstairs to his roommate's apartment, telling me how he was staying here until he could afford his own place. His roommate was out for the day at work, so we would be by ourselves.

Shawn had me sit down in the kitchen next to a small table where his laptop was open, showing some porn. I didn't pay much attention to this, because just as I sat down Shawn dropped to his knees in front of me. He started to rub the tops of my thighs and my chest.

When he went for my belt, I felt my heart rate spike up. I couldn't believe I was going through with this. Shawn undid my belt and my shorts and nuzzled his face into my boxers. Then he slowly took my cock out and started to jack it.

I was so nervous that I couldn't get hard.

"I'm sorry, man. This is sorta new for me -- I can't get it hard."

Shawn smiled. "Don't worry, relax. We'll make it happen." And as I tried to will myself to relax, I felt my erection start to happen. My cock grew bigger in his hand, and I heard Shawn moan slightly when he saw it. I sport six inches when fully hard, cut with a nice mushroom head, and I have to say it's a good looking dick.

Shawn must have thought so too, because he immediately put it in his mouth.

He was fantastic. I'd had oral from girls before and it never did anything for me. I usually blamed it on lousy technique or inexperience. Shawn fell into neither category. He sucked me long and slow, fast and hard, switching it up to keep things interesting.

However, sitting in the chair was getting uncomfortable.

"Can we go into the bedroom?" I asked.

Shawn hesitated. "Well, it's my roommate's bedroom -- I sleep on the couch. I don't want to make a mess."

"I'll try to keep it clean," I said. I stood up, kicking my shorts and boxers off, and the two of us went into the bedroom.

I started to lay on the bed and then stopped. "Take off your clothes, yeah?" I suggested. Shawn took off everything without hesitation, showing me a toned but not ripped physique. His dick was smaller than mine, and I got an idea as he sat on the bed and leaned over to keep sucking me.

"Why don't you scoot your ass up here," I said, motioning to where my head was, "And we can both enjoy this?"

Shawn smiled as he brought his dick near my face and I took it in my mouth. It was not what I expected: warm, tasty, and the perfect size. He slowly moved his hips to fuck my face as I used my tongue on him to the best of my ability. Meanwhile, he had kept a steady rhythm on my cock and I was starting to feel like I would blow.

We changed positions so Shawn was on the bottom, and I was on top of him. I could feel myself starting to get really close, so I stopped sucking him long enough to say, "I'm gonna cum!"

I got up on my knees and kept feeding him my cock as I blasted a load into his mouth. Shawn kept sucking and sucking, swallowing all that I gave him. He had given me no indication of doing the same, though, and I was surprised when he shot his own load all over his stomach.

I moved off the bed as he got up quick and hustled to the bathroom, not wanting to get cum all over his roommate's bed. As he washed up, I started getting dressed.

He came out of the bathroom as I was leaving the bedroom.

"Thanks for that. I really enjoyed it," he said. I now felt a little exposed, for lack of a better word, like I didn't know quite what to do or say.

"I gotta go," I blurted out, and left the apartment. I took the stairs down as quick as I could to the first floor, and headed back home. In the cab, all I could do was think about how this guy had sucked my dick without hesitation, and how great it was. To this day, I still think of that moment and know that it's probably the reason I still fantasize about oral sex with guys.

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