tagBDSMMy True Submissive Story 01

My True Submissive Story 01


I pulled up the gravel driveway to Jack's little house. I adjusted the rearview mirror and touched up my eye makeup. I let out a nervous sigh, trying to suppress the queasy feeling I had in the pit of my stomach. I knew that anything this man wanted, I'd give. That scared me more than anything. Never before had a man been able to turn on this sensual, sexual side of me. "Just be the goddess you are. You are strong, confident, and you are following YOUR wants for once. Embrace it," I thought. I let out one more sigh, collected my purse and got out of the car. I walked up to the door and knocked. It took a moment for me to hear Jack or his dog Luna stirring—I wasn't sure which

A few moments later the door opened, and Jack and Luna greeted me with a smile. I gave Luna a pat, and Jack a tight embrace.

"Come in sweetheart," Jack said, opening the door a bit more. I entered the house, took of my shoes as I had been instructed to do a few times before, and followed Jack into the adjacent kitchen. "So. Is it a celebratory Champagne night or a sad beer night?"

"Definitely Champagne," I said, smiling and placing my purse on the dining room table. I got out my phone to check for a message from Danny, and there wasn't one. Suddenly, Jack was directly behind me. I could feel his presence and that sensual side of me suddenly awoke.

"Let's turn that off and forget about him for a night. This night is about you," he said, almost sternly. I did as I was asked, and afterwards turned to find Jack pouring the Champagne into two glasses. He handed me one, picked up the bottle and his own glass and headed for the living room. "Come. I want to hear all about it." I acquiesced and followed him. His living room was the same as I remembered. Wood paneling, lace curtains, the huge wooden front door, and dim lighting from a lone lamp and rope lights that outlined the room. There was a shrine to a number of spiritual figures with a few pictures of some people I assumed were Jack's family members in the corner. The fireplace held a cornucopia of different knickknacks, animal skulls, pictures, and memorabilia on the mantel. The room had little furniture, I assumed because Jack seemed to like to sit on the floor. I seated myself on one of the antique loveseats as Jack was already seated on the adjacent and equally beautiful chair. "So, sweet one, tell me what happened."

"Well I just realized that I couldn't do it anymore. It was time for us to move on," I said. "And he was pretty understanding at first. Then he got angry and desperate. He told me we could go to counseling and all this, and I thought to myself, this is ridiculous. I don't want this. I'm too young to be in a relationship that requires a therapist, let alone a sex therapist, which would be what we really need. The truth is, I think I need someone more controlling in the bedroom and less controlling in the rest of my life. I had the exact opposite of what I really want." I took a long slug from the Champagne glass, and it tasted heavenly. "He really saved the good stuff for me," I thought, not that I had terribly good taste in wine.

"Well it sounds like you made the right decision for yourself, and that is all I wanted for you. I knew that you were unhappy, and as I always speak my mind, I felt the need to express that to you."

"And I'm so glad you did. I already feel a lot of relief." I took another large sip of my Champagne, as it tasted so perfect, and realized my glass was already empty. Jack refilled my glass for me and smiled. He had barely touched his. "Are you trying to get me drunk, Mister? Because that would be very irresponsible."

"Oh, little miss, everything I want to do you is irresponsible." I blushed brightly at this and looked down in embarrassment. I felt that familiar pang of desire everywhere below my navel that seemed to correspond to this mysterious, dangerous man. It was so wrong for us to have this chemistry, which made it all the more exciting.

"Look at me, I won't bite," he laughed. I looked up again, and we stared at each other for a moment, every second my heartbeat raced a bit faster. Jack shook it off and said, "you are so divine. I hope you know that your beauty is unparalleled. I want to engulf you in pleasure from your head to your toes."

"Oh my god." I stated, not knowing what to say and rustling in my seat as my desire deepened. "I can't believe how wet I am right now."

Jack sighed and growled deep in his throat. Then he smiled and said devilishly, "can I feel?"

"Oh please for the love of Christ, do," I exclaimed. I'd wanted this for so long. Jack slowly slipped from his chair and got to his knees before me. He took the glass from my hand, set it on the table behind him, and spread my legs slowly. He placed his head between them and took in a huge breath through his nose. As he raised his head, I closed my legs and looked away in embarrassment. I'd always felt so self-conscious about Danny having his face there because he always made off-handed comments about how "vaginas don't smell 'right.'" I had always felt bad when I asked Danny to go down on me for that reason, and I stopped asking after a while. The fact that Jack had gone straight to that took me aback and brought a wave of insecurity flushing through me. Jack grabbed my chin and guided it so we were looking in each other's eyes again.

"Never be embarrassed, Erica. Your smell is intoxicating. I told you that Lisa and I weren't compatible purely because I couldn't get into her smell; it just wasn't right. Now yours, on the other hand, your pussy smells angelic. It smells youthful, delicious. I want to eat it up."

"Gosh, I just. I don't know. Guys always seem to be weird about the smell of girls, y'know. So I don't know.''

"Well I'm a MAN, Erica. I'm not some young boy who doesn't know what to do with a beautiful pussy like yours. I know what I like. And I LOVE your smell."

"Thank you," I managed, as I didn't know what else to say. I was relieved, but I was still self-conscious. Jack stared into my eyes for a few more moments and then grabbed my face. "Just kiss me," I thought. I had wanted him to kiss me for months. And as if on cue, Jack pulled me towards him and kissed me passionately, our tongues intertwined in the most wonderful way, and my lust heightened even more. The heat from my groin was unbearable. Jack pulled away.

"Relax your tongue for me," he commanded. I did as I was told, and suddenly I was turned on in a way that I rarely was. My intellectual side always hated being told what to do, but in this sexual context it was the biggest turn on. As he kissed me and I playfully rubbed his biceps, I found myself amused at this dichotomy. Jack pulled away again.

"Come down to the floor" he ordered. I did as I was told and as I did Jack moved the table so we would have enough room. We sat and kissed for a few more minutes, becoming more and more passionate every moment. "Get on my lap," he said.

"Yes Sir!" I joked. Jack looked at me with disapproval.

"Erica, I've wanted your submission for a long time. I want to know that this is what you want. I may be very rough with you, and I need to make sure that all the desires you've expressed to me are ones that you truly want to play out. I remembered all of them, and believe me I've thought of many myself. If you really want to submit to me, this is going to be very intense, and I need to know you're ready," he said in a fatherly tone that told me he was very serious and I should not make fun.

"I really do want that. It scares me, but I want it very much." I said.

"Good. Get on my lap now," he said without a hint of sarcasm. He was serious. I giggled as I did what I was told, but only because the whole situation made me so heart-wrenchingly nervous.

"Erica, do not laugh. Do as you're told or there will be consequences. This is your one and only warning," he said, sternly, but the sparkle in his eyes told me that I was safe with him. My ears became hot and I continued to crawl on his lap, my legs straddled on either side of his body. As we embraced and kissed, I could feel Jack's erection through his jeans. I reveled in the fact that I was able to elicit such a reaction. I pulled away and smiled at Jack. He smiled that crooked smile that I loved so much and my lust overpowered my sense of myself. I felt lost in those crystal clear blue eyes, that crooked smile, that surprisingly youthful face. "Get up on the chair."

"Okie dokie," I said, getting up. Jack pushed me back down firmly, but not enough to hurt.

"Oh no, no. We do not say 'okie dokie' when we get a command from our Sir. What do we say?" Jack said strictly.

"Yes sir?" I questioned, not exactly sure, but figuring that's what he meant. "Come on, this is what you want, don't embarrass yourself," I thought.

"It's NOT a question."

"Yes sir." I stated, this time more confident that was my answer.

"Good. Now ask me if you can get up on the chair."

"May I get on the chair?"

"May I get on the chair, what?"

"Dumbass. Get it right," I thought. "May I get on the chair, Sir?"

"Yes you may. And take off your skirt. But leave the stockings on, understand?"

"Yes." I said, immediately realizing my mistake. "Yes Sir."

"That's right." He said, getting up and exiting into the bedroom. I quickly took off my black denim skirt and sat down in the chair. I had dressed this way on purpose. Earlier that day I had that feeling of certainty I rarely had: I knew this was going to happen tonight. My hands lay awkwardly in my lap. I wasn't sure what the "submissive" way to sit was. Jack exited the bedroom with his shirt off and had some type of leather paddle in his hand. "This," he said, raising the paddle up, "is for if you are out of line again. I would love to use it, but only if you're bad. Now tell me you'll be a good girl."

"I'll be a good girl for you Sir." Jack produced two ponytail holders out of his other hand that I hadn't noticed before. He didn't have to tell me what they were for. I had teased him a few weeks ago that I loved wearing my schoolgirl outfit, and he had practically drooled when I told him.

"Put your hair in pigtails. You're going to be my good little barely-legal treat." I briskly did as I was told.

"Erica, every time you get a command, you have a reply. You did not reply. Now you are going to have to get spanked." Jack said. "Tsk tsk."

"I'm sorry, Sir," I said, looking down. I hadn't meant to do the wrong thing, but I wasn't sorry. Spanking was one of those things that Danny did every once in a while, and I always wanted more, but had felt too embarrassed to ask him. I was extremely excited, and my inner thighs were already wet with anticipation for my discipline.

"Too late for that. Get up and lean against the chair with your pretty little ass in the air." I immediately got up to do it, and realized that I forgot the important little detail of my new role.

"Yes sir," I said as I was already up. "Sorry, Sir."

"Too late again Erica. Two spankings for you now. In fact, three, because you've been disobedient all night." I mused about how much I loved that he called me "disobedient," but was interrupted in thought by a stinging smack of the paddle. I yelped a little, not so much from the pain but from the surprise. It hurt mildly, but the fascinating thing was that as the blood rushed towards the spot where he hit me, my clitoris throbbed in pleasure. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced, and I suddenly felt my world changing.

"Now, when you receive punishment, you will count for me, understand?" he said, interrupting this earth-shattering realization.

"Yes Sir," I replied submissively, reminding myself to revisit this revelation at a less vulnerable time.

"Good, now the count, little Miss."

"One, Sir," I said, relieved that I remembered this time.

"Oh, very good. My little slut toy is learning. I am pleased," Jack said, rubbing the spot he'd hit with the paddle. Suddenly, another sting appeared. This time, I jumped a little, but I didn't let out any sounds. Something inside told me that sound would only result in more punishment. "Where's my count, slut?" I'd been dreading that word. I knew from some Literotica I'd read that these were words that dominants used. I thought I'd be offended, disgusted, and have to say something. It bothered me, but it also excited me. I DID want to be a slut for him. In fact, I wanted to do anything he desired from me. So I submitted further.

"Two, Sir," I said.

"Good. Now prepare," Jack said as he rubbed my ass again. "this one will be the worst, and you will not utter a sound but the count, or you will be punished further. You must learn to accept your punishment without any sound, understand?"

"Yes, Sir." And with that, a loud smack and a following pain, much worse than the other two, hit me like a ton of bricks. It took all I had to not yelp again, but somehow, I felt satisfied in doing so. "Three, Sir."

"Very good, little slut. Now sit back down." As I sat, my ass stung a little, but I couldn't help but feel overcome with a sense of pride that I'd taken my punishment. Additionally, my pussy was dripping with desire and my breath had heighted--the mere fact that he had spanked me turned me on than full-on sex ever did with Danny.

"Erica, do you know your safe words? I feel bad that I haven't asked already. I forget that you're not so experienced in the kinky fuckery." I shook my head, feeling slightly embarrassed but also smiling on the inside at the term "kinky fuckery."

"It's alright, sweet one. 'Yellow' is if you feel like you're at the brink of a limit and you want it a little slower, lighter, et cetera , and 'red' is when you are at a limit and want to stop right away. If you are gagged, three quick taps of your hand or foot will tell me to stop, understand? 'No' or 'stop' does not work because sometimes that plays into whatever you're doing, okay?"

"Got it," I said, and smiled. I really didn't see anything as being a limit for me, I truly felt like I could take anything.

"Good, back to it, then. Put your face right here on my groin, but no touching, understand?"

"Yes, Sir"

"Now just smell," Jack commanded. I did as I was told even though I felt strange about it, and immediately reached my hand up to touch his rock hard erection through his jeans. I knew immediately that I'd be in trouble, but it was out of habit. He swatted my hand away, grabbed my face, and leaned down close, looking into my eyes. "Now slut, I told you not to touch. That is very, very bad. You do EXACTLY as I say," he said, so slowly and sternly that a pang of fear spread from my heart to my feet. With that he gave me a swift but light smack on the cheek. That turned the fear into a gush of pleasure from my loins "Now will you behave from now on?"

"Yes Sir." I'll do literally anything, I thought.

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