tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMy TS Girl Experience in College

My TS Girl Experience in College


Lesbian clubs in Los Angeles always are fun places. You can meet the newcomers, the butch, the sensual and the exotic. Julie was definitely the exotic girl. I was in college and always open to new things. Had read about exotic women but never had the opportunity. It was about to change.

The club catered to all ages really. It was one of the larger clubs for just women who loved other women. Music, light show, revealing outfits, nudity, lots of kissing, feeling and sometimes sex. Not supposed to have sex in the club yet people gave in to passions.

I sat at the bar next to a fake blonde. The blonde was pretty and had large breasts about my own size. Nice legs and tan. He dress was tight and knowing what was there wasn't hard to discover with just a look. She noticed me look her over. It went on at lesbian clubs just like men checked out women.

She smiled and said, "I'm Julie."

We shook hands and I told her my name. We chatted about things. Both of us were in college. She just came down here because the bars were better. She was twenty and I was twenty-one. Communications major. Me a finance major. My outfit was mostly a short skirt, silky top and pumps. She was a few inches taller than me. Both of us tanned. Both of us buxom. I had dark hair and she was a bleached blonde.

We decided to dance and she took the lead. Most of the songs were more romantic so we were close. Both our hands roamed each other including copious feels of each other's asses. Both taught, fit. College days. She whispered in my ear she was a transsexual before we got into anything heavy on the dance floor. It was fine. It turned me on I whispered.

It was easy to avoid any feels between her legs by focusing on her ample breasts. She didn't try to touch me there. Gave me space to think. Maybe it the opposite. I thought it would be fun. She didn't want a romantic fling just sex. Me neither. With girls, it was always mostly sex. No strings whatsoever.

We decided to go back to my small apartment. It was one bedroom, one bath. Small with a nice queen bed. Satisfactory living room and kitchen. She lived in the dorm so she loved it. If she was closer to my campus, we might have considered roommates on a two-bedroom they had.

We sit and talked in the living room then started kissing. She took the lead. Nice kissing with deep tonguing. She softly stroked my boobs then removed my top. She masterfully sucked on my erect nipples for a few minutes before asking me to go to bed. I asked to undress her.

I got behind her and slowly undressed to her panties. I kissed her breasts and kneaded them as she lay back on the pillow. I moved down her stomach with soft kisses. She worked out when she was a guy. Tight, taught tummy. She was ex-Marine. Got kicked out for homosexual behavior she told me later. Ridiculous.

I slid her panties down her legs. No hair between her legs. Hard but all shaved. Loved it. It was hot to suck a shaven cock and balls. Talk most of my boyfriends into it. My eyes met hers as I put her erection in my warm mouth. She wriggled her legs as a moan escaped her lips. Once I got her rock hard she said we could fuck after she performed oral on me. Got hard and stayed hard. Just sometimes hard to cum.

It was a sloppy blowjob and my eyes stayed with hers. She opened her legs wide as I sucked. She moaned and her nipples got really hard. It was sexy as hell turning me on in my quim. My hand went down and played with my large clit. The cock stayed hard and twitched occasionally almost like a dry orgasm. Moan after moan escaped her lips. Finally she told me to stop. She wouldn't cum that quick.

She pulled me up to her face and my hands went to her boobs to hold me up. Her tongue darted in and out and she flicked my clit almost like another woman did. More like a really sensual man would. Didn't care. I was moaning loudly as she worked my pussy to a fever pitch. Told her squirting was always possible.

I did.

I let out a muffled cry and my juices gushed into her mouth. Thicker than my usual. I was just that turned on by not being able to blow her to orgasm. Her tongue was talented. She drank my love juice up. I slid down and wiped my juicy cunt over her cock. It glistened with my nectar. Licked it off her cock and she was rock hard again.

Moved up and slide it in me. It may have been six inches long but it was maybe two and one-half inches in circumference. It filled my pussy. Had bigger in the ten inch range, my only black man, but she was thicker than most. Rode her cock. Used it to give us pleasure. She couldn't creampie but said she could last thirty minutes in a pussy. Good for me since I'd get to swallow. Second favorite thing to a thick, hot, stick load in my pussy.

She moaned and kissed as we fucked. It stayed in me and my pussy enjoyed it immensely. A few minutes and my pussy gushed again all over her belly, her cock and the sheets. A long moan and impaled on her for a moment. She got on top and pile drove it home nicely. She filled me up and hit my bottom wall nicely. The head was huge on her cock. She fucked me for about fifteen minutes and I came twice more. Then, she needed to cum.

I sucked on her cock like an animal. Up and down till she twitch, moaned loudly, whimpered then flooded me with several squirts. We shared her cum. She said she never did as a man but wanted to as a woman. Turned me on. Men hated that. We got up and got a couple of beers. I played with her cock with my hand as we talked about her change to a woman. Wasn't cheap financially or emotionally. It felt right she said. He happiest moment was getting her sculpted breasts. They were perfectly done.

Back to bed and we fucked facing each other. Sensual, slow lovemaking. It was lovemaking. We kissed deeply and my pussy stayed near the verge of coming. Sweet and long. The lights softened, a sheen was on her skin and mine and I felt completely satisfied.

We eventually moved to doggie-style. I was on my front and she was on my back. Her breasts on my back while she fucked me gave me goose bumps. I just enjoyed her fucking me. It was soft and hard. Sweet and sensual.

She stopped and laid on me. My cunt ached for an orgasm. She sensed and finer my clit as we kissed. "Oh, fuck," I said as we kissed gushing love juice over both our stomachs. I licked my love juice off her hands. She said she needed to cum. Apologize no cream in my pussy.

She laid back and my slobbery love on her pole was soft then fast. I stroked her base as I went up and down watching her eyes. Her skin flushed for the first time. I felt her cock pull back inside and her balls tense as she came hard.

"Ohhhhhh, Gaaaawwwddd."

Her cum went to my belly as she spurted inside my mouth. We kissed, drank the rest of the beer then went to sleep. It was more than sex. More than an experience. It was lovemaking. It was weird in a way but maybe it was because next week she was losing her manhood she wrote me in a letter. It was the last time she had sex before getting her own pussy. She was special. It was a special memory than would live in my heart forever and in hers too.


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